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Chapter 237 - Killing Their Way Into The Monarchy Pavilion, Part One

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Within the bun stall Ren Bu Li, a very large hidden room existed underneath the tiny room.

About a dozen people were gathered before a bed in the hidden room, with their brows furrowed.

A pale woman with a very weak aura lay on that bed. Although she looked frail at the moment, one could tell with a glance that she was a true beauty.

If Xu Qi were to be present and saw the woman's current looks, he would have been angered to the point of wanting to kill.

That was because the woman lying on the bed was one of the twins, Qian Yin.

As for the people gathered around her, they were the Constellation Guards, with only Xu Chen absent.

The younger twin, Qian Yun, was currently out killing people, along with the four Shadows. To be precise, they were out killing the Monarchy Pavilion's men.

Why were they in such a fight with the Monarchy Pavilion? It all started on the night they entered the city.

Previously, in Mirrorlink's capital, Xu Qi ordered Xu Chen to have everyone in Ghosteem, which included the twelve Constellation Guards, four Shadows, and the twin Sovereigns, sneak into Xin City to gather all the information they could on the Monarchy Pavilion. Not only that, he strictly urged them to not get discovered before his arrival, to prevent alerting them.

Even so, for some unknown reasons, when Qian Yin and Qian Yun arrived at Xin City together with the others, they were caught in an ambush by the ten Elders and numerous disciples of the Monarchy Pavilion.

Be it an ambush or a sneak attack, the Xu Clan's men were not afraid in the least.

However, it seemed like the Monarchy Pavilion had prepared well in advance for their arrival. The ten Elders had actually prepared a poisonous fog to catch them by surprise.

As the leader of the group, Qian Yin took on the role of securing the group's safe retreat alongside her sister, Qian Yun. Alas, Qian Yin, who had yet to be poisoned at that time in the eyes of the others, was in fact like an arrow at the end of its flight. She was surrounded by five of the ten Elders, suffering a sword wound and was injured by several palm strikes.

Fortunately, Qian Yun brought out the life-saving treasure given to them by Xu Qi at the crucial moment, the Five Elements Wings, and escaped with her severely injured sister.

Originally, the Monarchy Pavilion had thought this group of intruders would flee from Firesoul.

To their surprise, this group of people started killing their disciples openly in Xin City the very next day. They immediately made their escapes after killing their targets, sending the Monarchy Pavilion into chaos.

As for this secret hideout in Xin City, it was actually Di Ke'er's idea. The boss of this bun stall was originally a guard from the Xu Clan!

Night fell onto Xin City. A single pair of eyes was observing the grand entrance of the Monarchy Pavilion from the closed bun stall.

Soon, the Monarchy Pavilion's current master, Wang Yiliu, returned with groups of Elders and disciples, filled with killing intent. It seemed like things hadn't gone as he wished today.

Also at that moment, five shrouded figures silently entered the bun stall. They were none other than the culprits who thrown the entirety of Xin City into chaos, Qian Yun and the four Shadows.

Upon seeing the baskets of steamed buns on the table, Qian Yun and the others didn't stand on ceremony and immediately wolfed them down.

"Who is it!?" Qian Yun suddenly dropped the bun in her hand and stood up. The four Shadows immediately followed suit.

The owner of the bun stall realized who was approaching the stall. He blanked out for a moment before half kneeling on the ground and greeted, "Young Master!..."

Seeing him acting like this, Qian Yun's heart sank as tears sparkled in her eyes. He's here?

Xu Qi's figure flickered and entered the stall. He didn't dare to cause a commotion. After all, they were too near to the Monarchy Pavilion!

He came to the weeping Qian Yun's side. Seeing her bulging cheeks and the dust on her face, Xu Qi lightly brushed her hair to the side and tidied her up.

"Let's go meet them," Xu Qi said plainly.

The bun stall owner had been a guard for the Xu Clan for many years. After hearing this, he hurriedly stood up and entered the room. He lightly pushed the wardrobe aside, revealing the passage leading underground.

"Young Master, please."

Xu Qi looked at Qian Yun. He felt sorry for her and wiped away her tears, saying, "I'm here now. Don't be afraid!", and entered the passage.

Qian Yun and the four Shadows followed behind Xu Qi. As for the bun stall owner, he shifted the wardrobe back to its original position after they entered and continued his act.

Qian Yin, whose aura was getting weaker as time went by, saw her lover standing in front of her in her blurred consciousness, before her vision faded to black.

That night, the twelve Constellation Guards and four Shadows hiding in the bun stall moved out, heading straight for the Monarchy Pavilion. They didn't bother concealing themselves, nor were they afraid of being discovered. They directly killed their way in from the front!

The reason why they did this was all because of what Xu Qi said after seeing Qian Yin.

"Are you all cowards? What are you hiding for? What are you afraid of?! Kill your way in from the front!"

As per Xu Qi's instruction, Qian Yun left Xin City first, bringing Qian Yin with her.

After searching for the whole day, Wang Yiliu was thinking on a way to find these murderers, when someone came running in with flustered looks.

"Reporting to Pavilion Master! There's trouble! A bunch of madmen are charging in from the main entrance! They didn't say a word and started killing anyone in sight! They are coming here as we speak!"

After hearing this, Wang Yiliu stood up abruptly as he struck his seat, instantly shattering it.

"How dare they trespass on the Monarchy Pavilion so brazenly! No one has ever dared to do so!" Wang Yiliu exclaimed. He grabbed onto the saber by his side, untouched in a long time and rushed out.

There were eleven Constellation Guards and four Shadows. The fifteen of them were venting their suppressed anger and desire to kill onto the Monarchy Pavilion's disciples.

Who cares if they are the Monarchy Pavilion, or the Emperor Pavilion? Now that our boss is here, we don't care about any of this! We kill!

As the fifteen of them were cutting down the Monarchy Pavilion's disciples along the Zhenhai Lake like vegetables, the ten Elders who had ambushed them previously appeared at the same time. Without saying a word, all of them charged into battle.

The Xu Clan's Constellation Guards and Shadows had all advanced into the Void realm. However, with Xu Chen's absence, their strength was notably weaker.

As for the Monarchy Pavilion's Elders, they were no pushovers, either. Each of them wielded a saber. After tangling with the Xu Clan's men, they steadily held onto the advantage. Two of them even took on three Constellation Guards, one of which included Xu Zi, and weren't losing!

A huge white figure descended from the skies, crushing several disciples of the Monarchy Pavilion under its paws.

After letting out a roar, it kept shooting white energy balls at the surrounding disciples. Anyone who was struck by the white energy balls was instantly turned into a frozen sculpture.

Xu Qi's Icebright Bear had arrived, but Xu Qi was nowhere to be seen!

The Icebright Bear's appearance surprised the ten Elders of the Monarchy Pavilion. It was the Undying School's Guardian, Bu Linghai's familiar, and its strength was at the Reprisal realm! Although it was not officially at the first stage of the Reprisal realm, it had broken through to the Reprisal realm, after all!

The strength of a monster at the Reprisal realm was terrifying, to say the least. The ten Elders who were originally feeling relieved at the strength of their opponents were soon heavily focused upon by the Icebright Bear. In the blink of an eye, three of them were turned into ice.

"Whose beast is it that is causing trouble at my Monarchy Pavilion!?" a voice rang out. Wang Yiliu finally appeared with his saber in hand, slashing at the Icebright Bear's huge head. The energy that proved his strength as a Reprisal realm expert shone out.

A streak of purple energy shot to the sky from Wang Yiliu's saber, transforming it into a gigantic blade. The blade slashed down from above, aimed at the Icebright Bear.

The Icebright Bear shot out multiple white balls of energy at Wang Yiliu, but they were easily side-stepped by him. Seeing him using such a threatening technique, the Icebright Bear shrank down to the size of a human and jumped into a group of the Monarchy Pavilion's disciples, battling them up close.

Wang Yiliu was dumbstruck at the sight of this. What a cunning monster! He couldn't possibly cut down at the crowd of his own people. Putting aside the matter of whether he could injure the beast at all, his cultivation school's disciples would definitely die from the attack!

Depressed, Wang Yiliu could only put away his saber and find that monster for payback.

However, just as he canceled his technique, the Icebright Bear grew in size once more and randomly thrashed around its surroundings, instantly killing several of the Monarchy Pavilion's disciples.

Wang Yiliu gnashed his teeth in anger, staring at the cunning beast. His figure turned into a blur as fast as lightning, whipping out his saber and slashing at the Icebright Bear. This beast is too hateful!

Before he reached the monster, Wang Yiliu suddenly felt alarmed and cut above him, narrowly parrying a sword that was falling straight at him.

The person who descended from above was none other than Xu Qi, who had finally shown himself. The Five Elements Wings were beating on his back as he looked down at Wang Yiliu from mid-air. Their weapons were locked against each other, with Xu Qi glaring at Wang Yiliu resentfully.

"Xu Qi?" Wang Yiliu asked, looking at the young man.

As expected, the moment Xu Qi heard Wang Yiliu identifying him on first sight, he confirmed his guess that his experiences at Mt Fengwen were related to the Monarchy Pavilion.

"Haha, I didn't expect the esteemed master of the Monarchy Pavilion to actually know of a small fry like me. How surprising!" Xu Qi smiled.

Wang Yiliu didn't wish to waste any time talking with Xu Qi. He noticed the scar-faced Icebright Bear was killing his disciples sadistically, and another one of the Elders had been frozen by it.

After Xu Qi saw the four frozen Elders, he yelled out coldly, "Kill!"

The Icebright Bear immediately understood its master's intentions after hearing this and swung its paws at the two ice sculptures by its side.

"Stop it!" Wang Yiliu's voice rang out. However, by the time he called out, the two ice sculptures were already shattered. It was too late, the two Elders had already lost their lives.

That was not the end of its mission, however. The Icebright Bear moved to the next objectives and smashed the remaining two ice sculptures.

Wang Yiliu was angered to the extreme. He swung his saber consecutively, and formed three sabers with his purple energy, sending them towards the Icebright Bear. At the same time, he shot towards the Icebright Bear himself and slashed at it.

The Icebright Bear sensed the imminent danger and returned to its roguely ways once more, immediately shrinking down.

The most infuriating thing was that Xu Qi formed a seal in midair and unsummoned the Icebright Bear just before it received the attacks!

Wang Yiliu was dumbfounded. He was played by the Icebright Bear just as he showed himself tonight, and now that he could finally display his strength, he was made a fool of again!

Was this a freaking monster?! Was this even a bear?!

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