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Chapter 188 - Utmost Urgency

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Although the doubt Xu Qi felt towards Di Ke’er was getting stronger, he remained hopeful that Qian Yin and his suspicions were wrong. Xu Qi thought for a moment and asked, “Are you aware of the situation in the capital now?”

“Hmm, I heard a little about it, but looking at the current situation in the capital, I suggest Young Master quickly leave,” Di Ke’er said.

“Oh? Why are you suggesting I leave?” Xu Qi asked doubtfully.

“First, the destruction of the Cai and Qin Clans. Why did it happen only after Young Master’s arrival in the capital? Has Young Master not thought that someone was targeting you? Young Master’s decision involves the lives and safety of the entire Xu Clan; we can’t allow any risks. Second, while I was out gathering information over the past two days, I learned that the Undying School is plotting against you. I hope Young Master will make the necessary arrangements beforehand. Third, the predicament of the four Nightwatchers in Firesoul. If we don’t provide help as soon as possible, I’m afraid…” Di Ke’er expressed her thoughts in detail, her hand propping up her chin.

Naturally, Xu Qi had thought of the three points Di Ke’er mentioned. However, she mentioned the Nightwatchers’ safety in Firesoul twice in just a short time, requesting he provide help. Was she truly worried about them, or is there some hidden agenda?

“Hmm, you’re right. It’s time we leave the capital. The Nightwatchers’ matter is our first priority,” Xu Qi replied casually, looking at Di Ke’er.

“Then when does Young Master intend to leave?” Di Ke’er asked, obviously a little agitated.

“No hurry. They wouldn’t be called the Four Shadows if they were so easily caught by the Monarchy Pavilion and the Shadow Wind Sect,” Xu Qi said plainly.

Disappointment flashed across Di Ke’er’s eyes at hearing this, muttering, “Is Young Master truly not worried about the Nightwatchers’ safety?”

“Why are you speaking so softly? I heard you; they grew up by my side. Of course I am worried about them, even more so than any of you. However, there are some matters I have to plan carefully. Thank you for your reminder today. I have some other matters to take care of. You go rest for now,” Xu Qi told her and turned to leave. This time, he didn’t go looking for Cai Xiaoxiao. Instead, he headed towards Qin Fengshu’s room.

Di Ke’er stood underneath the tree blankly after Xu Qi left, unwilling to go. Her expression changed back and forth several times, and in the end two trails of tears flowed down her cheeks as she turned to leave.


After coming to Qin Fengshu’s room, Xu Qi didn’t bother to take a look at him. He sat by the side and picked up a jar of wine, drinking by himself.

After some time, Qin Fengshu slowly walked up to Xu Qi and said with a stern face, “I understand now, Brother Qi.”

“Oh? What have you understood?” Xu Qi asked casually as he continued drinking the wine.

“I’ll learn from Brother Qi from now on. I won’t think of revenge before my strength is sufficient. I won’t…” Qin Fengshu said seriously.

“Stop! Who wants to hear this!? Your daddy here wants to know what happened in the Qin Clan! Who did that!? We’ll talk about your future plans after that!” Xu Qi interrupted in annoyance.

“Ah? I’m sorry, Brother Qi. I thought…” Qin Fengshu replied blankly.

Upon remembering his father and the loss of his Clan, his tears fell uncontrollably once more.

Seeing this, Xu Qi knew he spoke too harshly. He stood up and patted Qin Fengshu’s shoulder, then moved the jar of wine in front of Qin Fengshu and said, “Fengshu, Brother Qi understands your feelings. If we can find the perpetrator, Brother Qi will definitely avenge you!”

Qin Fengshu accepted the jar of wine after hearing that. He gulped down two mouthfuls of wine and said, “Brother Qi, the one who attacked my Qin Clan was a black-robed expert. His cultivation was too high, and he killed anyone in sight the moment he showed up. My father knew he was helpless and hurriedly hid me in the secret room behind the main hall at the crucial moment. I watched the black-robed man kill my father from the gap in the wall with my own eyes, and yet I was too cowardly to show myself, fearing for my own life. Brother Qi, am I a worthless man?”

Qin Fengshu’s face was covered in tears as he spoke. He picked up the jar of wine and gulped it down aggressively.

Xu Qi didn’t stop Qin Fengshu. He asked plainly, “What could you have done if you had gone out? All you would have done was give up another life. As the saying goes, where there’s life, there’s hope. What you did was exactly right, Fengshu. What your father hoped to achieve by hiding you was exactly for you to live on. That aside, did you see that black-robed man’s face?”

Killing intent flashed in Qin Fengshu’s eyes as he heard that. He said “I could recognize that person’s face even if he turned to ash. His face was full of scars and looked extremely ugly. Also, he only had one eye!”

“What!? Are you sure of that, Fengshu!?” Xu Qi asked in agitation, grabbing onto Qin Fengshu’s arm.

“Brother Qi, that man is my sworn enemy! How could I have seen wrongly!?” Qin Fengshu insisted firmly.

Xu Qi felt complicated at Qin Fengshu’s insistence. Luo Tianming; it couldn’t be wrong. Wasn’t the man Qin Fengshu described exactly how Luo Tianming looked like in the Cai Clan with the mask he had on? Could that guy be lying to me, and the Cai and Qin Clans’ murderer was really him?

“Take a good rest, Fengshu. Leave everything else to me,” Xu Qi said, and left Qin Fengshu’s room with complicated feelings.

Xu Qi exited the room and saw the Qian twins standing in the courtyard, along with Xu Xiaomei and Wen Xiang, each of their expressions serious.

“What’s going on?” Xu Qi asked as he approached them with a forced smile.

The girls shifted their gazes onto Wen Xiang. The latter realized it and smiled helplessly. She took out a piece of paper and handed it to Xu Qi.

Xu Qi accepted it doubtfully. There were only a few simple words on it, stating, “Going to save them alone! Di Ke’er.”

“Qi’er, Qian Yin went to look for Di Ke’er earlier, but didn’t find her. She only saw this letter left on the table, and informed me about it. She also told me about her suspicions of Di Ke’er betraying us. However, my opinion differs from hers. Look carefully on this paper; what else do you see?” Wen Xiang said gently.

Xu Qi brought up the paper again at hearing this, taking a closer look. There wasn’t anything else, only these few simple words. However, there were several spots that seemed to be water stains.

“Have you discovered it? That Di Ke’er was probably tearing up as she wrote the letter. I have met her before, and I heard that you saved her life many years ago. I told Qian Yin earlier, too, that you can’t suspect your own men so easily. It looks like Di Ke’er felt that you didn’t trust her and went to Firesoul alone to save the Nightwatchers,” Wen Xiang said.

“Aunt, couldn’t it be a wretched plan to trick our feelings?” Xu Qi asked doubtfully.

“Tricking your feelings? Let me ask you; do you have any concrete evidence to support your suspicions of her betraying you?” Wen Xiang asked.

Xu Qi shook his head.

“Qi’er, you’re the Patriarch, after all. You mustn’t do such silly things in the future. The greatest taboo one can commit is to doubt their own men, especially when without any evidence. I know Qian Yin was acting out of concern for you, but I’m afraid she’s wrong this time,” Wen Xiang said, looking at Qian Yin next to her. Qian Yin felt herself blushing and lowered her head in shame.

“Also, the situation on Firesoul’s side is looking rather grim. You should formulate a plan soon. Though, all of this is but my personal opinion. The final decision is still upon you. Even so, I have to remind you: Don’t put your men in danger because of some unfounded suspicions,” Wen Xiang said.

Xu Qi felt guilty at hearing this. Di Ke’er looked very worried when she spoke to him earlier, reminding him about the dire situation in Firesoul continuously, yet all he did was suspect her, not taking what she said into consideration. If something untoward really happened to the Nightwatchers, it would be too late for regrets then.

“Aunt, thank you for your reminders. Qi’er will remember your teachings,” Xu Qi said respectfully.

“Qian Yin, Qian Yun, quickly go to the Cai Clan and get the Constellation Guards to finish up the Cai Clan’s burials as soon as possible. Aunt, Xiaomei, please head to the Qin Clan with the brothers from the Luo Xiang House to take care of the burials. Similarly, get those done as soon as possible. Return immediately when you’re done. We’ll head to Firesoul tomorrow!” Xu Qi instructed hastily.

The four women left in a hurry upon receiving Xu Qi’s orders to complete their tasks. Xu Qi went to Cai Xiaoxiao’s room and paced back and forth in front of it, unsure whether he should enter. How should he console Cai Xiaoxiao after entering?

At this moment, Cai Xiaoxiao’s voice rang out from inside the room, “Is that Brother Qi outside? Come in, Xiaoxiao is fine,”

Xu Qi pushed the door open after hearing this and entered the room. He came to Cai Xiaoxiao’s side and looked at her. Her eyes were swollen from crying, making Xu Qi feel inexplicable sorrow in his heart.

“Brother Qi, Xiaoxiao isn’t as weak as you think I am. This is Xiaoxiao’s fate, my father’s fate, and even my Cai Clan’s fate,” Cai Xiaoxiao said as tears swirled around her eyes, yet she kept a smile on her face.

“Xiaoxiao, this is all Brother Qi’s fault. If I had never returned to the capital, perhaps all of this wouldn’t have happened,” Xu Qi said, feeling guilty.

“Brother Qi, I already said none of this is your fault. Xiaoxiao has already lost her home. I only wish to remain by Brother Qi’s side in the future. I’ll follow wherever you go,” Cai Xiaoxiao said.

Xu Qi nodded and brought her into his arms. He said resolutely, “Xiaoxiao, Brother Qi hereby vows to destroy the Undying School and find your Cai Clan’s murderer to avenge you. If I fail to do so, then I shall get struck by li…”

However, before Xu Qi could finish his vow, Cai Xiaoxiao extended her hand and covered Xu Qi’s mouth.

“Xiaoxiao believes in Brother Qi. You don’t have to make such a cruel vow,” Cai Xiaoxiao said, her tone sounding much better than before.

“Xiaoxiao, I have to go to Firesoul to take care of some matters tomorrow. Can you return to Rivulet City first and wait for me? I’ll return immediately once I’m done, alright?” Xu Qi asked.

“Hmm, Xiaoxiao will do everything Brother Qi says,” Cai Xiaoxiao agreed obediently.

Xu Qi felt bliss at hearing this. With an obedient girl like Cai Xiaoxiao by his side, his life would be all the more sweeter from now on.


After the greater part of the day passed, the four women and the Constellation Guards returned to the institution. Due to Wen Xiang’s relation with Xu Qi, her status in the Xu Clan was second only to Xu Qi. This time, too, she was pushed by the others into Cai Xiaoxiao’s room to report to Xu Qi on the situation.

“Qi’er, Miss Cai,” Wen Xiang greeted them awkwardly when she saw the two in the room.

“Xiaoxiao, I have yet to introduce you. This is my Aunt; you’ll have to address her as such from now on, too. Aunt, you know Xiaoxiao. She’s my wife from today on; we’ll be family,” Xu Qi introduced them to each other.

Cai Xiaoxiao quickly went to Wen Xiang’s side after Xu Qi’s introduction. Her cheeks flushed red in embarrassment and greeted her new aunt. Wen Xiang, on the other hand, was filled with joy. Now that her nephew had gotten himself a wife, naturally she would be happy about it.

Following this, Wen Xiang told Xu Qi about the Cai and Qin Clan’s burial matters. Tears welled up in Cai Xiaoxiao’s eyes once more on hearing this, but she never spoke a word.


That night, Xu Qi assembled everyone in the courtyard and arranged their next missions. Qian Yin and Qian Yun were tasked to send Cai Xiaoxiao and Qin Fengshu back to Rivulet City, and to keep an eye on the Undying School, in case they were up to anything. Meanwhile, Xu Qi, Wen Xiang, and Xu Xiaomei would lead the Constellation Guards and the men from Luo Xiang House to Firesoul to help the four Nightwatchers.

After arranging all this, Xu Qi spent the night in Cai Xiaoxiao’s room, talking about sweet nothings as they cuddled. There weren’t any improper interactions between them, but little did Xu Qi know, that his decision to spend the night in Cai Xiaoxiao’s room caused three other women to lose their sleep that night. Xu Xiaomei even sat under a huge tree in the courtyard alone for the entire night.


The next morning, Xu Qi left the institution silently with the others. After leaving the capital, Qian Yin and Qian Yun separated from the group with Cai Xiaoxiao and Qin Fengshu, making their ways back to the Xu Clan in Rivulet City, while Xu Qi and the others headed for Firesoul’s Xin City. Why Xin City specifically? That was where the Monarchy Pavilion’s headquarters were, and gathering information would be easier.

On their way to Xin City, Xu Qi realized that Xu Xiaomei had never spoken once since their departure. He tried to approach her to speak on several occasions, but every time he did, Xu Xiaomei would intentionally avoid him. Xu Qi was helpless at the situation, and decided to give up in the end.


After travelling for two days and two nights without rest, Xu Qi and the others finally arrived outside Firesoul’s Xin City. They didn’t enter the city, however. They stopped outside, and Xu Qi sent two of the Constellation Guards in to gather information.

The two returned soon with ugly expressions and reported the situation in Xin City to Xu Qi. There were posters pasted everywhere in the city, offering a bounty to capture the Four Shadows. Not only that, there was also a new announcement, stating the Monarchy Pavilion had caught one of them and their intention to execute the Nightwatcher at midday today.

Cold sweat poured uncontrollably from Xu Qi’s body at hearing the report. One of the Nightwatchers was actually captured, and was even sentenced to death today!? From the looks of it, the Monarchy Pavilion and the Shadow Wind Sect were using their captive to lure the other three to Xin City, getting rid of them in one fell swoop! Luckily they had arrived at Xin City this morning. The consequences would be unthinkable if they were late by even a day.

“Monarchy Pavilion, Shadow Wind Sect, you actually dare mess with my Xu Clan’s men!? I’ll have you know the price to pay for doing so!” Xu Qi said maliciously, glaring in Xin City’s direction.

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