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Chapter 48 - Experiment

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Originally, Xu Qi thought to continue taming the remaining monsters for experimental purposes. After a second thought, however, he realized that, even if he successfully captured them, he didn’t have much use for low-leveled monsters. Thus, he decided to abandon such thoughts.

After which, he imparted the knowledge of ‘Royal Taming Mantra’ to Lin Hu, for him to use the monsters to practice with, but warned the latter not to release them from their cages. Just letting them cultivate in their respective cages would be fine.

“Chen Yong, I’ll be cultivating in seclusion for several days. Matters pertaining to the villa will be all on you. You must remind them to put in more effort towards their training; I’ll be personally examining them after I return. Don’t disappoint me when the time comes,” Xu Qi said seriously.

“Yes, Young Master. Please rest assured; I’ll supervise their training,” Chen Yong hurriedly answered.

Currently, Xu Qi’s thoughts were all on the Giantwood Python. He finished arranging the matters of Godsward Villa with blazing speed and headed off for secluded training. In fact, he was going to have a good talk with the python and use it for an experiment.

“Alright, I’m going now. If there’s anything you can’t decide, head to Rivulet City and look for the Chief Housekeeper for assistance,” Xu Qi said casually, then his figure vanished from the two’s sight.

“My god, young master’s techniques are too strange, to disappear without any indication. Say, do you think our young master is a demon?” Chen Yong grinned.

Hearing this, Lin Hu helplessly shook his head from the side. His gaze switched over to the remaining monsters; his eyes shone brightly with anticipation.

Xu Qi went to the Four Divinities Cavern with great urgency. Just as his silhouette appeared in the cavern, he discovered the Giantwood Python coiled in a corner, unmoving.

“Little Snakey, come over here. Why are you hiding?” Xu Qi snickered.

The python quickly raised its head upon hearing Xu Qi’s voice. After recognizing the voice’s owner, it turned into a green flash, flying into the embrace of Xu Qi.

“Little Snakey, we haven’t seen each other for just a bit, and you’re missing me so? I’m a male, you know. How am I supposed to react to having such intimate contact with you?” Xu Qi looked at the little python in his arms, grinning.

“Stop acting all smug, big brother. What’s this cursed place you’ve kept me in? There’s an incredibly strong aura here, making me afraid even to move a muscle. Furthermore, I can sense that it’s an oppressing feeling originating from the monster’s bloodline, itself. This is something I hadn’t felt before, even while I was in Fallen Gods Mountain Range,” the Giantwood Python’s voice trembled. Evidently, it was not an act.

“That’s right, then. There are four divinity beasts in there; they aren’t ordinary monsters, but divine beasts of a higher level, belonging to the legendary grade. It’s something incomparable to monsters such as you,” Xu Qi continued to frighten it.

“Ah? What? There are four divinity beasts in there? I know my wrongs, big brother. I shouldn’t have been disrespectful to you. As a magnanimous person such as you, please change the location I stay in. A small fry such as myself isn’t even enough to fill the gaps in any of their teeth,” the Giantwood Python pleaded. It was obviously terrified of its four neighbors.

“Look at you; what are you scared of? I’ll make them your underlings sooner or later. How about it?” Xu Qi continued patronizing the python.

“Become my underlings? Stop teasing me, big brother. I wish to live longer. I can feel the aura in there; even our Fallen Gods Mountain Range’s king beast’s aura is not comparable to 0.01% of what’s in there. Just change my location, please,” the python was seemingly unwilling to go along with what Xu Qi said, and continued its pleading.

“As the first monster tamed by yours truly, how could you act so weak? Can’t you think of ways to increase your strength and make them submit to you!?” Xu Qi asked, annoyed. He had a resentful expression, hating that it didn’t meet his expectations.

Hearing this, the Giantwood Python lay weakly on its stomach. It was helpless against such an unreasonable master.

Seeing its look, Xu Qi’s eyes darted about, and he thought, There’s still one last Celestial Core Pill in my hands. I have only fed them to humans; I wonder what would happen if I give it to a monster? Since there’s only one left, it wouldn’t hurt much to use it for experimentation.

“Erm, Little Snakey, come over here. This young master has something good for you,” Xu Qi’s expression suddenly changed, and he spoke to the python with a grin.

On the other hand, the Giantwood Python felt even more suspicious when it saw the look on his face. Though, it still went to him.

With a flip of his palm, Xu Qi retrieved the last Celestial Core Pill, saying, “This is a Celestial Core Pill, a godly medicinal pellet. It can rebuild your foundations and change the energy in you. Not only that, but it can also provide some unexpected effects. It was all due to this medicinal pill that this young master has become so strong. Here, it’s the last one. Eat it.”

After hearing Xu Qi’s introduction, it stared at the pill in his hands. She’d never heard of a monster having such fortuitous encounters before, and she said doubtfully, “Big brother, does this thing really contain such effects?”

Xu Qi replied in an experienced voice, “As your master, why would I deceive you? Making you strong would benefit me the greatest. Eat it, quickly.”

In the end, the Giantwood Python wasn’t able to resist Xu Qi’s temptation. It slowly slithered to the latter and raised its head, swallowing the pill.

Xu Qi watched as the python swallowed the Celestial Core Pill and stared at it as if looking at a treasure. However, after a while, there wasn’t any reaction coming from it. Xu Qi asked doubtfully, “Hey, Little Snakey, don’t you feel anything?”

The Giantwood Python raised its head and shook it, indicating negative. This made Xu Qi feel an ache in his heart. Why did he give the last Celestial Core Pill to this fellow? Curiosity is a bane, making me waste a Celestial Core Pill.

“Ah… Ah” Suddenly, a shocked cry came from the python. Xu Qi hurriedly looked over and saw it growing and shrinking itself.

“What is going on?” Xu Qi mumbled. He wasn’t confident whether the Celestial Core Pill was able to reform a monster’s body.

Xu Qi watched as the Giantwood Python grew and shrank; it shed the green scales from its body, as well. Seeing this unnerved Xu Qi, and he worried that his curiosity might accidentally kill the python.

As time went by, the frequency with which the python’s body grew and shrank slowly reduced. The scales of its body had all fallen off, and new, golden scales took their place, looking magnificent.

“Hm, it looks like it worked,” seeing the changes, Xu Qi couldn’t suppress his surprise and muttered.

Finally, the Giantwood Python returned to its tiny state. However, it looked very different from its original appearance. The golden scales on its body were especially eye-catching, yet it remained unmoving, lying flat on the ground.

“Hey, Little Snakey, are you dead? Or are you still alive?”Xu Qi extended his finger, poking the python’s body, asking.

“Stop poking me. Anymore poking and I’ll really be dead. Can’t you let me rest for a bit?” the familiar seductive voice returned, and Xu Qi felt limp all over.

Xu Qi’s whole body trembled, and he asked, “How is it? Is this young master’s godly medicine good, like I said? Look at the flashy scales you have now; it’s obvious you’ve gained some extraordinary benefits from it.”

“I'm not sure what exactly happened to my body, but it really hurt. Though, after persevering through it all, I feel comfortable inside, and there's a warm flow circulating through my body,” the Giantwood Python continued, her voice making Xu Qi feel weak all over again.

“Say, Little Snakey, can you not speak with that tone and switch to something more normal? It’s making me uncomfortable,” Xu Qi touched his nose and said in embarrassment.

“What are you talking about, big brother? My voice is naturally this way. Is it unpleasant? Others can’t hear it anyway; only you can. What’s there to be afraid of?” The Giantwood Python continued.

As such, Xu Qi shook his head helplessly, then continued, “Fine, I’ll bring you more delicious food later to boost your cultivation. However, you’ll have to be good and stay here. Now, I’ll go in to cultivate myself. Don’t bother me if there’s nothing important.”

When the Giantwood Python heard its master was about to enter that place, it tilted its head, looking at the stone door; a trace of terror could be seen in its eyes. It hurriedly said, “I’m never going in there. What if the monster in there eats me?”

“Though, Big Brother, why do I smell an exotic, tempting fragrance in there? I start drooling the moment the fragrance enters my nose. It seemed to be the fragrance of a mysterious fruit,” the python changed the topic, asking. As it spoke, saliva could be seen flowing from the corners of its mouth.

Seeing the look on its face, Xu Qi smiled and said, “Your sense of smell is pretty good, there is indeed a type of mysterious fruit in the cavern. Just by eating one, you will gain a hundred years’ worth of cultivation. I’ll bring you a couple of them when I get back from secluded training for you to get stronger. As you are now, you won’t be of any help if I get caught in any trouble.”

“Really? An increase of a hundred years of cultivation? So, if I were to eat a hundred of them, wouldn’t I become a legendary divine beast?” The python asked in excitement.

Sigh. “Stop dreaming, Little Snakey. How about you just stay here and behave yourself. I’m off to train,” Xu Qi poked its head, smiling, and turned to the stone door.

In truth, the purpose of Xu Qi entering the Four Divinities Caverns this time was to continue refining the Five Elements Wings. That, and to take more Green Mystique Fruits. He distributed all the ones he took earlier.

Seeing as its master went past the scary door, the Giantwood Python quickly hid in a corner again.

Perhaps even Xu Qi was oblivious to the fact that the Celestial Core Pill he casually gave to a low-leveled Giantwood Python today as an experiment would, in fact, lead to the rise of a monster capable of rivaling the Four Divinities.

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