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Chapter 45 - Looked Down Upon

Edited by FluffyGoblyn

The next day, in Rivulet City, it was usually peaceful, but today was different. It was bustling with noise and excitement; people gathered everywhere discussing excitedly.

“Did you know the deafening explosion yesterday came from Mosuo Auction House?”

“Tch, of course, I knew. I even heard that there was a shockingly huge battle in the auction house yesterday.”

“Yeah, I heard that, too. Many Qi realm experts were involved in the battle, from what I heard!”

“What do Qi realm experts matter; rumor has it even Spirit realm experts took part in the battle yesterday.”

“Ah!? Spirit realm experts? That can’t be, can it?


Discussions occurred everywhere on the streets about the huge commotion in Mosuo Auction House yesterday, but no one knew the truth of the incident.

Then, the crowd noticed Helian Liang and Liang Renqing enter Wan Qing Restaurant under the escort of a group of people, and their appearance brought about another round of discussions.

“Hey, yesterday Helian Clan and Liang Clan went to Mosuo Auction House but ran into a stone wall. I witnessed them being thrown out by a group of black-clothed men.”

“This, I do know about. Each of the black-clothed men seemed to be strong in their own right and scared the two patriarchs witless, no matter which of them made their move; the patriarchs quickly ran away.” 

“Haha, I saw that, too. The look on Helian Liang and Liang Renqing’s faces as they ran for their lives; it seemed like they wished for an extra pair of legs to run with. It was so funny.”


Heliang Liang and Liang Renqing overheard the discussions behind them. Their complexions instantly paled.

“Brother Liang, what you do think of the matter regarding Mosuo Auction House yesterday?” Liang Renqing was the first to ask.

Helian Liang’s expression changed a little upon hearing the question. He caressed his chin in thought, then said slowly, “Brother Liang1, you saw what happened today. The auras from those black-clothed men were all very strong. With just a casual strike, they could easily lay us out on the ground. They were in Qi realm at the very least. What I can confirm from their strengths was that they weren’t from Rivulet City.”

Liang Renqing nodded, saying, “That’s true. After all, both of us have been in Rivulet City for years. We are all aware of the level of strength in the city. Though, it’s unknown why such a group of powerful people would suddenly appear at Mo Dingtian’s place?”

“Although we don’t know their origin, we can be sure that the huge battle from yesterday and the group of black-clothed men were definitely linked to Mo Dingtian,” Helian Liang said thoughtfully.

Liang Renqing rolled his eyes at his words, cursing inwardly, Aren’t you stating the obvious? It happened at Mo Dingtian’s place; of course, there was a connection.

“Though, the matter yesterday made me remember something my father said to me years ago, regarding Mo Dingtian,” Helian Liang continued.

“Oh? Could it be that the old patriarch knew something about Mo Dingtian?” Liang Renqing was immediately interested, asking excitedly.

“Back then, when Mo Dingtian suddenly appeared in Rivulet City, my father warned me not to offend the Mosuo Auction House carelessly. He mentioned that they had huge influences backing them and not to have conflicts with them. Otherwise, our family would cease to exist in an instant,” Helian Liang took a sip of tea as he spoke.

Then, Helian Liang continued, “I was young and ignorant then and didn’t take his words to heart. As I became acquainted with Mo Dingtian, I found him to be an admirable man and our relationship was pretty good. As time passed, I gradually forgot about my father’s warning. It was only the incident yesterday that slowly reminded me of my father’s words. Perhaps it was as my father said, that a power behind Mo Dingtian capable of destroying us in an instant exists?”

Liang Renqing nodded his head slightly at Helian Liang’s words. He eyes suddenly lit up, and he said to Helian Liang, “Brother Liang, let’s not worry about that for now. We should send people to investigate and check on whether Mo Dingtian is still alive after the battle yesterday. This is the most important thing.”

Helian Liang came to a sudden realization and patted his head. He smiled, saying, “That’s right; anxiety breeds disorder. I forgot all about the most important thing. Let’s see if Mo Dingtian is still alive. If he is, then this matter is still worth our attention. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time.”

“Brother Liang, you’re a magnanimous person. I’m sure you didn’t take our trivial grievances to heart. If we were to confirm the existence of the huge power supporting Mo Dingtian and that he’s alive, I’m afraid we’ll still have to collaborate to defend our interests,” Liang Renqing said with a smile.

Helian Liang, too, smiled and said, “Brother Liang, weren’t we in great terms before? Was there any conflict between us?”

“Haha, right, right. There’s none,” Liang Renqing was stunned momentarily, before locking gaze with Helian Liang and the two burst out in laughter.

In Mosuo Auction House, Mo Dingtian was looking after Mo Yan, who was still unconscious. Worry filled his eyes. If it weren’t for Xu Qi telling him that there was no danger to Mo Yan’s life and he would regain consciousness in due time, Mo Dingtian would probably have gone crazy from worrying.

“Yo-young Lord,” he suddenly heard a faint, weak voice. Mo Dingtian looked in Mo Yan’s direction, surprised, and saw the latter had already opened his eyes and was looking at him.

“Don’t speak, Brother Yan. Don’t speak anymore. Everything has been settled. Mo Yuntian and his group are already dead. We’re fine now. Don’t worry about me and focus on recuperating,” Mo Dingtian held Mo Yan’s hands tightly as he watched him, tears rolling in his eyes. His usual steadiness vanished, and he spoke anxiously. This was because he knew what weighed on Mo Yan’s mind once he regained consciousness.

Now, Mo Yan’s complexion was extremely pale. Not a tinge of red colored his face. He, too, had felt his weakness. It was only after Mo Dingtian told him everything was settled and the latter was fine that a burden lifted from his heart. Seeing Mo Dingtian so concerned about him made him feel warm inside. The sense of weakness he felt in his body made him shake his head slightly at Mo Dingtian.

Upon seeing his actions, the latter immediately understood what he meant. Mo Dingtian said, concerned, “Don’t think too much, Brother Yan. Young Master Xu healed the injuries in your body. Your life is no longer in danger. Stop thinking so much and recuperate in peace.”

Earlier, when Mo Yan woke up, he thought his life was coming to an end when he felt the weakness in him. However, a new hope of life rose in his heart as he heard Mo Dingtian talk about Young Master Xu saving him. He was considerably well-acquainted with the strength Xu Qi held.

Thus, he nodded his head slightly at Mo Dingtian and slowly shut his eyes. His body was in very poor condition. Mo Dingtian watched on as he felt his heart aching and gave a sigh. He was helpless; the only thing he could do now was wait. He would definitely look for Xu Qi in a couple of days, to see if the latter would further heal Mo Yan and help him recover faster.

Mo Dingtian fell into deep thought as he remembered Xu Qi. He felt incredibly complicated in his heart. The latter was such a monstrous being; Mo Dingtian was unsure of whether in the future he would...

At this moment, the great Young Master Xu, who was in the minds of others, found himself waited on by the precious daughter of Mo Dingtian, Mo Ling, without a care in the world. She was feeding him; if Mo Dingtian were to see the enjoyment on his face, he would surely break Xu Qi’s legs. That was to say, if he could overpower him in a fight.

“Sister, I’m full already. I should go deal with my serious matters,” Xu Qi mumbled with a mouth full of food.

“Mm, go ahead. Come have fun with me when you’ve finished. I will prepare delicious food for you,” Mo Ling said with a smile and without any indication of holding him back. 

Hearing her response, Xu Qi was momentarily stunned. Then, he stood up and gave Mo Ling a nod before turning into a blur and disappearing.

Mo Ling stood there as she watched Xu Qi vanish from her sight. No others could understand the myriad of feelings within her heart.

After Xu Qi left Mosuo Auction House, he sped towards the villa in the suburb. Previously, Xu Pingfan informed him that he had some low-level monsters sent to Godsward Villa for Xu Qi’s practice of subduing and summoning techniques.

Very soon, Xu Qi arrived in the villa. Just as he landed in the villa, four guardsmen attacked him. It was only after they saw who entered the premises that they quickly retracted their hands. Xu Qi was satisfied with their performance and gave a nod before ignoring them and heading straight to the secret cavern in the rear mountain.

In the cavern, those who were supposed to be training all surrounded the low-level monsters with curiosity. They didn’t realize that Xu Qi had stealthily made his way behind them.

“What are you people doing?! Don’t you need to train!? Or do you think that your strength has surpassed mine, and you don’t have to train anymore!?” a thunderous roar boomed, shocking them like thunder in a clear sky. They felt their heads spinning once they heard the roar.

When they recovered from the shock, they all turned with their heads lowered, except for the twins, Qian Yin and Qian Yun. The two looked at Xu Qi, smiling. The others didn’t dare to look at him; they lowered their heads.

Xu Qi continued, despite watching their comical look, with a stern tone, “Just look at yourselves. A few low-level monsters and you people are so curious about them. How am I supposed entrust important missions to you in the future?!”

“Whatever; go do what you’re supposed to. Lin Hu and Chen Yong, come with me,” Xu Qi continued.

The crowd gradually dispersed, revealing the monsters locked in wooden cages. Xu Qi’s eyes lit up at the sight of them, and he quickly went over. Chen Yong and Lin Hu followed closely behind him.

“Hm, Chen Yong, what is this monster called?”

“Oh, and is it male or female?”

“Can their meat be eaten?”

“I heard they have inner cores in them; should I dig one out to have a look?”


The group had yet to go far, and all of them heard Xu Qi asking a barrage of questions like a country bumpkin, making a bunch of black lines appear on their heads. You don't allow us to check it out or be curious about it. Yet, you, yourself, ran over to admire the monsters. Everyone couldn’t help but look down on their young master for once.

TL Note:

1: Helian Liang called Liang Renqing with his last/surname. Rather than an inconsistency on the author’s part with how he addressed him, I’d like to take it as their relationship had worsened/not as close as before in Helian Liang’s pov.

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