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Chapter 189 - Heavily Surrounded

Edited by RED

The sun hung high in the sky, shining brightly at midday. Even so, Xin City was bustling. People were everywhere, and the plaza in the middle was the most popular area in the city.

Right now, the plaza was filled with the Monarchy Pavilion’s disciples. Their expressions were stern as they formed a circular human wall, stopping anyone from getting past them.

Within the human wall in the plaza, the most eye-catching fact was that a man with dishevelled hair was in the middle there, sitting on the ground. His entire body was covered in blood stains, and a strange seal was shining on his body. He was also surrounded by a layer of red energy, and from the looks of it, he was completely restrained by it.

A short distance away, several elders dressed in the Monarchy Pavilion’s attire and a few black-clothed men were sitting behind the sealed man.

The elders in the Monarchy Pavilion’s attire weren’t unfamiliar faces to the Xin City’s residents. They even know the elders’ names. Speaking of the elders’ names, they weren’t unfamiliar to the citizens of the entire Firesoul nation, either. They were the awe-inspiring Elders of the Monarchy Pavilion, whose fame was spread far and wide. Their cultivations were high, their strength powerful. No citizen would dare to offend them.

At this moment, one of the black-clothed man who was originally sitting behind the captive appeared mysteriously in front of him and said, “I’ll give you one last chance. Will you speak, or are you remaining silent?”

“Alright, I’ll talk,” the captive agreed straightforwardly.

A look of joy appeared on the black-clothed man and hurriedly said, “Good. As long as you spill it, not only will your life be spared, I will even guarantee that your position will be no inferior to mine after you enter our sect!”

The captive parted his dishevelled hair suavely to the side at hearing this, revealing a young face. He smiled and announced, “That’s right, I was indeed in an affair with your mother years ago, and you were born soon after. The truth is, I am actually your biological father!”

Veins popped out on the black-clothed man’s forehead after hearing this. He clenched his fists tightly as red energy shone on his body.

“Don’t get agitated, Brother Shaowu. This bastard is trying to provoke you into killing him. Don’t fall for his trickery,” a white-haired Elder from the Monarchy Pavilion spoke out. He was already standing in front of them even as his voice was heard behind them.

The black-clothed man slowly dispersed his energy at hearing this and replied with a smile, “Second Elder is right. I almost fell for his tricks, if it wasn’t for your reminder.”

“Hmph, the Monarchy Pavilion and the Shadow Wind Sect are all a bunch of useless cowards! If it wasn’t for your tricks, this master here wouldn’t have fallen into the hands of the likes of you here! Now you’re even trying to lure my brothers out! How despicable!” the young man roared angrily.

“Ying Da1, I acknowledge you as an admirable man; that was why I offered you a chance to live on. I expected you to know what’s good for you! Abandon the dark side and join us, the Monarchy Pavilion! We’re a hundred times better than that Dragon Clan or whatever!” the white-haired elder said loftily.

“Wang Yin, I see you turned silly after being the Second Elder of the Monarchy Pavilion for so long! Not to mention your Monarchy Pavilion, even if it was the seven top schools combined, our Dragon Clan has no fear for you! Stop trying to give face to yourself, idiot!” the captive sitting on the ground rebuked him.

“Y-you..! Fine, fine, since you don’t know what’s good for you, I’ll have you witness the strength of our Monarchy Pavilion today! Men, burn him to death!” the Monarchy Pavilion’s Second Elder ordered.

As his order echoed, numerous disciples of the Monarchy Pavilion came to the middle of the plaza, carrying dried firewood with them. In just a short while, the firewood was stacked around the young man, and one of the Monarchy Pavilion’s disciples held a burning torch, standing by the side.

“Do it!” Wang Yin ordered.

Upon receiving the order, the torch-wielding disciple threw it at the firewood. Alas, before the torch reached the firewood, a sonic boom rang, and the fire torch changed its direction abruptly, flying off to the side.

Immediately after, a woman dressed in white with a veil covering her appearance landed in the plaza, wielding a longsword in her hand.

“Why are you here?! Quickly leave!” the young man surrounded by firewood yelled anxiously.

The white-clothed woman didn’t reply to him. A layer of blue energy enveloped her longsword, and she slashed out at the stack of firewood, instantly scattering it.

“A measly first stage Spirit Swordsman actually dared to come alone. How conceited!” the black-clothed man humphed coldly. He turned into a red blur, flying straight at the white-clothed woman.

Pu! In just a single exchange, the white-clothed woman was repelled by the red blur with a palm strike. She spat out a mouthful of blood, dying her veil in red.

The white-clothed woman crashed heavily onto the ground and could no longer stand. However, she forcefully propped herself up, crawling toward the young man held captive.

“Ah! Ahhh! Leng Shaowu! Your daddy here is going to slaughter you!” the young man cried out loud. He struggled violently at seeing this, but the red energy barrier surrounding him didn’t let him move an inch.

“This woman here is your sweetheart, huh! To actually have Ying Da of the Four Shadows become so agitated. It seems like I can’t let her die so easily!” the black-clothed man smiled coldly, and slowly walked toward the white-clothed woman.

“The Shadow Wind Sect’s men are all trash, indeed, to actually bully a woman!” a loud roar suddenly rang out, and three red silhouettes landed next to the white-clothed woman immediately afterwards.

The black-clothed man’s expression instantly stiffened as he retreated backwards.

“You three rascals, why are you committing such silly acts just like her?! Quickly leave! This is a set up!” the captive young man yelled.

The red light shining on the three’s bodies slowly faded, revealing three young faces. One of them hurriedly stepped forward and helped the white-clothed woman up.

“Just look at that sorry look on you, Brother Xiaowu. I don’t see any dignity worthy of the Four Shadows’ name on you. Did your balls get snipped off by them?! Haha,” the one standing in the front mocked the captive. Hearing this, the two behind him burst out in laughter as well.

“Four Shadows?” the black-clothed man who backed off asked doubtfully.

“That’s right. I am your granddaddy Ying Er. This is your third granddaddy, and this, your fourth granddaddy. Oh, grandson, weren’t you pining for your granddaddies to show themselves when you set this trap? Why aren’t you clapping now that your granddaddies are here!?” the frontmost intruder ridiculed.

“Haha, the Four Shadows live up to their names, indeed! You knew it was a trap, and yet you came! I’m impressed!” the Monarchy Pavilion’s Second Elder chortled. As he laughed, ten men shrouded in red energy surrounded the newly arrived intruders. From the energy they were emitting, one could tell that every one of them was a Void realm expert! Assembling such a lineup in one go; how fearsome!

“Sister Ke’er, I’ll free Brother Xiaowu in a moment, and the three of us will hold these people back. You look for a chance to bring Brother Xiaowu away and look for Young Master!” the man who claimed to be Ying Er whispered to the injured white-clothed woman.

The white-clothed woman coughed twice at hearing that and slowly took off the white veil dyed red by her blood. If Xu Qi were to lay eyes on this injured woman, he would definitely be shocked; this woman was actually Di Ke’er!

As for the man she had tried to save alone, he was none other than the Ying Da of the Four Shadow. WIthin the Xu Clan, he was known as Xu Qian, but the rest preferred to call him Xiaowu. On the other hand, the other three were the remaining members of the Four Shadows. Their respective names were Xu Dao, Xu Wan, and Xu Gua. According to Xu Qi, their names indicated their mission: to shred those who harmed the interests of the Xu Clan into a million pieces!

Di Ke’er smiled bitterly at Ying Er’s words and said, “Young Master? I’m afraid we can’t count on him this time.”

“Who else could we count on, if not Young Master?! Just do as I say!” Ying Er said and led the other two, charging into their enemies.

The ten Void realm experts surrounding them made their moves at the same time. They formed a few smaller groups and intercepted the three.

However, shiny daggers had appeared in the three’s hands from nowhere. Each of them had to take on three to four opponents simultaneously, but none of them were disadvantaged in their fights despite their numerical disadvantage.

The eyes of the Monarchy Pavilion’s Second Elder, Wang Yin, shone when he saw the daggers in their hands. He smiled and said to the black-clothed man next to him, “Brother Shaowu, it seems the Four Shadows will prove to be difficult opponents. Get your men to help out. We’ll finish this quickly!”

The black-clothed man nodded slightly and sent gazes at the other six black-clothed men standing a short distance away, who immediately shot towards the three Shadows.

With the addition of another six men into the fray, the three Shadows immediately felt increased pressure. Each of the black-clothed men’s movement techniques were mysterious, and their speed extremely fast. They wielded daggers, too, and their attacks were all aimed at the three Shadows’ vitals. The most fearsome fact was that as the six black-clothed men fought, their figures suddenly vanished into thin air!

Even so, every time the three Shadows showed an opening while defending against the others, the black-clothed men would suddenly appear and strike at them. After a short while, not only did the three Shadows not manage to break out from the encirclement, each of them were also injured, suffering several cuts on their bodies.

Seeing the situation was turning for the worse, Ying Er quickly yelled out, “Back to back! Together!” Then, the three Shadows came together, forming a small triangle, facing outwards. Their expressions were grave, guarding vigilantly against further sneak attacks.

At this moment, the black-clothed man standing next to the Monarchy Pavilion’s Second Elder flashed over to the injured Di Ke’er. He took her hostage, holding a wooden dagger by her neck. He smiled coldly and said, “Today, your Dragon Clan’s Four Shadows are destined to die here. I’ll have this woman scout the way to Hell for you! What Twelve Constellation Guards, what Four Shadows, or Twin Sovereigns!? You’re all nothing but a joke! Today, even a descended deity wouldn’t be able to save you! The others from the Dragon Clan will all die under our Shadow Wind Sect’s hands! Haha!”

“The Dragon Clan doesn’t have any deities, but with only trash like you, I’m afraid you don’t have the strength to wipe us out!” a loud roar suddenly rang out like the thunder, echoing in the skies above Xin City.

Translator’s Note:

1: Ying Da means First Shadow, Ying Er means Second Shadow.

These are their code names, known to the outside as the Four Shadows/Nightwatchers of the Dragon Clan. Their real names are assumed to be unknown to the outside world.

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