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Chapter 47 - Giantwood Python, a Female?

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Xu Qi was shocked by the sudden seductive voice. He only managed to recover after quite a while. Behind him, Chen Yong and Lin Hu noticed their young master’s abnormality and quickly went to him.

“Young Master... Young Master, what happened?” Chen Yong asked, concerned.

“Ah, ah, erm, nothing. Did you hear a female voice?” Xu Qi snapped back to reality at Chen Yong’s call and casually asked.

“Female voice? No, I didn't. Other than the few monsters here, we’re the only three in the cavern. Where would a female voice come from?” Chen Yong questioned. From the side, Lin Hu, too, shook his head, denying having heard a female voice.

Was it my imagination? That can't be; it was really clear, Xu Qi doubted in his mind.

“You're so stupid. How can you be my big brother this way? I'm your so-called ‘little snakey,’ your summoned monster. Naturally, you're the only one who can hear my voice. How did I bump into such a stupid master? How unlucky of me,” at this moment, the seductive female voice sounded from next to Xu Qi’s ear again.

This time, Xu Qi shifted his shocked gaze right away to the Giantwood Python; it was flicking its tongue in his direction. Xu Qi trembled uncontrollably and pointed his finger at it, asking, “Th-the female voice speaking to me belongs to you?”

Chen Yong and Lin Hu were dumbfounded at hearing Xu Qi speak to the Giantwood Python. The two looked at each other, then shifted their curious gazes to it.

“No shit; who else would be speaking to you?” the seductive voice was heard once more.

Then, Xu Qi thought for a moment. He eyes lit up, and he said to the python, “It’s not impossible for me to believe your words; spin three rounds on the spot for me to see.”

Chen Yong and Lin Hu watched as their young master talked with himself and were able to figure out what was happening slowly. It was highly likely that the issue lay with the python. That and their young master commanded the Giantwood Python to spin around on the spot. They were immediately interested in what was going on and looked on in anticipation.

Upon hearing Xu Qi’s senseless words, it actually lowered its head like a human. It spun three rounds on the spot, although it was seemingly unwilling, then continued flicking its tongue at Xu Qi.

Seeing this, Xu Qi confirmed the seductive voice belonged to the Giantwood Python. His mind blanked; he was unable to accept it as truth for the moment.

Chen Yong and Lin Hu, too, were dumbstruck at the miraculous sight. Was it still considered a Giantwood Python? Shouldn’t it be a freak, like their young master? Where on earth would you find one like that?

“Say, big brother, can you not act like this? I feel you’re not acting like a big brother should. Also, you have the physical size of an actual child. Although your strength seems to be pretty high, you can’t be like this. I’ll lose face in front of other monsters,” a hint of anger entangled in the Giantwood Python’s seductive voice.

Following which, Xu Qi gradually collected himself. His gaze filled with curiosity. Then, the look in his eyes changed, and he said tyrannically, “Little Snakey, what do you mean by that? Following a big brother such as this young master will ensure you’ll enjoy the finest in life. Losing face? That’s impossible. Why don’t you find out what this young master is made of?”

Seeing as the python stopped replying, Xu Qi rubbed his hands, harboring malicious intentions. He asked indecently, “Little snakey, I have another question for you. Are you really female?”

Right as the words left Xu Qi’s mouth, a loud screech rang his ears, “You’re neither blind nor deaf. Could you not tell from sight or hearing!”

Xu Qi pouted his lips and pulled on his ears. In the next moment, his expression suddenly changed again. He pointed at the Giantwood Python and asked seriously, “Let me ask you. When I captured you earlier, where did you disappear to? Why couldn’t I sense anything?”

The python noticed its little master became serious again. It didn’t dare cause trouble and lightly said, “I don’t know, either. You placed me in an extremely scary place. There were stone walls in every direction and a stone door. I think there were also some words on it. I was summoned here before I could take a proper look. Though, I remember feeling an incredibly strong presence from beyond the stone door. It was so scary; I didn’t even dare move a muscle,” a hint of fear accompanied her enchanting voice as she spoke.

The Four Divinities Cavern! Why did I send it there? And speaking of pressure, how could there not be? The four suppressed there were all at your great ancestors’ level, Xu Qi immediately thought.

“Young Master, did you really tame this monster to become your familiar?” Chen Yong’s voice suddenly interrupted Xu Qi’s thoughts.

“Ah, erm, yeah. What about it?” Xu Qi casually answered.

“Oh, nothing. Though, there’s something I don’t understand. Would Young Master care to explain?” Chen Yong respectfully asked.

Xu Qi nodded his head, indicating for him to continue.

Chen Yong asked doubtfully, “Young Master, are you able to communicate with this Giantwood Python?”

Xu Qi nodded again. He felt some suspicions regarding Chen Yong’s question; wasn’t that obvious?

“Young Master, although I don’t know much about the mysterious summoning techniques, I do know a little about this monster. It’s only one of the lowest-leveled monsters. Its size may be huge and physically strong, but it can only flee if it encounters a cultivator. Though I’ve heard that high-leveled monsters can communicate with us humans, but this low-leveled Giantwood Python being able to communicate with you is somewhat unthinkable,” Chen Yong said deliberately. His eyes were full of doubt.

Then, Xu Qi had a sudden realization. The Giantwood Python he captured was truly only a monster at the lowest level. Why was it able to communicate with him upon taming it?

“Don’t think anymore. What that man said was right. Under normal circumstances, we monsters aren’t able to communicate with humans unless we possess cultivation equal to human’s Reprisal realm. Even so, we would only be barely able to communicate. However, for unknown reasons, I was actually able to speak to you. After thinking for some time, I guess that perhaps the issue lies with your unique rainbow energy,” the python’s voice entered Xu Qi’s ears once more.

Xu Qi’s mind cleared upon hearing its explanation, The summoning technique I practice was left behind by Venerable Ziyan; that was why I was able to keep the Giantwood Python in the Four Divinities Cavern. As for the rainbow energy, it was injected into the Celestial Core Pills during its concoction by Goddess Nuwa herself; it provides great benefits to any and all creatures. It seems like it was really due to the rainbow energy in my body that caused such changes to the python.

“Chen Yong, I know what happened now. The python was indeed capable of communicating with me. I wouldn’t be able to help you understand now, even if I were to explain. I’ll slowly let you know in the future,” Xu Qi turned and said to Chen Yong.

Hearing this, Chen Yong was momentarily stunned. In the next moment, he recovered his cool and gave a slight nod. After all, he was the leader of the Xu Clan guardsmen. For matters that his young master was unwilling to speak of, he would not probe further.

“Little Snakey, this will be your name from now. If there’s nothing else, stay in there and focus on your cultivation. I’ll bring you something nice to eat in a couple of days. I guarantee you’ll like it. However, you will also have to tell me more about the monsters’ world. I’m really curious,” Xu Qi spoke to the Giantwood Python.

“Little Snakey? Can we change it to something else, big brother? That feels so childish. Though, I don’t mind telling you more about the world of monsters; it will depend on whether you bring something which catches my interest,” the python bargained.

“The name ‘Little Snakey’ is a classy one. It’s decided. As for delicious food, this young master here holds nothing ordinary. You’ll be sure to drool at the thought of it, bugging me to give you some. Haha,” Xu Qi began chuckling as he spoke.

“Fine. Little Snakey it is, then. Just my luck for getting you as my master,” the Giantwood Python complained with an unwilling tone.

“Alright, head back first. This young master still has to tame the remaining monsters. I’ll have them be your playmates,” Xu Qi said, preparing to unsummon the python.

“What?! You’re thinking of taming those dumb fools as your familiars? God, are you feigning ignorance or what? With your current strength, being able to own a monster like me as your familiar is already considered pretty good. You’re actually thinking of getting a few more of them; you’re dreaming,” the python’s surprised voice immediately interrupted Xu Qi’s movements.

“Oh, right. Spirit realm cultivators are only able to summon one monster, as I recall. I almost forgot about that, but…” Xu Qi mumbled.

“But I would still want to give it a try. Didn’t you see this young master demonstrating his godly might earlier, taming you with just a little bit of effort? Who knows; the remaining few monsters might just decide to become my familiars at the sight of my ferocious figure without me having to lift a single finger,” Xu Qi said shamelessly.

“Shameless!” three voices immediately found their way to Xu Qi’s ears at the same time. He pretended not to hear anything. He raised his hands to his chest, performed some gesture and chanted, “Royal Taming Mantra - Keep.”

As Xu Qi chanted, the female python gradually vanished from sight.

“Young Master, your talents are exceptionally high; you’re able to master the mysterious monster taming techniques in such a short time. I’m truly impressed. The admiration in my heart for Young Master…” Chen Yong gestured with his animated hands and filled the area with spittle as he spoke behind Xu Qi. Lin Hu didn’t dare laugh at Chen Yong’s look and suffered from the pain of suppressing his laughter.

“Alright, stop sucking up to me. Speak what’s on your mind; you’re sure to have something you wish to ask me,” Xu Qi quickly stopped Chen Yong; he couldn’t take his incessant praising.

Seeing his intentions exposed, Chen Yong instantly flushed red in embarrassment. He rubbed his hands together, asking, “Young Master, could you teach me that taming technique as well?”

“What? You’re thinking of learning taming techniques in your state? Hoping to become a Spiritualist? It’s too late now. Your chance is gone; you’re too old for this. Make peace with being a Swordsman,” Xu Qi rebutted.

Chen Yong’s anticipating gaze instantly turned dispirited as Xu Qi declined; his head drooped in disappointment.

“However, I will gift you something good in a few days. Something even better than taming techniques!” Xu Qi changed the topic. As such, Chen Yong instantly lit up, his eyes shining.

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