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Chapter 64 - Broken Seal!

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Di Ke’er felt unsure when she saw Xu Qi’s exaggerated expression, blanking out there. Saying that she wanted to remain here was but a spur of the moment decision.

Her cultivation was crippled; it would be impossible for her to return to Misty Tower. Not to mention, she had no other kin; she was all alone in this world now, free of worries. So, why not follow this little brother, who seemed to be a little bit of a rogue, but didn’t appear to be someone with a wicked heart. Moreover, he had even saved her life. It’ wasn’t a bad idea to stay here and do some menial work to repay his kindness.

To the side, the obedient Qian Yin had also covered her mouth in shock, showing an exaggerated expression when she heard this pretty sister.

In this secret room, the three of them were each thinking of something in their mind.

At this moment, Di Ke’er suddenly felt pain in her chest, a sweet taste lingered in her mouth. She spat out a mouthful of blood.

Xu Qi and Qian Yin immediately reacted to her and hurried to her side.

Xu Qi placed his hand on Di’Ke’er’s wrists and felt for her pulse. His face gradually turned grave, then he exchanged a glance with Qian Yin silently.

“How is it; is my condition bad?” Di Ke’er asked weakly.

“It’s nothing. Stay here and recuperate; you’ll need me to heal you in the upcoming days. We’ll talk about other things after your recovery,” Xu Qi said slowly. Not a trace of his carefree attitude could be seen any longer on his face.

Then, Xu Qi simply left a few words before making his exit, with Qian Yin following behind.

“Young Master, is that pretty sister in bad condition?” Qian Yin asked seriously.

“She's probably fine. It's just that her condition is slightly worse than I anticipated. Oh, Qian Yin, I suddenly had the feeling that I shouldn't have saved her,” Xu Qi shook his head, recalling the thought that flashed in his mind earlier.

Hearing such, Qian Yin lowered her head in silence, seemingly in thought.


“My gods, is it an earthquake?” Xu Qi cursed, then picked up Qian Yin, who was in a daze beside him, and quickly ran toward the exit.

When they reached the surface, the trembling suddenly stopped. Xu Qi felt a powerful aura burst forth in the distance.

“It should be in Mt Burning Cloud's direction. Could it be that that thing has showed itself to the world?” Xu Qi muttered.

“Yo-young Master, can you let me down first?” a timid voice drifted into Xu Qi’s ears.

“Ah?!” Xu Qi took a quick look at Qian Yin, who was in his arms. He hurriedly let her down and scratched his head in embarrassment.

On the other hand, Qian Yin, who was in Xu Qi’s arms all this while, blushed bright red and lowered her head, afraid to look at him.

“Qian Yin, it probably wasn't an earthquake earlier. You return first; I need to go out to deal with some matter,” Xu Qi said.

Qian Yin gave a nod to acknowledge what Xu Qi just said, with her head still lowered.

Then, Xu Qi shook his head, smiled bitterly, and sped off.

As Qian Yin sensed that Xu Qi had left, she slowly raised her red face. Her pretty face was still slightly blushing, and her bright eyes were fogged with tears. She kept rubbing her tiny hands, feeling sweetness in her heart, Being embraced in Young Master’s arms feels so good.

On the other hand, Xu Qi, who had left the villa, was not in the mood for reminiscing about the feeling of having a little beauty in his arms. He was looking in Mt Burning Cloud’s direction with a serious expression. Over there, energy was erupting in all the colors found  between the heavens and earth, causing huge fluctuations in energy in the area. Just the surges alone were sufficient to cause some Spirit realm experts to cower in fear.

Xu Qi had originally dropped all thoughts of getting involved in Mt Burning Cloud’s matter. However, he was tempted forth by his curiosity and desire to watch the spectacle. Also, he wanted to see for himself what kind of experts would mobilize to vie for the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix.

Soon, Xu Qi arrived in Mt Burning Cloud’s vicinity. It was already filled with various experts standing everywhere. All of them had their heads raised, looking at the mountain summit. No one had noticed that a child was slowly slipping his way through to the mountain.

At this moment, experts from various sects were engaged in battle in a cave on Mt Burning Cloud. Cai Luren from the Virtuous Clan, Yu Lingzi from Imperial Void Valley, Wang Nu from Monarchy Pavilion, Nangong Fang from Misty Tower, Yi Wu and Yi Jiu from the Shadow Wind Sect, and Bu Wangsheng from the Undying School were all engaged in the battle.

In addition, the two green-robed bowmen were also clashing.

The cavern was flashing purple light everywhere, and an egg about Xu Qi’s height lay in the deepest part of the cave, emitting purple radiance. It was rocking violently, and golden-colored talismanic writings would light up on the egg’s surface every time it swayed. However, the talisman writing was obviously very weak now.

“The seal is fading,” a green-robed man standing not far away mumbled, his hands to his back.

“Brother Shengfei, you people from the House of Soaring Moon want to secretly take the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix away? Aren’t you imagining too much?” a ridiculing voice suddenly reached the green-robed man’s ears.

The identity of this green-robed man was none other than the House of Soaring Moon’s Yue Shengfei. He didn’t even bother turning around on hearing the insult and said casually, “I knew your Virtuous Clan wouldn’t send out only a trash like Cai Luren to fight for the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix. Don’t you think so, Brother Luming?”

A man in green holding a paper fan appeared behind Yue Shengfei just as he finished speaking, saying, “We haven’t seen each other for so many years. I can’t believe Brother Shengfei still remembers this lowly one; I’m flattered. Though, since it’s been such a long time, isn’t it a little inappropriate for you not to show your face?”

Hearing such, Yue Shengfei slowly turned around and removed the green hood covering his face, revealing a face that would even cause beautiful ladies to be ashamed of themselves. The corners of his mouth slightly curved up, showing a smile that would instantly melt women’s hearts.

Cai Luming’s smile stiffened at the sight of Yue Shengfei’s appearance. The former said with a forced smile, “Brother Shengfei, after so many years, you look as brilliant as ever. You truly cause others to be jealous; even I’m a little envious of you.”

Yue Shengfei smiled coldly, and said casually, “Since you’re here, why not show yourselves and catch up?”

In the next moment, three silhouettes suddenly flashed out from nowhere.

Yue Shengfei looked at the three and said, smiling, “Ling Daozi from Imperial Void Valley, Wang Tu from Monarchy Pavilion, the crazy Yi San from Shadow Wind Sect. Long time no see, indeed.”

“I had’t expected someone as proud as Brother Shengfei to still remember us. Ling Daozi is greatly honored,” a middle-aged man dressed in white said with a smile that was neither enthusiastic nor cold.

“Ling Daozi, you people from Imperial Void Valley are all the same; hypocrites.Remembering you guys is easy, don’t go flattering yourselves, now. Long time no see, Brother Yue, I missed you a little, truly!” The man who said this was the man known as Wang Tu, from Monarchy Pavilion.

“Brother Wang’s temper is just like in the olden days; though, I like it, haha!” Yue Shengfei glanced at Ling Daozi, who was red with anger, then laughed out heartily.

“Alright, we’re done catching up with each other. It’s time to talk proper business,” the silent black-robed man said coldly. Apparently he didn’t put these people to heart.

Hearing such, Yue Shengfei’s brow furrowed. He looked at the black-robed man and said, “Crazed Yi San, since when does your Shadow Wind Sect do anything properly?”

“Yue Shengfei, I dare you to repeat that,” the man addressed as Crazed Yi San by Yue Shengfei called out angrily.

“I said, you people from Shadow Wind Sect are but a bunch of trash who never do anything properly!” Yue Shengfei said with a smile as he looked Yi San right in the eyes.

Hearing that, Yi San immediately went into action. Two daggers appeared in his hands, striking toward Yue Shengfei.

On the side, Ling Daozi watched as Shadow Wing Sect’s Yi San attacked Yue Shengfei the moment they met. He stroked his chin and muttered with a smile, “Interesting.”

Yue Shengfei stood unmoving as he watched Yi San coming at him. The former made a subtle move with his palm as Yi San was about to reach him, and a longsword appeared in his hands, taking on the assault.

The two figures enveloped in red energy turned blurs, clashing against each other. The two separated after going at it for several dozen moves.

Yue Shengfei, still wielding his longsword, slowly dispelled the energy about him. He gave off a relaxed air. Despite experiencing a battle, his hair was not messy in the sightest. He slowly lowered his longsword, looking at Yi San opposite him with a smile.

Yi San looked to be fine on the outside. He, too, slowly lowered his daggers. However, a trail of sweat slid down his right temple.

“I didn’t expect your improvement over the last few years to be so huge. Not bad,” Yue Shengfei smiled.

Yi San gave a cold humph and replied, “Compared to a monster like you, I’m ashamed.”

“Haha, fighting the moment you meet each other; that damages the harmony between you. Brother Shengfei, shouldn’t we discuss about the matter regarding the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix?” Seeing as the situation was a little awkward, Ling Daozi came forth to smooth it out. His thoughts were all on the egg.

“Oh, I’m sorry. The egg is our House of Soaring Moon’s matter; discussions are closed!” Yue Shengfei declared apathetically, instantly causing the other four to turn pale.

At this moment, the egg, enveloped in purple light, swayed violently, so much so that the cavern swayed along with the egg’s movements. Cracks were slowly forming on the golden talisman character surrounding the egg under its violent movements.

In the end, the golden talisman character slowly shattered under the gazes of the cultivators.

The five in the cavern immediately reacted to that, and sped towards the egg simultaneously.

As the five extended their arms reaching for the egg, they suddenly felt something was amiss above them and spontaneously retreated.

Once the five of them had withdrawn out of the egg’s surroundings, a translucent green monster with four arms, each wielding a wooden spear, descended from the sky and landed on the egg.

Yue Shengfei took a good look at the monster’s appearance and his face turned grave. He squeezed out the word “Luan!” after being stupefied for some time.

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