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Chapter 239 - Killing Their Way Into The Monarchy Pavilion, Part Three

A streak of blue light flashed past. Wang Yiliu's saber, along with his arm, fell to the floor.

Three red palms struck Wang Yiliu's body, sending him flying backwards and fell to the floor quite a distance away. Blood was gushing out from where his arm was severed, and he was coughing up blood violently at the same time.

A figure landed in front of Xu Qi, wielding a sword. Xu Qi could only see a suave back in front of him, adding on to the mysteriousness of this person.

However, he recognized this person at a glance. It was mainly due to the Rainlord sword he was wielding. "Say, Luo Tianming, what are you acting all mysterious for? I told you to stay put at the Xu Clan. Why did you come here?"

This person was none other than Luo Tianming. He had wanted to act mysterious for a bit, but was unfortunately seen through immediately.

"Hehe, what's there to do, staying put in the Xu Clan all the time? It's not as fun as you coming out here," Luo Tianming replied with an awkward smile as he turned back and put his sword away.

Xu Qi had thought of asking Luo Tianming how he knew where to find him. On second thoughts, however, it would futile as this person had many secrets of his own.

Before the two could put many words in, the severely injured Wang Yiliu crawled back up to his feet with a vicious look on his face.

He fished out a jade token from his chest pocket and crushed it to pieces, laughing maniacally.

Suddenly, seven figures emerged from the calm Zhenhai Lake and landed by Wang Yiliu's side.

One of them had a head full of fiery red hair. After seeing the injuries on Wang Yiliu, he hurriedly helped to stop the blood flow and started healing his injuries.

As for the others, two of them directly flew towards the Icebright Bear, while the remaining four joined the battle on the Constellation Guards and four Shadows' front.

"What a move! Are they from the Internal School?" Xu Qi asked after seeing that purple energy was radiating from all of them. Six Reprisal realm experts! Including the one tending to Wang Yiliu's injuries, there were a total of seven of them!

"Their auras are very strange. They are definitely experts in the Reprisal realm, but why would their auras feel so weak?" Luo Tianming remarked from the side.

Xu QI nodded. What Luo Tianming said was right; these people's auras were indeed weird. Their auras were like broken strands of threads, it resembled the aura of someone who was at the end of their lives.

"Stop!" Xu Qi suddenly commanded.

After hearing this, the Xu Clan's men and the Icebright Bear immediately fell back and gathered by his side.

The enlarged Icebright Bear was wheezing for air. Xu Qi was very satisfied with its performance tonight. Countless disciples of the Monarchy Pavilion had died to its large paws.

Xu Qi scanned his surroundings. There were disciples of the Monarchy Pavilion sprawled everywhere, dead. Meanwhile, only a few of the Constellation Guards and four Shadows were injured. Judging from their appearances, there shouldn't be any threat to their lives.

It wasn't going so well on the Monarchy Pavilion's side, however. Only one of their ten Elder remained standing, and only a handful of their disciples were still alive.

Seeing as Xu Qi's side had stopped fighting, the ones who emerged from the Zhenkai Lake didn't seem to have any intentions of fighting on, either. They returned to Wang Yiliu's side, observing Xu Qi's group expressionlessly. During all of this, none of them bothered to take a look at the corpses on the ground.

"Hey, you geezers, are you from the Internal School or something?" Xu Qi asked arrogantly.

The red-haired elder tending to Wang Yiliu's injuries extended his hand and grabbed at the air. Suddenly. a fiery red saber appeared out of thin air and shot towards Xu Qi.

Its speed was something Xu Qi could ever imagine. By the time he tried to react to this, he discovered that the saber was stabbed into the ground just in front of his feet.

Xu Qi's back was instantly drenched in cold sweat. If the saber had went straight for his head, his brain would have turned into a splattered watermelon.

As the saying goes, one needs to have the capital to back up their arrogance. These geezers seemed weak and frail based on their auras, and Xu Qi had initially planned to subdue them by force. Who would've thought that they would display such strength just as he opened his mouth?

The red-haired elder stopped tending to Wang Yiliu. The latter was gradually regaining his consciousness, and after getting a clear look at the man before him, he immediately knelt on the ground with his head lowered, silent.

The red-haired elder looked at Wang Yiliu's severed arm. He shook his head, "It can't be reattached," and slowly turned towards Xu Qi.

One step, two step, three steps… He walked twenty steps forward and came face to face with Xu Qi. His fingers curled into a claw, and his red saber flew to his hand.

"I, Wang Lenghuo, have distanced myself from the world for several decades. Although that damned geezer from the Undying School had told me that the Monarchy Pavilion was nearing its downfall, I never thought that it would be so soon," the red-haired elder mumbled, caressing his saber.

Xu Qi was standing the closest to him, and naturally heard him clearly. Distanced himself from the world for several decades? This guy is an old freak! Judging from that move he showed earlier, he is an expert on the level of which I have never seen before!

This man who proclaimed himself as Wang Lenghuo glanced at Xu Qi, asking him a question that left him speechless: "Are you surnamed Xu?"

Xu Qi didn't know why, but he was so shocked that he couldn't say a word. He could only nod blankly.

He secluded himself for decades and identified my surname the moment he spoke!? What the heck is going on?!

"Ai, the building of an empire is all for naught. That damned geezer's words came true all the same. It seems like a calamity is imminent," Wang Lenghuo mumbled, shaking his head, leaving Xu Qi confused.

Xu Qi calmed himself and said to Wang Lenghuo with cupped fists, "Senior, there's a reason why I came to the Monarchy Pavilion today. My subordinates and my family…"

"Say no more. It's fated, all of it!" Wang Lenghuo waved his hand, interrupting Xu Qi.

"But, senior, could you help me ask Wang Yi… I mean, Pavilion Master Wang, whether my family is held captive by him?" Xu Qi insisted.

At this moment, Xu Qi's palms were covered in sweat.

This eccentric, red-haired elder who hadn't been out in the world for several decades jumped out from the Zhenhai Lake earlier. Could it be that he lived in that lake for all this time? Was that something humanly possible?!

Today, when he was still deliberating on storming into the Monarchy Pavilion, he had thought about the issues of their Internal School.

However, when he wreaked havoc on Mt Wu Nian previously, the Undying School only sent out their Guardian Elder, Bu Linghai. That was why Xu Qi wasn't too apprehensive about doing the same to the Monarchy Pavilion.

So what if the Internal School intervened? At the most, we'll end up trading lives for it. My family are in your hands, and you even injured my people. I won't let this go so easily!

Unfortunately, the strength of this red-haired elder before Xu Qi was truly unfathomable. He couldn't sense a shred of aura from him!

That attack earlier was obviously a warning to himself, and indicated to Xu Qi that he had no intentions of hurting him. If he continued being unruly here, then Xu Qi would only find himself suffering over it.

After hearing Xu Qi asking about his family once more, Wang Lenghuo creased his brow and turned to look at Wang Yiliu, who was still knelt on the ground silently.

"You, come with me for a bit," Wang Lenghuo said, gesturing to Xu Qi as he walked towards the edge of Zhenhai Lake.

Xu Qi blanked out for a moment before he immediately understood. With his strength, Wang Lenghuo had no need to do all this if he wanted to hurt Xu Qi. Since it was like this, Xu Qi followed without any worries.

On the other hand, Wang Yiliu slowly stood back up and walked weakly towards Wang Lenghuo.

As Xu Qi walked towards the edge of Zhenhai Lake, he took the opportunity to look at Wang Yiliu. He was still maintaining his silence, and his head was lowered, much like a child who had done wrong.

Luo Tianming seemed unable to rest assured and wanted to follow along, but was stopped by Xu Qi, shaking his head.

Xu Qi and Wang Yiliu reached Wang Lenghuo at the same time, standing by his sides behind him. Wang Yiliu knelt down once more, and Wang Lenghuo didn't stop him, either.

"My disciple, this kid surnamed Xu talked about his family. What was that about? What gave rise to this conflict today?" Wang Lenghuo asked, looking at the calm surface of the Zhenhai Lake.

My disciple!? This red-haired elder was actually the master of Wang Yiliu, the man currently in command of the Monarchy Pavilion!

Xu Qi felt his brain overwhelmed as cold sweat poured out from his forehead once more.

He massacred almost the entirety of the Monarchy Pavilion today, and even though Wang Yiliu's arm wasn't severed by him, it happened because of him, too!

If this man was Wang Yiliu's master, there was no way he wouldn't seek vengeance after seeing his disciple in this state! What should I do?

"Master, this disciple was unfilial. Now that the Monarchy Pavilion was ruined under my charge, I implore master to punish me!" Wang Yiliu requested with his head lowered.

"I'm not punishing you. I'm asking you, what was that about this kid surnamed Xu's family?" Wang Lenghuo said with a deep voice.

"His family? This disciple has no idea about his family. This disciple only received a secret report many days ago stating that the Xu's from Mirrorlink are coming to Xin City with the twelve Constellation Guards, four Shadows, and the twin Sovereigns, planning to sabotage us, the Monarchy Pavilion. As such, this disciple acted on the assumption that it was better to be safe than sorry and stationed my men accordingly to be on guard outside Xin City. To my surprise, we actually encountered them, and thus this disciple took the initiative and attacked them. As for him asking about his wife and daughter, this disciple truly has no idea," Wang Yiliu explained slowly.

Xu Qi was stunned after hearing this, astonished that Wang Yiliu had received information many days prior. Could there really be traitors among our ranks?!

"Pavilion Master Wang, is everything you said true?! My wife and daughter aren't here!?" Xu Qi hurriedly asked. Since Wang Yiliu's master was here, it didn't seem appropriate to call out his name directly.

Wang Yiliu finally looked up and met Xu Qi's gaze, saying resolutely, "I admit to hurting your men, but I truly have no idea about the matter regarding your family!"

"Then why didn't you say so from the start!?" Xu Qi said, irritated.

"From the start? I wanted to say that from the start, but you didn't wait for me to finish and attacked me, alright?" Wang Yiliu shot back and lowered his head again.

Wang Lenghuo sensed something wrong from their conversation and turned to Xu Qi to ask about what happened.

Xu Qi let out a bitter smile and spilled everything about what happened on Mt Fengwen.

After hearing all these, Wang Lenghuo sighed softly and said something that baffled Xu Qi: "Ai, it truly is fated. It truly is fated! It seems like calamity has truly arrived!"

As he finished speaking, Xu Qi thought to ask him another question.

Suddenly, the calm Zhenhai Lake seemed to turn boiling hot as the surface started bubbling.

"Get back!" Wang Lenghuo yelled out as he leapt and dove into the Zhenhai Lake.

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