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Chapter 193 - Samsara Seal

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“Xiaomei, aren’t you overdoing it a little?” Xu Qi chuckled as he watched Yi Qingqing lose consciousness.

“Why? Are you feeling sorry for her?” Xu Xiaomei quipped as she carried Yi Qingqing off to the side. The Constellation Guards’ leader, Xu Zi, walked up to them with a rope in hand, seemingly prepared well in advance. In just a moment, Yi Qingqing was tied up like a rice dumpling.

Xu Qi was about to speak up when he saw how tightly Xu Zi had tied Yi Qingqing up, but he noticed his aunt Wen Xiang was walking up. Energy shone in her hand as she hesitated for a moment, forming a mysterious circular seal in her hand before slapping it on Yi Qingqing’s head.

“Aunt, what seal is that? Why haven’t I seen it before?” Xu Qi asked curiously.

Hearing him, Wen Xiang glanced at Xu Xiaomei intently and said to Xu Qi, “Yi Qingqing is no ordinary person; regular seals are useless against her. The seal I placed on her is called the Samsara Seal.”

“Samsara Seal?” Xu Qi repeated after hearing this unfamiliar technique’s name.

“Hmm. My master taught me this Samsara Seal at the end of my training. However, after imparting the Samsara Seal to me, his life came to an end and he left me. Speaking of this, this is my first time using this seal,” Wen Xiang said sadly, reminiscing over the past.

Xu Qi noticed her grief, realizing that she must be thinking of her master. He extended his hand, lightly patting her back and consoled her, “Aunt, don’t you have me? What’s with this Samsara Seal? What’s special about it?”

“Samsara Seal; the seal of reincarnation. The lives and deaths of all fall in a cycle, and so do their experiences. As its name suggests, I made her past undergo the cycle of life, sealing them. Not only that, this seal can only be undone by me. My master warned me in the past that the Samsara Seal goes against the laws of nature and I mustn’t use it on a whim. If I was ever forced to use the Samsara Seal, I must never use it a second time, or the consequences would be unimaginable,” Wen Xiang explained.

“Aunt, do you mean that you’ve sealed Yi Qingqing’s memories?” Xu Qi inquired.

“This is different from sealing her memories. If it was only that, I’m afraid Yi Qingqing would break the seal with her own strength after some time,” Wen Xiang sighed.

“Aunt, what is this Yi Qingqing’s identity?” Xu Qi asked doubtfully.

Hearing this, Wen Xiang finally revealed a smile. She nodded and said, “You silly boy, have you only realized it now? Would Aunt have to use the Samsara Seal if she was an ordinary girl? If my guess is correct, this girl’s status in the Shadow Wind Sect is even higher than Yi Kaifeng.”

“Even higher than Yi Kaifeng!? He’s the current Sect Master of the Shadow Wind Sect! Wait a minute. Aunt, you’re saying that Yi Qingqing belongs to the Inner…” Xu Qi asked as his eyes widened.

“Alright, it’s enough that you understand. Yi Qingqing has an extraordinary identity, and your feud with the Shadow Wind Sect is getting more complicated. Leaving her by our side will only bring us advantages, without any threat of harm. Moreover, she won’t even remember her name after she wakes up. I’m afraid she’ll believe you even if you claim to be her man. Hehe, you got a freebie,” Wen Xiang chuckled.

“Since she won’t remember anything, why are we tying her up? Hurry, untie her! Just look at you; what have you done to her? How could you bear to do this!?” Xu Qi said as he came to Yi Qingqing’s side, rolling his eyes at Xu Zi. Just as he was about to untie Yi Qingqing, Xu Xiaomei suddenly reached out and stopped him.

“Young Master, are you really thinking of becoming her man?” Xu Xiaomei asked in a weird tone.

Hearing this, Xu Qi immediately stopped and touched his head in embarrassment, saying, “No, no, I just can’t bear to see a girl like her being tied up like that. Didn’t Aunt say that her identity is special? We can’t have her die on us.”

“Fine, you don’t have to be troubled about such trivial matters, Young Master. She’ll just come with me from now on,” Xu Xiaomei said, and carried the tied-up Yi Qingqing into the room.

However, as she entered the room, Xu Xiaomei turned around and said, “Young Master, don’t forget that Sister Shu’er is still waiting for you in Woodblue Village.”

Xu Qi’s smile stiffened after hearing this. Woodblue Village…  Shu’er…  and our daughter…  are they living well?

“Qi’er, Xiaomei is right. You can’t act so fickle-hearted just because Yi Qingqing is pretty. My niece-in-law is still bringing up your daughter in a little mountain village. I won’t forgive you if you dare to mess around!” Wen Xiang said, suddenly changing her attitude.

Hearing this, Xu Qi drooped his head weakly. Just a second ago, Aunt was still going on about me becoming Yi Qingqing’s man! How could she change her attitude on a whim just like that?

“Ai, I’m afraid you’ve misunderstood me, Aunt. Do I look like someone who falls head over heels over any pretty woman?” Xu Qi asked helplessly.

“No, you don’t!” everyone around him said unanimously.

Xu Qi wanted to praise his men for supporting him, but they immediately followed up, “You don’t look like one; you are one!”

How depressing! As expected, it’s not good to be too familiar with others. They even know my true nature. Forget it, I’m not going to explain myself. That is the truth, anyway.

Cough cough! Wen Xiang suddenly coughed violently. Xu Qi hurriedly looked toward her, and saw that Wen Xiang’s face had gone pale, with blood flowing from the corner of her mouth.

“Aunt! What happened to you!?” Xu Qi asked anxiously, hurriedly going to support her.

Wen Xiang shook her head and said weakly, “Qi’er, it’s ill-advised for us to continue staying here. Let’s leave quickly; I’m fine.”

Xu Qi immediately understood what Wen Xiang meant earlier. This seems to be the aftereffect of using the Samsara Seal, causing her to be weakened this much. It looks like there’s a reason why her master forbade her from using it casually. Though, why did Aunt use such a big move on Yi Qingqing? Her identity is probably more than just extraordinary.

Earlier, they had learned from Yi Qingqing’s mouth that the Shadow Wind Sect’s group was brought here by someone from the Monarchy Pavilion, under the orders of their Second Elder, Wang Yin. This location was already exposed, and thus Xu Qi decided to immediately leave Xin City.

Xu Qi summoned Xu Xiaomei out from the room, and saw that Yi Qingqing was now on her back, her originally black clothes changed into an ordinary-looking long green dress.

“What are you staring at!? Young Master, have you forgotten what I just told you?” Xu Xiaomei scolded, not giving Xu Qi any face.

“Erm, Xiaomei, I would like you to help take care of Aunt. She’s injured,” Xu Qi said.

Hearing this, Xu Xiaomei directly threw Yi Qingqing off and rushed over to Wen Xiang.

Xu Qi was slow to react and failed to catch Yi Qingqing. In the end, he could only watch as Yi Qingqing hit the ground, wincing.

In the end, under Xu Xiaomei’s arrangements, she carried Wen Xiang on her back, while Xu Chen carried Yi Qingqing, and the Xu Clan’s entire forces left this institution silently.

As expected, they discovered someone was watching them in the dark soon after they left the institution. Xu Zi suggested getting rid of their shadow, but was denied by Xu Qi. As they travelled, Xu Xiaomei and Xu Chen had mysteriously gone missing, along with the ones on their backs. Someone notified Xu Qi of this matter, but the latter only gave them a smile, saying that he had made separate arrangements.

The group soon arrived at the Xin City’s entrance, and saw a group of people, dressed in the attire of the Monarchy Pavilion, waiting for them. Their Second Elder, Wang Yin, was among them, too.

“Young Master Xu, are you leaving Xin City? I have yet to play the part of host to accommodate Young Master Xu,” Wang Yin said with a smile as he approached Xu Qi.

“You’re too polite, Second Elder. This one surnamed Xu has some urgent matters back home and needs to hurry back to Rivulet City. How about next time?” Xu Qi said, moving toward the city gates, looking very anxious.

“Just a moment, please, Young Master Xu. Someone wishes to meet with you. I wonder if Young Master Xu could spare a minute or two?” Wang Yin said.

“Oh, is that so? Since Second Elder has said so, there’s no reason for me to refuse. I’ll get the others to wait for me outside the city, while we wait for the person you mentioned. Is that alright?” Xu Qi said with a light tone of discussion, but he had already waved his hand at his men, indicating they should leave.

The Xu Clan’s men immediately headed for the city gates at his order. The Monarchy Pavilion’s disciples wanted to stop them from doing so, but Wang Yin gave them a glare, stopping them from doing so. However, the Monarchy Pavilion’s disciples were still staring at the Xu Clan’s group, seemingly having discovered something.

“Hmm? Young Master Xu, two of your men seem to be missing,” Wang Yin commented.

Xu Qi only smiled in response, maintaining his silence.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked that. I was only curious. I hope Young Master Xu doesn’t put this to heart,” Wang Yin hurriedly apologized.

“Second Elder, I wonder who is the one who wanted to meet me? Where are they now?” Xu Qi said, suddenly changing the topic.

Hearing this, Wang Yin slowly drew closer to Xu Qi’s ear and whispered, “Truth be told, Young Master Xu, I wanted to discuss something with you in private.”

“You’re too polite, Second Elder. Just instruct me if anything’s the matter. You didn’t have to say that,” Xu Qi smiled.

“Haha, Young Master Xu is such a straightforward man. Then I’ll just come clean with you. I was actually under orders of our Pavilion Master to wait for Young Master Xu here, hoping to exchange some items with Young Master Xu,” Wang Yin said.

“You want the Four Shadows’ weapons, right?” Xu Qi smiled.

“Hurhur, Young Master Xu is sharp, indeed, to actually guess it,” Wang Yin said, looking a little uneasy.

“Second Elder, it’s alright if that is the matter, but shouldn’t you get the man himself to talk to me?” Xu Qi said.

Wang Yin was stunned at hearing this, then stammered, “The man himself? I don’t understand what Young Master Xu meant by that.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Qi simply stared intently at a Monarchy Pavilion disciple behind Wang Yin, not saying a word.

“Haha, Young Master Xu is as smart as rumored, indeed. I would be the insincere party if I remain hidden,” a voice laughed out loud, and a figure walked out from the Monarchy Pavilion’s group.

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