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Chapter 192 - Teasing. All Sorts of Teasing!

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“Don’t bother with them. They’re but rats that hides in the dark,” Xu Qi smiled.

Wen Xiang couldn’t help but reveal a smile, thinking that this nephew of hers had such a great state of mind. At this moment the entire Xu Clan was basically here, in the Monarchy Pavilion’s territory. It would be disastrous if they were wiped out in one fell swoop. The Xu Clan would truly be done for, then. At this moment, Wen Xiang suddenly realized that their subject of teasing just a moment ago, Xu Xiaomei, had disappeared.

“Just show yourselves since you’re here. Why are the Shadow Wind Sect’s men all like this? They just have to use that Shadow Realm art to intimidate others,” Xu Qi said, facing the empty courtyard outside the door.

Everyone kept their laughter in check after hearing what Xu Qi said. Some of them were still giggling to themselves, but they had already noticed the presence of the unwanted guests. But the Xu Clan’s men didn’t take their threat seriously. It was because in their hearts, there was no need to fear anyone, not even the king of Hell himself, if their Young Master was around!

“Hmph!” a cold humph rang out as about a dozen black figures suddenly appeared by the door. Upon seeing the one standing in the front, even Xu Qi was astonished.

This was because the person was actually a woman who seemed to be similar in age to Xu Qi. This woman had an oval-shaped face, her eyelashes long and her eyes big. Her skin was fair, and her appearance pretty. She had a devilish figure and looked delicate, yet exuded an icy air around her.

“I didn’t think such a beauty existed in the Shadow Wind Sect. Not bad, not bad, you’re very much this Young Master’s cup of tea,” Xu Qi commented with a smile as his gaze traced the figure of this woman continuously.

“Hmph, you’re scum, as I expected!” the woman said coldly.

“So what if I am? And so what if I’m not? Furthermore, this isn’t a matter of whether it is, or isn’t, it’s just a simple question of whether it is or isn’t. Don’t you agree, Miss?” Xu Qi chuckled.

Black lines appeared on the foreheads of Xu Qi’s men at hearing this. Why is our Young Master speaking so profoundly? What is he talking about?

The woman’s expression turned even uglier at hearing this, saying, “As expected of scum; such a smooth-talker! Take him down!”

The dozen black-clothed men behind her immediately rushed forward at her command.

“Wait!” Xu Qi yelled as he took a step forward.

The young woman wanted to say something, but stopped herself after thinking for a moment. She couldn’t outtalk Xu Qi, and didn’t dare to speak out.

“Miss, are you people from the Shadow Wind Sect? I don’t wish to injure such a beautiful lady by mistake. My men are clumsy; it wouldn’t be nice if they hurt your face accidentally,” Xu Qi smiled.

“You don’t have to ask me about my identity if you wanted to know! Isn’t that right, Master Luo?” the young woman said with hostility as her gaze suddenly shifted over to Wen Xiang.

“Haha, I was still wondering which ice beauty from the Shadow Wind Sect was here. I didn’t expect it to be you, Miss Yi Qingqing. It’s been a couple of years, and you’re getting prettier by the day. What’s more, you actually recognized me right away. I’m overwhelmed by your appreciation,” Wen Xiang smiled.

“Hmph, with what Master Luo had done to me in the past, I’d recognize you even if you turned into ash! Even so, I didn’t expect the esteemed Master Luo to actually seek refuge from an inconsequential clan. It seems like this little pervert here is your lover?” Yi Qingqing said in disdain.

“Oh? So this Miss here is called Qingqing. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, but what Miss said earlier was slightly wrong. Currently, this Young Master is still available. From your tone, could it be that Miss has thoughts about being my lover? This Young Master has always been kind. If you’d just voice it out, I’ll definitely have no qualms about it,” Xu Qi interrupted with a smile.

The Xu Clan’s men all burst out into laughter after hearing their Young Master’s teasing. Even Wen Xiang was covering her mouth, giggling to herself. This nephew of hers was too mischievous.

Yi Qingqing turned red from embarrassment at Xu Qi’s teasings and ordered, “Glib-tongued dog! Kill them!” At the same time, a pair of daggers appeared in her hands as she turned into a blur, charging towards Xu Qi.

Seeing this, Xu Qi shook his index finger suavely and said, “Let them.”

(TL Note: ah-ah-ah! finger shake )

The Xu Clan’s men let out another round of laughter at hearing this, waiting for the group of black-clothed men to charge over to them.

This group of men were indeed from the Shadow Wind Sect. Yi Qingqing led them according to plan, setting up an ambush outside Xin City, in case the three Shadows came to save Ying Da and escaped with him. Alas, they didn’t catch anyone escaping from Xin City, and news of Leng Shaowu’s demise reached them.

As such, she hurriedly brought her men into the city, and met with the Monarchy Pavilion’s Second Elder. She was told what happened and was about to pursue Xu Qi’s group when that Second Elder informed her that they had yet to leave Xin City. Not only that, he sent someone to bring Yi Qingqing’s gang to this institution, and sure enough, Xu Qi’s group were all here.

Right when the dozen black-clothed men from the Shadow Wind Sect came up to the Xu Clan’s gang, they were held off by the Constellation Guards and Nightwatchers. Not only that, they were forced out of the institution during their battle, changing their battlefield to the outside, leaving Yi Qingqing the only one remaining from the Shadow Wind Sect in the institution.

Wen Xiang had planned on having her men from the Luo Xiang House deal with Yi Qingqing, but was stopped by Xu Qi. He told her that he wanted to take care of Yi Qingqing personally.

Yi Qingqing, on the other hand, seemed to be targeting Xu Qi as well, and soon broke out into a fight with him.

“I didn’t expect Miss Qingqing’s cultivation to be so high, almost at the third stage of Void realm! Not only are you beautiful, your cultivation is nothing to scoff at, either! I wonder if you’re married?” Xu Qi said as he dodged Yi Qingqing’s savage blow with a smile.

Yi Qingqing didn’t bother replying to Xu Qi. She continued stabbing at Xu Qi, aiming for his vitals with increasing speed.

Even so, Xu Qi seemed to lack the intention of retaliating, dodging Yi Qingqing’s attacks with his speedy edge against her, jumping around the courtyard.

After chasing him for some time, Yi Qingqing could no longer hold it in and yelled out, “Scum, is dodging all you know?! Fight me squarely if you’re a man!”

“Hehe, you’re wrong again, Miss Qingqing. You’ll know whether I am a man only after you’ve become my lover. Don’t come to a conclusion so quickly, oh, this stab is not bad, but you missed. Oh, this palm strike isn’t bad, either. It’ll be great if you’re a tiny bit faster…” Xu Qi teased non-stop as he kept dodging Yi Qingqing’s attacks.

While Yi Qingqing was chasing Xu Qi all around the institution, the Constellation Guards and Nightwatchers fighting the dozen black-clothed men from the Shadow Wind Sect outside returned one after another, but the Shadow Wind Sect’s group were nowhere to be seen.

“Young Master, we’re done here. Why are you still fooling around here? Could you not bear to strike this Miss, having tender feelings toward the fairer sex? We’ll take your place if you can’t do it.”

“Scram! It’s obvious that Miss Yi Qingqing had taken a fancy to our Young Master and couldn’t bear to injure him. Didn’t you see her moves? She obviously couldn’t bear to stab Young Master!”

“What do you know!? Who do you think our Young Master is? There’s no way he’d fancy a girl of her caliber!”

“Yeah, yeah. Qian Yin and Qian Yun are much prettier than this Yi Qingqing. It’s more like it if Young Master brings her back to warm his bed.”...

The group began commentating as they watched the two moving around the courtyard.

Xu Qi’s smile spread even wider after hearing them. He continued dodging, not retaliating in the slightest. Yi Qingqing, on the other hand, seemed to have become antsy. Her face paled, realizing a serious problem. This group of people has actually returned so quickly, doesn’t that mean my men are already…?

While Yi Qingqing was distracted by her thoughts, the dodging Xu Qi suddenly changed directions and pounced toward her. It was already too late when Yi Qingqing realized it, and her daggers were snatched away by Xu Qi.

“Ai, say, Miss Qingqing, why would the Shadow Wind Sect give such worthless weapons to a beauty like yourself? They truly don’t match you. This Young Master couldn’t stand it anymore!” Xu Qi said as he fiddled with the snatched daggers in his hands. The All-Tempering Flame suddenly flared in his hands, burning the two wooden daggers into ash.

“Y-y-you! Return my precious daggers!” Yi Qingqing demanded. She was enraged at seeing her daggers being destroyed and turned into a black blur, madly attacking Xu Qi without any consideration for her life.

“Oh shit! You’re serious now! Don’t blame me then! Cursed Wraith Talisman!” Xu Qi yelled. Countless rainbow talismanic characters suddenly emerged from his body, exploding outwards. However, Xu Qi held back the power of the talismanic characters that were about to hit Yi Qingqing.

Yi Qingqing let out a low grunt after being struck by the Cursed Wraith Talisman, and her body was locked in place for a moment, her pretty face ashen.

“You saw it for yourself, Miss Qingqing. Although your cultivation is about to break through to the third stage of Void realm, while mine is only at the first stage of Void realm, if I were serious in taking you down, there’s no way you could beat me. You realized it, too, didn’t you? If I hadn’t held back on that move earlier, you wouldn’t be standing right now,” Xu Qi said. Although Yi Qingqing was being held in place, Xu Qi had no intentions of striking her.

“Scum! Y-you..!” Yi Qingqing huffed, not knowing what to say. She was no fool; she realized that Xu Qi only struck her minimally with those mysterious talismanic characters. If he had gone all out, she would definitely be severely injured.

“Hehe, now you know how good I am. Let’s stop fighting and have a good talk. I think we have some misunderstanding between us,” Xu Qi said.

“Hmph! Misunderstanding? You ruined my precious daggers and even insulted me repeatedly. At this moment, my Shadow Wind Sect’s disciples are probably dead, aren’t they!? Xu Qi, only one of us will leave alive today!” Yi Qingqing retorted. Upon realizing that she was free to move again, an overwhelming murderous aura erupted from her.

“What are you yelling for!? Shut up!” a coquettish voice rang out by Yi Qingqing’s ear. Before she could react to it, she felt a heavy blow to her head and her vision faded to black.

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