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Chapter 46 - Practicing Summoning Technique

Edited by FluffyGoblyn

“That, err, Young Master, which question should I answer first?” Chen Yong timidly asked, seeing as his young master still bombarded him with questions.

The excited Xu Qi immediately realized that he acted improperly upon hearing Chen Yong’s words. He hurriedly shut his mouth, stopping his barrage of questions.

Xu Qi gave a slight cough, then put on a straight face and said shamelessly, “This was the first time this young master has seen so many monsters. It couldn’t be helped that I got a little excited. I’m just a child, after all.”

Hearing his young master’s sorry excuse, Chen Yong covered his own face, ashamed. How is his young master be so thick-skinned? What did he mean by ‘just a child;’ he was a monstrous being.

Lin Hu, who kept silent all this while, stepped forward and said with his fists cupped, “Young Master, your arrangement for these monsters to be sent here, was it meant for practicing summoning techniques?”

“That’s right, Lin Hu. You’re the smart one indeed. This young master had these monsters sent here for the sake of practicing summoning techniques. Though, I’m unsure if it’ll work,” Xu Qi looked at Lin Hu in satisfaction, then rolled his eyes at Chen Yong.

Seeing this, black lines appeared on Chen Yong’s head, thinking inwardly, You’re always doing something we don’t understand. How would anyone know why you brought them here?

“Chen Yong, release this one from the cage. Let this young master have a good look at what this monster is capable of,” Xu Qi commanded Chen Yong excitedly, his gaze fixated on one of the wooden cages and his face showing eagerness to give it a try.

“Ah?! Young Master, you want me to release this Giantwood Python? Can we not joke around?” Chen Yong asked in shocked, looking at his young master. The latter was pointing excitedly at a small snake in a cage.

“Giantwood Python? They even call this tiny snake ‘giant?’ Stop talking nonsense and quickly let it out. Let me use it for practice,” Xu Qi said, rubbing his hands.

A few days ago, Xu Qi committed summoning techniques left behind by Venerable Ziyan to memory. It was just that he was busy with Mo Dingtian’s matters and hadn’t found the time to put them to practice. Xu Qi was full to anticipation about these techniques.

Chen Yong blanked for a moment. He wouldn’t dare defy his young master’s order. Thus, he braced himself and went to the cage. He operated his energy, removing the energy barrier placed on the wooden cage. After which, he quickly retreated backward.

Xu Qi watched Chen Yong’s retreat in disdain, then opened the wooden cage before him in anticipation.

In the cage, the green Giantwood Python coiled into a bunch, on alert and watching the boy opening the cage, its tongue flicking. Xu Qi slowly opened the cage, saying to the Giantwood Python, “Come on out baby; don’t be afraid.”

Chen Yong was speechless with black lines on his head again upon hearing what Xu Qi just said. It was as if his young master was trying to deceive a child while talking to the Giantwood Python.

Though, it seemed like the python understood Xu Qi’s words. It slowly slithered out, maintaining its vigilance against Xu Qi in fear of him having wicked intentions against itself.

The Giantwood Python slowly crawled out of the wooden cage. After confirming the humans before it weren’t hostile, it quickly crawled away from them.

Xu Qi watched as the tiny snake attempted its escape. He extended his hand and released some rainbow energy, binding the tiny snake in its place. He went over to the snake, snickering. He said, “Don’t run, little guy. I have lots of delicious food here.”

After the rainbow energy bound the green Giantwood Python, it struggled for a while before it stopped moving. Seeing as the human had made his way to it, its black pupils slowly turned green.

“Be careful, Young Master; it’s about to attack you!” Chen Yong noticed the change in the Giantwood Python’s pupils and hurriedly reminded.

Xu Qi turned around. He shrugged at Chen Yong, saying with a smile, “Say, Chen Yong, why are you…”

Suddenly, Xu Qi felt a cold breeze from behind as he spoke. Chen Yong and Lin Hu were staring wide-eyed, their mouths opened slightly at the sight. It looked like they just saw something incredible.

Looking at the two of them, Xu Qi still thought to say something, but he sensed something moving behind him. Thus, he slowly turned around. Even with Xu Qi’s nerves of steel, he unconsciously gulped at the sight of the creature before him.

The bound, tiny snake in front of him had broken free of its bindings. It flicked its tongue, staring at Xu Qi. With its appearance, Xu Qi no longer had the gall to refer it as a ‘tiny’ snake anymore.

Now, the Giantwood Python was as thick as a dragon pot1. As for its length, Xu Qi didn’t manage to get a good look. With only its head raised, the python was already taller than Xu Qi. It looked at him, flicking its tongue, with pupils emitting a green light.

“My gosh, is that the cute little snake from earlier? I wouldn’t even fill the gaps in its teeth if it were to eat me!” Xu Qi muttered and gulped another mouth of saliva.

“Misunderstanding. It was purely a misunderstanding, little snakey. I only let you out to save you. You mustn’t repay kindness with animosity,” Xu Qi actually started talking to the Giantwood Python with his shameless nature.

Though, the Giantwood Python wouldn’t listen to what he said. It instantly opened its mouth, biting down at Xu Qi and scaring him into activating his movement technique to dodge backward.

Xu Qi patted his chest, saying, “God, why did this thing suddenly turned so big, almost eating me? I was almost scared to death.”

However, the Giantwood Python didn’t give Xu Qi any time to rest. Seeing the evil boy who bound it dodge aside, it got up and attacked him once more.

“Damn, is it bent on making me its food? Little snakey, watch how this young master captures you!” Xu Qi shouted.

He retrieved the bronze sword he always used and sent rainbow energy into it. Then, he began slashing the sword, as if drawing. Seeing as the Giantwood Python inch closer to him, he pointed with his sword, yelling, “Royal Taming Mantra - Restrict.”

The rainbow energy separated from the sword, transforming into a rainbow-colored talisman drawing and flying to the Giantwood Python’s head.

It seemed like the python sensed the energy contained within the talisman drawing; it spat out a green mist to defend against it. However, the mist was powerless against the talisman drawing. The Giantwood Python failed to dodge in time, and the rainbow-colored talisman drawing entered its head.

From the side, Chen Yong and Lin Hu stared wide-eyed at the battle between Xu Qi and the python. They were confused when they saw Xu Qi making a weird talisman drawing with a weird sword he brought out.

When the rainbow talisman drawing entered the brain of the Giantwood Python, its speedy slithering suddenly came to a halt, and it started swaying violently. Its mouth let out mournful hissing, making the three tremble uncontrollably.

After swaying for a while, the python started shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the end, it reduced to its original, tiny size.

Xu Qi carefully walked over to the Giantwood Python, watching curiously. He noted that there weren’t any significant changes to it; only its pupils changed from green to golden-yellow.

“Ehh, why did its eyes become like this? It looks pretty nice. Little snakey, follow me from now on. I’ll be your big brother; how about that?” Xu Qi spoke as if he were trying to hoodwink a little girl.

Chen Yong and Lin Hu were still immersed in their young master’s mysterious talisman drawing technique when they heard him speak. They immediately lowered their heads helplessly. How shameful was that; their young master actually wanted to be the boss of a snake. How were they supposed to face others in the future?

Xu Qi didn’t have the time to care about what the two thought of him; all his thoughts were on the Giantwood Python. Seeing as it remained there, unmoving, Xu Qi suddenly patted the back of his head, mumbling, “I forgot; I only subdued it. I still have to capture it. Inexperienced, I’m truly too inexperienced.”

Xu Qi held up his bronze sword again, transferring rainbow energy into it. He swiped it a few times in front of his chest, then pointed at the Giantwood Python and chanted, “Royal Taming Mantra - Keep2!” Another rainbow talisman drawing entered the python’s head.

After which, the Giantwood Python gradually faded from the three’s sight.

“Damn, where did it go? Where did my little snakey go?” Xu Qi cried out, bewildered. He looked around, but he couldn’t find any trace of the python. Chen Yong and Lin Hu were also curious and went around the cavern in search of the Giantwood Python. However, they weren’t able to find it.

Xu Qi stood on the spot and pondered for a while, then made some movements with his palm before his chest, chanting softly, “Royal Taming Mantra - Appear!”

Hiss. The Giantwood Python suddenly appeared before Xu Qi, flicking its tongue. Its sudden reappearance caused Xu Qi to jump back in fright. He cried out excitedly, “The summoning technique was a success? Haha!”

Chen Yong and Lin Hu’s eyeballs almost fell to the ground seeing as Xu Qi actually managed to summon the Giantwood Python. Their young master just messed around for half a day and became the legendary Spiritualist just like that? What a monster.

Xu Qi watched on as the tiny snake flicked its tongue at him. He noticed there were some changes to it. Its pupils had turned golden-yellow, and its green body, too, had a faint rainbow light emitting from it.

“Could it be because of my energy influencing it, and in turn, it also obtained some of my rainbow energy?” Xu Qi thought for a moment, muttering. 

“Big Brother, I’m your summoned monster now; of course I would be influenced by your energy. You don’t even know this!?” suddenly an unfamiliar female voice capable of making others feel limp all over sounded out next to Xu Qi’s ear, causing him to be dumbstruck.

TL Note:

1: The wording was literally water jar, but since it’s in an old chinese setting, I presume that was what the author was referring to. About 60cm in thickness. Check the link below for dragon pot.

2: The word used here for Keep is 收. It has both the meaning for capture, and for keeping it away. Seeing as the author uses 收 in the next chapter to unsummon the python, I decided to go with Keep.

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