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Chapter 238 - Killing Their Way Into The Monarchy Pavilion, Part Two

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Xu Qi had his arms crossed, and was smiling as he looked at the furious Wang Yiliu.

Wang Yiliu pointed his saber at the airborne Xu Qi without saying a word. If his gaze could kill, Xu Qi would have been shredded into a million pieces.

"Stop!" Xu Qi suddenly yelled.

The eleven Constellation Guards and four Shadows immediately disengaged from their fights and retreated, and the Monarchy Pavilion's men retreated to the side, too.

Wang Yiliu saw that in this short span of time, nearly a hundred of his men were lying dead by the Zhenhai Lake.

"Xu Qi! Our Monarchy Pavilion's feud with you is absolutely irreconcilable!" Wang Yiliu said as he readied his saber.

"Hold it! Pavilion Master Wang, 'the feud between the Monarchy Pavilion and I'?! How could you speak so shamelessly? When have I, Xu Qi, ever offended the Monarchy Pavilion? It was you who ambushed my subordinates! Their leader is still alive, fortunately. Otherwise, I wouldn't even bother wasting my time talking with you and directly remove the Monarchy Pavilion from the top seven cultivation schools!" Xu Qi retorted arrogantly. He had no intention of giving any respect to Wang Yiliu.

"Hmph! Xu Qi, there's no need for you to feign ignorance! Weren't you planning something against our Monarchy Pavilion by sending so many men to Xin City? How could I sit back and do nothing!? Do you take me for a fool?!" Wang Yiliu shot back coldly.

Xu Qi was astonished after hearing this. He had been thinking about this issue on his way here. Could it be that the Monarchy Pavilion received news of our arrival beforehand and thus set up an ambush? But no matter how hard Xu Qi thought about it, he felt that it wasn't possible for them to have leaked such information. What exactly was going on?

"Now that our stances are established, words between us are no longer necessary. Though, Wang Yiliu, I have only one question for you. Are my wife and daughter in the Monarchy Pavilion?" In the end, Xu Qi asked the question that weighed on his mind the most.

"Your wife and daughter? You're married and have a daughter?" Wang Yiliu replied, baffled at this news.

Seeing Wang Yiliu acting like this, Xu Qi knew that the man wouldn't be honest about it. Two rainbow seals formed in his hands simultaneously, and Zhuque and the Icebright Bear appeared.

"Aim to kill, not to injure! Leave only Wang Yiliu alive!" Xu Qi commanded. After which, the Constellation Guards and four Shadows, charged into the Monarchy Pavilion's camp. This time, the fifteen of them chose to encircle the remaining six Elders first. Their previous ambush had made them hate those damned Elders to the core.

On the other hand, the Reprisal-realm Icebright Bear jumped into the midst of the Monarchy Pavilion's ordinary disciples, killing as it wished. They were, of course, no match for the Icebright Bear. They suffered heavy injuries with the slightest contact, or were killed if struck even slightly rougher.

Wang Yiliu's face was ashen, seeing the cultivation school he had worked so hard to manage was facing such a disaster. As the saying goes, capture the leader and the group will collapse! He flew toward Xu Qi, pointing his saber at him.

Xu Qi had similar thoughts as well.

Just as Wang Yiliu made his move, a ball of scarlet flames came flying at him. He let out a cold humph and slashed, splitting the incoming scarlet flames in half.

As Wang Yiliu split the scarlet flames, Zhuque's Scarlet Firmament Sword arrived, clashing with his saber.

While Wang Yiliu was still wondering about this woman who Xu Qi had summoned out of nowhere, he, who was renowned for his strength, was forced back with only one strike.

The two of them landed on the ground. Wielding her Scarlet Firmament Sword, Zhuque felt a numbing sensation from her hand. She lamented that Wang Yiliu's physical strength was truly no joke.

Wang Yiliu was feeling the same towards this woman before him. At the same time, purple energy shone on his hands. The air before him gently trembled for a moment, and something that caused Xu Qi and Zhuque to feel their scalps go numb slowly appeared.

Back at Mt Fengwen, those eight overbearing, inhuman figures were extremely fast, and their bodies were as tough as an iron wall. Only the sun's rays were able to kill them; there was no other way to destroy them!

Now, this purple figure Wang Yiliu just brought out seemed to be on a higher level than those eight figures!

After summoning this purple figure, Wang Yiliu quickly retracted his palms, and surprisingly, the purple figures entered his body, fusing into one. The purple figure was still visible, covering the surface of Wang Yiliu's body.

Xu Qi landed gently by Zhuque's side, holding onto his sword. He sent a meaningful look to Zhuque: from the looks of it, Wang Yiliu being in this form will be a tough opponent for us!

However, the more Wang Yiliu showed his hands, the more Xu Qi felt that Lan Shu'er and their daughter's whereabouts were linked to the Monarchy Pavilion, much to his relief.

While Wang Yiliu wielded his saber, the purple figure he summoned mirrored him, conjuring a purple energy saber in its other hand.

The two of them, one human and the other an image, with four arms and two sabers. No matter how you looked at it, they were freaky!

This time, Wang Yiliu said nothing and directly charged toward Xu Qi and Zhuque.

Xu Qi and Zhuque took them head on. In order to seek an answer to the questions in their hearts, they had to fight, no matter how strong Wang Yiliu was in this form.

Xu Qi made his first attack with the Guard Break Talisman. As the two parties drew closer to each other, the number of rainbow talismanic runes around Xu Qi increased. It was only when they were directly in front of each other that Xu Qi unleashed the Cursed Wraith Talisman.

During all this, Zhuque leapt up and slashed down at Wang Yiliu from above.

Wang Yiliu, who wasn't expecting Xu Qi to have such a move, was hit as expected. The Cursed Wraith Talisman's runes hit its target perfectly, and left Wang Yiliu unable to move.

Following the momentum, Xu Qi thrust his sword at Wang Yiliu's chest.

Two swords closed in on Wang Yiliu from the front and above. Just as they were about to cut him, the mysterious purple figure blocked both the attacks, with its saber parrying Zhuque's sword, and its bare hands defending against Xu Qi's thrust.

Xu Qi felt as if his steel sword had struck an iron wall, and was directly forced back from the resulting impact.

Similarly, Zhuque was forced to withdraw after her attack from above had been parried.

This was not the end of it, however. Xu Qi sensed the purple figure rushing at him after he was forced back. Before he could raise his sword to defend himself, he felt his chest being struck by several punches and was sent flying backwards.

That purple figure had actually detached from Wang Yiliu at the crucial moment!

This is it! It was the Monarchy Pavilion! This was the thought in Xu Qi's mind as he was blown away.

Xu Qi forcefully steadied himself and wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth.

"Have the Monarchy Pavilion thoroughly wiped away from existence!" Xu Qi yelled.

"Xuanwu has reawakened," Zhuque said as she took flight. Scarlet flames shot to the skies as her figure turned blurry, quickly transforming into her magnificent true body of the Vermillion Bird!

The Icebright Bear charged over to Wang Yiliu with only a couple of steps. It smacked down at him with its gigantic paw. However, when there was still about a meter between Wang Yiliu and its paw, the purple figure arrived in the nick of time and intercepted the Icebright Bear's attack with a single arm.

At the same time, Wang Yiliu, who had been standing at the same position all this while, turned his saber towards the Icebright Bear, aiming at it and slashed out a resplendent purple streak of energy.

The Icebright Bear's huge body was instantly smashed away, and crashed onto the Monarchy Pavilion's grand hall, destroying half of the building.

The transformed Vermilion Bird dove from the sky, falling straight toward Wang Yiliu. As she descended, two phantoms appeared alongside her. The phantoms were even faster than her true body, smashing into the purple figure and Wang Yiliu ahead of her.

The purple figure weaved about nimbly and punched out with both fists, shattering one of Zhuque's phantoms. Before the other phantom reached it, the purple figure weaved over to it in a flash and punched at it, too.

Just like that, the two phantoms of Zhuque were shattered by the purple figure with its fists with absolute strength and speed.

"Undying Constitution - Spirit Devastation, Sword Soul of Scarlet Firmament - Soul Annihilation!" Zhuque's voice rang out, causing Xu Qi's heart to skip a beat after hearing this.

Back then, Xu Qi witnessed these two techniques for himself separately when he first met Zhuque. Now that she was using them at the same time, had she gone crazy?!

A fiery phantom of Zhuque appeared above her true body. And on top on this fiery phantom, an enormous scarlet sword resembling the Scarlet Firmament Sword, but about ten meters long, appeared!

"Go!" The ten-meter fiery sword shot out as Zhuque said this. The phantom tried to catch the huge sword as it dove straight down. Finally, just as the sword was about to reach the ground, the phantom's claws caught onto the hilt.

The purple figure quickly grabbed Wang Yiliu. Their figures flickered about in an attempt to dodge the fiery blade. Alas, the gigantic sword had locked onto their auras. It seemed that even they were fearful of these two techniques.

The gigantic sword slashed down, and Zhuque's fiery phantom crashed into the purple figure that was shielding Wang Yiliu behind it.

Zhuque herself fell from the sky. As she fell, her true form slowly transformed back into her human form. Xu Qi looked over and immediately darted over to intercept her, catching the unconscious Zhuque. It seemed like executing those two techniques was her limit.

Xu Qi's gaze returned to Wang Yiliu. The purple figure had collapsed to the ground, and the purple energy in its chest was shattered, with a gaping hole right through.

As for Wang Yiliu, his hand was covering his heart, while the other was still holding onto his saber. His body swayed about unsteadily, and not a hint of aura could be sensed on him.

However, the moment Wang Yiliu laid eyes on Xu Qi, he raised his saber and slashed at the latter. From that unwavering might, it even seemed like he was uninjured!

Sending Zhuque back to the Four Divinities Cavern, Xu Qi raised his sword and met the incoming attack.

Their sword and saber clashed, their attacks unamplified by any energy.

Xu Qi's steel sword was akin to a long snake, striking continuously at Wang Yiliu's body. However, he easily dodged each and every attack.

On the other hand, every slash from Wang Yiliu's saber would cause Xu Qi to break out in cold sweat.

It was a pure clashing of techniques devoid of any energy, and yet it contained such might! As Xu Qi defended himself with his steel sword from an overhead slash, his sword was actually cloven in two!

However, Wang Yiliu's saber stopped about a foot away from Xu Qi's skull, unable to advance any further...

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