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Chapter 30 - Killing

Edited by Michyrr

Just as Xu Qi was getting the group’s emotions stirred up, an extremely unpleasant voice sounded out.

“Say, Young Master. When are you going to impart to us this super cultivation method?”

Xu Qi looked toward the source of the voice, as did everyone else. It was at the very back of the crowd. A seven- or eight-year-old boy stood with his arms crossed, looking at Xu Qi arrogantly.

Lin Hu recognized the owner of the voice, and immediately called out angrily, “Stop your insolent behaviour, Luo Xiao! I’ve warned you many times before, and you’re still throwing your young-master-esque tantrum.”

“Do you even have a brain, Lin Hu? This Young Master Xu was up against guards from his Clan. How would you know whether there were any tricks in play here?” Luo Xiao continued on arrogantly. “Don’t forget, he’s only six years old, even younger than we are. How could he possibly be a Spirit realm expert? Why don’t you use your brains a little?!”

“Luo Xiao, you…” Lin Hu was rendered speechless by what Luo Xiao just said.

“You’re Luo Xiao, right?” Xu Qi asked the arrogant Luo Xiao blankly. Killing intent was already seeping through his eyes.

“That’s right, I’m Luo Xiao, little young master. It’s fine for us to be your playmates, since you’re the one with money and power. However, there’s no reason to…” Right as Luo Xiao shook his head while speaking, Xu Qi made his move.

The latter was feeling immense anger right now. He’d thought of the possibility of a thorn appearing amongst them. Though, if such a thorn were among the Xu Clan guards, Xu Qi wouldn’t have had the intent to kill them off. Alas, it was one of his carefully gathered orphans. Not only was he ungrateful towards Xu Clan, he was obviously disrespecting his master. Such people would only be a source of trouble when he grew up. Furthermore, he had challenged Xu Qi’s authority in front of everyone else. This was what caused killing intent to spring up in his mind; this person had to die.

Xu Qi vanished from sight, then reappeared almost instantly in front of Luo Xiao. The crowd could only sense a streak of cold light flash before Luo Xiao, before he stopped talking and his eyes widened in terror.

Immediately after, they saw a silhouette flash. Xu Qi had returned to his original position, with his back to the crowd.

As for Luo Xiao, he slowly collapsed on his back with his mouth wide open under the gaze of everyone. Right as his body was about to fall to the ground, his head separated from his body and rolled over to the side. Fresh blood poured from his neck, and a foul bloody odor spread through the hall in just a short while.

Although the Xu Clan’s guardsmen hadn’t thought Xu Qi would actually kill, they were men who lived by the blade, after all. They weren’t affected in the least by such moments. However, the same couldn’t be said for the remaining twenty-five orphans.

Qian Yin’s and Qian Yun’s faces paled a little at the sight, but they were still somewhat calm. However, a little girl next to them wasn’t as collected. Her legs were trembling like jelly, her eyes full of horror. Just as she was about to scream out reflexively, a small hand covered her mouth.

Among the other children, some of them weeped silently, while some others turned around, afraid to look at the scene. None of them uttered a single sound.

It was dead quiet in the hall. Everyone was looking at Xu Qi’s small back. Though, in the case of Chen Yong and the guards, they were looking at Xu Qi in a new light. He was strong, and ruthless on top of that, despite his tender age. What a monster, they thought. However, they were all crude men. All they knew was to be loyal to Xu Clan. They didn’t have many thoughts about their young master having such a frame of mind.

What they didn’t know was that Xu Qi was facing away from them because his heart was beating furiously. This was the first time ever, in his two lifetimes combined, that he had killed a person. He had turned his back on his people to hide his nervousness from them. He understood that his hands would be bloodied for many more occasions to come, so it was good to get used to it earlier – not to mention that Luo Xiao’s actions were blatantly asking for it.

“Young Master, should I get someone to clean up the corpse first?” Chen Yong broke the silence, asking for Xu Qi’s opinion.

“Go ahead,” Xu Qi answered simply, his head still facing away.

Chen Yong got two people to carry Luo Xiao’s corpse out, and another two to wipe away the blood on the ground. Though, the remaining twenty-five orphans were still affected by the bloody smell left behind.

“Come over here, Chen Yong,” Xu Qi suddenly called out.

“Yes, Young Master. I’m here,” Chen Yong hurriedly went up to Xu Qi.

“Your weapons of choice are twin axes, right?” Xu Qi continued.

Speaking of his weapons, Chen Yong looked at his broken axes on the ground, his face twitching uncontrollably at the sight. Yet, he remained respectful and answered, “Yes, Young Master. I had always used twin axes.”

Xu Qi slowly turned around. He flipped his palm, and a pair of black, shiny axes appeared from thin air. It was as if he was performing magic.

Chen Yong’s eyes lit up immediately when he caught sight of the pair of axes in Xu Qi’s hands – he felt an unusual sensation from them.

“Take them. This pair of axes is incomparable to the pair you just lost. They’ll definitely serve you better,” Xu Qi said plainly.

Upon learning the axes were gifts to him, Chen Yong called out in surprise, “Many thanks to Young Master!”

He took the axes in Xu Qi’s hands. A look of excitement further decorated his surprised face, and Chen Yong started to play around with his new weapons in front of Xu Qi and the others unconsciously.

“Chen Yong, try hacking your new axes against your old ones,” Xu Qi said, smiling at the excited Chen Yong.

Following which, he stopped where he was, and got someone by the side to pick up the broken wooden axe. He brandished the new axes in his hands, then chopped towards the broken one.

Without any feeling of resistance, the wooden axe was further split into two cleanly.

“Haha, great axes! Such godly axes these are, Young Master. They’re very easy to handle and are incredibly sharp. I feel especially powerful with these in hand. It feels as if nobody could withstand even a single chop from me!” Chen Yong was incredibly ecstatic; he had immediately forgotten about the wooden axes he’d been using for a long time, unwilling to shift his attention away from his new axes.

The other guards, though, seeing that their young master had bestowed on Chen Yong such a pair of excellent axes, all sent gazes of envy at their leader. They looked at their damaged weapons, then shifted their gazes to Xu Qi, their eyes full of anticipation.

The latter felt their piercing gazes. He gave a smile, then said, “Don’t act this way. The pair of axes I’ve just given Chen Yong are unique in this world; even the so-called Saint realm experts wouldn’t own such a weapon. These could be referred to as godly weapons!”

Once Chen Yong heard that the axes in his hands were actually godly weapons, his tanned face lit up in happiness. He couldn’t contain his excitement from showing.

“Godly weapon? Then, Young Master, are we…” someone among the guards piped up hesitantly.

“You guys?” Xu Qi deliberately dragged on, making the Xu Clan guardsmen feel even more restless.

“Each and every one of you will be bestowed a godly weapon!” Xu Qi proclaimed in response to their expressions, dropping the notion of teasing them any longer. In any case, he had hundreds of ancient weapons looted from the Four Divinities Cavern, including every weapon type possible. It didn’t mean much for him to gift them away.

“Thank you Young Master!” Their suspense was calmed down when they heard Xu Qi agree to bestow on them a godly weapon each. Bright smiles could be seen on each of their faces, and some started rubbing their hands unconsciously.

“However, I need to warn you. It’s fine to use these weapons during training after I’ve given them out, but when you’re out on a mission, you’re not to use them unless forced to. Otherwise, you’d bring calamity upon yourselves if others were to discover their existence. Not only that, our entire Xu Clan will be implicated as well,” Xu Qi warned gravely after a moment of thought.

The guards nodded in agreement at Xu Qi’s words. These were godly weapons; who wouldn’t be tempted after seeing them? It would be troublesome if others were to catch sight of them on the occasion that they revealed them casually.

“What about us, Young Master?” Lin Hu slowly made his way next to Xu Qi and asked, checking for his reaction.

“Get the orphans over here, Lin Hu. I have matters to speak of to you orphans in private,” Xu Qi said plainly.

Lin Hu responded, then turned to gather the people.

Chen Yong overheard the two’s conversation by the side. He came to Xu Qi and said respectfully, “Then, Young Master, we’ll be on our way out patrolling. Please call for us if you need anything.” The former admired his young master from the bottom of his heart; he held exceptional strength, and had given him a godly weapon. There was no reason not to show him extreme deference.

Xu Qi waved his hand, and Chen Yong immediately backed off. He called for the remaining guards to start leaving the hidden room, which they did somewhat unwillingly – Xu Qi had yet to gift them the weapons! Chen Yong nagged on, “Hurry up and move. Young Master has already promised to gift you. He will naturally do so. Come on, move, move.”

“You wouldn’t say that if you were in our shoes, Brother Yong. You have already received yours from Young Master. Of course you’ll say that now,” someone said, rolling his eyes.

Chen Yong forcefully suppressed the joy in his heart. He sent them all out of the hidden room, then followed them out. 

Xu Qi watched as the guards made their exits. He couldn’t hold in anymore and a large grin formed on his face. It seemed like they really desired his weapons.

“We’re all here, Young Master. Please instruct us,” Lin Hu said softly. He arrived before him with the orphans.

Xu Qi turned around to face the group of children similar to his age, then said, “Brothers and sisters, I’m going to change your names, as you formally become one of my followers. You will be treated differently from the guardsmen who’ve just left – you will be my brothers and sisters. I hope that you never keep anything from me in the future.”

“We’ll take it to heart, Young Master,” the group answered in unison.

“Alright then. Let’s start with talking about which of the five main professions you’d like to cultivate as,” Xu Qi said, nodding in satisfaction.

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