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Chapter 198 - The Death of The Shadow Wind Sect’s Sect Master!

Edited by RED

While Xu Qi was having a headache over the situation, Yi Qingqing screamed out loud as she pushed Luo Tianming to the ground, “You lecher! Get away from me!”

Luo Tianming was at a loss for this unexpected turn of events, sitting on the ground blankly and said, “Qingqing, what happened to you? It’s me, Xiaosan!”1

A bunch of black lines appeared on Xu Qi’s forehead as he heard this. Xiaosan? What a great nickname you have.

At this moment, Yi Qingqing was obviously unable to recognize Luo Tianming. She pointed her finger at him and yelled, “Who cares if you’re Xiaosan or Xiaosi; I don’t know you! How dare you get fresh with me! I won’t forgive you!”

With a flip of her palms, a pair of daggers appeared in Yi Qingqing’s hands and she stabbed at Luo Tianming.

Luo Tianming, however, didn’t believe that Yi Qingqing would actually stab him. He didn’t bother to dodge and continued sitting on the ground blankly. Just as her daggers were about to slice Luo Tianming’s throat open, he slammed his palms on the ground, retreating backwards, narrowly dodging her attacks.

Luo Tianming realized something was amiss and yelled, “Oh crap! You were being serious! Are you thinking of murdering your husband!?”

Yi Qingqing was unfazed, however, and didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping. She continued her flurry of attacks against Luo Tianming.

“Alright! Stop this nonsense!” Xu Qi yelled. He couldn’t stand to watch anymore and flew in front of Yi Qingqing, intercepting her. He brought her into his arms and used the momentum to snatch her daggers away.

A smile instantly lit on Yi Qingqing’s face when she saw Xu Qi’s appearance as she found herself in his embrace. She extended her delicate hand, touching his face and asked gently, “Ar-are you my husband?”

Xu Qi was caught surprised by her words and staggered backwards, pushing Yi Qingqing away from him. His face paled and looked toward Wen Xiang in confusion. What exactly was happening? Why would Yi Qingqing claim that I’m her husband?

Naturally, Luo Tianming heard what Yi Qingqing had just said, too, and his face paled even whiter than Xu Qi’s.

Two trails of tears formed on Yi Qingqing’s face after being pushed away. She looked at Xu Qi resentfully, leaving him feeling a chill down his spine as her cold eyes was glaring at him.

Wen Xiang shook her head helplessly and walked to Yi Qingqing and brought her aside. Yi Qingqing, for some reasons unknown, was very receptive to Wen Xiang and obeyed her.

Xu Qi hurriedly went over to the dumbstruck Luo Tianming and asked awkwardly, “Do you know Yi Qingqing? Our relationship isn’t what you think it is.”

“What I think it is?” Luo Tianming asked, glaring at Xu Qi.

“Alright, stop acting like this. What’s your relationship with that Yi Qingqing?” Xu Qi asked.

Luo Tianming seemed to realize something after hearing this. He suddenly choked Xu Qi, shaking him back and forth, saying, “Return my wife to me! Return my wife to me! You actually made a cuckold out of me! Xu Qi, I’ll kill you!”

“Cough, cough. Stop! Stop! Listen to me! Ouch, you’re too rough! Listen to me!” Xu Qi struggled, feeling the strength in Luo Tianming’s arms.

“Luo Tianming, are you stupid?! Me, vying for a woman with you?! Oh, and this Yi Qingqing is actually your wife?” Xu Qi asked doubtfully.

“Then why did she call you her husband earlier!? She’s ignoring me now, and even pushed me away! I’ll kill you, Xu Qi!” Luo Tianming cried out and tried to make a move on Xu Qi again. Obviously, Luo Tianming was feeling very agitated right now.

“Stop! Can you let me finish my words?! Yi Qingqing has lost her memories!” Xu Qi hurriedly said.

“Lost her memories? You said she lost her memories? What’s going on?” Luo Tianming asked.

“This… this…” Xu Qi was at a loss for words.

Luo Tianming glanced sideways at Xu Qi and asked, “Were you the one who caused it?”

“Ah? Erm, no it wasn’t me. That’s not right, it wasn’t me, but I was involved in this. Anyway, she has lost her memories now. Calm down a little; I’ll slowly explain it to you,” Xu Qi replied.

Hearing this, Luo Tianming listened to Xu Qi in a much calmer state. Xu Qi then started to recount what happened in Xin City.


Luo Tianming was stunned for a moment, then started strangling Xu Qi again, demanding, “Ah! The Samsara Seal! So it was you, after all! Return my wife to me! Return my wife to me!”

“Damn! What’s with you?! Why do you enjoy choking others so much!? Your Yi Qingqing will never return if you strangle me to death. That Samsara Seal can be placed, and naturally it can be removed, too! Are you stupid?” Xu Qi said, pushing Luo Tianming away.

“Oh, right! Hurry, get your aunt to remove the seal on Qingqing!” Luo Tianming asked. He was acting all furious moments ago, and now it was as if he turned into a henchman.

Seeing as Luo Tianming’s temper was so emotional after meeting Yi Qingqing, Xu Qi confirmed that the two’s relationship must be not simple. He said, “Isn’t it just removing the seal? It’s not impossible, but you have to tell me about you and Yi Qingqing. Also, what did you mean by me making a cuckold out of you earlier? Could it be that you and her are already in that kind of a relationship? This Young Master isn’t much of a gossiper. All you have to do is tell me about you two, in detail.”

Luo Tianming glanced at Yi Qingqing. At this moment, her brow was creased as she listened to Wen Xiang speaking about something, and she would glance over to this side from time to time. However, her gaze was focused on Xu Qi instead. Luo Tianming was hurt realizing this, and recounted their past.

The truth was, Luo Tianming had been living the life of a hermit in the nation of Ghosteem in the past, hiding in the mountain woods. That was, until three years ago, when he discovered an injured Yi Qingqing under a cliff. At that point of time, Yi Qingqing was cross-dressed as a male, and even disguised her appearance, taking the appearance of an ugly man.

Luo Tianming took pity on Yi Qingqing and brought her back to his house to heal “him.” In the process, Luo Tianming found out that the ugly man he brought back turned out to be a woman. However, he never turned his back on her and continued healing her. Naturally, while healing her he got to see Yi Qingqing’s naked body from head to toe. Of course, it didn’t mean much to Luo Tianming, whose thinking was of a modernized, open nature. But Yi Qingqing wasn’t able to accept it. She tried to reject Luo Tianming’s goodwill, and would be countered by the latter, saying that she was too ugly and that if he didn’t have to heal her injuries, he was the one who was on the losing end, angering her to no end.

In the end, after some time, Yi Qingqing couldn’t take Luo Tianming’s provoking anymore and revealed her true appearance. Luo Tianming was astonished at seeing her face and began salivating.

It goes without saying that Luo Tianming fell for Yi Qingqing at first sight, and began using all kinds of shameless tactics on her to try to win her heart. Finally, Yi Qingqing fell to Luo Tianming’s devilish claws on a night. No, it was more like Luo Tianming had fallen to Yi Qingqing’s devilish claws. From that day on, Luo Tianming would live each day with his legs feeling like jelly, and lost some considerable weight.

Despite all that, Yi Qingqing only told Luo Tianming her real name. She never mentioned a word about the reason why she was stranded in the mountain forest with such injuries, or about her identity. Luo Tianming was enjoying his heavenly life and didn’t bother to ask, either, and they spent their days in bliss.

However, good times didn’t last. Yi Qingqing spoke about her intentions to return home a few days later. Luo Tianming wanted to tag along, but Yi Qingqing insisted on the opposite, saying that she would return to find him after she was done with her matters, requesting he stay put and wait for her return.

When Luo Tianming was with Yi Qingqing, his intelligence was basically non-existent, and easily agreed to it. He waited for her quietly day after day, just like a fool. Yi Qingqing never returned to him after half a year had passed, and Luo Tianming went on a journey to search for her whereabouts. In the end, his search went on for over two years. He travelled across the seven nations, but was never able to find Yi Qingqing.

Unexpectedly, his trip here to Rivulet City actually let him encounter Yi Qingqing again.

Xu Qi let out a sigh after hearing Luo Tianming recount their past, and patted Luo Tianming’s shoulder, then led him into Rivulet City. Xu Qi’s remaining thoughts about having Yi Qingqing join his harem were finally wiped from his mind, too. After all, one must never have any designs on their friends’ women.

On their way back to the Xu Clan, Xu Qi told Luo Tianming about Yi Qingqing’s identity. Luo Tianming was shocked to learn that she was actually someone from the Shadow Wind Sect whose status was extraordinary.

After which, Luo Tianming informed Xu Qi about some matters, too. He said that during his search for Yi Qingqing, he was bored and would often steal some treasures from others. Not only that, he had snuck into the Shadow Wind Sect on several occasions. In particular, two years ago, he had unintentionally came across a certain room in the Shadow Wind Sect while a couple were engaging in some adult activities. Luo Tianming was uninterested initially, but he noticed a pair of daggers placed by the bedside and sneak-attacked the couple while they were wrestling in the nude and stole the daggers.

Luo Tianming only found out some time after the heist that the male of the couple he killed was in fact the Sect Master of the Shadow Wind Sect, Yi Potian.

“Gods! You were the one who killed Yi Potian?!” Xu Qi exclaimed in shock after hearing this. He never expected that the one who caused the strife between the Shadow Wind Sect and Ghosteem’s royalty was actually Luo Tianming. Not only that, Yi Potian actually lost his life over a pair of daggers.

“Don’t be so shocked. I didn’t know it was Yi Potian at the time, either. Who would’ve thought that Yi Potian would be so easily killed?” Luo Tianming said.

“Easily killed? Tell me the truth, you rascal. How did you kill Yi Potian? The Shadow Wind Sect’s Sect Master will never be so easily killed no matter how weak you made him out to be,” Xu Qi asked, narrowing his eyes.

“Hehe, about this, you know, I struck him while he was at the peak of pleasure. It was futile no matter how strong he was,” Luo Tianming replied awkwardly, embarrassed.

Xu Qi was speechless. How shameless of him, to attack at that moment! It was no wonder Yi Potian was killed so easily! Ai, how unlucky of Yi Potian, to be targeted for his weapons and lose his life as a result. Pitiful, how pitiful!

Translator’s Note:

1: Xiao San means Little Three, but it can also mean the third wheel or mistress in a relationship. Also, Xiao Si in the next paragraph means Little Four. No elaborate meaning to it, other than to say “I don’t care who you are.”

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