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Chapter 50 – The Five Elements Wings are Born!

Edited by Michyrr

Xu Qi first placed the rainbow feather into the cauldron, then started conditioning his breathing. Refining the Essence of Five Elements took a lot of his spiritual and physical energy, and to refine it further into the Five Elements Wings would require a large amount of energy.

He sat on the ground in meditation, operating his cultivation method. After a few cycles, Xu Qi felt he had recovered a substantial amount of energy. Thus, he stopped operating his cultivation and stood up. He smiled helplessly when he saw how torn and tattered his clothes were.

Xu Qi flipped his palm and retrieved a Violetcloud wooden box containing a Spirit grade inner core. The legendary Five Elements Wings would be successfully refined once he fused the inner core with the Essence of Five Elements.

He opened the wooden box and looked at the inner core filled with spiritual qi. Suddenly, the extremely ordinary black, tiny inner core flashed in his mind.

That day, when Xu Pingfan brought him to the hidden room containing inner cores, Xu Qi had accidentally discovered the ordinary-looking black inner core. He had felt a familiar sensation from it then, and it was resonating with the rainbow energy in him.

Thinking up to here, Xu Qi took out the box containing that inner core with a flip of his palm. He opened it slowly, and looked at it. However, he still couldn’t feel a shred of spiritual qi in it.

“What monster’s inner core is this, exactly? I must take my time to study it when I’m done here,” Xu Qi muttered, holding the inner core in his hand.

Xu Qi placed the black inner core back into the wooden box, then picked up the Spirit grade inner core filled with spiritual qi and jumped up to the cauldron.

He recalled the method to refine the Five Elements Wings carefully. After confirming the final refining procedure’s requirements were only to gather the Essence of Five Elements, a monster’s inner core and his rainbow energy to be ready for refining, Xu Qi carefully placed the inner core in the cauldron.

Now, the All-tempering Flame danced about on one of Xu Qi’s palms as he watched it burn bewitchingly. Xu Qi said excitedly, “This is the final step; I must be careful about it!”

In his other hand, Xu Qi emitted the rainbow energy, quickly injecting it into the cauldron, enveloping the Essence of Five Elements as well as the inner core. Then, he began to carefully fuse the two together.

In the moment when the rainbow feather came into contact with the inner core, they immediately merged. Seeing this, Xu Qi quickly increased the flame output in his palm. Shortly after, a pair of tiny rainbow feathers gradually sprouted from the side of the inner core.

Xu Qi was filled with surprise as he witnessed it happening. However, he didn’t dare to lower his vigilance. He continued controlling the All-tempering Flame prudently, refining the two. As the two objects were refined together by the All-tempering Flame, the inner core gradually shrank in size. Conversely, the pair of rainbow feathers gradually increased in size, slowly turning into the embryonic form of a pair of rainbow wings.

Not long after, Xu Qi felt a sense of weakness coming from his body again. However, he had no choice but to grit his teeth and persevere.

As time went on, the inner core shrank into nothingness. What remained in the cauldron was a pair of rainbow wings, similar in appearance to those of a bird, about the size of an adult’s palm. Then, Xu Qi retracted the All-tempering Flame and his rainbow energy. Xu Qi sat on the edge of the cauldron, gasping for breath in exhaustion. Surprisingly, his earlier feelings of excitement mellowed out as he saw the results of his hard work, the Five Elements Wings.

“This young master here is half-dead from exhaustion, all for the sake of refining you. If you’re not as amazing as I imagined, I’ll have to tear you apart,” Xu Qi grumbled. The truth was, even he wasn’t feeling very confident about the Five Elements Wings he made himself. 

Xu Qi extended his hand, grabbing the Five Elements Wings from the cauldron. He looked at the pair of wings in his hand and took a deep breath. Then, he brought his finger to his mouth, biting lightly on it and opening a small wound. Xu Qi squeezed out a few drops of fresh blood, dripping them onto the rainbow wings. This was the first step to making the Five Elements Wings recognize their owner.

When Xu Qi’s blood fell onto the wings, they gradually entered his body through his palms.

Xu Qi was surprised once the rainbow wings had completely melded into his palm—he felt something moving quickly in his bloodstream. When it finally reached his back, it slowly disappeared, and Xu Qi couldn’t sense it any longer.

“Hm, where did it go to?” Xu Qi muttered in doubt, then recalled in detail the Five Elements Wings’ manual.

Unbeknownst to Xu Qi, a small pair of wings, similar to a tattoo, had appeared on his back.

After recalling the details of the Five Elements Wings, Xu Qi inspected his body using his spiritual sense. He discovered that a pair of small rainbow wings was faintly imprinted on his back.

Thus, Xu Qi sent his will. A pair of rainbow wings about the size of Xu Qi’s height suddenly spread on his back.

“Woah, so cool! So these are the Five Elements Wings!?” Xu Qi was pleasantly surprised by the pair of rainbow wings behind his back. He subconsciously willed them to flap a couple of times, feeling incredibly amazed.

The Five Elements Wings. Able to pass through water, fire, or any material within the sphere of the Five Elements without any resistance. However, one would need to possess sufficient rainbow energy to activate and maintain the usage of the Five Elements Wings, Xu Qi recalled the introduction inwardly.

“Come on, let me feel the sensation of flying with a pair of wings behind my back!” Xu Qi shouted excitedly.

He willed the wings to move, and slowly lifted off the ground with a flap of the rainbow wings. He stalled for a moment in the air, then started flying around the plaza.

“It feels so good. This is so awesome. The feeling of having the ability to fly is like none other, haha. I can finally fly!” Xu Qi yelled out in excitement.

After flying for some time, Xu Qi gradually descended to the ground. He touched the pair of wings behind him, full of joy within.

However, while flying with the Five Elements Wings, Xu Qi sensed that the wings consumed a great amount of energy, both spiritual and physical.

“It looks like I can’t use them lightly, only in life-saving moments,” Xu Qi muttered.

Xu Qi deactivated the Five Elements Wings unwillingly, and they slowly shrank. Shortly after, they returned to a tattoo-like imprint of a pair of wings hidden on his back.

He looked at the torn clothes he was wearing. Xu Qi smiled a bitter smile, then took out a spare set of clothes from his interspatial ring and quickly changed into them. Ever since he had experienced getting out of the cavern naked, he always had a few spare sets of clothing in his ring, in case there was a need for them.

After changing his clothes, Xu Qi headed to the enormous grave of the numerous ancient experts. He bowed thrice to them, then slowly walked to the Green Mystique Trees by the side and picked off a number of their fruits.

He carelessly deposited the Green Mystique Fruits into his ring, and held one in his hand. He hummed a tune, and strolled casually out to the cavern’s entrance happily. Little Snakey would be waiting there for his return.

Xu Qi looked around the cavern’s entrance, but he couldn’t find a trace of the Giantwood Python. He yelled out confusedly, “Little Snakey, where are you? Come out, quickly. I have delicious food over here.”

In a corner, a small rock slowly twitched about, and a golden-colored snake head slowly rose up to scout. Its golden eyes looked around cautiously. When it saw Xu Qi holding onto a fruit in his hand and looking at the python happily, it directly flew into Xu Qi’s arms in the next moment.

“Hey, hey. It’s only been a short while; is it necessary to miss me to this extent?” Xu Qi teased, grinning as he watched the python dig its way into his embrace.

“A short while? Don’t you know how long you’ve been in there? I was stuck in this god-forsaken place for so many days, and haven’t had a single bite of food. I’m about to die from starvation,” the Giantwood Python complained, feeling wronged.

“Come, I’ll feed you something good,” Xu Qi said, then brought the Green Mystique Fruit to its mouth.

The Giantwood Python stuck out its head and took a whiff of the Green Mystique Fruit, and its eyes immediately lit up. The tiny snake head suddenly opened wide under the shocked gaze of Xu Qi, and devoured the Green Mystique Fruit in one bite; their mismatched sizes made the little python’s stomach suddenly bulge out into a ball shape.

Xu Qi gaped in shock, saying blankly, “My god, is there anyone else who eats like you do? Are you the incarnation of a hungry ghost?”

“Don’t you know that we snakes eat this way? Did you think we’d do it like you humans, chewing slowly before swallowing?” the Giantwood Python rebutted.

Hearing this, Xu Qi came to a sudden realization: the snake species ate their food whole, rather than chewing. Instead, they let their food slowly digest in their stomach.

“Fine. I suppose you won’t be done digesting the energy contained in this fruit any time soon, then,” Xu Qi casually said.

“Do you have more of this fruit? I can sense an incredible amount of powerful energy in it; could you give me more of them, my great brother?” the python said coyly, seemingly trying to seduce Xu Qi.

“You wish. If I were to give you another, the energy contained in it would overwhelm you and cause your body to explode. Let’s wait for the fruit to be fully absorbed before we discuss further,” Xu Qi chuckled.

After hearing that over-consumption of the fruit would cause its body to explode, the Giantwood Python stuck out its tongue like a human and went silent. Being alive was more practical than an increase in strength, after all. It didn’t want to take unnecessary risks.

“Oh, right, Little Snakey.” Xu Qi suddenly remembered about the strange, black inner core. He took it out with a flip of his palm and asked, “You came from the Fallen Gods Mountain Range, right? Can I ask whether you recognize this monster’s inner core?”

The Giantwood Python focused its round and plump eyes on the black inner core in Xu Qi’s hands. Its gaze was full of confusion, and it said deliberately, “This is indeed an inner core of us monsters, but why can’t I feel any trace of a monster’s spiritual qi in it? Could it be masked by something?”

“Masked?” The python’s word brought Xu Qi to a sudden realization. The All-tempering Flame started burning in Xu Qi’s palm, causing the Giantwood Python to drop to the ground in fright from Xu Qi’s arms. Its species wasn’t one which liked being near fire, after all.

“Oh dear, that scared me. How did you know to conjure flames, and you didn’t even bother to warn me,” the python chided with a hint of anger.

Xu Qi smiled. He didn’t say a word, and threw the black inner core into the flames. He thought as he watched the flames burn the inner core, If it’s really as Little Snakey said, and the surface of the inner core is coated with something, then let my All-tempering Flame reveal your true appearance.

Thus, the human-snake duo watched on in anticipation as the black inner core bathed in the flames. After some time, the black exterior of the strange inner core began to crack. Xu Qi saw this, and said in surprise, “I knew there was something strange in you!”

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