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Chapter 185 - A Single “Xu” Character

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“Look what we have here; a master disguiser! You were still acting profound earlier, but you were in fact younger than me, little brother,” Xu Qi teased, looking at the young and handsome man in front of him. This guy was such a good actor, even calling Xu Qi a “Little Doll”.

“Who are you calling little brother?! I’m obviously older than you, all right?! Are your hairs even grown fully!?” the black-robed man immediately roared at Xu Qi, the blood vessels on his face popping out.

“You’re the one whose hairs aren’t fully grown! Let’s make a comparison if you don’t believe me!” Xu Qi said. His gaze turned cold, locking eyes with the black-robed man, causing others to feel a strange atmosphere around them.

“Let’s compare it then, who’s afraid of you!?” the black-robed man retorted.

After which, the two of them slowly turned away from the others in the courtyard and did something which stupefied everybody.

After turning around, the two of them proceeded to undo their belts and peered into the other’s pants. Xu Xiaomei was the one nearest to them, and also the first to notice the situation. She hurriedly turned her head around, her cheek flushing red.

“Haha, your hairs are there, alright, but your thing is a little too small, isn’t it!” Xu Qi suddenly laughed out loud.

“What did you say?!” the black-robed man said with a displeased look as he quickly fixed his pants.

“What, you got a problem? You want to fight?” Xu Qi challenged, not letting up in the least.

“So be it; you think I’m really unable to win against you!?” the black-robed man answered, waving his fist.

“Cough, cough, that, erm, wait a minute, we seemed to have deviated from our topic. Let’s talk about serious business first. Was the Cai Clan really killed by you?” Xu Qi coughed dryly and asked seriously, seemingly having realized something.

“Er, umm, maybe?” the black-robed man replied in a stammer.

“Fine, I understand now. It seems like you weren’t the one who did it,” Xu Qi said and turned to leave.

“Wait, why did you say it wasn’t me?” the black-robed man asked.

“Do I have to explain it? Your actions have betrayed you. It truly is not easy for us to meet like this. My name is Xu Qi; what about you?” Xu Qi asked.

“Xu Qi? So you are that Xu Qi. You’re a crafty one indeed, to actually deceive me. Fine, these people weren’t killed by me. My name is Luo Tianming,” the black-robed man said.

“Luo Tianming? Is that your name on this side? Or the other?” Xu Qi asked curiously.

“This side,” Luo Tianming said as a hint of sorrow flashed in his eyes.

“How about coming with me?” Xu Qi asked.

“Where to?”

“We’re both under the same circumstances. Why bother asking where we’re going? At least having a companion by your side is akin to having a place to return to, isn’t it?”

“Haha, we’re in the same circumstances, indeed. Fine, I’ll come with you, but I have something else that needs to be settled; I can’t come with you right now. I’ll find you when I’m done,” Luo Tianming said.

“Alright, I’ll wait for you,” Xu Qi replied and walked toward Xu Xiaomei.

“Xu Qi, why didn’t you ask me the reason for admitting to killing these people? Don’t you want to know who killed them? From your attitude, you should have had some ties with this clan,” Luo Tianming asked.

“Luo Tianming, if you’re the same as me, feeling the same familiarity I felt towards you, do you think I had to ask you that? I’m not one to casually invite others,” Xu Qi turned around and said.

Luo Tianming blanked out for a moment before replying, “You’re right, Xu Qi. Although this was the first time we met, I’m afraid nobody in this world will have closer ties than us! Haha, interesting!”

“Haha, you only realized that now. You’re a little too slow, little brother!” Xu Qi chuckled.

“What!? You’re obviously the little brother! I saw your hairs; they weren’t fully developed! You’re looking for a fight, aren’t you!” Luo Tianming said.

“A fight it shall be, who’s afraid of you!?”

At this moment, everyone else standing in the Cai Clan courtyard were watching Xu Qi and Luo Tianming’s exchange in confusion. Not long ago, the two of them were trying to claim each other’s lives, and now, they were acting like best buddies, even mentioning something about becoming the person closest to them. What in the world was going on?

“Wait, we can fight about this later. Let’s talk about serious business first. These people were indeed not killed by me. I lost a bet to a crafty guy, and was made to admit being the one who killed all these people. Ai, telling you all this is already going against the code of gambling, what a failure I am,” Luo Tianming explained, shaking his head.

“Code of gambling my ass! You were obviously tricked by that guy. Tell me, who is he?” Xu Qi quipped.

“I don’t know his identity, or even his appearance. But I know for sure that this clan wasn’t massacred by the guy I bet with,” Luo Tianming said seriously.

“Gods, in the end, you have no idea who the murderer was. Isn’t that as good as not saying anything?” Xu Qi said helplessly.

While Xu Qi and Luo Tianming were conversing, the ruler of Mirrorlink, Lian Chengwei, started backing off slowly, trying to make a quiet retreat.

“Sire, do you plan on leaving just like that?” Xu Qi’s voice rang behind Lian Chengwei just as he turned around to leave.

“What do you mean, Young Master Xu? As the Sire, naturally I’ll be going wherever and whenever I please. Do I have to notify you?” Lian Chengwei said unrelentingly as his figure stopped in place, displaying the dignity of a ruler.

What followed after was not Xu Qi’s reply. Instead, a sword came straight at Lian Chengwei. That’s right; just as Lian Chengwei finished speaking, a cold sword was held at his neck. If it advanced an inch further, Lian Chengwei’s throat would be penetrated.

“Xu Qi! Are you thinking of killing me, the nation’s ruler!?” Lian Chengwei roared with an unchanging stern expression. As the Sire, he had never been threatened in this way. His anger was reaching his extreme limits.

“Please be appeased, Sire. I was only trying to let you have a look at my sword. I don’t mean anything else. Since Sire is uninterested, I’ll keep it away. Please go ahead, Sire, and send my regards to your son. I have yet to thank him,” Xu Qi smiled, putting his Rainlord sword away and turned to walk towards Xu Chen and the others.

Lian Chengwei was stupefied at Xu Qi’s series of actions. However, he quickly turned around and made his leave. Just as he turned, Lian Chengwei could feel that his back was drenched in cold sweat. It couldn’t be helped. No matter how good his mental fortitude was, anyone would be frightened by that kind of threat.

Lian Chengwei left the Cai Clan in a hurry with his remaining guards, even forgetting his original objective in coming here.

“Fifth Brother, get people to clean up the Cai Clan, and prepare a grand burial for Patriarch Cai and the two Elders,” Xu Qi instructed. After all, Xu Chen was the most familiar with the capital. There was no cause for worry; he was definitely the best man for the job.

“I’ll be making a move first, Xu Qi. I’ll come find you when I’m done with my matters. This big brother will be imposing on you then; you’ll have to prepare good wine and food for me. Just watch, I’ll turn you into a pauper with my appetite!” Luo Tianming said as his figure flew off. By the time everyone else heard the end of his words, Luo Tianming could no longer be seen.

Xu Qi shook his head, smiling helplessly.

“Qi’er, who exactly was that man? Your relationship with him seems extraordinary,” a voice asked. The person who asked this could only be Xu Qi’s Aunt, Wen Xiang. The Constellation Guards, Xu Xiaomei, or Qian Yun would never ask him such a question. They would never bring it up if Xu Qi never spoke a word about it.

“Aunt, he can be considered a good brother of mine. I presume he really will be staying in our Xu Clan for the long-term some time in the future,” Xu Qi chuckled.

“Are you sure that’s fine?” Wen Xiang asked.

“No problem. If he were to do something against us, I’m afraid he would be feeling even lonelier in this world,” Xu Qi said, looking in the direction Luo Tianming flew off in.

“I don’t understand... whatever, just be mindful,” Wen Xiang said helplessly, no longer saying anything else.


Xu Chen led his men and started cleaning up the mess that was the Cai Clan. However, while moving Cai Wubo’s corpse, he discovered a ball of paper in his tightly clenched fist.

Xu Qi got news of this and hurried over. He took over the bloodstained paper and looked at it. However, he was even more confused when he saw what was written on it.

On the paper Cai Wubo held onto even in his death, there was only a single, indistinct character written on it with blood. The direness of the situation then could be seen from how he wrote it. This character that added on to Xu Qi’s doubts was a “Xu” character.

“Young Master, do you think it could be that Patriarch Cai wanted to request help from us, but was killed before he could finish writing his message?” Xu Chen expressed his opinion, inferring the meaning behind the Xu character.

Xu Qi only nodded at Xu Chen, not saying a word. Then, he folded the paper nicely and kept it.

Today, there were many suspicious circumstances behind the Cai Clan’s destruction. First, it was Luo Tianming, who came out of nowhere to take on the blame, followed by the appearance of the Xu character. What exactly was going on?

Xu Qi no longer dawdled around the Cai Clan. He left with Xu Xiaomei, worried about Cai Xiaoxiao and wishing to hurry back to see her.

“Young Master, I feel that slip of paper wasn’t meant to ask for help from us. There should be some other meaning to it,” Xu Xiaomei suddenly spoke up.

Xu Qi stopped in his track and asked, “Oh? Then what do you think it meant?”

Xu Xiaomei hesitated for a moment and said deliberately, “Young Master, don’t get angry when I say this. I feel that the situation must have been extremely dire for Patriarch Cai to write down such a word. Then, for him to write this character, I’m afraid the perpetrator must be related to this Xu character. It could even be that the murderer was surnamed Xu!”

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