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Chapter 197 - A Bad Joke

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Xu Qi didn’t expect Luo Tianming was actually referring to him and his familiar detonating their bodies when he talked about showing his true capabilities. That way of battling was no longer a double-edged sword, but a full-on suicide. Even so, Luo Tianming didn’t manage to bring down any of their enemies.

The Dark-flamed Phoenix’s detonation was incredibly powerful. The Eastern Wolf, Blood Savage Beast, Heavenly Divine Tiger, and Spiritual Rock Beast were all severely injured, especially the Eastern Wolf and Heavenly Divine Tiger, who had been biting down on its wings. Their auras were severely weakened, and their heads were a mess of flesh and blood. The Eastern Wolf was only left with an eye.

Xu Qi flew straight to the burnt corpse of Luo Tianming and staggered to maintain his balance as he tried to kneel down. It was at this moment that Xu Qi discovered the Tai Chi symbol Luo Tianming formed earlier was still spinning.

Suddenly, Xu Qi saw Luo Tianming’s “corpse” twitching for a moment. The layer of burnt mess on the surface began to break apart. Xu Qi had thought his eyes were playing tricks on him, and he rubbed his eyes, taking a closer look. However, the burnt substance on the “corpse” was indeed breaking off at an increasing speed.

“Cough cough, screw this, self-detonating feels awful,” Luo Tianming’s “corpse” said, and he slowly stood up.

At the same time, the similarly burnt Dark Phoenix let out a cry and spread its wings, slowly getting up and flapped them.

“Oh shit!” Xu Qi cursed out loud uncontrollably as he saw them getting up.

Luo Tianming turned to look at Xu Qi after standing up. He smiled at Xu Qi, his face covered in dust and ash, revealing two rows of pearly white teeth.

Xu Qi flashed over to Luo Tianming’s side, sizing him up as he clicked his tongue in amazement.

“What are you looking at, you country bumpkin? Haven’t you heard of a phoenix rising from the ashes!?” Luo Tianming quipped.

“I did hear of it before, but I hadn’t heard of one that involved blowing themselves up! Haha!” Xu Qi laughed heartily, his depression from earlier completely gone.

“Stop laughing. It’s all because of you that I used this technique for the first time. Now I’ll have to recuperate for a period of time. How is it? How many of them did I blow up?” Luo Tianming said as he scanned his surroundings.

“Is your self explosion fake? Just look; four men and four beasts, all of them still alive,” Xu Qi said.

Luo Tianming saw the situation around him. Bu Duanhun was standing atop the city walls, panting heavily for air as he pressed on his chest, his face covered in blood. Bu Duanfei, Bu Duanpo, and Bu Duansan, however, were in much worse states. They were all standing with much difficulty, leaning against the city wall for support.

“Alright, go harvest the easy prey,” Luo Tianming said, rolling his eyes at Xu Qi as he picked up the Rainlord sword that had fallen to the ground, walking over to the Dark Phoenix unsteadily.

Xu Qi looked at Bu Duanhun atop the wall, gripping his steel sword that was enveloped in the golden All-Tempering Flame tightly. Energy erupted from his body, flying straight at Bu Duanhun.

The severely injured Bu Duanhun tried to manipulate his energy, but it only resulted in him coughing up a mouthful of blood violently. It couldn’t be helped; Luo Tianming’s close proximity explosion was too powerful. If it wasn’t for Luo Tianming’s greed of aiming for all four of them at once, he would have killed off two of them instantly by focusing the explosion on them.

As Bu Duanhun readied himself for Xu Qi’s assault, he saw Xu Qi suddenly change his direction, flying towards his three comrades who were leaning against the city walls, struggling to keep themselves upright.

“Xu Qi! You dare!?” Bu Duanhun let out a thunderous roar upon realizing Xu Qi’s intent.

Even so, there wasn’t any slightly pauses in Xu Qi’s movements. A golden flaming figure flashed past the three heavily injured men, who were then set afire as well. They struggled for a short while before they were burned to ash by the All-Tempering Flame. Following their demise, their familiars who were similarly heavily injured seemed to be affected by their masters’ deaths, and collapsed to the ground, also dead.

“Pu! Xu Qi, our Undying School will never forgive you!” Bu Duanhun yelled out as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

On the other hand, Xu Qi only showed a cold smile on his face. He fluttered his Five Elements Wings, flying over to Bu Duanhun’s familiar, the Eastern Wolf that was left with only an eye, and said, “Say, Bu Duanhun, if I slaughter your familiar first, you will receive a rather serious backlash, right?”

Bu Duanhun immediately realized something at hearing this. Faint energy shone in his hand as he hurriedly formed a seal, and the Eastern Wolf disappeared from sight.

“Oh, you kept it away. But forcefully forming the seal must have injured you further,” Xu Qi chuckled.

“How despicable of you, purposely luring me into unsummoning my familiar!” Bu Duanhun shouted furiously, staring at Xu Qi murderously.

Xu Qi returned to Bu Duanhun’s side with a face full of smiles, and placed his steel sword against Bu Duanhun’s neck.

Suddenly, Wen Xiang called out from beneath the wall, “Qi’er, don’t kill him yet! He’s still useful to us!”

Xu Qi deliberated for a moment before kicking Bu Duanhun off the wall, sending him falling down to the ground outside. At this moment, the latter was unable to manipulate any energy, and could only let himself fall freely. Xu Qi didn’t have a good impression of Bu Duanhun anyway, and he wouldn’t die from the fall. Xu Qi would be glad to watch him suffer.

Just as Bu Duanhun was about to crash into the ground, Wen Xiang flew over and caught him safely. Before Bu Duanhun could react to any of this, Wen Xiang quickly placed a seal onto him.

“Aunt, your injuries have yet to heal; why are you placing a seal again!” Xu Qi said in concern.

“I’m fine, Qi’er. You, on the other hand, are too reckless! Didn’t you realize this geezer wanted to detonate himself!?” Wen Xiang reprimanded.

“Self-destruct?! You must be kidding!” Xu Qi exclaimed in shock.

Bu Duanhun paled after hearing this. Wen Xiang was right; he was prepared to kill himself with body explosion when Xu Qi was about to deal the final blow, but after being interrupted by Wen Xiang, he gave up on that thought. He wanted to see what she had in mind, and if an opportunity to escape would show itself. Alas, Wen Xiang placed a seal on him before he could do a thing.

“Bu Duanhun, did you think I was unaware of your unique combined explosion with your familiar? After you unsummoned it, all you needed to do was to prompt your Eastern Wolf with your will, and the both of you would detonate without any signs of energy fluctuation. Not to mention Void realm experts, even those who are a step away from the Reprisal realm would fall to your suicide attack!” Wen Xiang said angrily.

Xu Qi’s back was drenched in cold sweat as he heard this. Even someone who is almost at the Reprisal realm wouldn’t be able to take it! I was only inches away from him earlier; if he went through with it, wouldn’t I lose my life for sure?!

“Who exactly are you?! How do you know so much!?” Bu Duanming demanded, glaring at Wen Xiang with a savage expression.

“I’m only a petty woman who almost died at your hands!” Wen Xiang replied and turned to leave, leaving Bu Duanhun staring blankly.

Luo Tianming suddenly appeared next to Xu Qi and, tapping on Xu Qi’s shoulder, asked,“Hey, why are you still keeping this geezer alive? Just the sight of him irks me.”

“I’m no longer in the mood for that. A seal was placed on this geezer, anyway. We can kill him anytime,” Xu Qi chuckled.

Just as Xu Qi finished speaking, Luo Tianming stabbed out with the Rainlord sword, piercing Bu Duanhun’s heart. Next, he twisted the sword and dug out a hole in Bu Duanhun’s chest as the latter stared with his eyes wide, his gaze full of unwillingness as his body slowly collapsed, dead.

“Ai, you’re still too green. You must remember to never be careless around your enemies. Only the dead will never threaten you,” Luo Tianming said as he sheathed the Rainlord and patted Xu Qi’s shoulder.

Xu Qi didn’t expect Luo Tianming to be so merciless. He was stunned for a moment before nodding. Xu Qi suddenly thought of something and asked, “Let me ask you; did you go to the Qin Clan while in the capital?”

“The Qin Clan? No, why?” Luo Tianming asked, puzzled.

“You never went? Then where did you get the mask you were wearing when I first saw you? Have you seen someone else wearing the same mask as you?” Xu Qi pressed on.

“Why are you suddenly asking about this? Truth be told, that mask I wore was given to me by someone. That person was wearing an identical mask, too. Although he covered it up nicely, I could tell that he was wearing a mask, and that wasn’t his true appearance,” Luo Tianming said.

“Are you telling the truth?” Xu Qi asked in disbelief, his eyes suddenly opened wide.

“Do I have the need to joke about that? When I met that person in the capital, I could smell a heavy scent of blood on him. He must have killed a ton of people not long ago. Afterwards, I made a bet with him and I lost. As per his request, I wore that mask and went to the Cai Clan, acting as the murderer. I only understood later that the Cai Clan was probably killed by him, and he wanted me to give him time,” Luo Tianming said.

Xu Qi nodded slightly at hearing this. The dots are all connected now. The murderer Qin Fengshu saw looked exactly like the mask Luo Tianming was wearing, but Luo Tianming never went to the Qin Clan. This proves that the man Luo Tianming bet with was the one who massacred the Qin Clan. The Cai Clan was most probably killed by him, too!

Suddenly, a woman screamed out loud, “Let go of me! Who are you people?!” Xu Qi and Luo Tianming turned around to look, and saw that it was actually Yi Qingqing, who had just woken up.

Before Xu Qi could put in a word, Luo Tianming flew over to her.

Luo Tianming landed by Xu Chen’s side and brought Yi Qingqing into his arms, saying happily, “Qingqing! Why are you here!?”

Xu Qi couldn’t help but feel a headache at seeing this. He slapped his head helplessly, muttering, “Crap, Luo Tianming is looking so anxious right now. That Yi Qingqing could possibly be his lover! If Luo Tianming were to learn that the Samsara Seal was placed on her, then Luo Tianming… Gods, why did you have to play such a bad joke on me!?”

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