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Chapter 43 - The Battle of Rivulet City (3)

Edited by FluffyGoblyn

“Ah… Ahhh!! Who was it; show yourself! Who killed my three brothers?! Come out here!” Mo Yuntian roared relentlessly as he saw the three familiar decapitated heads, his eyes immediately turning red in fury.

Papapa! A tall and sturdy black-clothed man, his appearance masked, slowly walked into the courtyard clapping his hands. Over a dozen similarly dressed people followed behind him.

With the appearance of the group, Mo Yuntian’s crazed expression instantly froze. He realized that, within the group of black-clothed people, the weakest among them was at the third stage of Qi realm, while their leader was obviously a Spirit realm expert. He was astonished; where did all these experts pop out from?

On the other hand, Mo Dingtian was ecstatic when he saw the group of black-clothed men show up; they were obviously here to help him.

“Damn you, Mo Dingtian. I didn’t expect you to have this move up your sleeve. I belittled you. However, if you wish to keep us here today, you’ll have to pay a heavy price!” There was no longer any confidence in Mo Yuntian when he spoke; he was only putting up a front.

“Mo Yuntian, you old rogue, I’ve looked up to you as a big brother since we were young. However, ever since you’ve decided to pledge yourself to my younger brother, you’ve become arrogant and bloodthirsty. Now that it has come to this, I don’t know what else to say to you, but these four words: ‘Reap what you sow!’” Mo Dingtian spoke angrily and looked at the heavily injured Mo Yan, who was not far away.

“Watch out!” the first black-clothed man to show up, who stood next to Mo Dingtian, suddenly yelled out. By the time the latter heard his voice and turned around, Mo Yundi had already come up to him. He watched as the dagger in Mo Yundi’s hands plunged towards his chest.

The black-clothed man beside him hurriedly swept his sword toward Mo Yundi’s chest, thinking of forcing him to change his course. Unexpectedly, Mo Yundi didn’t bother to dodge in the least and continued his attack on Mo Dingtian.

Psh, Mo Dingtian felt a chill in his chest. He looked down and saw the dagger buried in his chest. He looked up again. Mo Yundi, who attempted to sneak-attack him, wasn’t any better; a longsword found its way into his chest.

“Mo Dingtian, your daddy here won’t die for naught. I’ll drag you to hell with me no matter what! Big Brother, our mission has been accomplished, haha,” Mo Yundi laughed, crazed. His blood-red eyes caused others to feel a chill in their hearts when they saw them, while fresh blood flowed endlessly from the corners of his mouth.

“Second Brother!” Mo Yuntian yelled out helplessly as he watched his second brother, Mo Yundi, try to assassinate Mo Dingtian, trading his life for the latter’s. Looking at the sword penetrating his chest, Mo Yuntian felt as if his heart, too, had been stabbed by a dagger.

“Damn his insignificant life. Who cares if he dies off somewhere; he still wants to bring one down with him!” another tall and sturdy black-clothed man cursed loudly. He walked over to the half-dead Mo Yundi and extended his hand, snapping Mo Yundi’s neck. Then, he sent the corpse flying with a kick. His actions were smooth as water, causing everyone watching to feel goosebumps on their body.

When Mo Yundi’s dead body landed on the ground, he couldn’t be any more dead. His eyes still stared wide. Perhaps he would never understand, even in death, why this man who snapped his neck would end his life without saying anything; it didn’t fit the standard routine!

“Second Brother! Second Brother!” Mo Yuntian and the rest called out, dashing to Mo Yundi’s corpse. The former held the corpse tightly in his embrace. Tears flowed down his weathered cheeks, and he cried loudly.

On the other hand, Mo Dingtian, injured by the dagger, quickly checked his own body. He realized Mo Yundi’s dagger didn’t hit any vital spots and immediately expressed his gratitude to the black-clothed man standing next to him. He knew that if it weren’t for his interference, Mo Yundi’s dagger would have found its way into his chest, and his life would have doubtlessly come to an end.

Just as Mo Dingtian was feeling fortunate inwardly, he suddenly felt a sense of powerlessness. He examined the wound and found that the blood on it was black; he immediately yelled out, “Not good! His weapon was poisoned!”

The black-clothed man next to him noticed what was happening and hurriedly tried to force the toxic out of Mo Dingtian’s body. However, he was shocked when he discovered that the poison in his body was too eccentric; his methods weren’t effective at all.

“Haha, it’s futile, Mo Dingtian. You, too, will die here today. This poison is exclusively my second brother’s. Without his antidote, there’s no way you will live!” Once Mo Yuntian saw the poison taking effect on Mo Dingtian, his crazed smile showed up once again, replacing his weeping face as he laughed.

“Damn geezer, quickly hand over the antidote. Otherwise, don’t blame this daddy for turning you into minced meat!” Seeing as Mo Dingtian had lost consciousness from the poison, the black-clothed man anxiously commanded Mo Yuntian.

“Just bring it, all of you! I’m not scared of you!” After witnessing the death of his second brother, Mo Yuntian lost his composure, disregarding everything.

“Alright, stop arguing. You’re Mo Yuntian, right? The dead can never come back to life. Since things have progressed to such states, why don’t we make a deal? Give us the antidote, and we’ll let your people leave Rivulet alive. How about that?” the black-clothed man attending to Mo Dingtian’s poison suddenly attempted to negotiate.

Hearing this, Mo Yuntian started to calm down. As the saying went, ‘live to fight another day1.’ If he could ensure that the remaining few stayed alive, there would be chances for revenge in the future. Furthermore, five of his brothers had lost their lives. The remaining four wouldn’t have a slight chance of escape, even if they risked everything in an all-out effort.

“Do you truly mean it?” Mo Yuntian asked doubtfully after thinking for a moment.

“Truly. Don’t worry; I know what you’re thinking. They will listen to me,” the black-clothed man pointed at the group behind him. Behind him, the leader of the group nodded his head in agreement.

Looking at the situation, Mo Yuntian’s pupils darted for a bit, then he said, “Alright! I can give you the antidote, but I must be safely out of Rivulet City before I hand it over. Also, you can only send one with us to get the antidote. There’ll be no deal, otherwise.”

“We can only send one person along for the antidote? What if you kill him and make a run for it?” the leader interrupted.

“Hmph, I’m not that low of a person. Think about it yourselves; that’s the only way I’ll hand over the antidote. There’s no other way!” Mo Yuntian replied resolutely.

“Alright, I’ll believe you. Though, who should we send to go with you for the antidote?” the black-clothed man looked back at the group.

“I’ll go. I’ll go with him for the antidote,” an immature voice suddenly called out.

Once Mo Yuntian realized the owner of the voice was actually a child, he called out in joy, “Good, it’s him then. He’ll come with us!”

Similarly, when the group of black-clothed men saw the person who spoke out, their hearts rejoiced, and one said, “It’s decided then; hurry and go!”

Upon hearing Mo Yuntian happily agree for the child to go with him to get the antidote, the group of black-clothed men was even happier than Mo Yuntian. They almost clapped in joy! Let him go; we’re definitely not worried!

The one who volunteered to go was none other than the one who’d kept himself hidden all this time, the young master of Xu Clan, Xu Qi!

Xu Qi slowly walked to Mo Yuntian’s side, then asked with a tender voice, “Grandpa, I can go with you, but can you show me the antidote first? Otherwise, if I go with you but you don’t have the antidote, won’t you be cheating me? Mother told me, ‘those who bluff others are baddies.’”

When the group of black-clothed men heard Xu Qi’s words, they all lowered their heads. It wasn’t on purpose, but they really couldn’t hold it in and wanted to laugh. All of them cursed in their hearts, Shameless, truly shameless. You’re the one who bluffs more than any other.

Mo Yuntian looked at the innocuous child before him. He thought for a moment, then took out a blue colored medicinal bottle with a flip of his palm, saying, “Child, this is the antidote. As long as you follow us out of this city without them behind you, I will give it to you.” After which, he looked at the group of black-clothed men; he didn’t think they would have the ability to snatch it away from him before he had the chance to destroy the bottle.

Just as Mo Yuntian was about to put the antidote away, he suddenly felt a slight breeze blow past him. His hand felt lighter, and he quickly looked at it. He was immediately shocked, realizing that the bottle of antidote vanished from his hand! 

Also, the child standing next to him was gone too. He scanned his surroundings, then saw the child already squatting next to the unconscious Mo Dingtian, feeding the antidote to him.

“Yo-you! Who exactly are you!?” Mo Yuntian was shocked to the core. When facing the group of black-clothed men, he still felt as though he had some means of resistance, but this eccentric little child made him feel chilled to the bone. He was standing so close to him and was able to steal the antidote before he could even sense anything. What kind of strength was that?!

On the other hand, Xu Qi was feeding the antidote to Mo Dingtian and ignored Mo Yuntian. Xu Qi continued squatting next to him, even after he was done giving him the antidote.

“Get out of my way. Something happened in Boss Mo’s house; how could we do nothing about it?”

“That’s right. Boss Mo and I were like brothers. What do you know about it; quickly get lost! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Suddenly, Helian Liang and Liang Renqing’s voices could be heard. Xu Qi furrowed his brows for a moment, then gestured to the group of black-clothed men. A few of them nodded their heads and headed out.

Looking at the situation, Mo Yuntian’s eyes opened even wider. That was because, from the actions of the child earlier, the black-clothed men were obviously his underlings. Who exactly was this child!?

“Get lost, all of you! It’s not your place to interfere in Mo Clan’s matters!” yell could be heard from the outside, followed by several screams. It was to make an example out of them, obviously. Soon, the outside quieted down, and the few who went out had returned, giving a nod to Xu Qi before standing behind him.

“Wh-who exactly are you?!” Mo Yuntian repeated his question like a robot as he watched the child who squatted beside Mo Dingtian all this while; his heart began to panic.

Still, Xu Qi ignored him. It was only when Mo Dingtian’s complexion turned for the better that the former let out a smile. Then, he said a sentence which made Mo Yuntian felt chills to his very core, “Alright, kill them. Leave no one alive.”

TL Note:

1: The actual wording was 留得青山在,不愁没柴烧, meaning ‘As long as the green mountain remains, there’ll be wood to burn.’ It means when there’s life, there’s hope.

Another thing, it might get a bit confusing for some readers with so many “black-clothed men” going around. So I’ll just identify them to make things easier for you. The one attending to Mo Dingtian would be the housekeeper Xu Pingfan, and the “leader of the group” is Chen Yong, the twin axes guard.

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