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Chapter 52 - Got Into Trouble!

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The Giantwood Python’s eyes, fixated on the Green Mystique Fruits, immediately lit upon hearing Xu Qi’s words. It spat out its tongue, saying happily, “Really? As many as I can eat?”

“Of course. As long as you’re not afraid to die,” Xu Qi grinned.

The python looked at the tempting Green Mystique Fruits once more, then lost control of itself and flew over. It spread its mouth wide open and devoured two fruits consecutively.

Xu Qi watched as it swallowed the two Green Mystique Fruits. Now, the python’s body was shaped like a gourd, with two lumps bulging. Xu Qi couldn’t help but laugh at the sight, but he remained vigilant about what just happened. Teasing the Giantwood Python was one thing, but seeing it devour two Green Mystique Fruits in one go made Xu Qi worry for the python’s life. His palms were now faintly emitting his rainbow energy, ready to step in to help the python if anything went wrong.

Due to the Giantwood Python’s prior experience of absorbing the Green Mystique Fruit’s energy, it slowly coiled itself up after devouring the fruits. From the looks of it, there wasn’t any hint of the python panicking.

After some time, Xu Qi noticed that the bulges in the python’s body began to shrink. It looked like the python was beginning to absorb the energy contained in the Green Mystique Fruits. However, the python’s tiny body actually started shrinking as the fruit digested, as well.

Xu Qi pondered in confusion as he witnessed the changes. However, facing such a situation, he didn’t understand anything either. He could only shake his head helplessly. Since he couldn’t think it through, he could only ask Little Snakey what happened later on.

As such, Xu Qi continued observing the Giantwood Python. At this moment, the golden python, about the size of an adult’s palm, lay unmoving as if it were dead.

Xu Qi smiled, however. He already knew that the Giantwood Python had fully absorbed the Green Mystique Fruits. He joked, “Say, Little Snakey, others would only grow bigger. Why would you become smaller as you ‘grow?’ Also, don’t play possum on me. Speak up, or I’ll throw you back into the cavern.”

“No, please! I beg you. Don’t scare me in the future, please. I’m not brave, to begin with. Look at me now; I’m only this big after you scared me,” the python mumbled its complaints like a wretched lady.

“Fine, tell me then; what happened earlier?” Xu Qi asked, as he felt this little snake was getting smarter by the day.

“The fruits have been fully absorbed; I’m converting them into my own energy now. However, although my energy has increased, my inner core is still unable to bear that enormous amount of energy; I can only slowly assimilate it into my inner core. My current size and form are the most suitable for doing so,” the Giantwood Python explained deliberately.

“Oh? What does your inner core look like? Spit it out and let me have a look,” Xu Qi requested. His interest immediately piqued at the mention of the python’s inner core.

“Ah, Big Brother, how could we hand over our inner cores so easily to you crafty humans? Our cultivation is accumulated within it; I would be at a great loss if you were to refuse to return it to me.” The Giantwood Python was obviously worried about handing over its inner core to this unconscionable master of hers.

“Look at that pettiness of yours. Do you think you could run from me if I wanted to get ahold of your inner core? I just want to have a look at it; I’ll return it right after,” Xu Qi said, using a tone similar to those of cheating a child.

The Giantwood Python thought for a moment, then widened its mouth. An extremely small-sized inner core, light green in color, drifted out from its mouth, and slowly fell into Xu Qi’s hand. Once it landed in his hand, it instantly transformed into the size of a normal inner core.

“Hm, so this is your inner core; why is it this color?” Xu Qi spoke as he brought up the inner core, examining it carefully.

Then, he retrieved the Five-clawed Golden Dragon’s golden inner core to make a comparison. However, a blinding golden light flashed from the inner core right as he took it out. The python’s inner core in his other hand immediately turned into a streak of green light, merging itself into a part of the golden inner core, disappearing.

Xu Qi stared blankly as he witnessed what just happened. He didn’t have the time to react to any of it, as the thought sprang up in his mind, The Giantwood Python’s inner core is gone!

The python was even more stupefied. Its head immediately dropped to the ground, fainting from the shock.

The light from the golden inner core gradually dissipated, returning to its original appearance; it didn’t seem to have any difference from before.

Xu Qi recovered from the shock. He picked up the golden inner core, shaking it in his hands. He hoped his action would separate the python’s inner core from the Five-clawed Golden Dragon’s inner core. Alas, it didn’t have the effect he wished. The golden inner core remained as it was; a miracle didn’t occur.

Xu Qi looked helplessly at the fainted Giantwood Python. He had no words for it but blamed himself for his unnecessary request and his damned curiosity.

“Little Snakey? Little Snakey, wake up,” Xu Qi kept calling for the python, but it continued to lay on the ground, unmoving.

Suddenly, an idea popped into Xu Qi’s mind. He shouted, “Little Snakey, your inner core is right here!”

“Ah? My inner core?” the python suddenly cried out upon hearing Xu Qi’s call; its head sprang up energetically. However, its gaze turned into one of bewilderment once it saw there was only a golden inner core in Xu Qi’s hands.

The latter scratched his head embarrassedly; he didn’t know how he could compensate the Giantwood Python’s loss. It was, after all, his fault that the python lost its inner core. To the python, having the inner core leave its body for a short while wouldn’t be an issue. However, if it were for an extended period, its life would come to an end.

“It wasn’t on purpose, Little Snakey. I didn’t know things would go this way. How about I gift you a Spirit-grade monster’s inner core? I have quite a number of them; you can choose as you like,” Xu Qi apologized and laid out over a dozen Violetcloud wooden boxes, offering them to the Giantwood Python. Each of the boxes contained a Spirit-grade inner core.

The python took a glance at the Violetcloud boxes set before it and shook its head helplessly, saying, “It’s futile. Without my original inner core, I am unable to absorb the energy in other inner cores. I’m about to die…” The python started choking on its words as it spoke.

Hearing this, Xu Qi was immediately flustered, at a loss for what to do. He looked at the surroundings, then returned his gaze to the golden inner core in his hand. His eyes lit up and said, “Little Snakey, how about you try swallowing this golden inner core since your original inner core is now a part of it? Haven’t you always desired it? Now it belongs to you.”

Xu Qi thought the Giantwood Python would immediately agree with him, pleased by hearing his words. However, the python unexpectedly shook its head. It said helplessly, “It won’t work. The spiritual qi in this inner core is too strong; without my inner core, I have no hope of suppressing it. It’s over. Everything’s over. I’ll just wait for my end.”

Xu Qi felt guilty as he saw the dejected look of the python. He said resolutely, “Since you feel that your life is coming to an end soon, why not give it a try? Perhaps your original inner core, now contained within this golden inner core, will appear once it enters your body? Am I right?”

The Giantwood Python had a defeated look in its eyes, but once it heard Xu Qi’s words, it made up its mind. Since it was dying anyway, trying it would be the best course of action. It slowly nodded its head.

Seeing the python agree with him, Xu Qi patted his chest and said confidently, “Don’t worry. With me guarding your side, you’ll definitely survive.”

The Giantwood Python was already numb to the words of its unreliable master. He always put it into difficult situations, yet, now it really had no choice but to go along with what this master suggested.

Xu Qi brought the golden inner core to the python’s mouth. Now, the latter was only the size of a palm; it was unable to swallow such a big inner core. The python could still control the size of the inner core if it were still its original core, but this golden inner core was no longer it. Helpless, the python could only transform to its gigantic form to swallow the golden inner core.

“Stand back a bit. I’m about to restore to my original size,” the python said weakly.

Xu Qi quickly moved backward upon hearing this, leaving a large space vacant for the Giantwood Python.

He watched as the python grew bigger, quickly returning to its enormous stature. Its head slowly inched forward; it spit out its tongue and coiled the golden inner core in his hands, then brought it into its mouth.

“How do you feel?” Xu Qi’s heart tightened as he watched the python consume the golden inner core, concerned. His usual demeanor as an unconscionable master was nowhere to be found.

However, the Giantwood Python couldn’t spare the time to answer him. After swallowing the golden inner core, it immediately felt that it could not control the energy contained within.

Not only that, the golden inner core rejected the python as its new host. Although the Giantwood Python looked to be calm on the surface, it now experienced a struggle not inferior to a life-or-death battle inside its body.

After the golden inner core entered the Giantwood Python’s body, it rampaged, struggling to eject itself out of the body. The python’s physical form was on the tougher side of the spectrum, but each collision the inner core made within its body caused the python tremendous pain.

At last, the Giantwood Python was ready to give up resisting the golden inner core’s struggles, setting it free. At that moment, an unexpected force of energy erupted from its body and bounded the golden inner core in its place. The python could faintly sense the energy repairing the internal damage done within.

Feeling the warmth transmitted from inside, the exhausted Giantwood Python slowly shut its eyes and lay its enormous form on the ground.

Xu Qi watched from the side all this time. Seeing the Giantwood Python seemingly shut its eyes peacefully stupefied him. What happened? Did he really cause the python’s death?

Xu Qi quickly made his way to the gigantic python’s head and called out ‘Little Snakey’ softly. The latter failed to respond to him, but Xu Qi noticed that its eyelid twitched for a moment. He knew, right then, that the python would be fine and was teasing him, and he gave a sly grin.

“Oh, my Little Snakey, why did you die? It was all my fault! I’ll burn your corpse and bury it!” Xu Qi cried in sorrow. The Giantwood Python felt a slightly touched at its master’s cries, but once it heard his last sentence, it immediately felt chilled in its heart. This unconscionable master of hers was now going to burn her; how irresponsible of him.

“Hey, stop crying out, Big Brother. I’ve yet to die; I’m now at the most crucial moment. Stop bothering me, alright? Otherwise, I’m really going to die,” the Giantwood Python hurriedly spoke. It sounded somewhat weak when it spoke, but it had to as it was truly afraid Xu Qi would burn its body.

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