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Chapter 51 – Dragon?

Edited by Michyrr

After being continuously purified by the All-tempering Flame, the strange inner core in Xu Qi’s hand started to shed the layer of black material on its surface. A golden interior was gradually revealed as the external layer cracked open.

“Woah, Big Brother, what is this inner core? I sensed an incredibly strong spiritual qi.” The Giantwood Python’s eyes shone as it watched the inner core. It spat out its tongue, coveting the inner core.

“Go aside and absorb the fruit. Don’t even think about this inner core.” Xu Qi picked up the python with his free hand, then tossed it afar.

“Ouch, it hurts. Why would you, as a big brother, become hostile without any warning? You’re not even gentle about it. That fall hurts so much,” the Giantwood Python cried out after being tossed aside. Evidently, it was feeling angry at its master for his rough behavior.

However, Xu Qi ignored it. He watched on without blinking as the inner core’s black surface broke off, slowly revealing a golden-colored inner core.

As the layer of black material fell from the inner core, the familiar sensation Xu Qi felt from the golden inner core grew stronger. When the external black material had been fully shedded from the inner core, all that lay before Xu Qi was a golden-yellow-colored inner core.

“This feeling is too familiar; it’s almost like it resonated with the blood in me. Could it be that it came from there?” Xu Qi grew increasingly curious about the inner core’s origins.

He thought for a moment, then quenched the All-tempering Flame. Instead, he emitted the rainbow energy, testing whether it would trigger a reaction from the inner core. An unexpected event happened as the rainbow energy came into contact with the inner core.

Just as a shred of the rainbow energy was injected into the inner core, a tiny thing formed from golden rays of light flew out from the surface of the golden inner core. It began orbiting, with the inner core as its center.

Xu Qi stared fixated on the thing. Then, his expression turned to stupefaction in an instant. He stood dumbstruck for some time before squeezing out the word, “Dragon!”

Indeed, the thing formed from spiritual qi, orbiting around the golden inner core now, was the legendary totem monster from Xu Qi’s original world, the Five-clawed Golden Dragon!

This Five-clawed Golden Dragon formed from spiritual qi was only the size of a thumb, yet its features were vivid. Seeing this familiar totemic divine beast from his original world, Xu Qi felt his blood boiling in excitement.

“Big Brother… Big Brother, what monster is this? Why haven’t I seen this monster before, but I feel fear and trepidation at the sight of it?” the Giantwood Python’s timid voice came suddenly from the side.

The corners of Xu Qi’s mouth curled up and he said proudly, “This monster is no longer in existence in this world. The projection you’re seeing right now is not its true form; it was only a projection formed through the spiritual qi in this inner core. If its original body were here, every monster in this world would prostrate itself at its feet! It’s no wonder that you’re trembling just from the sight of it.”

“Ah? Prostrate itself? No longer in this world? It’s one of the legendary divine beasts, then. So that’s why I feel such a heavy pressure coming from it. What is it called?” the python asked again, timidly. Though, when it heard that it was only a projection formed from spiritual qi, the fear in its heart was slightly reduced.

“Divine Beast? Even monsters from your Fallen Gods Mountain Range could be called Divine Beasts. I can only tell you that a very long time ago, its true form was the divine beast among divine beasts! Its position would never be threatened! It was known as the Five-clawed Golden Dragon1!” Xu Qi declared, rolling back his eyes. Evidently, he was slightly displeased with the Giantwood Python’s reference to Divine Beasts.

“Divine beast among divine beasts?! Woah, it must be off-the-charts powerful, then. But if that’s the case, why would it end up with its body perished, and its inner core extracted?” The Giantwood Python was surprised, hearing Xu Qi’s introduction. However, it brought up its doubts after seeing the inner core in his hand.

“As for how the Five-clawed Golden Dragon perished, and its leftover inner core, I don’t have any clues.” Xu Qi too was confused when he heard the python. During the ancient era, even the almighty experts would find difficulty in slaying a Five-clawed Golden Dragon. Not only that, how would the inner core of a Five-clawed Golden Dragon end up in this world?

“Then, Big Brother, since you humans don’t understand about inner cores as much as us monsters, why not give this ‘divine beast of divine beasts’ inner core to me? How about it?” the Giantwood Python spat out its tongue and said, its eyes fixated on the golden inner core.

“How about giving you…?! That’d be a waste! Look at you; you must be thinking of consuming it. How about you finish digesting the fruit before we talk… Eh? Where’s the fruit?” Xu Qi rambled on. As he turned around, about to give the python a scolding, he realized the bulge in its stomach had returned to normal.

“Hehe, Big Brother, I just finished digesting the fruit you gave me; you were too engrossed with the inner core and didn’t notice it. By the way, it feels really good after eating the fruit,” the python said mischievously, her tone revealing a sense of contentment.

Hearing this, Xu Qi looked on curiously at the Giantwood Python. It had actually fully absorbed the energy contained in the Green Mystique Fruit in such a short time, and not even caused a bit of commotion; it was like it was eating a steamed bun.

“Little Snakey, what cultivation level did you advance to after eating this fruit?” Xu Qi asked.

“What level?” The Giantwood Python thought for a moment before saying, “If we’re talking about the cultivation levels of you humans, then I’m barely at the level of a Qi realm monster.”

“Barely at the Qi realm? That’s strange. A Green Mystique Fruit would increase a person’s cultivation by a hundred years after absorbing, and its cultivation only increased by such a small amount?” Xu Qi stroked his chin, murmuring.

“What are you saying, Big Brother? Anyway, give me that inner core. I feel that if I were to eat it, my strength would definitely surpass yours!” As the python spoke, the inner core remained the focus of its sight.

“Let’s go aside; I have some serious matters to ask you. How old are you, exactly?” Xu Qi hurriedly switched the topic. He didn’t want other people to covet his precious inner core… Not other people, but other monsters.

Hearing this, the Giantwood Python felt very dejected in its heart. Its head drooped, and it said dispiritedly, “I’m still young, at only three hundred years old this year.”

There was a long silence after it revealed its age. It raised its head in confusion, looking at Xu Qi.

Xu Qi was just standing there like a statue, his mouth agape and his eyes wide.

“Erm, Big Brother, what happened? Are you thinking I’m too young, and dislike me now? Don’t think much of it; my potential is huge…” The python thought its master was dissatisfied upon learning its age, and began rambling on endlessly about its capability.

However, no matter what it said, Xu Qi, who was fossilized from shock, heard none of it. His mind was repeating what it said earlier. Three hundred years old? ‘Only’? ‘Still young’? My god, what am I supposed to do now? I even addressed it as ‘Little Snakey’. With its age, I’d be too young even if I were to acknowledge it as my ancestor.

“Big Brother? Are you listening to me?” The Giantwood Python finally realized something was wrong, and called out, questioning.

Coincidentally, it was at this moment that he recovered from his thoughts. He hurriedly fidgeted, saying in embarrassment, “I’m fine, I’m fine. I heard you. You were right; I fully agree with you.”

The Giantwood Python replied in confusion, “What the heck are you talking about? Did you even hear what I just said?”

“Madame, let’s put this issue aside for now. I would like to ask, how long can you monsters live for? And what is your equivalent age to us humans? Please tell me.” Xu Qi rubbed his hands obsequiously, as if he owed the python a ton of money.

The Giantwood Python saw the look on its unscrupulous master’s face and immediately felt insecure; why was there such a sudden change in its master? However, monsters are pure at heart; they don’t scheme like humans, so it couldn’t really understand him. When all was said and done, it had to answer the questions of its master.

“The lifespan of a monster depends on its level. The lowest-levelled monsters would usually live to about two thousand years old. If they’re at the level of Qi realm, they would have an additional eight hundred years of lifespan, or an increase of a thousand years of lifespan if they were at Spirit realm. At Void realm, a monster would have an increase of two thousand years in their lifespan. In the case of Reprisal realm, it was said to add three thousand years to their lifespan. As for a legendary Saint realm monster, there is a chance for them to attain immortality,” the Giantwood Python slowly explained, its eyes shining in admiration.

When he learned this, there was only astonishment in Xu Qi’s heart! They shouldn’t be known as beasts or monsters, but a bunch of demons instead! To casually have a lifespan of several thousand years? On top of that, attaining a body of immortality? How is your daddy here supposed to live with that!

The Giantwood Python looked at its master and continued, “As for my age, three hundred years is equivalent to a human child, around the age of seven or eight years old. Therefore, I still have huge potential.”

Hearing this, Xu Qi immediately sighed in relief. If he had to be with an old granny of several hundred years old, he was bound to go insane.

“That, erm, you don’t feel anything after absorbing the energy in the fruit?” Xu Qi asked, changing the topic.

“Nothing special, other than increasing my strength a little,” the Giantwood Python answered.

Given the extended lifespan monsters have over humans, perhaps a hundred years’ worth of cultivation is nothing significant to them. Since there’s a lack of reaction from them after eating the Green Mystique Fruit, what if… Xu Qi thought for a moment, then took out several Green Mystique Fruits with a flip of his palm, dropping the fruits on the ground.

“Oh dear. Slow down, Big Brother; what if they’re damaged from the drop?” the python cried out, as it witnessed its master casually take out the fruits and throw them to the ground.

“Little Snakey, since you don’t feel anything unusual after eating one of those fruits, I’ll be giving you as many as you can eat. How about that?” Xu Qi grinned, looking at the python.

TL Note

1: Five-clawed Golden Dragon/五爪金龙: Referring to the chinese version of dragons, found in the google search below. Interesting thing is, 五爪金龙 can also refer to the Varanus Salvator, or more commonly known as the Asian Water Monitor. Not only that, it may also refer to a species of morning glory, the Ipomoea Cairica.

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