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Chapter 224 - The Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird Reveal Themselves!

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The white bear summoned by Bu Linghai was pure white in color, without any other shade in its fur.

It raised its paws and slowly stood up. Its size wasn’t huge, only as tall as a grown man.

After it stood up, Xu Qi’s group saw clearly that there was a deep scar on its face, extending across its left eye down to its jaw. The fluffy, cutesy impression it gave was instantly destroyed.

“Oh, after spouting so much nonsense, all you brought out was a baby bear? It is even an ice attributed monster, just like Blackie,” Zhuque mocked, raising her brow slightly.

The white bear seemed to understand Zhuque’s speech. It let out a roar and pounded on its chest, obviously displeased at Zhuque for ridiculing it.

Xuanwu, on the other hand, had kept silent all this while, only showing a subtle smile. He would glance at Guisheng from time to time.

“You’re able to handle it? It doesn’t seem weak at all,” Xu Qi asked, looking at the white bear.

Zhuque immediately retorted, “This madame will capture it later and gift it to you as your guard dog.”

The familiar summoned by Bu Linghai turned out to be no better than a dog in Zhuque’s eyes.

Bu Linghai was obviously enraged by their contempt. As the guardian of the Undying School, whose prestige overshadowed everyone else here, who would dare to treat him in this way, despite being in seclusion for many years?

He had coincidentally came out of secluded training at the crucial moment of the Undying School’s internal strife and managed to resolve this disaster. Who would’ve thought that he would actually encounter these fierce people immediately after? They killed the Undying School disciples as they wished right in front of him, trampling his dignity to such an extent.

Back in the days, Bu Linghai’s fame echoed through the heavens! No one would ever have dared to disrespect him in this way! Today’s humiliation was no longer reconcilable.

He had to keep these three people here today to preserve his and the Undying School’s honor! Otherwise, he’d be too much of a failure as the guardian!

The white bear suddenly let out a furious roar, and its stature suddenly expanded, turning into a massive bear standing about ten meters tall.

The huge bear paw swatted towards Xu Qi’s group, accompanied by the whistling of the wind. The amount of force contained within the paw left the hearts of the younger generation of disciples thumping violently.

On the other hand, Xu Qi and Zhuque shifted their gazes onto Xuanwu at the same time. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this; it seems like he had to take action again.

Bu Linghai mocked them inwardly, labelling them as idiots after seeing how they stood in place, not bothering to dodge.

The white bear he had summoned was called an Icebright Bear. It was subdued from where it lived in coldest lands of the nation of Waterdusk, the Evercold Tundra, with the help of numerous seniors from the Undying School.

The brute strength of the Icebright Bear could split mountains and rocks. No ordinary Void realm cultivators could withstand a single palm strike from it. However, the best trait it possessed wasn’t that, but its unique cold-attribute constitution. The cold energy it spat from its mouth could instantly freeze around a man, and was nearly inescapable.

Bu Linghai had witnessed countless human-shaped ice sculptures in the Icebright Bear’s nest. Nobody knew how many people were sealed in ice by it.

When they were trying to subdue this famed creature of Evercold Tundra, the Undying School even paid the price of three deaths and one injured. The three deaths were caused by none other than the Icebright Bear’s cold energy, freezing them solid.

The deep scar on the bear’s face was also caused by Bu Linghai back then, when they were trying to subdue it.

At the time of it was subdued, the Icebright Bear’s strength was already at the level of the Void realm by human standards. After all these years, with Bu Linghai’s constant training and nourishing with spiritual objects, the Icebright Bear had stepped into the Reprisal realm at the same time Bu Linghai did.

Today was the first time the Icebright Bear had entered battle after advancing into the Reprisal realm.

While Bu Linghai was proudly relishing in his familiar’s strength, the Icebright Bear’s paw smacked down.

However, its paw stopped abruptly less than a meter above the three’s heads.

Upon looking closely, the Icebright Bear’s paw was matched by the well-built middle-aged man standing next to Xu Qi.

Ssss, Bu Linghai couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air after seeing this. He knew better than anyone how powerful the palm strike was. Even he was unable to take it head on, yet that man did it with only an arm. How much strength did that require?!

Naturally, the one who received the Icebright Bear’s palm strike was Xuanwu. He looked up at the white paw in front of him and chuckled to Zhuque, “I’ve done the dirty work. Now it’s your turn to do the physical labor. I can’t beat this guy.”

Zhuque covered her mouth and giggled after hearing this.

Xuanwu was speaking the truth. He was the Black Tortoise, and was renowned for his extremely tough defense and physical strength. Although it seemed like he took the Icebright Bear’s palm strike easily, his current strength was only at the peak of Void realm. It was unlikely for him to defeat the Icebright Bear, unless he transformed into his true form. However, doing so would expend a great deal of energy. Now was not the right time for that.

Moreover, there was a fighter like Zhuque right in front of them. Xuanwu would naturally choose to do less work if possible, and pushed the duty of defeating the Icebright Bear onto Zhuque.

Zhuque had a fiery nature and loved battling. As such, she was glad to take over and nodded in agreement.

Xu Qi looked up towards the Icebright Bear, his hand supporting his chin. He kept thinking about the joke Zhuque cracked earlier. Bringing this bear back as his guard dog was actually a pretty good idea.

If Bu Linghai were to know what Xu Qi was thinking right now, he would have vomited blood and died of anger without them having to lift a finger.

The Icebright Bear was interested after seeing its palm was matched by this man before him. Its other paw idled no longer, gathering into a fist and swiped down at them.

“Damn bear, are you getting conceited now because this madame has yet to smack you!?” Zhuque scolded as she took flight, her Scarlet Firmament Sword appearing in her hand.

When a monster had attained strength of the Icebright Bear’s level, not only were they able to understand human speech, most of them were even capable of speech after advancing into the Reprisal realm. There was no way the Icebright Bear wasn’t angered by Zhuque’s constant taunts.

Seeing Zhuque’s sword slashing its way, the Icebright Bear changed the trajectory of its clenched paw and loosened it into a palm strike, slapping at her. It was a spectacular sight, comparing its paw against Zhuque’s petite body.

Of course, Zhuque wouldn’t receive the palm strike directly like Xuanwu did. Scarlet flames erupted from the Scarlet Firmament Sword in her hand and she slashed out several tongues of flame at the paw.

The Icebright Bear’s speed lowered considerably after transforming into its huge size. It wanted to dodge the flames, but it was too clumsy and couldn’t dodge in time.

The tongues of flame struck its white furry paw and caught fire.

The Icebright Bear immediately felt the pain and retracted both its paws. It aimed its mouth at its burning paws and shot out a mass of white mist at them.

When the mist dissipated, the scarlet flames on its paws were already extinguished.

Not only that, Xu Qi’s group also realized that the white fur on its paws were frozen into icicles after the Icebright Bear spat the mist at them.

What powerful cold qi!, Xu Qi’s group thought at the same time. The Vermilion Bird’s scarlet flames were extraordinary. Although it wasn’t able to burn all objects, it was still a first-rate flame, yet it was extinguished by the Icebright Bear’s mist. This clearly displayed the strength of the Icebright Bear’s cold qi.

A hint of caution showed in Zhuque’s gaze. Although she still showed a smile on her face, she no longer dared to be careless.

The Icebright Bear checked its paws, much like a human and shifted its gaze to Zhuque. After transforming into its huge size, the scar on its face grew proportionately, too, and looked fiercer than ever. If it revealed its fangs as well, another degree of viciousness would be added to its appearance.

While Zhuque and the Icebright Bear were staring each other down, the three Elders from the Undying School exchanged looks with one another, and formed seals in their hands simultaneously. Immediately after, another three different monsters appeared in this narrow space, crowding the area further.

Bu Linghai nodded in satisfaction at seeing this.

The situation now was clear as day. His Icebright Bear was holding this powerful woman down by itself and didn’t seem to require help. With him, the three Void realm Elders and their respective Void realm familiars, taking down Xu Qi and the middle-aged man next to him was looking to be a goal within reach.

However, Xu Qi only revealed a strange smile after seeing the three Void realm familiars were summoned out and the narrow space.

That’s right. From the surface, the current situation was that the Undying School held the absolute advantage. However, they seemed to have overlooked a problem.

That was, the area outside the grand hall was too narrow on this mountain summit. With the appearance of these three Void realm monsters, they didn’t have much freedom of movement. The grand hall behind them was blazing with scarlet flames, and the Undying School disciples had no way to escape or advance. If these monsters were to join the battle, the disciples would definitely be caught in it.

“Haha, madame, Uncle, it’s time to work!” Xu Qi laughed heartily. His rainbow wings suddenly sprouted from his back, and Xu Qi turned into a streak of light, disappearing into the clouds in the sky. At the same time, an order was transmitted to the ears of Xuanwu and Zhuque.

Bu Linghai and the others never expected Xu Qi would grow a pair of wings and fly into the sky, staring dumbly after him.

Before they could collect themselves, blue energy suddenly erupted from Xuanwu’s body. At the same time, Zhuque put her Scarlet Firmament Sword away and enveloped herself in scarlet flames, soaring into the sky.

A frightening roar and bird’s cry rang out. The Black Tortoise’s gigantic figure appeared, and Zhuque had also transformed into her fiery true form, suspended in the air. Her flaming wings kept flapping, scorching heat washing over those on the ground.

However, the Icebright Bear didn’t show a trace of fear in its gaze after seeing Xuanwu and Zhuque’s true forms. Instead, a fierce gaze was clearly visible on its face.

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