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Chapter 191 - You’re Still Young

Edited by RED

Wang Yin nodded slowly and said softly, “Many thanks to Young Master Xu for telling me the truth. I saw Li’er’s injuries three years ago; they were all caused by daggers. I had suspected it was the Shadow Wind Sect who did it, but word spread that you were the perpetrator. Soon after, news of your demise spread as well, and no further information was obtained.”

Xu Qi felt the situation becoming a little funny to him, seeing as the Second Elder actually believed in his words. The people in this world placed more emphasis on honor and vows, and nobody would carelessly swear upon their honor. Even so, what Xu Qi said earlier was indeed the truth. I never laid a finger on Wang Li, but I did get others to do it in my place. I’ll just push all the blame onto the Shadow Wind Sect. Just fight among yourselves! Wait a minute, it’s not chaotic enough. I seem to have forgotten about another faction.

“Second Elder, I’m afraid you are only half-right. What they snatched from me isn’t a single object, but two. I heard about it afterwards, too, that it wasn’t only the Shadow Wind Sect’s Yi Mie who survived. I seem to recall there’s also a disciple from the Misty Tower?” Xu Qi said.

“The Misty Tower’s disciple? Two objects? Young Master Xu, you’re saying..?” Wang Yin asked with uncertainty.

“Haha, Second Elder, I never said anything today, and you haven’t heard anything, either. Some things are better left unsaid. It’s sufficient that you understand it yourself. Moreover, your son had died for years. In my opinion, it’s better if some matters are forgotten,” Xu Qi said, adding fuel to the fire as he observed Wang Yin’s expression.

Veins popped out from Wang Yin’s forehead on hearing this. A powerful aura burst forth from him, and Xu Qi took two steps back, feeling guilty.

“Young Master Xu, many thanks to you for telling me about all this. This one surnamed Wang couldn’t thank you enough. There’s something I have to remind you: Leng Shaowu and his six subordinates aren’t the only ones sent to Xin City by the Shadow Wind Sect. There’s still one more person leading about a dozen disciples stationed outside Xin City, in case the Four Shadows escaped. Although you might not fear them with your strength, I hope you will pay more caution. That person isn’t easy to deal with,” Wang Yin reminded seriously.

Xu Qi was caught by surprise and blanked out at hearing this. He didn’t expect the Shadow Wind Sect to have reinforcements around Xin City. Furthermore, Wang Yin seemed to be a little fearful of the person he mentioned. It seems that person’s strength was no weaker than Leng Shaowu.

“Many thanks for Second Elder’s reminder. I’ll immediately leave the nation of Firesoul,” Xu Qi smiled and waved his hand at his men behind him, before turning to leave the plaza.

The Xu Clan’s men quickly followed behind their Young Master as he departed.

After Xu Qi left the plaza, he started increasing his speed, constantly changing directions in Xin City. His men were a little depressed as they followed him, not knowing what their Young Master was up to.

In the end, Xu Qi traversed the greater half of Xin City in his detour, returning to an institution near the plaza he prepared beforehand.

“Qi’er, why did you..?” Wen Xiang couldn’t suppress her doubts and finally asked.

“Aunt, what do you think of the Monarchy Pavilion’s Second Elder?” Xu Qi asked, smiling.

“My impression of him is pretty good; he completely exceeded my expectations. I had thought we’re in for a bitter fight with the Monarchy Pavilion today, but it turned out much better than I expected. They had no intentions of stopping us at all, and he only discussed something with you briefly. Why did you ask that? Is there a problem with this Second Elder?” Wen Xiang asked doubtfully.

“A problem? That Second Elder is pretty capable, indeed, to actually deceive Aunt. If my guess is correct, that Second Elder should have contacted the rest of the Shadow Wind Sect’s forces by now and told them about us killing Leng Shaowu’s gang,” Xu Qi smiled.

“You’re saying that this Second Elder wants to make use of the Shadow Wind Sect to deal with us and have us fight each other to the bitter end, reaping the benefits from the sidelines?” Wen Xiang asked.

“That’s what I thought, anyway. I don’t think my relations with that Second Elder is anything worth mentioning. He actually let us leave so easily. I’m afraid that matter about Wang Li was but a misdirection. The result he wished to see was the Xu Clan and the Shadow Wind Sect being severely weakened in our scuffle!” Xu Qi said.

“If it was as you said, then that Second Elder was truly a hypocrite! I’ll definitely slaughter him myself if he dares to make a move against us!” Wen Xiang declared ferociously.

Xu Qi smiled at Wen Xiang turning murderous, then turned to look at Di Ke’er and Xiaowu intently and asked, “Sister Ke’er, shouldn’t you explain yourself for your actions today? I’m truly baffled; you’re only at the first stage of Spirit realm and yet you charged out alone to try save Xiaowu. How is that any different from committing suicide? Also, you snuck out of the capital after leaving a few simple words behind. Aren’t you disrespecting this Young Master a little too much?”

Hearing this, Di Ke’er knelt on the ground with a plop, and Xiaowu, too, knelt next to her.

“Young Master, I should have died outside the capital over ten years ago. It was you who saved me, allowing me to live till this day. Not only that, you looked up upon me, trusting me and gave me a chance to work for the Xu Clan. However, this time, Young Master had been busy with other matters in the capital and seemed a little unconcerned about what happened in Firesoul, and I seemed to feel that Young Master harbored doubts against me. That was why I came here alone in an attempt to save them. I didn’t expect to survive,” Di Ke’er explained.

Xu Qi smiled and looked at the silent Xiaowu. He ignored Xiaowu and continued, “Xiaowu and the others were my brothers that grew up by my side. How could I not be concerned about them? What I wanted to know wasn’t this. Rather, why did you risk your own life to save Xiaowu despite knowing that it was hopeless?”

“I’m not living without him! If I can’t save him, I’ll just die with him!” Di Ke’er said resolutely.

Xiaowu began trembling at hearing this and started tearing up.

Everyone immediately understood what happened at hearing this. It was no wonder Di Ke’er insisted on saving Xiaowu despite receiving no help! They were in a secret relationship!

“Haha, how blissful of you, Xiaowu! When did you two started going out? None of us actually knew! How bad of you to keep us in the dark!” Xu Qi chortled. The rest immediately understood when they heard the conversation between Xu Qi and Di Ke’er and started laughing out loud. Some of the Constellation Guards even surrounded Xiaowu without a word, looking at him like a baby.

On the other hand, Di Ke’er realized she had fallen for Xu Qi’s tricks. Earlier, she was too agitated and didn’t put much thought into her words, blurting everything out. Now, she felt as if her cheeks were burning up and slowly lowered her head in embarrassment, not daring to look up.

“Truthfully speaking, Sister Ke’er, I had indeed doubted you back in the capital. You showed too much concern toward saving the Nightwatchers. If you had just told me directly that you and Xiaowu were having an affair... no, I mean, in a relationship, I would have immediately rushed to Firesoul! Xiaowu! You’re usually a man with few words, and yet you actually managed to get your hands on a beautiful goddess like Sister Ke’er. Quickly confess, or I’ll cripple your little pecker, leaving Sister Ke’er a de facto widow!” Xu Qi shifted his gaze to Xiaowu as he spoke.

Xiaowu’s face turned bright red at hearing this, not knowing what to say.

“Hey, just look at Xiaowu! He acts so honest usually, but he was actually such a flirt!”

“I don’t believe Xiaowu is honest! I keep feeling that Xiaowu used some despicable methods to make Sister Ke’er fall for him! Could it be that he used some drugs? Otherwise, why wouldn’t Sister Ke’er fall for me, given my handsome looks?”

“Scumbag, you’re handsome my ass! Are you as handsome as me!?”

“Ah! Ah! Boohoo, my Sister Ke’er, my goddess, I liked you, too! Why did you have to fall for Xiaowu?! Why did you have to love somebody else behind my back…”

The Xu Clan members caused a huge commotion after realizing the situation, teasing Xiaowu. This embarassed Di Ke’er so much that she wished there was a hole in the ground to hide herself in.

“Enough, why are you making a scene?! Is this the time to be fooling around? Is this the time to be condemning Xiaowu?! Just look at you; where has the dignity of the Xu Clan gone!” Xu Qi’s expression suddenly changed, reprimanding everyone.

As expected, everyone immediately shut their mouths after Xu Qi spoke out, looking toward Xu Qi fearfully, not daring to say a word.

As Xu Qi looked at them with a stern face, he suddenly let out a chuckle and said plainly, “But, when we return to Rivulet City, Xiaowu will not go unpunished! I’ll hand him over to you. You are free to torment him however you wish, make him spill everything between him and Sister Ke’er! When and where did they first hold hands, their first kiss, their first time rolling together under the sheets, and the positions they used! Get everything out of him! Report everything to me afterwards! I’ll skin you alive if you leave anything out!”

Everyone burst out into laughters at hearing this and answered “Yes!” directly. Xiaowu, however, turned green, lamenting that he’ll have to suffer through a series of tortures after they return to Rivulet City.

“Young Master, what does rolling under the sheets mean? And what position do you need to be in?” Xu Xiaomei suddenly asked with a serious look on her face.

Xu Qi blushed at hearing this and said awkwardly, “Xiaomei, you’re still young. There are some things you don’t understand. You’ll naturally learn of it when you’re older.”

“How am I young?” Xu Xiaomei retorted, unwilling to back down.

Xu Qi chuckled as he shifted his gaze toward Xu Xiaomei’s chest, thinking to himself, It’s not small, indeed.1

Xu Xiaomei realized Xu Qi’s gaze was upon her chest. She stuck her chest out proudly and said, “I’m not small! Mine is even bigger than Qian Yin’s and the others!”

Xu Qi almost fell to the ground after hearing this. This Xiaomei truly doesn’t understand anything.

Wen Xiang, standing next to Xu Qi, suddenly spat out a warning, “Qi’er, somebody is here!”

Translator’s Note:

1: The Chinese word Xiao(/小) can mean both small and young, though there’s a specific term to refer someone as young. It’s also the same Xiao from Xu Xiaomei, which means little sister.

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