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Chapter 190 - Impossible to Escape!

Edited by RED

The surrounded three Shadows and the restricted Ying Da revealed joyful smiles on their faces at hearing this thunderous roar. Similarly, Di Ke’er muttered to herself, “He’s here. It seems I can’t die even if I wanted to now.”

The Monarchy Pavilion and Shadow Wind Sect’s disciples looked in the voice’s direction. They stared with their mouths agape upon realizing a man with a pair of rainbow wings was hovering in midair in the middle of the plaza.

“Who are you?! Acting all mysterious here!” a voice demanded. The Shadow Wind Sect’s Leng Shaowu was the one who broke the silence. On the other hand, the Monarchy Pavilion’s Second Elder fell into deep thought after he saw this winged man.

The bird man hovering in the sky was none other than Xu Qi, who had just arrived at Xin City this morning. His figure descended quickly after Leng Shaowu spoke out, landing next to the restricted Ying Da and smashed the energy barrier around him into smithereens with a palm strike under the gazes of everyone.

Seeing this, the Monarchy Pavilion’s disciples charged out, but were immediately stopped by their Second Elder, Wang Yin. He smiled at Xu Qi and said, “If my guess is right, you must be Xu Qi, of the Rivulet City’s Xu Clan?”

The restless Leng Shaowu’s expression turned ugly after hearing what Wang Yin said. Xu Qi? Why didn’t I think of that? The reason Xu Qi broke out of the encirclement in the capital of Mirrorlink three years ago was exactly because of the rainbow wings on his back! Why did he appear here? Wasn’t he dead?

Leng Shaowu had heard tales about Xu Qi on many occasions in the Shadow Wind Sect. There was always rumors suggesting that the Crazed Ten1 were very possibly killed by him.

Xu Qi seemed to have missed Wang Yin’s questions. He helped Ying Da up and smiled, saying, “Xiaowu, you’re too careless. How did you get yourself in such a state?”

Ying Da lowered his head in embarrassment, not daring to look at Xu Qi. He said in shame, “Young Master, I…”

The Monarchy Pavilion’s Wang Yin didn’t get angry at Xu Qi for ignoring him. Instead, he maintained a smile and said, “Young Master Xu is extraordinary indeed. It was said that you lost your life in an accident three years ago. I didn’t think I would actually meet you here in Xin City today. This must be fate between us. I wonder what ties you have with the Dragon Clan’s Four Shadows?”

The other members of the Monarchy Pavilion revealed looks of bewilderment after seeing their Second Elder treating Xu Qi so politely. He was someone others would have a hard time holding a conversation with.

Xu Qi slowly raised his head at hearing Wang Yin’s words. His eyes revealed a glint as he said deliberately, “I’ll tell you the truth: they aren’t the Four Shadows of the Dragon Clan or whatever, but the Four Shadows of my Xu Clan! The Dragon Clan is, in fact, my Xu Clan!”

Following Xu Qi’s huge revelation, Wang Yin and Leng Shaowu’s expressions turned extremely ugly. The Dragon Clan’s Four Shadows are his Xu Clan’s men? So, does that mean the entire Dragon Clan are part of the Xu Clan? This is unthinkable!

“I didn’t expect Young Master Xu to have such deep foundations at such a young age. I am truly shocked. Though, I have something I wish to seek Young Master Xu’s clarification. I wonder if Young Master Xu remembers our Monarchy Pavilion’s disciple, Wang Li, from the Fengwen Examinations three years ago?” Wang Yin suddenly changed the topic, asking Xu Qi about matters from the past. Nobody realized that Wang Yin’s hands, hidden in his sleeves, were trembling.

“I don’t,” Xu Qi replied plainly.

“Hurhur, Young Master Xu, I’m only asking whether you know how Wang Li died. According to rumors, you killed him during a scuffle for an object, but I wished to get your confirmation,” Wang Yin continued.

Hearing this, Xu Qi realized Wang Yin’s aura was a little amiss. He creased his brow and said, “Who are you of the Monarchy Pavilion? And what are your relations with that Wang Li?”

“I am the Monarchy Pavilion’s Second Elder. My name is Wang Yin, and Wang Li is my son,” Wang Yin said, the smile on his face unnatural.

“Oh, so that’s it. You shouldn’t ask me about that, Second Elder. Perhaps it would be more apt if you asked the man standing beside you. I can only tell you that I didn’t even lay a finger on that Wang Li, let alone him dying by my hands,” Xu Qi said plainly.

Wang Yin’s gaze turned colder on hearing that. He turned to the side and glanced at Leng Shaowu, saying, “Young Master Xu, if you are able to tell me about what happened back then, I can guarantee that we won’t make things difficult for you and your men, and let you go. How about it?”

Xu Qi smiled coldly and replied, “It’s not up to your Monarchy Pavilion to decide whether I leave or remain!”

Just as Xu Qi’s voice trailed off, about twenty silhouettes flew into the middle of the plaza. The ones leading them were none other than Xu Xiaomei and Wen Xiang.

“Aunt, his movements are sealed. Please free him,” Xu Qi requested, pointing his finger at Ying Da.

Wen Xiang nodded and helped Ying Da to the side. She began observing the seals placed on him and attempted to remove his seals. On the other hand, Xu Xiaomei walked over to Di Ke’er’s side, checking on her condition.

“Hey, look, there’s three bastards here surrounded by a group of bastards,” Xu Zi ridiculed after he saw the encircled three Shadows.

“Big Brother, something is wrong with your wording; what’s with three bastards being surrounded by a group of bastards? It should be three little bastards surrounded by a group of old bastards!”

“Ai, these three bastards are so pitiful. They were beaten up so badly that they’ve lost their shells.”2

“Haha, should we help them get their shells back? How could bastards be without their shells, am I right?”


Sounds of laughter rang out continuously as the Constellation Guards poked fun at the surrounded three Shadows. However, they weren’t angry at being ridiculed by the Constellation Guards. Instead, they had silly smiles on their faces, laughing back at the Constellation Guards.

The Monarchy Pavilion’s experts exchanged looks at seeing this situation play out, not knowing what to do.

“Come back, all of you,” the Monarchy Pavilion’s Second Elder ordered.

Seeing the Monarchy Pavilion’s men back off, Leng Shaowu sent gazes at the six Shadow Wind Sect disciples, beckoning them to also retreat.

“Second Elder, are you planning on letting Xu Qi go with these people? I was told that the seven schools’ disciples sent to the Fengwen Examinations were all killed by Xu Qi! You mustn’t…” Leng Shaowu said.

“Brother Shaowu, you are slightly wrong in that. I seem to recall not every young disciple of the seven schools sent to Mirrorlink three years were met with misfortune. After all, two of them returned alive, and one of them was none other than a disciple from your Shadow Wind Sect named Yi Mie, right? Not only that, from what I gathered, the one who spread the word saying that Xu Qi killed the other younger disciples was also this Yi Mie, isn’t he?” Wang Yin said plainly.

“What are you implying, Second Elder? Right now, our first priority is to get rid of the Four Shadows and the Dragon Clan,” Leng Shaowu said with a sunken expression.

“Haha, the Four Shadows and the Dragon Clan are right here. Go kill them if you can, Leng Shaowu! Do you take me for a fool? Some days ago, Xu Qi brought his men to Earthdream and massacred the Mo Clan. Even the Imperial Void Valley’s First Elder, Yu Qingzi, and their Valley Master, Yu Yezi couldn’t do anything to them! And yet you’re asking my Monarchy Pavilion to deal with Xu Qi and his Xu Clan! Did your Shadow Wind Sect already know that the Dragon Clan was also the Xu Clan, purposely dragging our Monarchy Pavilion into this mess!?” Wang Yin roared.

“Second Elder, I don’t know what you meant by that. Is your Monarchy Pavilion trying to renege on your promises? Don’t forget that your Monarchy Pavilion took part in chasing down the Four Shadows. Will Xu Qi let you off so easily?!” Leng Shaowu continued.

Wang Yin instantly burst out into laughter at hearing this, then clasped his fists and said to Xu Qi, “Young Master Xu, our Monarchy Pavilion was tricked by the Shadow Wind Sect and pursued the Four Shadows. I beg for Young Master Xu’s forgiveness.”

“You’re too polite, Second Elder. Since you were tricked by the Shadow Wind Sect, would Second Elder please retreat to the side with your Monarchy Pavilion’s men? Allow me to settle the scores with the Shadow Wind Sect; I won’t pursue what happened before,” Xu Qi smiled.

Wang Yin nodded and beckoned everyone from the Monarchy Pavilion to step aside, leaving Leng Shaowu and the six experts he brought with him standing by themselves.

“How despicable of you, Wang Yin!” Leng Shaowu roared.

However, Wang Yin only smiled plainly at Leng Shaowu’s curses, seemingly without any intention of paying heed to him.

At the same time, Wen Xiang was done with removing the seals placed on Ying Da and returned to Xu Qi’s side.

“Shadow Wind Sect, I’ll have you all remain here today!” Xu Qi said coldly, glaring at Leng Shaowu.

“Hmph, Xu Qi, our Shadow Wind Sect’s men aren’t people you can do as you please with! Retreat!” Leng Shaowu shouted as his figure slowly faded, vanishing into thin air. The six experts disappeared in similar fashion as well.

“Hmph, fading into the shadows? It’s useless against us!” Xu Qi said plainly.

Just as the Shadow Wind Sect’s men used the Invisibility Art to make their escape, they realized that the Luo Xiang House’s men and the Constellation Guards led by Xu Qi struck out at the air at the same time. The powerful energy shockwaves forced Leng Shaowu and the six experts out of their invisibility, falling to the ground. Under the combined assault of so many experts, each of them suffered varying degrees of injuries.

“H-how did you see through our Shadow Realm!” Leng Shaowu asked in astonishment, as blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

“It’s a secret!” Xu Qi said. At the same time, the Constellation Guards and the men from Luo Xiang House struck out at the injured Shadow Wind Sect disciples as if they were vegetables, instantly claiming their lives.

Wang Yin’s mouth twitched as he witnessed the entire exchange, thinking to himself that Xu Qi was truly not to be trifled with. He was familiar with the six experts Leng Shaowu brought with him; each of them were cultivation experts at the first stage of the Void realm, and they knew the mysterious Shadow Realm art. However, they seemed like children attempting to fight against adults when matched up against Xu Qi, losing their lives in an instant.

At this moment, Xu Qi’s voice found its way to Wang Yin’s ear, “Second Elder, please come over here for a moment. This one surnamed Xu has something he wishes to speak to you about alone.”

Wang Yin flew over to Xu Qi’s side without a hint of hesitation at hearing this, waiting for Xu Qi to speak. However, his hands hidden behind his back was slightly trembling.

“To tell you the truth, Second Elder, Wang Li was killed by the Shadow Wind Sect’s disciple back then, outside the capital. I can swear to the heavens, I, Xu Qi, never laid a finger on him. If any of what I said was a lie, I’ll get struck by lightning!” Xu Qi said. Each of his words struck heavily in Wang Yin’s heart.

Translator’s Notes:

1: Refresher Course. The Crazed Ten are the 10 Nightlords from Shadow Wind Sect that came to Mirrorlink before the timeskip. Three of them died mysteriously after the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix egg hatched, and the others were killed in the battle at the Xu Clan.

2: The word for bastard (/王八) here actually refers to some kind of tortoise. Remember how Uncle Tortoise was so adamant on Xu Qi not calling him Tortoise (/乌龟)? These two terms are commonly used together as (乌龟王八蛋) as an insult, meaning bastard or son of a you know what. Xiaowu was saying that the Nightwatchers (Tortoises) were beaten up so badly that they lost their shells.

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