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Chapter 221 - Internal Strife Within The Undying School

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That night, Xuanwu, Zhuque, Blackie, and Xu Xiaomei were all returned to the Four Divinities Cavern.

With the Dragon Snare Talisman dispelled, Zhuque and Blackie were now able to consume the Green Mystique Fruits with no problems.

Meanwhile, Xuanwu and Xu Xiaomei stood guard at the side, in case an unexpected accident occurred.

Xu Qi went to look for Luo Tianming with complicated feelings. He pulled him to a pavilion within the Xu Clan, admiring the moon as they drank alcohol.

A huge pile of empty wine jars gradually accumulated beneath their feet, and their entire bodies were emitting the smell of alcohol.

None of them used their cultivation to suppress the alcoholic influence, and they gradually got into drunken states like normal humans.

“Xu Qi, I know the reason why you called me here. I also know that Uncle shadowed me, but I’m sorry, I can’t explain those matters to you now,” Luo Tianming said, stammering.

Xu Qi didn’t reply to Luo Tianming. He picked up a wine jar and continued drinking fiercely.

Xu Qi kept guzzling wine under the moonlight with complicated feelings. For some unknown reason, he wanted to get drunk tonight, and he gradually lost his ability to make out what Luo Tianming was saying.

Xu Qi felt like the life he’d lived seemed illusory. He didn’t know for sure which was the real him.

He had kept to himself since he was young, nurturing his privacy. He never wanted a life filled with killing. All of that was done for the sake of self-preservation; what he wanted was the life he lived in Woodblue Village, yet killing seemed to find its way to him constantly.

If he had never subdued the Black Tortoise by luck back then, perhaps he, and the Xu Clan, would have been wiped off the world with no trace of them remaining.

However, as the group of orphans who grew up by his side got stronger, and his unintended conflict with the outside world grew, Xu Qi found himself stuck in a giant whirlpool, unable to withdraw himself from it.

Now, it seemed that all he could do was to try his hardest if he wished to struggle free from the whirlpool safely with his friends and family.

His wife, Lan Shu’er, a kind miss without a shred of cultivation in her, was abducted by others because of him, and even his innocent daughter was swept up in it. Where are they now, and how are they doing? I miss you so much!

“Ah~! Shu’er!” Xu Qi cried out sorrowfully. The Xu Clan turned peaceful once more after his voice trailed off.


Xu Qi felt that he had experienced a lot in his dreams, but after an indeterminate amount of time, when he opened his eyes once more, he could not remember a single thing.

After rubbing his spinning head, Xu Qi realized that he wasn’t in his own room. The faint fragrance from the sheets jolted his mind, clearing his head.

At this moment, the door was pushed open, and Cai Xiaoxiao, dressed in white, came in with a bowl in her hand.

Seeing Xu Qi had awoken, she came in front of him full of smiles.

Cai Xiaoxiao sat by the bedside and placed the bowl of congee in her lap. She lifted her only arm, scooping a spoonful of congee and brought it to Xu Qi’s lips.

Xu Qi looked at Cai Xiaoxiao blankly and opened his mouth. When the congee was fed into his mouth, Xu Qi couldn’t endure it any longer, and two trails of tears rolled down his cheeks.

“What happened, Brother Qi? Is Xiaoxiao’s congee not to your taste?” Cai Xiaoxiao asked, flustered.

Xu Qi shook his head continuously as he chewed the congee in his mouth.

Cai Xiaoxiao was Xu Qi’s first woman, and also the person he was the most obligated to.  When she was trying to save him, he mistook it as her trying to kill him, and severed her arm.

Three years after that, she was abducted by Fan Yilun and suffered humiliation, all because she had visited him.

Not only that, her Cai Clan was massacred soon after she was saved, and her father, Cai Wubo, lost his life tragically.

Cai Xiaoxiao, a wealthy young miss living a peaceful life, had actually met with such a miserable fate after meeting Xu Qi.

Now, Xu Qi could no longer suppress the guilt he was feeling while she fed him with her remaining arm.

“What happened to you, Brother Qi? Say something,” Cai Xiaoxiao asked anxiously.

Xu Qi was still shaking his head non-stop. He grabbed Cai Xiaoxiao’s hand tightly with both his hands, bringing it up to his lips and kissed it gently, then brought it to his face.

Cai Xiaoxiao trembled slightly at Xu Qi’s actions. Although they had experienced intimacy before, that was already three years ago. Moreover, Xu Qi wasn’t himself then.

She slowly withdrew her hand from Xu Qi’s hands and wiped off his tears, looking at him tenderly.


Xu Qi never left her room at all on this day, even after night fell.

That night, the two of them displayed their affections for each other. Cai Xiaoxiao felt that even if she were to die right then, she had lived a contented life.

The two poor little depressed souls tangled with each other for the night, expressing their affection for each other with their body language, until they fell asleep from mutual exhaustion, emotional and physical.

When the two woke up the next morning, Xu Qi told Cai Xiaoxiao about his plans to leave the Xu Clan temporarily.

Cai Xiaoxiao was very obedient and didn’t ask him to stay, only saying that she would wait for his return at home.

Xu Qi didn’t want to immerse himself in Cai Xiaoxiao’s embrace for too long. It would be alright for him to let loose occasionally, but he knew now was not the time to live the life of a great young master.

Xu Qi left and entered the Four Divinities Cavern. Zhuque and Blackie were sitting on the ground in meditation, while Xuanwu and Xu Xiaomei were standing by the side quietly, nodding at Xu Qi when they saw him entering.

Xu Qi could feel a significant change in Zhuque and Blackie’s auras from a distance away.

The Vermilion Bird’s head of white hair was nowhere to be found, and the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon’s tanned skin was now bronze in color.

Xu Qi didn’t want to interrupt the two of them. He knew that after digesting the Green Mystique Fruit’s energy, their strength would be restored to a great extent. It would likely be a difference as clear as night and day compared to their prior strength. Xu Qi gestured to Xu Xiaomei and brought her out.

They exited the cavern, and Xu Qi brought Xu Xiaomei to his room.

Speaking of his room, Xu Qi couldn’t help but let out a smile. The number of days he had actually lived in here after he turned six could be counted with his fingers.

Xu Qi placed both his hands on Xu Xiaomei’s shoulders and told her to close her eyes.

Xu Xiaomei blushed slightly, unsure of what he was going to do. However, she still complied obediently. Her mind was blank, not daring to imagine anything, but she felt her heartbeat increasing rapidly.

Just as Xu Xiaomei began to let her imagination run wild like a girl in love, she suddenly sensed that the telepathic link and familiarity she had with Xu Qi all along disappeared.

She snapped her eyes open, feeling lost. Her complexion turned pale abruptly, while Xu Qi smiled subtly at her.

“Yo-young Master, do you not want me anymore? Why did you dispel the summoning talisman in my body?” Xu Xiaomei asked, tearing up.

While Xu Xiaomei had her eyes closed, Xu Qi risked the danger of having to suffer a backlash and forcefully removed the summoning talisman from Xu Xiaomei’s body, returning her freedom.

He had thought Xu Xiaomei would be very happy at regaining her freedom, but unexpectedly, Xu Xiaomei actually cried. She was obviously panic-stricken, seeing as her little face was all pale.

Xu Qi pulled Xu Xiaomei into his embrace, her face leaning on his chest as he consoled, “Xiaomei, you’re no longer the little Giantwood Python from back then. You’re now a member of my Xu Clan. I should return your freedom, but I could never bear to abandon you. You’re the only sister I have.”

“Only a sister?” Xu Xiaomei asked, feeling a little bitter.

But she knew that she was only a lowly monster, while he was her Young Master.

Even so, Xu Xiaomei nodded obediently. She understood that the entire Xu Clan would be upon her shoulders after Xu Qi left, and that burden was not a small one.

In the beginning, Xu Xiaomei’s true form was only an ordinary Giantwood Python. Xu Qi even had to expend considerable effort in order to subdue her. Back then, Xu Xiaomei would often complain that this master of hers was being unreasonable, yet now the two had become inseparable.

Xu Qi instructed Xu Xiaomei on many matters in the room very seriously. The point he harped on the most was to avoid conflict if there was danger, never confronting their enemies head on.

Xu Xiaomei was very obedient and silently memorized all of it in her heart.


That evening, a rather frail figure walked out of the Rivulet City’s southern gates and travelled along the wide road outside.

When the figure was about to lose sight of Rivulet City, he turned around and removed his straw hat, revealing a young and handsome face.

He sighed, looking at Rivulet City surrounded by a layer of fog. A pair of rainbow wings suddenly sprouted from his back as he took flight, turning into a streak of light as he flew off to the south.


There was a mountain northwest of the capital of the nation of Mirrorlink. One was able to see the capital clearly when standing on the summit of this mountain, but only a mere handful of people from Mirrorlink were qualified to stand there.

That was because this mountain, Mt Wu Nian, was the base of the number one cultivation school within Mirrorlink, the Undying School!

None of the previous peacefulness could be seen on this mountain. From the foot of the mountain, countless corpses of Undying School disciples could be seen lying on the stairs leading up towards the summit.

In the grand hall at the top of the mountain, Guisheng was holding the token of the Undying School’s School Master, protected by several Elders gathered around him. His complexion was pale, and he looked exhausted.

They were surrounded by their fellow disciples, each of them wielding swords in their hands. However, these sword-wielding disciples were all pointing their weapons towards Guisheng and the Elders. Naturally, the main character of the internal strife among the Undying School was their Young School Master, Bu Chenglin, supported by all these disciples.

“Guisheng, I can spare your life if you hand over the jade token! Elders, I also hope that you won’t be deceived by this bastard! There is no way my father would pass on the position of School Master to an outsider!” Bu Chenglin yelled. His complexion was as pale as ever, and not a hint of energy could be felt from him. He was obviously a cripple who could no longer cultivate, yet there was an air of dignity to his voice.

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