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Chapter 32 - Seven Killing Clauses

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The Celestial Core Pills finished reconstructing the meridians of the twenty-five youths sitting in meditation and have activated a hint of their medical efficacy. Their current situation was akin to when Xu Qi had ingested his; all of them successfully advanced into the gateway to cultivation and had acquired a trace of the rainbow energy left behind by Goddess Nuwa. The cultivation level of the orphans was now, at the very least, at the level of Chen Yong of the Xu Clan guards. The only issue was their lack of cultivation method and techniques. They had no way of utilizing their cultivation energy.

“How do you feel?” seeing as they successfully activated the Celestial Core Pills, Xu Qi asked with a smile.

Lin Hu was excitedly feeling for the changes within his body when he heard Xu Qi speak. He hurriedly stood and answered, “Young Master, the pill is so miraculous. It’s such a wonderful feeling in my body.”

Xu Qi smiled. He didn’t continue his conversation with Lin Hu but looked towards the others instead and said, “You should have already felt the changes in your body. Congratulations, you have now officially passed the gateway to cultivation. Not only that, but the strength you possess now is also close to the level of the Xu Clan’s guards.”

“Ah! Is that true, Young Master?”

“To think that I’ll have strength like that of the Xu Clan’s guards.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m not dreaming, am I? Hit me.”


The group was even more excited after hearing what Xu Qi said, talking amongst themselves. Then, Lin Hu stepped forward. He made a gesture for them to fall silent, which the group immediately did. They looked towards their amazing little young master, one after another.

Xu Qi smiled, saying, “It’s a little too early to be celebrating. It’s true that your bodies contain power comparable to the guards, but do you know of the way to utilize it? What techniques have you learned? Do you have any combat experience to speak of?”

The orphans lowered their heads after Xu Qi pointed out their problems. Having the strength but not understanding how to use it was as good as useless.

“Now, the lot of you have an advantage over other cultivators. If any of you were to lag behind others regarding cultivation, I would seriously doubt the choice I’ve made today. I would also personally kill you off. Getting such a fortuitous encounter at your age is akin to having an innate superiority over others. However, you would become trash, even with that advantage, if you don’t put in the effort to cultivate. I would never allow that kind of trash to remain by my side!” Xu Qi was obviously trying to dampen the mood, hoping to calm them.

Xu Qi looked once more at the pondering gang. He gave a satisfied smile and said, “That’ll be all for today. Comprehend the condition in your body when you get back. From tomorrow onward, I will be imparting cultivating techniques and bodily techniques to you.”

Their grave expressions lit up in anticipation once again when they heard Xu Qi.

“Also, the issue of ingesting the medicinal pills today is only known to the twenty-six of us. I do not wish for a twenty-seventh person to know of it. If anyone is unable to control their mouth, I will make that person unable to open their jaw again!” Xu Qi warned with some murderous qi seeping out of his gaze. After killing Luo Xiao earlier, a grave aura of murderous qi could be felt from the air surrounding Xu Qi.

The orphans couldn’t help but be frightened after seeing Xu Qi’s gaze; it was like the latter was about to kill them at any moment. They quickly answered with a “Yes.”

Then, Xu Qi suddenly realized he had some other important issues he’d yet to tell them. As such, he continued, “Since we’re on the topic of restrictions, I’ll be saying a few things. The group of you are different from the guards outside. I’ll need to set up some disciplinary rules for you. I will list a few clauses, which I hope you’ll commit to your heart. Don’t ever break these rules.”

“First, those who disobeys order will be killed!”

“Second, those who fight and scheme among yourselves, causing harm to one another, will be killed!

“Third, those who skive during cultivation, unwilling to improve yourselves, will be killed!”

“Fourth, those who deceive their superiors, keep their subordinates in their dark, or those who withhold information, will be killed!”

“Fifth, those who prey on the weak will be killed!”

“Sixth, those who disregard their comrades during battle and escape by themselves, will be killed!”

“Seventh, those who betray our Godsward Villa, will be killed!”

Xu Qi listed the seven disciplinary killing clauses in one go. Every time the word ‘killed’ was mentioned, the orphans would feel their hearts thump heavily.

“Are you clear on these seven clauses I’ve just mentioned? Are you able to stick to them?” Xu Qi slowly asked. 

“Young Master, we will definitely remember them by heart!” the orphans answered in unison.

Perhaps Xu Qi would never expect the seven disciplinary rules he casually blurted out to become the ‘Seven Killing Clauses’ feared by everyone in Godsward Villa in the future.

“Good. I hope you will remember what you’ve promised me today. Don’t blame me for being ruthless when the time comes if one of you to break the rules. Get going, now,” Xu Qi said softly.

Lin Hu immediately led the crowd, leaving the cave in an orderly fashion. As Xu Qi watched on, he noticed the twin sisters, Qian Yin and Qian Yun, keep looking at him from the back of the group.

Xu Qi furrowed his brows when he realized the situation. He thought for a moment before yelling out, “Stay here, Qian Yin and Qian Yun. I have something to ask you.”

The twin sisters’ grave expressions turned ashen when they heard Xu Qi asking for them to return. Though they immediately stopped in their tracks and quickly made their way back to Xu Qi with their heads lowered, both were afraid to speak up.

Xu Qi felt even more doubt when he saw them acting like that. He pondered for a while, then smiled and asked, “Qian Yin, Qian Yun, I’d like to ask which of you is actually Qian Yin and which of you is Qian Yun; how do I differentiate the two of you?”

It couldn’t be helped that he posed this question. When he met the twins for the first time, the identical twins were even wearing similar clothing. Xu Qi had no way of telling the two apart; he was afraid of messing up and becoming a joke in the future. Of course, the most important issue was to soothe the twins’ nervous feelings.

On the other hand, the pair of nervous twins immediately looked up when they heard Xu Qi asking this. The one the left spoke up shyly, “Young Master, I’m the elder sister, Qian Yin, and she’s the younger sister, Qian Yun.”

Xu Qi looked at them awkwardly. Even if he knew their identity now, he would remain confused the next time. Wasn’t that a waste of time? Therefore, he said, “That, um, Qian Yin, what’s the physical difference between you and Qian Yun? You can’t possibly have me ask who’s who every time I see you, right?”

Qian Yun covered her mouth in laughter to the side when she heard what Xu Qi had said. Qian Yin gave her a stare before she managed to stop her laughter. The former pointed at her younger sister and said, “Young Master, Qian Yun has always been playful. There is a crescent-moon shaped scar on her forehead because of that, while I don’t have one. That’s the biggest difference between us.”

Following which, Xu Qi shifted his gaze to the quiet Qian Yun’s face. Upon looking carefully, he indeed noticed a curved scar on her forehead, much like a crescent moon. As for Qian Yun, when she saw Xu Qi staring at her, she lowered her head in embarrassment, her tiny face turning red as an apple.

When Xu Qi noticed Qian Yun’s embarrassed face, he hurriedly retracted his gaze. He coughed in embarrassment before saying, “How about this, Qian Yin and Qian Yun? We will be living and cultivating together in the future. To avoid some awkward situation, how about the two of you put on different colored clothing from tomorrow onwards? It would be easier that way, okay.”

Qian Yin was about to answer, but she noticed Qian Yun still had her head down. She hurriedly nudged the latter with her elbow before they answered “Yes” together.

“Then, it’s about time for me to ask about your matters. What else did you want to tell me about or to ask me?” Xu Qi noticed their nervousness from before was gone; thus he questioned on.

Qian Yin hesitated for a moment and said, “Young Master, we sisters do have a matter to report; it’s just that we’re unsure of how to go about telling it.”

“I said earlier today that we’re all siblings from today forward. Just tell me as it is. Furthermore, I also talked about what happens to those who deceive their superiors or withhold information. You’re clear on that, too. So, just speak of whatever’s on your mind,” Xu Qi said plainly. He’d even brought up one of the Seven Killing Clauses to intimidate them.

The two of them knelt on the ground when they heard Xu Qi mentioning the seven rules. Qian Yin was the first to speak, “Young Master, we didn’t intend on hiding anything from you. But we’re afraid of implicating you in our troubles if we speak about it. That was why…”

“Alright, speak up. I said this, too, in the past; even if you were to pierce a hole through the heavens I, your young master, will be there to shield you. Implicating me? Not that I’m arrogant, but I don’t think there’s anything in this world that I’m afraid of being implicated in!” Xu Qi’s expression suddenly turned serious as he spoke.

The sisters involuntarily trembled for a moment. Then, Qian Yin took a deep breath and said, “Young Master, have you heard of the ‘Undying School’?”

“Undying School?” Xu Qi thought it sounded somewhat familiar when he heard her mention it. He flipped through his mind, thinking of information regarding this Undying School.

“Undying School, the greatest cultivation school in Mirrorlink, I do know of this. Why do you mention it?” Xu Qi quickly remembered Jin Yier telling him about cultivation schools in each nation. The Undying School was the greatest cultivation school in Mirrorlink, the nation he was in right now. Its position as the number one in Mirrorlink had never been threatened.

Qian Yin was surprised at Xu Qi’s response. She continued, “Young Master, since you know about the Undying School, I would like to take the liberty and ask this: is Young Master confident in withstanding the Undying School’s suppression?”

“Suppression? I haven’t crossed paths with the Undying School before; why would they suppress me?” From the sound of Qian Yin’s tone and her ashen face, Xu Qi had an inkling of what was to come. However, he faked ignorance and continued asking.

“To tell you the truth, Young Master, the Undying School and you have no past grievances. However, we sisters had an absolutely irreconcilable animosity with them. We are afraid of Undying School learning of Young Master adopting us and coming to you for trouble, implicating you,” as Qian Yin spoke, two streams of tears fell down her cheeks. Similarly for Qian Yun, she also started wiping her tears from the side.

Xu Qi looked on at the two crying girls. He couldn’t bear to tease them any longer and comforted them, saying, “Alright, stop crying. I’ll have you know, as long as I have sufficient time, that measly Undying School will not scare me. Heck, even if each nation’s cultivation school ganged up on me, I would not be afraid in the least.”

Qian Yin immediately stopped her weeping. She looked at Xu Qi and asked, “Young Master, do you truly not fear of the troubles we’d bring by being adopted?”

Xu Qi chuckled, saying, “I’ve never told a lie before in my life. Now, stop crying. This young master can’t handle the tears of girls. Get up, and take your time to tell me all about your grievances with the Undying School.”

The kneeling sisters slowly stood back up, and Qian Yun, who had been quiet all this time, wiped the tears from her face before saying, “Young Master, this issue traces back to a year ago.”

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