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Chapter 31 - Surprise

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Xu Qi originally thought to assign their professions himself. However, the appearance of the thorn known as Luo Xiao caused him to put in a little more thought. He didn’t want to create any more negative feelings between him and the orphans. They had only started their interaction with each other, after all; it was better to leave a good impression. There would also be great benefits to their path of cultivation if he let them choose their own professions. They would show more perseverance in something they’d chosen for themselves, allowing them to reach greater heights.

“The five main professions are Swordsman, Spiritualist, Healer, Ranger, and Nightlord. You can choose any of them,” Xu Qi said.

None of them said anything. Xu Qi watched them in puzzlement as they looked a little lost. It was only then that he realized, It seems like they don’t know anything about the five professions, but I don’t know much about them either.

Cough, cough. “Are you unsure of what the five main professions specify in?” Xu Qi asked embarrassedly. He wasn’t sure either and felt guilty as he spoke.

Many of them nodded their heads.

Xu Qi continued, “Swordsmen mainly train with swords, not only swords but other weapons as well. Spiritualists practice subdue and summon monsters to aid themselves, while Healers practice healing techniques, a role necessary in any group or party. The offensive strength of a powerful Healer does not pale in comparison to any other professions. Rangers use bows and arrows as their weapon and practice in long-ranged attacks. Nightlords spend their time training their bodily techniques and the art of assassination.”

Xu Qi imparted the knowledge of the various professions he’d gathered previously to the group.

“That’s basically it. How about this, are there any of you here willing to train the skills of Healers? Please step out,” Xu Qi asked.

“Young Master, I would like to train as a Healer,” a timid voice called out from the group. It was the little girl standing next to the twin sisters earlier.

“Young Master, we’re willing to cultivate as Healers as well.” Another three stepped out, speaking out in unison. It seemed like they had discussed and came to this conclusion together.

“Alright, step aside for now. Next, who would like to cultivate as a Nightlord? I’ll say this first: the path of a Nightlord is the most arduous. However, once you’ve overcome it, the world is yours to soar in; everyone will hold you in reverence. You’ll have to consider carefully before picking this profession,” Xu Qi explained.

“Young Master, we sisters are willing to become Nightlords!” Qian Yin and Qian Yun suddenly stepped out and spoke up. Their choice came as a surprise to Xu Qi.

“I’m willing too, Young Master, but I’m aware my aptitude is low; I don’t know if it will work?” this time, it was Xiao Wu, who had been silent all the while, who spoke out.

After Xiao Wu moved aside, another three boys stepped forward, choosing to become Nightlords. Xu Qi nodded in satisfaction upon learning that there were six who wished to walk on the path of a Nightlord. After all, it was too difficult a path to walk. The six were still willing to tread this path despite knowing the difficulty; they were praiseworthy indeed, especially the twin sisters. It made one view them in a new light.

“Okay, what about Ranger, anyone?”

“I’m willing, Young Master,” only one volunteered this time.

“Anybody willing to cultivate as Spiritualist?” Xu Qi asked. To his surprise, no one voiced out.

“So the rest of you chose to train as Swordsmen? None of you want to become Spiritualists; is that it?” Xu Qi questioned in doubt.

The remaining sixteen of them looked at each other; none of them made a sound. Lin Hu was standing before the others. He gritted his teeth and stepped up, saying, “Young Master, this inept Lin Hu wishes to cultivate as a Spiritualist! I hope Young Master grant this wish of mine!”

Xu Qi looked on in bewilderment at Lin Hu and the group; why did it feel like he was asking them to kill themselves when he asked them to become Spiritualists. Then, he came to a realization when he saw the resolute expression on Lin Hu’s face. They are only children. The mentioning of monsters must have frightened them; so that’s why no one volunteered.

“Lin Hu, you will be coming in contact with monsters very often then; are you sure you’re not afraid?” Xu Qi asked seriously.

“Young Master, if others can cultivate as Spiritualists, so can I. I’m not afraid!” Lin Hu declared firmly.

Hearing this, Xu Qi’s impression towards Lin Hu improved a little.

“Alright, the rest of you can become Swordsmen.” Xu Qi was in a pretty good mood due to Lin Hu’s earlier actions. A little excitement could be heard in Xu Qi’s voice.

“I have something else to tell you; although you have chosen your main profession, I will allow you to pick a second profession when your strength reaches a certain level! Word hard, all of you,” Xu Qi encouraged.

Anticipation rose in their hearts as the crowd heard him. Not only would they cultivate in a profession, but they could also train in a second. That was wonderful.

Xu Qi lowered his head in thought, then said to Lin Hu next to him, “Lin Hu, have you familiarized yourself with the hidden structure here?”

Lin Hu immediately answered, “I had familiarized myself with this area, Young Master. The thing, though, is this isn’t the core structure. The most important area is the interior of the mountain behind, connected to this hidden room!”

“What?!” Xu Qi originally thought to get Lin Hu to show him around. He didn’t expect Lin Hu to tell him the underground institution wasn’t the core installation here, but the rear mountain connected. Why hadn’t Xu Pingfan mentioned anything about this to him? Xu Qi was puzzled.

“Young Master, Chief Housekeeper Xu instructed me to inform you only after you arrived. He said it was a surprise for you,” Lin Hu explained.

Surprise? How big of a surprise could this be? Xu Qi didn’t want to think about it and immediately said, “You lead the way, Lin Hu. Everyone, come with me to the rear mountain.”

Lin Hu nodded his head then signaled to the back. After that, he walked toward a door and opened it, revealing a passage. Xu Qi quickly entered with the rest of them following behind.

In the underground tunnel, Xu Qi followed behind Lin Hu. After a short while, a stone wall stopped them in their tracks. The latter turned around and said, “Young Master, the Chief Housekeeper instructed me to let you open this door personally when you got here. We are not to open it for you. The key to opening the door is right here. It will open only if you pressed on the correct one. I hope Young Master will understand me not being able to open this for you.”

Xu Qi looked towards where Lin Hu pointed. Four words were engraved on the lower side of the stone door, which read “My heart is eternal.” Seeing that, Xu Qi gave a smile. He thought of Xu Pingfan putting in so much work for him. He went up to the words and pressed on the ‘Heart’ word without a second thought.

Xu Qi stood up, followed by the stone door slowly rising, opening the way. When the stone door rose to his eye level, the view behind the door slowly entered his sight, causing him to freeze in shock. This was a surprise, a huge surprise.

Following which, Xu Qi lowered his body and made his way through before the stone door fully opened.

After entering, Xu Qi watched the place attentively. He was overwhelmed with joy; Xu Pingfan truly gifted him a huge present.

At this moment, Xu Qi was situated within a mountain whose interior had been emptied out, forming a unique, secret haven. It was very spacious, about the size of the institution outside. Furthermore, the wall was fully decorated with shiny gemstones, illuminating the entire cave.

Xu Qi saw these and nodded in satisfaction. He originally instructed Xu Pingfan to order the construction of an institution beneath the one on the surface and was satisfied with what he saw earlier. He would never have expected Xu Pingfan to dig a tunnel connecting to the rear mountain and emptied it out, constructing an even more secluded area.

His heart felt especially warm as he thought of Xu Pingfan doing all this for him in silence. After which, he heard footsteps approaching him. He slowly calmed himself as he had to arrange for upcoming matters.

“Come over here, all of you. Since we’re already here, we might as well let this place be where you begin your road to cultivation,” Xu Qi suddenly stated. Then, he flipped his palm, retrieving a medicinal bottle.

Upon which, they gathered beside Xu Qi, awaiting his next instructions.

“I will be giving each of you a medicinal pill in a while. After ingesting it, find a place to enter meditation. Don’t stay too close to one another. This pill will reconstruct you anew, transforming you into existences which rival Chen Yong and the guards. There may be some pain after ingestion, but I hope you will endure it. I will be standing guard for you during the process; hopefully, you won’t let me down,” Xu Qi said as he swept his gaze across the group.

The crowd nodded. Lin Hu was the first to step up, respectfully accepting Xu Qi’s medicinal pill. He immediately gulped it down and stepped to the side while the rest took turns receiving the pills from Xu Qi and did the same.

The pills Xu Qi gave them were none other than the Celestial Core Pills he’d consumed previously. After distributing to the twenty-five of them, he was only left with two pellets. He immediately felt the pain from losing so many of them at once. However, he took a glimpse at the meditating crowd and sighed. He had no choice; he had to invest heavily in them if he were to build his own force.

Xu Qi kept the bottle, then slowly made his way to the center of the plaza. He carefully inspected every one of them. From his experience of consuming the Celestial Core Pill, he knew the feeling wasn’t pleasant during the body’s reconstruction. He was truly worried that some of them might succumb to the pain and thus waste the Celestial Core Pill.

However, sometime later, Xu Qi gave a sigh of relief after inspecting them. Many of them swayed from the pain in the beginning, but all of them persisted on. None of them uttered a sound, especially the group of girls who took Qian Yin and Qian Yun as their role models. Their tiny faces were pale and covered in sweat. Yet, not a trace of pain could be seen on their faces, causing Xu Qi to look on in admiration.

It was then that Xu Qi saw Lin Hu, the first to ingest the pill; his body began emitting faint rays of rainbow light. The former then shifted his gaze to the others who were showing similar signs. Xu Qi gradually grew a satisfied smile when he saw the rainbow-colored light emitting from the person who ingested the pill last.

Twenty-five extremely talented youths. They will be my, Xu Qi’s, greatest assets. Let’s wait and see what we’re capable of in this world! Xu Qi thought excitedly.

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