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Chapter 44 - Putting an End to the Nefarious Nine

Edited by FluffyGoblyn

Just as Xu Qi finished his sentence, the group of black-clothed men pounced on Mo Yuntian’s group of four. Very soon, they were all engaged in battle.

Mo Dingtian slowly opened his eyes. He first saw the seemingly innocuous smile of Xu Qi. Looking at this face, the corners of his mouth unconsciously curved up.

“Boss Mo, I’ve saved your life again. You’re starting to owe me a little too much,” Xu Qi told Mo Dingtian with a smile.

Mo Dingtian, too, forced a smile before saying with difficulty, “Young Master Xu, many thanks to you for this matter.” Then, he slowly turned his head, looking in the direction of Mo Yan, who was still unconscious. He pleaded to Xu Qi, “Young Master Xu, I’ll still have to trouble you to save my Brother Yan. I’m begging you.”

Xu Qi rolled his eyes back, then shifted his gaze to the half-dead Mo Yan. All things considered, Xu Qi had a good impression of Mo Yan. After all, he was in this state because he risked his life to save Mo Dingtian out of loyalty. This was respectable. Thus, he spoke in a seemingly casual tone, “I’ll do my best.”

Xu Qi let go of Mo Dingtian and walked over to Mo Yan. He extended his tiny hands, placing them above Mo Yan’s chest and operated his cultivation, injecting rainbow energy into Mo Yan’s body. When Xu Qi realized Mo Yan was only severely injured but had no threat to his life, he let out an inward sigh, then turned his attention to the group of people in battle.

The heavily injured Mo Yuntian was the focus of the attacks, surrounded by the leader along with three others. He looked to be in a desperate situation. Not long after, a few more wounds appeared on Mo Yuntian’s body.

As for the remaining three from Mo Yuntian’s group, they, too, were busy handling attacks from several people by themselves. Each of their bodies was heavily decorated with injuries, and it seemed like they couldn’t hold on for much longer.

“Father!” right when Mo Yuntian’s group was about to be taken down, Mo Ling ran out of the house, calling out when she saw Mo Dingtian lying on the ground, her face deathly white.

With the scream from Mo Ling, Xu Qi shifted his attention to her. However, he hadn’t realized that Mo Yuntian was already dashing towards Mo Ling. It was already too late when he realized it. In the end, she fell into the hands of Mo Yuntian very quickly, held captive with his hand on her neck.

“Stop moving, or I’ll kill her!” Mo Yuntian yelled after getting his hands on Mo Ling.

Xu Qi looked at Mo Ling, who had been taken captive, with a stern expression. Due to Mo Yuntian’s grip on her neck, her face paled further as time went on. Although tears were flowing down her cheeks, she looked back at Xu Qi with a determined gaze.

When he saw this, he hurriedly gestured for his men to stop. As a result, the black-clothed men quickly halted whatever they were doing and returned to his side.

Similarly, the three, previously surrounded, quickly ran to Mo Yuntian’s side, albeit in a staggering manner. Their eyes were full of fear, looking over at Xu Qi’s side.

“Let her go, and I’ll spare your life,” Xu Qi said plainly.

“Will we still have our lives intact if we let her go!?” Mo Yuntian shouted frantically. His spirit had already broken down. When he spoke, he exerted a little more strength on the hand pressing on Mo Ling’s neck, causing her to feel more pain.

“Release your hand first and speak your terms,” Xu Qi hurriedly said, afraid to further anger Mo Yuntian and cause Mo Ling more pain.

Seeing as Xu Qi was so concerned about the little girl in his hands, Mo Yuntian laughed crazily, “I can’t believe you care so much about this little girl. I can let go of her. That is, only if you kneel, come over here, and break your own limbs!”

At this moment, Mo Yuntian was laughing in an extremely manic manner. He understood that the ordeal he and his group of brothers faced was all thanks to this child. Although he didn’t know his identity, the only thing he could do now was think of ways to make him die!

“Fine, I accept!” Xu Qi answered without a thought immediately.

“Young Master, you must never do this,” the black-clothed man, who stood by silently all this while, hurriedly said upon hearing this. The black-clothed man who arrived first was none other than the Chief Housekeeper of Xu Clan, Xu Pingfan. He cared about Xu Qi more than anyone else; seeing as Xu Qi actually thought of self-mutilating himself in order to save others, how could he not be anxious?

Xu Qi ignored Xu Pingfan and slowly walked forward. With a plop, he knelt to the ground and began shuffling forward. This caused Xu Pingfan and the guards to feel sore in their hearts and admiration for their young master at the same time.

Mo Dingtian, whose injuries were just beginning to turn for the better, crawled up anxiously upon seeing his daughter fall into Mo Yuntian’s hands. When he saw Xu Qi kneel down and shuffle forward, all for the sake of saving his daughter, his emotions were extremely complicated in his heart.

On the other side, Mo Ling, held captive, cried even harder when she saw Xu Qi kneeling to others for the sake of saving her.

“Stop! Don’t come any closer. Now cut the tendons on your hands!” Mo Yuntian suddenly yelled, seeing as Xu Qi was getting closer and closer to him. Then, he gestured to someone next to him to throw a dagger to Xu Qi. He didn’t want the latter to get too close to him; otherwise, he might try doing something funny again.

Xu Qi slowly picked up the dagger from the ground, then looked up at Mo Yuntian. Suddenly, his eyes opened wide and exclaimed, “Master, why are you here?!”

Hearing this, Mo Yuntian reflexively spun around. During the moment he took to turn back, Xu Qi made his move. Everyone could only see a blur before realizing Xu Qi had disappeared.

After turning around and realizing there was no one behind him, Mo Yuntian cursed in his heart, “Not Good!” Before he could turn back, he felt coldness in both of his arms.

Xu Qi’s silhouette gradually reappeared under everyone’s shocked gazes. Only, Mo Ling appeared along with him. What was even spookier was that two arms came together with her, attached to her neck. Obviously, those belonged to Mo Yuntian.

“Ah... Ahhh! You tricked me!” before anyone could react to what just happened, they suddenly heard Mo Yuntian’s scream. When they turned their eyes to him, they couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Mo Yuntian had lost both his arms, and blood gushed from the two wounds. His face showed extreme pain.

On the other hand, Xu Qi was smiling while he removed the arms from Mo Ling’s neck. He threw them aside before saying gently to her, “Sister, with me protecting you, I won’t let anyone hurt you!”

Mo Ling was trembling from the trauma she’d just experienced, but once she heard the soothing words from Xu Qi, a warm feeling rose up in her heart. She looked into his eyes, no longer feeling any fear in her heart.

“Sister, go over to that side now. When I’m done with the matters here, I’ll come play with you,” Xu Qi continued with a smile. His face returned to his usual, harmless-looking expression.

Xu Pingfan hurried over to the children and picked Mo Ling up off the ground, bringing her to Mo Dingtian’s side. The latter carefully inspected her body for any injuries. He couldn’t stop worrying before confirming there weren’t any injuries.

“Alright, since you bunch of people are being so presumptuous, I shall personally finish you off today!” before Xu Qi finished his sentence, his body was already charging towards Mo Yuntian’s group of four.

Seeing the child charging at him, Mo Yuntian forgot all about the pain he was suffering and started laughing maniacally. However, before he could emit any sound from his mouth, he saw a flash of light fly past him. His consciousness ended there and then.

Similarly for the remaining three injured men, before they could make out Xu Qi’s silhouette, they fell to the ground, one by one. Only fear was in their eyes, and in just a moment, there were four more corpses on the ground!

“That felt so good!” everyone heard this just as Mo Yuntian and group’s bodies fell to the ground, and Xu Qi’s figure could be seen.

At this moment, Mo Dingtian hid Mo Ling behind him and used his hands to cover her eyes. He didn’t want the bloody scene to traumatize her. However, the gaze he aimed at Xu Qi was complicated. There was surprise and worry in his eyes.

Xu Qi slowly walked over to Mo Dingtian, saying with a smile, “Boss Mo, your matters are over and done. I’m sure you don’t need us to clean up this mess, right?”

Mo Dingtian forced out a smile, “Young Master Xu, words alone can’t express my gratitude to you. This one surnamed Mo will definitely repay your favor in the future. Just leave the follow-up to me.”

“Only, about my Brother Yan’s injuries…” Mo Dingtian looked at the unconscious Mo Yan, then continued.

“Don’t worry; he won’t die,” Xu Qi said, irritated. Your daddy here saved you several times today, and you want to make me leave with just a sentence?

Seeing as Mo Dingtian had no intention of expressing his thanks in a more practical way, Xu Qi lashed out at the group of black-clothed men watching him, “What are you looking at; quickly get your asses back! Don’t attract any attention while making your way back, or I’ll give some personal training to whoever gets found out! Get lost!”

Hearing Xu Qi lash out at them, the group of black-clothed men was first stunned, then quickly scrambled to disperse in different directions. While they were running, they looked like they hated the fact that they only had two legs.

Xu Pingfan naturally recognized the group of people; they were Xu Clan’s guardsmen. He chuckled helplessly, then went to Xu Qi and said, “Young Master, I’ll get going, too.”

Xu Qi kept silent. He only gave a wave of his hand, and Xu Pingfan nodded. The latter didn't say anything to Mo Dingtian. He turned into a black shadow and faded into the distance.

As everyone disappeared, one after another, Mo Ling slowly stepped out from behind Mo Dingtian over to Xu Qi. She took out her handkerchief, gently wiping away the blood stains Xu Qi got on himself during the battle. Her actions placed our great Young Master Xu at a loss, not knowing what to do.

Mo Dingtian witnessed the event unfold from the side. He gave a slight cough, before saying, “Young Master Xu, I’ll go get the servants to carry Brother Yan back to his room and clean up the mess here. I won’t be attending to you for the moment,” he slowly walked outside after finishing his sentence. Though, from the way he walked, he didn't seem to be injured.

Even the thick-skinned Xu Qi blushed in embarrassment upon noticing the strange gaze from Mo Dingtian. He pulled Mo Ling to her room.

Back in her room, Mo Ling was but a child after all. After experiencing the bloody mess today, and almost losing her life to others, she quickly fell asleep.

Xu Qi smiled helplessly as he watched Mo Ling sleep. He muttered, “I don’t know if my actions today are right or wrong. Since it’s already settled, I should start practicing monster summoning techniques.”

TL Note:

This chapter talked a lot about Xu Qi kneeling... bla bla bla. For a bit of context, there’s this phrase in chinese, 男人膝下有黄金, literally meaning there’s gold under a man’s knees. It means that it takes a lot for a man to kneel to others. So, it emphasized Xu Qi throwing away his pride/ego for the sake of saving Mo Ling.

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