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Chapter 61 - Battle of Monsters

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Right as the voice interrupted Bu Wangsheng, a green-robed man whose appearance couldn’t be clearly seen descended from the skies, landing right in the middle of the crowd.

“Who are you, to dare make a scene here!?” Bu Wangsheng roared. He was angered by this man’s sudden appearance, and interrupting his speech.

“Did you truly live your years in vain, Bu Wangsheng? Take a good look at the clothes he’s wearing, are you that muddle-headed?” Wang Nu of the Monarchy Pavilion ridiculed.

The top schools’ experts had already discerned this green-robed man’s allegiance the moment he made his appearance. A golden crescent moon was sewn on both his sleeves; the insignia of Metaloch’s number one cultivation school, the House of Soaring Moon.

Bu Wangsheng looked carefully after Wang Nu’s reminder, and saw that there was indeed a crescent moon insignia on the green-robed man’s sleeves.

“Oh, so it was someone from House of Soaring Moon. This is unexpected; you people have always thought very highly of yourselves and rarely appear in the mortal world. What made you come and interfere with our matters?” Bu Wangsheng said in contempt. He didn’t care about House of Soaring Moon or whatever; he was the one representing Mirrorlink and in his motherland, after all. He was not afraid in the least.

“Oh, I think Elder Bu must have misunderstood. I’m not here to interfere in your matters, but to ask Elder Bu to share one of the children with the House of Soaring Moon, too.” The green-robed man’s voice was even and his emotions indiscernible.

Bu Wangsheng was overcome with displeasure immediately after hearing this request. He could have taken two children earlier, but now that the House of Soaring Moon had appeared out of nowhere requesting one of them, he had to give up another child! If he were to refuse, given that the other top schools had each gotten their share, it would seem like he was giving the House of Soaring Moon a hard time on purpose. As such, he found himself at a loss for what to do.

As for those from other top schools, they all looked at Bu Wangsheng, rejoicing in his misfortune when they heard House of Soaring Moon demanding one of the children. It could only come from the Undying School, anyway; it wouldn’t affect them in the slightest. In fact, it was pretty enjoyable to watch the spectacle.

Seeing as Bu Wangsheng kept his silence all this time, the green-robed man continued, “Could it be that the other schools are able to get a share, but not our House of Soaring Moon? Does Elder Bu have some sort of bias against us?”

Bu Wangsheng panicked at his words. He hurriedly replied, “I think your distinguished sir must have misunderstood. There just happens to be seven children here; now that the top schools from each nation are here, I guess it must be some sort of fate at work. I think it’s most suitable that we, the seven great clans, each bring one of them back with us. Naturally, the House of Soaring Moon will have one of them.”

“Hur hur, many thanks to Elder Bu, then,” the green-robed man replied, smiling.

As the crowd heard that the House of Soaring Moon could bring one of the children away, followed by the green-robed man expressing his gratitude, the latter directly flew over to a child and picked him up, intending to leave.

At this moment, a white silhouette flashed directly in front of the green-robed man, blocking his path.

“Hur hur, you from House of Soaring Moon, please hold your steps. May I ask if you know of Yue Shengfei?” The one in white clothes was none other than Yu Lingzi. A harmless smile hung on his face as usual as he gently asked this question.

“You’re still as much of a hypocrite as ever, Yu Lingzi. You could totally just ask me directly whether I’m Yue Shengfei; that’d be better,” the green-robed man said plainly.

“Yue Shengfei! The one from that year…” the other experts were about to say something upon hearing that name, but their expressions immediately changed and swallowed their words. It was as if they were taking something into consideration.

“Then, are you? Or are you not?” Yu Lingzi’s smile slowly stiffened, and his gaze gradually turned into one of anger. It looked as if he would lose control at any moment.

“Yours truly, I am,” the green-robed man answered plainly.

Right as the green-robed man gave his reply, Yu Lingzi suddenly made his move. A sword appeared in his hands, slashing toward the other.

“Hmph,” the green-robed man harrumphed. He dodged Yu Lingzi’s attack while looking out for the child in his embrace, then freed one of his arms and sent out a palm-strike at his assailant.

His strike immediately materialized into a red-colored palm print, smacking toward Yu Lingzi.

The latter’s face turned serious. He could sense the amount of energy poured into that attack.

Yu Lingzi waved his longsword. In the next instant, a faint red-colored energy barrier was erected before him, nullifying the palm-strike from the green-robed man.

“I don’t wish to hurt you, Yu Lingzi. I hope you’ll stop bothering me!” the green-robed man shouted, warning Yu Lingzi.

“Drop your act, Yue Shengfei! Our bloody debts must be cleared today!” Yu Lingzi yelled back at Yue Shengfei. His face revealed a savage expression, and his eyes were blood red. Not a trace of his refined mannerisms from before could be seen.

Then, Yu Lingzi waved his longsword before his chest and formed a mysterious energy seal, yelling, “Show yourself, Demonic Fire Tiger!”

“This is bad, retreat!” Nangong Fang, Bu Wangsheng, Wang Nu, Cai Luren and others immediately yelled. They activated their techniques and picked up the unconscious children, then immediately flew backward.

Just as they were retreating, a gigantic monster covered in flames appeared atop the mountain. Its large eyes were also enveloped in flames.

“The Demonic Fire Tiger! Yu Lingzi had really tamed it!” Cai Luren of the Virtuous Clan exclaimed.

“The Demonic Fire Tiger is ruthless in nature, and its strength is comparable to a Void realm monster. I can’t believe Yu Lingzi’s strength has actually advanced to such a level,” Nangong Fang interjected, her tone revealed the shock she was experiencing.

“Haha, Yue Shengfei, I’m sure you know of my Demonic Fire Tiger. Let’s see how will you escape from this today!” Yu Lingzi let out a crazed laughter.

“Fifth Brother, why did Yu Lingzi use all his might the moment he saw this person from House of Soaring Moon?” Yi Jiu from the Shadow Wind Sect asked Yi Wu curiously, as they hid behind the crowd and watched the show.

Yi Wu’s face changed immediately, saying, “Xiao Jiu1, there are some things you shouldn’t poke your nose into. It wouldn’t do you any good to know too much.” It was obvious he didn’t wish to bring up the matter.

Seeing his Fifth Brother act like this, Yi Jiu was momentarily shocked. Then, he shifted his gaze back to Yu Lingzi and Yue Shengfei, thinking, Seems like the grievance between Yue Shengfei and Yu Lingzi is a taboo.

Yue Shengfei, who had kept silent all this time, sighed when he saw Yu Lingzi summon the Demonic Fire Tiger, “Yu Lingzi, the matter in the past is over. I have said before that it wasn’t done by me. Why must you press on so persistently?”

“Haha, Yue Shengfei, you must be too scared to admit it after seeing my Demonic Fire Tiger. It’s useless; your life will be mine today, no matter what! Die!”

Yu Lingzi gave a crazed laughter, then leapt to attack Yue Shengfei with his sword in hand, along with the Demonic Fire Tiger.

Seeing the man and beast duo pounced toward him, Yue Shengfei looked at the unconscious child in his arm and sighed, muttering, “Goldmoon Roc, appear!”

The crowd watched as Yu Lingzi and the Demonic Fire Tiger’s attacks were about to connect with Yue Shengfei, who stood there unmoving. Suddenly, a golden light flashed between them. A bird’s sharp cry resounded, causing the onlooking experts ears to buzz.

A huge golden bird had appeared before Yue Shengfei, taking on the Demonic Fire Tiger and Yu Lingzi’s attacks.

“The Goldmoon Roc! That is House of Soaring Moon’s Goldmoon Roc!” one of the onlookers cried out, identifying the golden bird.

Upon engaging Yu Lingzi, he was immediately smacked flying away by the golden light from the Goldmoon Roc’s talons. As for the savage Demonic Fire Tiger, it instantly turned a little dispirited when it saw the Goldmoon Roc sending an attack its way. The Goldmoon Roc slapped the Demonic Fire Tiger with its wings, sending it rolling away.

The crowd watched as all this happened in an instant. Yue Shengfei still stood at the same spot, unmoving as he held the child in his arm, while the Goldmoon Roc flapped its wings. On the other hand, Yu Lingzi, who had initiated an attack on Yue Shengfei while full of gusto, was now looking at the latter with his eyes full of hatred, blood trickling down from the corners of his mouth. 

“The Goldmoon Roc, a monster at the peak of Void realm, distinguished as one of the four treasured beasts of the House of Soaring Moon. It is said to be capable of devouring the sun and the moon, and its body is so tough that ordinary attacks aren’t able to put a scratch on it. I can’t believe Yue Shengfei has tamed it as his own,” Nangong Fang informed the disciples behind her, immediately causing all of them to stare wide-eyed; that Goldmoon Roc was actually a monster at the peak of the Void realm!

“Yue Shengfei, you actually subdued one of the four great beasts of the House of Soaring Moon! Fine, it’s my loss today! However, I will get my revenge one day as long as I’m still alive!” Yu Lingzi yelled, pointing his sword at Yue Shengfei.

After he made his declaration, Yu Lingzi immediately flew over to Bu Wangsheng’s side and picked up one of the children, before mounting the Demonic Fire Tiger and departing, leaving everyone else in the dust.

“This Yu Lingzi…” Bu Wangsheng murmured, as he watched his deft movements.

“Everyone, this surnamed Yue will be taking his leave,” Yue Shengfei suddenly yelled. He disappeared along with the Goldmoon Roc before the crowd could turn to react.

Following which, the crowd also began descending the mountain after witnessing the spectacle today. Now, those remaining were only the five unconscious children who had accidentally eaten the mysterious fruits, guarded by the experts from the top five cultivation schools. The smaller schools don’t even dare to have any ulterior designs and left helplessly.

The Virtuous Clan, Misty Tower, Monarchy Pavilion, Shadow Wind Sect, and Undying School each carried away a child and made their exits one after another. None of the cultivators here today had expected the appearance of  seven beggar-children who accidentally ate the mysterious fruits would actually lure the seven top schools out here, nor the battle of the beasts between House of Soaring Moon and Imperial Void Valley.

After everyone had left, a small and weak silhouette stood where the battle happened earlier, muttering, “Yue Shengfei? This is interesting; they have many stories to tell. However, my own story will officially begin from today onward!”

TL Note:

1: Xiao Jiu is literally Little Nine. Similar to how they use the word ‘Lao’ for Laoyao, Xiao is a term of endearment.

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