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Chapter 222 - Distorted Truth

Edited by RED

“Bu Chenglin! Do you understand what you’re doing!? Since School Master gave me the token, I am the current School Master of the Undying School! You’re actually going against his will and brought men to surround me!” Guisheng yelled at Bu Chenglin, dangling the blood-stained jade token in his hand.

That day, Guisheng returned to the Undying School and went to look for the Elders as instructed by Bu Wanggui, telling them about what happened on their trip to Rivulet City.

Naturally, Xu Qi was made to bear the blame for the most important bit about Bu Wanggui’s death.

According to the Undying School’s rules, the position of School Master will be succeeded to by the person who was given the School Master’s Token. However, since Bu Wanggui was very recently deceased, the Elders didn’t immediately announce his death as they wished to consider the matter at length.

The next day, the death of Bu Wanggui and Guisheng’s imminent succeeding to the position of School Master was spread within the Undying School by an unknown person.

Bu Chenglin was enraged after learning of this and went to look for Guisheng and the Elders. He lost his sense of reasoning after hearing that Bu Wanggui was killed by Xu Qi and that his father had passed on the position of School Master to Guisheng right before his death.

Subsequently, Bu Chenglin demanded the School Master’s Token from Guisheng several times, but his demands bore no fruit. Thus, he went around spreading rumors of Guisheng murdering his father in secret to forcibly seize the position of School Master.

There were many in the Undying School who were loyal to Bu Wanggui, and as Bu Chenglin was Bu Wanggui’s sole descendent, he managed to gather quite a number of people to his side. Thus, the internal strife erupted into what it was now.

With the majority of the disciples on Bu Chenglin’s side, he had successfully held the advantage in this situation. He was already imagining the glorious days he’d get to live after succeeding to the position of School Master, not caring about his father’s death.

On the other hand, the current situation had deviated far from Guisheng’s plans. He had thought that as long as he brought out the School Master’s Token, he’d obtain the support of the Elders and the position of School Master would naturally fall into his lap.

He had never expected that the crippled Bu Chenglin would actually gather that many disciples to his side.

Bu Chenglin gradually lost his patience as Guisheng held onto the token, unwilling to hand it over. He was more than prepared to snatch it from him by force.

However, at this moment, Guisheng suddenly took out a piece of white cloth from his chest pocket. He walked out of the Elders’ encirclement and unfolded the cloth, showing it to everyone.

There were several words written on the white cloth with blood, and it was signed off by Bu Wanggui at the end of the message.

The message written on the cloth was, “We were met with great catastrophe today, and my life is about to come to an end. My son is incapable of succeeding the position of School Master and thus I had decided to pass it onto Guisheng.” Every single disciple had saw this for himself, and many of Bu Chenglin’s supporters began discussing among themselves softly. Their decision to support Bu Chenglin were obviously swayed.

Bu Chenglin, too, was shocked at seeing the message. Although the blood writing was a little messy, he could tell that it was his father’s handwriting.

However, he was already too deep into this situation and couldn’t pull himself out from it.

“Don’t believe his nonsense! That’s not written by my father!” Bu Chenglin yelled.

“Ridiculous! Bu Chenglin, I’d been patient and accommodating to you since you were the School Master’s sole heir, but this is obviously his handwriting! You actually dared to try delude the people with your lies! You’re nothing but a useless man with not a trace of cultivation in you. In any case, there is no way for you to succeed the position of School Master! And now, you’re even trying to deceive your fellow disciples to seize power before your father’s corpse has turned cold and avenged him! How could you face the deceased School Master!?” one of Guisheng’s supporters, the Ninth Elder, roared at him.

Bu Chenglin was rendered speechless by the Ninth Elder’s scolding.

“Yeah, Ninth Elder is right. That is indeed the School Master’s handwriting.”

“Senior Brother Guisheng is School Master’s sole personal disciple. And with Young School Master’s cultivation crippled, it is logical to pass on the position of School Master to his personal disciple.”

“Right, the Young School Master’s claims of Guisheng murdering his master to seize power is unfounded. Guisheng was always loyal to School Master. We saw this for ourselves.”

“Since we have the School Master’s written order here, what we’re doing now is revolting. I don’t care anymore; you continue fighting by yourselves. I’m supporting Senior Brother Guisheng.”

“Me too.”...

Many people on Bu Chenglin’s side began defecting over to Guisheng’s camp.

In the blink of an eye, many of the disciples who were supportive of Bu Chenglin were now against him.

“You people!” Bu Chenglin uttered in rage, at a loss for words.

On the other hand, Guisheng was wild with joy. He quickly added, “Today, although Bu Chenglin went against the School Master’s will and tried to seize the position by force, because he is the sole heir of the deceased School Master, we must never hurt him! He may be unrighteous, but we can’t let School Master down!”

Guisheng’s speech about comradeship stirred the hearts of many disciples and the Elders. They all felt that Bu Wanggui passing on the position of School Master to Guisheng was a wise choice indeed!

Even so, Bu Chenglin wasn’t happy to hear that. He was so angry that he was gnashing his teeth.

At this moment, one of Bu Chenglin’s supporters suddenly yelled out, “We must believe in Young School Master! He is the rightful successor!”

Bu Chenglin’s side was in an uproar after that shout. He tried to suppress the chaos, but right at this moment, one of the disciple on Guisheng’s side suddenly jumped out, pointing his sword at Bu Chenglin.

The Elder who saved Bu Chenglin from Xu Qi previously let out a cold humph and threw out several energy swords at the man who jumped out.

That guy who acted so aggressively immediately stopped in place and returned to the crowd.

Those energy swords, however, continued flying right towards Guisheng.

The Elders protecting Guisheng hurriedly stepped forward and fended off those energy swords.

The atmosphere on both sides immediately became tense following this exchange of moves. From the looks of it, a blood river might flow at any moment in this grand hall.

Suddenly, an overbearing roar rang in this grand hall. “You bunch of unruly disciples! Back down!” An illusory figure gradually materialized in the hall.

Just as Bu Chenglin was about to demand for this person’s identity, he was pulled down by the Elder at his side to kneel on the floor.

The Elders around Guisheng also immediately dropped their weapons and knelt on the floor upon realizing who it was. Guisheng himself was no fool and hurriedly followed suit after seeing this, making guesses of this man’s identity.

Meanwhile, the young disciples were exchanging looks with each other, not knowing what to do.

“Greetings to Junior Martial Uncle!”¹ the Elders kneeling on the floor called out in unison.

Junior Martial Uncle? The younger disciples were stupefied after hearing this. He was the Junior Martial Uncle of the Elders? Doesn’t that mean he was their Junior Martial Ancestor? Any disciples who had the slightest intelligence hurriedly knelt on the floor, not daring to look up.

This man looked to be middle-aged, dressed in black attire. The Undying School’s insignia was embroidered on his sleeves, with an appearance completely different from any other disciple.

“You have the face to call me Junior Martial Uncle?! Just look at yourselves! What has the Undying School become?! You’re fighting amongst yourselves! This is the greatest taboo of our Undying School!” the middle-aged man reprimanded furiously, pointing at the surrounding disciples.

None of the Elders dared to utter a sound, only listening to his scoldings with their heads lowered.

Bu Chenglin couldn’t suppress the doubts in his mind and asked the Elder beside him, “Who is he?”

The Elder cursed inwardly after hearing this.

The middle-aged man seemed to pick up on Bu Chenglin’s question and shifted his gaze onto him, saying, “Who am I?! I am Bu Linghai, the Junior Martial Uncle of your School Master, Bu Wanggui!”

Bu Chenglin couldn’t help but tremble upon hearing this. He had heard of this name. It belonged to his father’s Junior Martial Uncle, but rumors were that he had long passed away! Why would he suddenly appear here today?

“Who is holding onto the School Master’s Token?” Bu Linghai asked, scanning his surroundings.

Guisheng hurriedly stood up after hearing this. He walked over to Bu Linghai carefully, holding the token with both his hands and knelt down on the floor, offering the token to Bu Linghai, greeting respectfully, “Junior Martial Ancestor.”

Bu Linghai took a glance at Guisheng and accepted the jade token. He inspected it for a moment, nodding his head.

Then, Guisheng felt an invisible force lifting him up and he quickly stood up on his feet.

“What is your name, and who is your master?” Bu Linghai asked, looking at Guisheng.

“Junior Martial Ancestor, I am the School Master’s personal disciple, and I was named by my master as Guisheng,” Guisheng answered carefully, fearing that he might offend this man in front of him.

“Oh? You’re Wanggui’s personal disciple? Tell me about what happened, no matter how minute the detail is,” Bu Linghai said.

Guisheng hurriedly nodded and told Bu Linghai about Bu Wanggui bringing him to Rivulet City to seek revenge, them being trapped by Xu Qi and barely managed to escape with Bu Wanggui suffering serious injuries, and as they fled, Bu Wanggui had passed on the position of School Master to him before succumbing to his injuries. As Guisheng talked about Bu Wanggui’s demise, he kept wiping the tears off the corners of his eyes.

Guisheng also recounted about Bu Chenglin using his status as the Young School Master to delude the disciples in an attempt to seize the position of School Master after Guisheng returned to the school.

Bu Linghai nodded after hearing all these and returned the jade token back to Guisheng.

He looked at the surrounding disciples and said authoritatively, “The Undying School’s rules state that the successive School Master will be picked by their predecessor, with the School Master’s Token as proof. There had never been anyone who dared to defy this rule, and since Guisheng had received the jade token from the previous School Master, he will succeed as your new School Master. No one is allowed to cause trouble!”

The Elders hurriedly nodded and acknowledged after hearing this.

Bu Chenglin was bitter after hearing this, but he didn’t dare to speak a word about it.

Then, what Bu Chenglin feared the most happened. “Who is Bu Chenglin?” Bu Linghai asked. Now that his father’s Junior Martial Uncle had called for him, he could only force himself to face him head on, standing up.

Before he could speak a word, Bu Chenglin was enveloped by a layer of purple radiance and pulled in front of Bu Linghai.

Feeling guilty, he hurriedly knelt on the ground without a trace of his prior tyranny.

Bu LInghai furrowed his brow slightly as he observed Bu Chenglin, asking doubtfully, “Was your cultivation crippled by someone?”

Bu Chenglin nodded and acknowledged yes, then spoke about Xu Qi crippling his cultivation in the capital. However, he made up a story about what happened; he didn’t dare to confess that he was crippled due to his unduly humiliation of another woman.

“It’s this Xu Qi again?” Bu Linghai muttered to himself.

“You may be Wanggui’s only child, but the jade token wasn’t handed over to you. Not to mention, even if you were given the token, you are unable to perform the duties of the School Master with your crippled cultivation. I won’t pursue this matter any longer on account of your father and that you are young and reckless. I hope you’ll support the new School Master properly in the future. Keep in mind not to cause any more troubles and disrupt the harmony within the school,” Bu Linghai said.

“But, Junior Martial Ancestor..!” Bu Chenglin cried out in a last-ditch effort. The feud between him and Guisheng was already sown, and with Guisheng stepping up as the new School Master, his days ahead were looking grim.

“Don’t speak anymore. The rules will not be trampled by you. If it wasn’t for your father, do you think you would still be standing here talking?!” Bu Linghai said harshly, obviously not very fond of Bu Chenglin.

Bu Chenglin shuddered after hearing this and could only nod his assent.

“No one here is allowed to spread word of what happened here today. Since we know who our enemies are, we won’t take this grudge lying down. I don’t care who this Xu Qi is, or who has  his back. He crippled our disciple’s cultivation and killed our School Master. We can’t not take revenge for this debt!” Bu Linghai declared.

The kneeling disciples hurriedly answered, “Yes!”

At this moment, Bu Linghai’s gaze suddenly shifted to the entrance and smiled, “Just show yourself since you’re already here.”

“Haha, I crippled your disciple’s cultivation because he humiliated my woman beforehand. And what about killing your School Master?! How laughable; I am here to kill him!” a bright laughter rang out outside. Immediately after, Xu Qi appeared alone in the grand hall.

“Xu Qi, you actually dared to come to our school! Today, I’ll offer your head as tribute to my master! Come, kill this bastard and avenge our School Master!” Guisheng yelled out after realizing it was Xu Qi who came.

At this moment, Guisheng wasn’t truly enraged. In fact, he had a guilty conscience. All he had in mind was to prevent Xu Qi from speaking a word about what happened before. This was the only outcome he wished for.

However, Bu Linghai seemed to be unhappy about Guisheng’s yelling and commanded, “Back down!”

Seeing as Bu Linghai has spoken, Guisheng hurriedly shut his mouth and stood aside quietly. He kept looking toward Xu Qi as his pupils spun about, thinking of what to do.

“You are Xu Qi? You actually dared to cause trouble in our school at this time. Which faction are you depending on?” Bu Linghai asked.

“All your questions are nonsense! Who else could I be but Xu Qi?! And I’m not depending on any factions; I’m here to take revenge on the Undying School! Bu Chenglin humiliated my woman and had his cultivation crippled by me, yet he didn’t learn his lesson and bewitched Bu Wanggui into seeking revenge on me, killing my close ones and escaping! This feud is absolutely irreconcilable!” Xu Qi roared furiously. His gaze turned cold as a steel sword silently appeared in his hand.

Translator’s Note:

1: Their master’s Junior Disciple

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