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Chapter 62 - Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix

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Later that night in Rivulet City, Xu Qi and Xu Pingfan were having a discussion in the hidden room in the Xu Clan mansion.

“Young Master, I’m worried that the seven top schools will investigate the backgrounds of the kids,” Xu Pingfan said worriedly.

“Uncle Mang, the seven of them are all orphans; even if they were to investigate, they wouldn’t find anything. Don’t worry,” Xu Qi consoled, seeing as Xu Pingfan looked so worried.

“Though, Uncle Mang, our gains tonight exceeded my expectations. I didn’t expect to lure all seven top schools’ experts over. Moreover, I found out that there are some complicated relations between them,” Xu Qi continued.

“Yeah, Young Master. It’s unthinkable for our puny Rivulet City to be the gathering point for the seven great schools’ experts. What exactly is the treasure about to appear to the east of Rivulet City, atop Mt Burning Cloud?They actually attach such importance to it,” Xu Pingfan asked, puzzled.

Xu Qi shook his head quickly as the treasure was mentioned. He gave a bitter smile, saying, “Uncle Mang, let’s forget about that treasure. These top schools’ experts are as numerous as the clouds. Even if we were to obtain it by a stroke of luck, I’m afraid we would immediately be targeted. Let’s not get involved with them and just observe what happens.”

“Hm, Young Master’s plans are appropriate, indeed. Each of the seven great schools are unfathomably strong; it’s inadvisable to offend them,” Xu Pingfan nodded in agreement.

Xu Qi smiled. He thought back to the day before, where he snuck into Mt Burning Cloud and was attacked by a mysterious figure the moment he stuck his head out. He hadn’t even seen where the person was. With his current strength, there was no way he could afford to get involved with them. No matter how valuable the treasure was, one had to look after their own wellbeing and determine whether he had the capability to withstand them.

 “Oh, right, Young Master. Helian and Liang Clans had both made use of this opportunity to form connections with Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion and Abyssal Beast School respectively. I’m afraid they have some ulterior motives; we should make preparations for it,” Xu Pingfan suddenly reminded him.

“Hur hur, Uncle Mang, I’m afraid they have both long forgotten about the existence of  the Xu Clan in Rivulet City. They don’t have the time to give two hoots about us. Just watch; the two clans will definitely have more conflicts between them. There won’t be any lack of shows to enjoy,” Xu Qi smiled.

Hearing such, Xu Pingfan also smiled and nodded.


Not long after, Xu Qi left the Xu Clan mansion under cover of the night sky, making his way over to Mo Dingtian’s place. He had too many doubts, and was hoping for the latter to clarify a couple for him.

“Boss Mo, have you heard about the matter today to the east of Rivulet City?” Xu Qi asked with a face full of smiles.

Mo Dingtian blanked for a moment, before his expression turned a little uglier and said slowly, “Yes, I did. The top cultivation schools from every nation had showed up and each took away one of the seven children who accidentally ate some mysterious fruits.”

Xu Qi’s brow twitched. Seeing Mo Diantian’s expression was off, he tried asking, “Boss Mo, it seems like you also know of that man known as Yue Shengfei?”

“Ah? No, I don’t,” Mo Dingtian denied. His gloomy expression changed again upon Xu Qi’s mentioning of Yue Shengfei.

“Hehe, Boss Mo, could it be that you take I, Xu Qi, as an outsider?” Watching Mo Dingtian’s reactions, Xu Qi confirmed in his heart that the former definitely had some past stories of Yue Shengfei. Checkmate!

“Sigh, Young Master Xu, why must you press on so? My matters with him are all long past; I don’t wish to bring them up,” Mo Dingtian said slowly after he sighed.

“I think you’re mistaken, Boss Mo. I don’t wish to hear about the matters between you and Yue Shengfei. Rather, I wish for you to clue me in on this person known as Yue Shengfei, about his background and past. I’m really curious about him,” Xu Qi asked sincerely.

Hearing such, Mo Dingtian smiled helplessly, “Young Master Xu, not to mention you, there are tons of people interested in Yue Shengfei. However, none of them would dare ask about him casually. The three words ‘Yue Shengfei’ are basically a taboo among cultivators.”

“Oh? A taboo? Why so?” Xu Qi’s interest was immediately piqued.

“Pardon my directness, Young Master Xu. It’s not that this surnamed Mo is intentionally withholding information on Yue Shengfei, but that there is no merit in me telling you about all this. I understand that you’re a talented prodigy; your future is limitless. However, it’s better if you don’t know about those matters, given your current strength. It’s all for your own good; I hope Young Master Xu won’t take offense,” Mo Dingtian explained seriously.

Seeing as Mo Dingtian gave such a serious reply, Xu Qi said tactfully, “My thanks to Boss Mo for your reminder. I was only curious. Let’s drop the matter, then.”

Mo Dingtian sighed inwardly in relief as Xu Qi dropped the notion of inquiring any further. He really didn’t wish to bring up those matters again.

“Boss Mo, there is still something else I wish to inquire about. The treasure about to reveal itself atop Mt Burning Cloud, what exactly is it, to garner such attention from the top cultivation schools?” Xu Qi asked.

Mo Dingtian sighed, then revealed something which caused Xu Qi to be astonished. “Hai, now that it’s come to this, I don’t wish to keep it from Young Master Xu any longer. The truth is, the reason my father sent me to Rivulet City twenty years ago was for the sake of the treasure atop Mt Burning Cloud!” 

“Ah?! What?! The reason your Mo Clan sent you here twenty years ago was for the treasure on Mt Burning Cloud?!” Xu Qi cried out in shock upon learning this news.

“Twenty years ago, my father exiled me, who had done wrong, from the clan to this desolate city on the surface. The truth was that the day before I set off, my father came to me and talked for the entire night about the treasure on Mt Burning Cloud. He instructed me to play it by ear, secretly obtaining the treasure once the opportunity arise,” Mo Dingtian continued, looking at Xu Qi.

“Oh? Since it’s like that, I’m sure Boss Mo is aware what the treasure is, exactly?” Xu Qi continued asking.

“That’s right. I know what it is. Moreover, I’ve seen it,” Mo Dingtian answered steadfastly, without concealing anything.

“Boss Mo, what exactly is it!?” Xu Qi asked anxiously.

“An egg!” Mo Dingtian simply said two words.

“Egg?” Xu Qi asked puzzledly again.

“That’s right; it’s an egg, capable of causing every cultivator in the world to go crazy for it,” Mo Dingtian continued.

“Oh? Is it perhaps a high-tiered monster’s egg?” Xu Qi hypothesized.

“Correct,” Mo Dingtian confirmed.

“Something’s wrong, Boss Mo. Since you’ve seen that egg, why didn’t you take it?” Xu Qi doubted.

“Take it? I’ve all along wanted to, but I lack the ability to,” Mo Dingtian smiled bitterly.

“Oh? And why is that so?” Xu Qi got even more confused as they conversed, hurriedly asking.

“That is not just any ordinary egg. Over ten years ago, I had already found my way to Mt Burning Cloud with my men and located the egg. However, the egg was sealed by an incredibly strong aura at that time. Not only that, before we could even get an idea of what was happening, an accident occurred, and I was the only one to return alive in the end.” The gaze in Mo Dingtian’s eyes turned sorrowful as he spoke.

However, he gave a sigh and continued, “At that time, our attention was all on the egg and we had neglected our surroundings. Then, a small, strange monster appeared out of the blue suddenly and attacked us. In the end, only I was fortunate enough to get out of there with my life intact. Ever since that incident, I haven’t returned to Mt Burning Cloud once. Yet, unexpectedly, the seven great schools have found out about this secret.”

“Oh. Boss Mo, is the place where the egg is located radiating a purple light?” Xu Qi inquired after hearing his story.

“Ah? That’s right; how did you know? Could it be that you’ve been there!?” Mo Dingtian was momentarily stumped at Xu Qi’s question. The place where the egg was located was indeed illuminated with purple light.

“This… I heard it from someone. Though, exactly what monster’s egg is that, to still remain unhatched even after all these years?” Xu Qi quickly changed the topic; he didn’t wish to tell Mo Dingtian that he’d been there.

“Purple - Flamed - Dark - Phoenix!” Mo Dingtian pronounced every word deliberately, as if they weighed ten million catties.1

“Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix? What monster is that?” Xu Qi asked curiously.

“Regarding this Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix, all I know is that its strength is incredibly overbearing, comparable to the legendary Saint realm. In the legends, there was an ancient omnipotent cultivator who successfully tamed a Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix, and conquered the apex of the world using its strength,” Mo Dingtian recalled, speaking slowly.

“It’s that strong? Then, the top cultivation schools chose this timing to arrive here to contest for the egg, is it because the seal became weaker?” Xu Qi suspected.

“Probably. Otherwise, their presence here would be for naught. I’ve seen that seal; it’s not one ordinary people could break,” Mo Dingtian said.

Xu Qi pondered upon hearing what Mo Dingtian said, If it really turns out to be a Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix or whatever, I don’t really care; I have four divine beasts on my side. However, if the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix is really as strong as rumored, then the seven great schools… Shit!

Xu Qi suddenly realized a problem and his expression turned into one of extreme nervousness. He said to Mo Dingtian with a sunken face, “Boss Mo, if this Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix is truly that powerful, and so important to them, then I’m afraid those that have come to Rivulet City to contest for the egg will have sent even stronger experts here, hidden in the shadows in case anything unexpected happens!”

Mo Dingtian, too, came to a sudden realization. He said deliberately, “That’s right! They would definitely have something up their sleeves. Don’t forget that a strange and powerful monster was guarding the egg.”

Xu Qi thought for a moment, then sighed and said, “Ai, it looks like Rivulet City will soon experience a calamity.”

TL Note:

1: Figure of speech, describing the importance of the egg. Anyway, for reference, 1 catty is 600 grams, or about half a kilogram.

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