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Chapter 199 - Missing!

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Luo Tianming suddenly remembered Yi Qingqing, who was affected by the Samsara Seal. He grabbed hold of Xu Qi and scowled at him, saying, “Hey! We seemed to have derailed from our topic. What should we do about my wife?! You’re the cause of all this! I am holding you accountable!”

“Drop that! Your wife, you say? I’m afraid you don’t even know what her identity is. Let me tell you, she’s no ordinary disciple of the Shadow Wind Sect. Otherwise, my Aunt wouldn’t have gone through the trouble and placed the Samsara Seal on her, injuring herself in the process. She might’ve even done you a favor,” Xu Qi quipped.

Luo Tianming stopped arguing back at hearing this, and the both of them walked back to the Xu Clan side by side. On the way, Xu Qi kept thinking about a problem. We made such a huge commotion by the city entrance, but why are Qian Yin and Qian Yun nowhere to be seen?

Soon, the group arrived at the Xu Clan’s gates. Tears welled up in Wen Xiang’s eyes as she stood under the sign that hung over the doors. Xu Qi came up to console her and supported her, walking into the Xu Clan.

Unexpectedly, the Xu Clan’s main entrance was closed. The group wasn’t exactly quiet as they entered, and yet no one came out to receive them.

Xu Qi’s expression turned grave as he walked over to the empty main hall. He hurriedly beckoned the Constellation Guards and Nightwatchers to search for Xu Pingfan and the twin sisters.

After some time, they returned to Xu Qi and reported that no one was found within the Xu Clan. Upon learning this, Xu Qi’s face turned ashen as horrible thoughts came flooding into his mind.

“Don’t be anxious, Qi’er. Perhaps Housekeeper Xu had realized that someone was targeting the Xu Clan and left the clan with your people? I saw that everything in the clan were still neatly placed. It didn’t seem like something had happened in here. Why don’t you think about where they might have gone?” Wen Xiang consoled.

“They would usually stay put in the clan, unless… that’s right! The Godsward Villa! They must be there!” Xu Qi suddenly thought about the Godsward Villa outside the city. Xu Pingfan was already handling its reconstruction when Xu Qi left Rivulet City. Judging by the amount of time that had passed, the villa should have been fully rebuilt.

That, coupled with Xu Pingfan’s experience, he must have sensed the danger and went into hiding in the Godsward Villa with the others.

Thinking it through, Xu Qi stood up and wanted to rush outside. However, right as Xu Qi stood up, he saw Xu Xiaomei, who had been separated from them for the past few days, walking in.

Xu Qi was filled with joy at seeing her. He quickly went up to her, looking outside the door in anticipation.

“I’m sorry, Young Master,” Xu Xiaomei said softly, her head lowered.

Xu Qi was stunned. A look of disappointment flashed in his eyes and asked awkwardly, “Was she unwilling to come? I knew it; she preferred somewhere quieter.”

“It’s not that, Young Master. I failed you,” Xu Xiaomei said as she knelt on the ground and started crying.

Xu Qi hurriedly helped her up and consoled, “You silly girl, what are you talking about? What has this got to do with you? I won’t blame her if she’s not willing to come, or you, for that matter. What are you crying for?”

“Wuwu, it’s not that, Young Master. Everyone in the Woodblue Village is dead!” Xu Xiaomei cried.

Xu Qi’s face turned ghostly white at hearing this and asked anxiously, “What?! Stop crying for now, Xiaomei. What exactly happened!?”

Xu Xiaomei wiped off the tears on her face gently and recounted her experiences from the past few days. Xu Qi had secretly sent her to Woodblue Village to bring Lan Shu’er and their daughter back to Rivulet City, but when Xu Xiaomei had arrived in the village, she discovered that the village was dead silent, and not a single household had any lights up.

Xu Xiaomei sensed that something was amiss and sneaked into a random household. Just as she came into the courtyard, she saw several corpses lying on the ground in the moonlight. As such, she no longer cared about anything else and rushed straight to Lan Shu’er’s house. Alas, she came to Lan Shu’er’s courtyard and discovered that there were even more corpses on the ground compared to the household from before.

Xu Xiaomei searched around in the house and did not find Lan Shu’er, nor her daughter. In her desperation, Xu Xiaomei started checking on the corpses. She looked through the corpses thoroughly and realized that they weren’t among the corpses either.

Despite that, there was a corpse in particular, whose death was the most tragic. Its limbs were all severed, and was someone Xu Qi was extremely familiar with. It belonged to Lan Daniu, who was Xu Qi’s best buddy in Woodblue Village during his stay there.

“What did you say?! Brother Daniu is dead?!” Xu Qi repeated blankly after hearing this, his body trembling. Xu Xiaomei lowered her head, silenting confirming Xu Qi’s doubts.

“Continue,” Xu Qi said with a hoarse voice, turning his head away.

Xu Xiaomei then continued with her story. Following the discovery of Lan Daniu’s corpse, Xu Xiaomei searched every house in Woodblue Village, but there was not a living soul around, nor was there any trace of Lan Shu’er or her daughter.

Not only that, Xu Xiaomei also mentioned that she realized another person or corpse was missing among the residents of Woodblue Village. It was none other than the granny who saved Xu Qi’s life, Di Luoyu.

“You didn’t find granny either? Then this matter might be a little better than I thought,” Xu Qi said deliberately. He knew that granny doted on Lan Shu’er and their daughter very much, and she was someone with her own methods. Since Xu Xiaomei didn’t manage to find her, this proved that she might still be alive, and she would never abandon Lan Shu’er and their daughter.

Xu Xiaomei hesitated for a moment before saying, “Young Master, I feel that Sister Shu’er and the others’ disappearance might be related to you.”

“Why do you say so?” Xu Qi asked in puzzlement.

“Young Master, there were over thirty corpses in you and Sister Shu’er’s house, including Lan Daniu,” Xu Xiaomei said.

“Over thirty? All of them found dead in my courtyard?” Xu Qi muttered.

“Young Master, none of the Woodblue Villagers were cultivators. From the looks of it, the murderers were targeting Sister Shu’er, even though she had never stepped out of the village before. It could only be you who’d offended someone. On another note, I wasn’t sure how to deal with the situation. I used a secret art to seal the corpses, and rushed back here to meet you without burying them,” Xu Xiaomei explained.

At this moment, the images of Lan Shu’er and their daughter came flooding into Xu Qi’s mind. His hands trembled uncontrollably, and his complexion paled.

A short distance away, Wen Xiang noticed the anomaly in Xu Qi as she spoke to Yi Qingqing. She rushed over here and asked about the situation in concern.

Xu Xiaomei lost control of herself once Wen Xiang came asking, and she cried out loud in Wen Xiang’s embrace. Wen Xiang was dumbstruck at this abrupt situation, not knowing what was going on.

Xu Qi collected himself and told Wen Xiang about the news Xu Xiaomei brought back with her. Upon learning all of this, her expression sank, too.

“Go take a look, Qi’er. Bring more men with you; I won’t be tagging along this time. I will remain in Xu Clan. This way, you can be free of worries. Remember that Aunt will support you no matter what!” Wen Xiang said.

Truth be told, Xu Qi’s mind was in disarray after hearing the news from Xu Xiaomei. His Xu Clan’s men were missing, and now Xu Xiaomei had informed him about Lan Shu’er’s disappearance. His imagination was running wild. They were the closest people to him, and so many of them had gone missing at one go.

“Aunt, remain in the clan with them. Xiaomei and I will go to the villa to look for Uncle Mang and the others,” Xu Qi said and pulled on Xu Xiaomei, bringing her outside.

At this moment, Luo Tianming noticed the strange expression on Xu Qi and started walking towards him. However, Xu Qi just glared at Luo Tianming, and the latter dropped his thoughts on approaching Xu Qi.

The duo came out to the courtyard, and Xu Qi immediately sent Xu Xiaomei back into the Four Divinities Cavern. After he did so, he spread his Five Elements Wings without fear and directly flew away, heading straight for the Godsward Villa.

When Xu Qi returned to the Godsward Villa, he found out that the institution looked exactly the same from before, much to his surprise. It seemed Xu Pingfan had spent a great deal of effort on the villa.

Xu Qi landed within the courtyard and went looking around. However, he didn’t find a single soul. Xu Qi thought to look around the institution beneath the surface, but he discovered that the hidden door leading underground was no longer there. A new hidden passage was made after the reconstruction, and Xu Qi had no idea where it was.

Xu Qi stood still in the courtyard and pondered for a short while. Then, his aura suddenly erupted from his body. The reason he did this was because Qian Yin and Qian Yun would definitely sense his presence if they were around.

As expected, a pair of silhouettes soon appeared in front of Xu Qi, one of them purple, and the other white. They were naturally Qian Yin and Qian Yun.

“You’ve returned, Young Master!,” Qian Yin greeted.

“Where are the others?” Xu Qi asked.

“Young Master, are you asking about them, or her?” Qian Yun asked, giggling with her mouth covered. Little did she know, Xu Qi was in no mood for jokes right now.

“Quickly bring them back to the Xu Clan! I have other matters to take care of, and have to be away for some time. Anything that requires my attention will have to wait till I return! Aunt is taking charge back in Xu Clan. Seek her opinion on any and all matters. Also, Luo Tianming and Yi Qingqing are in the Xu Clan; don’t you go offending them,” Xu Qi instructed them sharply. Since he knew that they were fine here, his Five Elements Wings silently appeared on his back once more, flying away.


The twin sisters were puzzled by Xu Qi’s series of strange actions. Despite that, they turned around and left to do as instructed.

At this moment, several people were sitting in the hollow hill behind the Godsward Villa. If Xu Qi was here, he would have recognized them; they were Xu Pingfan, Cai Xiaoxiao, Qin Fengshu, and the rest of the Xu Clan’s Guardsmen.

Qian Yin returned to the cavern and said, “Housekeeper Xu, it was Young Master. He’s returned.”

Upon hearing this, Cai Xiaoxiao quickly came up to Qian Yin and asked, “Brother Qi has returned? Where is he?”

“Young Master has indeed returned, but he left immediately. He told us to return to the Xu Clan quickly. Aunt Wen is already waiting for us there,” Qian Yin answered.

Xu Pingfan immediately understood that Qian Yin was referring to Xu Qi’s biological aunt, Wen Xiang. During their time here, Qian Yin and Qian Yun had told him about the matters regarding Wen Xiang. Xu Pingfan had met her years ago, too, and memories of her were still fresh in his mind.

“Let’s follow Young Master’s arrangements and return. He must have some important matters to handle. We have been hiding in here for over ten days; it should be safe now,” Xu Pingfan said, and left the cavern.


On the other hand, Xu Qi left the Godsward Villa and was flying at maximum speed with his Five Elements Wings, heading straight toward Woodblue Village!

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