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Chapter 184 - The Black-robed Man’s Identity!

Edited by RED

W-who exactly is this man?!, Xu Chen and Qian Yun thought simultaneously, as they felt a chill down their backs. Ever since they had come under Xu Qi’s umbrella, they had never seen such an expert.

“You go first, report the situation to Young Master!” Xu Chen whispered.

“Little Doll, what are you thinking? None of you will be leaving today,” the black-robed man chortled. He seemed to have heard Xu Chen’s whisperings.

“Whose laughter is that; so disgusting!” a familiar voice rang out as Xu Chen and Qian Yun were feeling lost. Xu Qi’s figure descended from the skies, landing in front of Xu Chen and Qian Yun. Immediately after, Wen Xiang and the others landed, one after another.

“Sire Lian, it has been a few years. You look as graceful as ever,” Xu Qi said to Lian Chengwei, ignoring the black-robed man.

Lian Chengwei was still making his guesses at this newly arrived man’s identity, and was stunned at hearing his voice. However, his expression remained unchanged and said, “So it was Young Master Xu. It’s been a long time. You seemed to have turned into a deeper and more profound man.”

“Not at all, but handling a few suicidal warriors posed no problems to me,” Xu Qi said.

“I don’t understand what Young Master Xu meant by that,” Lian Chengwei said with a guilty conscience. He had sent men to check on Xu Qi, and gave the order to kill him if the opportunity arises, no matter the price. Unexpectedly, he encountered Xu Qi here before his men reported back to him. From what Xu Qi said, his men were probably dead.

Xu Qi expected Lian Chengwei to deny knowledge of it. He smiled and no longer paid any attention to Lian Chengwei, turning to look around the courtyard. Xu Qi was displeased when he saw Cai Wubo’s corpse. As for the black-robed man, he had been observing Xu Qi from the moment the latter showed up, with a glint in his eye.

“Little Doll, that aura of yours is pretty peculiar. The Little Dolls behind you practices the same cultivation art as you, right? The energy ripples you let out were actually so strong; not bad, not bad,” the black-robed man said with a strange smile.

“You killed the Cai Clan’s Patriarch?” Xu Qi asked coldly.

“Hmm, that’s right, I did it. I know you’re going to ask me why I killed the Cai Clan, so I might as well tell you directly. I was entrusted by someone to do it, but I won’t reveal who asked me to,” the black-robed man answered straightforwardly.

“Then you shall remain here and be buried beneath the Cai Clan!” Xu Qi said coldly. His figure disappeared, charging toward the black-robed man.

“Hmph, a Little Doll that overestimates his own abilities!” the black-robed man humphed coldly, taking on Xu Qi as his black flames erupted.

Xu Qi was immediately repelled in a single exchange of moves. Not only that, Xu Qi had came into contact with the black flames for a fleeting moment and they caught onto him. The energy contained in it was extremely cold.

“You want to play with fire? You’re not the only one who knows how to! All-Tempering Flame, appear!” Xu Qi shouted. The golden All-Tempering Flame enveloped his body, and the black flames on him were instantly devoured by the golden flames.

“Hmm? What flame is that? It was actually capable of devouring my Frosty Jade Flame? This fellow is not simple indeed!” the black-robed man mumbled after seeing the golden flames on Xu Qi.

Xu Qi charged ahead once more after summoning the All-Tempering Flame. He was noticeably angered right now. Cai Xiaoxiao had just met with an incident and recovered her state of mind after much efforts, and now Cai Wubo was dead. How could he stay calm? Xu Qi was well aware that this black-robed man was a great expert the moment he laid eyes on him, but he sensed a chilling sensation from him. After exchanging moves with him, Xu Qi had determined that the cold feeling from him originated from those black flames.

“Guard Break Talisman!” Xu Qi quickly struck out a Guard Break Talisman before he reached the black-robed man.

The latter seemed to sense the threat contained in Xu Qi’s move and hurriedly dodged aside, choosing not to engage him in a direct confrontation. The black-robed man was confident that with his movement technique, this Little Doll in front of him would not be able to handle him.

However, right at this moment, a pair of flaming wings sprouted from Xu Qi’s back. His speed increased by a huge margin, instantly closing their distance.

Following which, everyone in the courtyard could only see a mass of golden flames and black flames dancing back and forth, unable to track the figures of Xu Qi and the black-robed man. However, every time the two mass of flames collided against each other, the resulting shockwave would alarm everyone present, and the temperature in the courtyard would fluctuate wildly.

“Cursed Wraith Talisman! Dao Induced Flame!” Xu Qi’s voice suddenly roared out, and the black flames were sent crashing down onto the ground.

Everyone focused their attention on the black flames. The black-robed man’s figure was revealed, with blood trickling down the corner of his mouth. His clothes were in tatters, with several holes in them, and golden flames were burning on his sleeve.

The black-robed man stood up and flung the All-Tempering Flame on his sleeve to the ground. He looked at Xu Qi in the distance, who was still enveloped in golden flames, resentment evident in his gaze.

Everyone else weren’t fully aware of the exchange between Xu Qi and him, but he understood it very clearly. This Little Doll in front of him has a cultivation level several notches below his, yet his golden flames had completely restricted him. Not only that, this Little Doll even had a pair of wings on his back, enabling him to achieve speed that was comparable to his. At this moment, he had no way of gaining any advantages over this young man before him.

“Little Doll, you have truly surprised me. Your moves were so exquisite, and your bodily techniques were comparable to mine, even managing to injure me! However, I fear none of that. It is only those cursed flames of yours that naturally restrict mine that are giving you an advantage. I presume you aren’t feeling any better yourself,” the black-robed man said.

“Don’t speak as if you’re in a great position. I know you’re trying to buy time to recover your energy. Even if I were to risk my death, I’ll have you remain here!” Xu Qi’s voice rang out coldly.

“Haha, thinking of keeping me here? You’re getting too carried away! This sir here is done with you!” the black-robed man said as he took flight, leaving this courtyard.

“Thinking of escaping!? No way I’m letting you!” Xu Qi humphed coldly as he accelerated, intercepting the black-robed man in mid-air.

“Little Doll! Know your place!” the black-robed man said vexedly.

“Thinking of leaving just like that after killing? Not so easy! Cursed Wraith Talisman!” Xu Qi yelled out again.

“This move again!? Stop! Stop! I’m done!” the black-robed man hurriedly said. His figure stopped in the air and returned back to the courtyard.

“What? You’re going to surrender?” Xu Qi asked, slowly dispersing the All-Tempering Flame. The truth was, Xu Qi’s energy was rapidly declining and was almost at his limit. Using the All-Tempering Flame and the Five Elements Wings simultaneously, in addition to two uses of the Cursed Wraith Talisman expended most of his energy. If this black-robed man was intent on escaping, Xu Qi had no way of stopping him.

“Who said that I’m surrendering? Your cultivation is much lower than mine. You must be running out of energy; it’s just that I didn’t want both sides to end up taking severe damage!” the black-robed man said.1

“Who said I’m going to do that? You seem to have forgotten that I’m not alone! Take him down, Xiaomei!” Xu Qi smiled coldly.

Just as Xu Qi said that, Xu Xiaomei’s figure appeared before the black-robed man.

“What the freak! You actually had an expert hidden! I’m done with this, you’re cheating!”

Xu Qi and Xu Xiaomei immediately exchanged glances, thinking over what just happened. Why did this ugly black-robed man’s voice change?

Suddenly, Xu Qi felt as if his mind was struck by a lightning bolt. What did this black-robed man just say? What the freak? I should be the only one in this world to say such a phrase, shouldn’t I? How did he know that phrase? Could it be..?

“Hold it, Xiaomei!” Xu Qi called out and walked towards the black-robed man.

“Be careful, Young Master,” Xu Xiaomei reminded him.

The black-robed man thought Xu Qi wanted to go for another round and quickly channeled his remaining bit of energy.

However, Xu Qi didn’t seem to have any intention of making a move at the black-robed man as he approached, sizing him up with a weird gaze.

The black-robed man felt a cold shudder and asked unconfidently, “What are you thinking of doing? I’m not such a casual person!”

“Freak! What are you thinking? Let me ask you; where did you come from?” Xu Qi asked, feeling a little depressed.

“What are you asking this for? I’m from outside the capital!” the black-robed man answered.

“I’m not asking about this. Are you from Earth?” Xu Qi finally asked directly.

“Earth? H-h-how did you know this?!” the black-robed man asked blankly as his single eye stared wide open.

“Oh shit! You are indeed! Tell me! When did you cross over here!? How did you come over?! Quickly tell me!” Xu Qi demanded in agitation upon getting the black-robed man’s confirmation, grabbing onto his clothes. He never considered the possibility of the black-robed man sneak attacking him at all.

The black-robed man didn’t resist Xu Qi’s grab. Instead, he asked uncertainly, “C-could it be that you too..?”

“If I had a gun, your daddy here will definitely shoot you down if you continue speaking this way! Tell me quickly!” Xu Qi demanded again, not caring about what the others in the courtyard would think, even mentioning guns.

“Holy shit! You’re really my fellow countryman!” the black-robed man turned agitated as well upon hearing the word “gun”, bringing Xu Qi into his arms.

Everyone in the courtyard stared with their mouths agape at watching this scene unfold. What just happened? Weren’t they going after each other’s lives just earlier? Why are they suddenly embracing each other?

Suddenly, the black-robed man recalled something and said “Wait, we weren’t done fighting, were we?”, and slowly let go of Xu Qi.

“Who gives a shit about fighting!? You’re wearing a mask, aren’t you? Take it off!” Xu Qi quipped.

The black-robed man didn’t get angry at hearing this. Instead, he chuckled and did something that caused everyone else to become dumbfounded.

The black-robed man peeled off a layer of skin from his face, and the hideous, single-eyed appearance vanished. What was revealed was a young, handsome face.

Translator’s Note:

1: The black-robed man meant that he didn’t want Xu Qi to use a desperation strike (if any) to cause huge damage to both of them in an attempt to stop him.

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