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Chapter 223 - Committing Murder and Arson!

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“Hmph, you wish to cause trouble in our school by yourself, a brat who just advanced into the Void realm?! You must be looking for death!” Bu Linghai humphed coldly.

“I can’t be bothered wasting my time on you!” Xu Qi quipped. He swung his steel sword in front of him, and two rainbow seals were quickly formed.

Two figures appeared in front of Xu Qi, one of them delicate and the other robust. These two were none other than the Divine Beasts, the Black Tortoise and the Vermilion Bird.

Bu Linghai was stupefied at seeing this, his brow creased tightly. He could feel a sense of pressure coming from the two, especially that charming woman. Her presence was extremely threatening.

Bu Linghai wanted to test the waters and introduced himself, “I am the Undying School’s guardian. You two-”

However, Zhuque cut him off before he could finish his words, “I don’t know you, nor do I intend to!”

Bu Linghai’s face turned ashen. She actually challenged his dignity in front of all these disciples. How could he possibly endure this?

However, before he could lose his temper, a ball of scarlet flames shaped into a tiny bird shot up from Zhuque’s hand to the ceiling of the grand hall. Everyone could only watch as the fiery scarlet bird landed on a wooden beam, and set it ablaze.

“You’re too much! Disciples, bring him down!” Bu Linghai commanded as he took flight, heading towards the spreading scarlet flames on the ceiling. However, before he could reach his destination, a scarlet palm came into his path and stopped him.

Xu Qi looked at the scarlet flames above thoughtfully, lamenting that Zhuque was such a ruthless woman. She actually committed arson without any warning! That said, committing arson and murder always went hand in hand. Since arson was already in place, it wouldn’t be right to skip out on murdering.

After receiving Bu Linghai’s order, the disciples of Undying School swarmed toward the entrance like a flood. Who knew if they were scared of being burned by the scarlet flames, or were they truly going to attack Xu Qi’s group?

Zhuque didn’t seek Xu Qi’s opinion before burning the hall with her scarlet flames. As the incarnation of fire itself, she didn’t have to worry about being burned. She flew right into the sea of flames without a word and went to pick a fight with Bu Linghai.

On the other hand, Xu Qi and Xuanwu exited the grand hall.

One of them stood with his sword in hand, while the other had his hands behind his back. Both of them seemed casual and calm, not caring about the swarm of disciples charging at them.

Suddenly, Xu Qi was enveloped in rainbow energy, and his silhouette turned into a blur, charging into the crowd of disciples.

Before they could react to it, Xu Qi let loose a Cursed Wraith Talisman among them, exploding in the center of the crowd! Many of the disciples were instantly struck by the Cursed Wraith Talisman and were locked in place, unable to move.

As Xu Qi swung his steel sword, he thought of the gaze Xu Pingfan gave him before his death, and his eyes slowly turned bloodshot.

The flames of revenge were already set in motion. His steel sword sliced open the throats of the Undying School disciples around him. Before the binding effects of the Cursed Wraith Talisman wore off, Xu Qi threw a ball of All-Tempering Flames at the group of disciples who weren’t struck by the technique.

After this, Xu Qi flew back to Xuanwu’s side.

The area suddenly became dead silent. The disciples who were raring to kill just moments ago suddenly fell silent. They saw that the group of disciples Xu Qi jumped right into earlier were now all lying on the floor, their throats sliced open, already dead.

As for the ball of golden flames Xu Qi threw before he retreated, it struck an unlucky young disciple. The All-Tempering Flame was capable of burning all objects, so how could a mere human body resist it? As such, a living human was turned into ash in the blink of an eye.

Guisheng, who had witnessed Xu Qi’s strength before, had been hiding behind the group of Elders. As for Bu Chenglin, ever since his cultivation had been crippled and his manhood severed by Xu Qi, Xu Qi had become a nightmarish figure to Bu Chenglin. He wanted Xu Qi to stay as far away from him as possible.

The younger disciples of the Undying School were astounded by Xu Qi’s move and didn’t dare approach him rashly. The Elders, on the other hand, couldn’t stand him killing the younger generation of their school any longer, and stepped forward.

Xu Qi scanned his surroundings and finally found Bu Chenglin hiding at the back. He smiled coldly and raised his sword once more, charging at Bu Chenglin.

Although Bu Chenglin led his men against the Elders, that was, after all, an internal affair. Now that an outsider was actually trying to kill Bu Chenglin, this was something they would never allow to happen.

Three Elders flew to intercept Xu Qi with their swords in hand. In order to guard against the Cursed Wraith Talisman Xu Qi displayed earlier, all three of them had intentionally maintained a fair distance between them and Xu Qi.

However, this had directly affected their combat strength.

After exchanging several moves, Xu Qi learned that the three Elders’ cultivation level were around the third stage of Void realm, and their auras were robust and steady. They had obviously been at this level of cultivation for a long period of time. The scariest issue was that they knew how to fight as a unit.

The Elders also discovered Xu Qi’s cultivation after their exchange. Although they were a little fearful of his techniques, they decided to turn up the heat on Xu Qi.

Xu Qi was gradually pushed into a disadvantageous situation. One of them had even slashed the back of his shirt, cutting him.

Bu Chenglin slowly revealed his head behind the backs of others to watch the show after realizing Xu Qi could only defend himself.

However, before he could take a good look, Xu Qi threw out a Dao Induced Flame at Bu Chenglin while fending off the three Elders’ fierce assault.

As Bu Chenglin was crippled, he couldn’t sense the danger at all, and the Dao Induced Flame flew over to him in the blink of an eye.

Fortunately for him, the Elder who was guarding Bu Chenglin noticed the situation in time and grabbed him, dodging to the side and allowing him to avoid the disaster.

Xu Qi saw Bu Chenglin had avoided his attack, and sent a look at Xuanwu, who had yet to make his move.

Xuanwu revealed a subtle smile, and his figure disappeared from where he had been standing.

Before Bu Chenglin could calm himself down after narrowly avoiding the Dao Induced Flame, he was pulled by that Elder again.

However, just as the Elder moved, Xuanwu appeared next to him and struck out with a palm. The Elder staggered and fell to the ground.

Bu Chenglin, too, crashed to the ground, grimacing in pain.

Alas, his nightmare was still going on. After losing his guard, Bu Chenglin felt himself being picked up by someone else. His vision blurred for a moment, and he found himself on the opposite end of the fight.

While this was going on, Xu Qi summoned the All-Tempering Flame to hold off against the three Elders. He realized that their difference in strength was truly a little too much for him to handle. Seeing Xuanwu had successfully captured Bu Chenglin, Xu Qi made a feint and retreated to Xuanwu’s side.

There was no way the Elders would allow Xu Qi to leave, and quickly pursued him.

Xu Qi suddenly threw his steel sword into the air, and his hands quickly formed a seal with the last of his energy to use the Cursed Wraith Talisman on them as they drew near.

He didn’t care whether the Cursed Wraith Talisman injured them. All Xu Qi wanted was to throw them off his tail.

As Xu Qi landed next to Xuanwu, the steel sword fell from the air and he caught it.

Xu Qi swung his sword following the momentum, and Bu Chenglin let out a blood-curdling scream. No one would have thought that Xu Qi would directly chop off Bu Chenglin’s arm without a word.

The Elder who had been guarding Bu Chenglin rushed at Xu Qi immediately with an ashen look. However, he was repelled and sent flying by Xuanwu with a palm strike.

Xu Qi swung his blade once more, and Bu Chenglin’s other arm fell to the ground.

Even now, Bu Chenglin didn’t understand what was happening. All he did was play around with a woman, and this guy in front of him crippled his cultivation and severed his manhood.

Now, this guy even dismembered his arms without a word. It was only a woman. Why? Just why?

Xu Qi finally yelled out furiously, “This slash, is for Uncle Mang!” He felt that that handicapped man in front of him looked just like Bu Wanggui.

The steel sword slid across Bu Chenglin’s neck, and all he felt was a slight cold sensation. All he saw in the end was his severed arms right before his eyes, and his vision faded to black.

Bu Chenglin’s head was chopped off and rolled onto the ground, while Xu Qi panted heavily, wielding the steel sword that was still dripping with blood.

Ever since Xu Pingfan passed away, Xu Qi had been suppressing the rage and sorrow in his heart. He didn’t want his negative emotions to affect those around him. However, after coming to the Undying School, all he wanted was to kill, kill those who were closest to Bu Wanggui!

With Bu Chenglin dead, Xu Qi turned around and set his sights on Guisheng. Although Guisheng did not make a move on that day, Xu Qi could tell that Bu Wanggui had been very concerned for his well being, to the extent of sacrificing himself to save him.

The Elders of the Undying School were showing extremely ugly looks after seeing Xu Qi turning Bu Chenglin into a human rod and decapitating him in the space of a few breaths.

After all, Bu Chenglin was once the Young School Master of their school. An outsider had casually killed him right under their noses; this left them thoroughly humiliated. Not only that, this person was the man who murdered their School Master!

With new grudges piling on top of old feuds, these Elders were enraged to the extreme. They could tell that the man beside Xu Qi held extraordinary strength, but they couldn’t accept such humiliation!

The three Elders fanned out, and yelled for the disciples behind them to retreat. It seemed like they were going to execute an extremely powerful technique.

At this moment, breaking sounds rang out from above them to the back. The roof broke, followed by a black silhouette crashing heavily on the ground in front of them.

Upon realizing that the one who fell was Bu Linghai, the three Elders cried out, “Junior Martial Uncle!”, and hurriedly went to help him up.

Zhuque flew out from the hole in the roof with a bell-like laugh, landing next to Xu Qi.

Following which, scarlet flames rose on all sides in the grand hall, setting it ablaze.

Bu Linghai struggled free from his supporters. He wiped off the blood at the corners of his mouth and looked at Zhuque resentfully, saying, “You killed our disciples and burned down our grand hall. Today, even if I must sacrifice myself, I’ll have the lot of you buried here!”

“My Martial Nephews, call forth your familiars. Fight them to the bitter end! The honor of the Undying School mustn’t be trampled upon casually by others!” Bu Linghai ordered the Elders as his hand shone purple, quickly forming a seal.

Everyone felt the surrounding temperature suddenly dip, followed by a white bear appearing out of thin air.

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