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Chapter 186 - Consecutive Grievous News

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Xu Qi’s heart throbbed for a moment on hearing Xu Xiaomei’s speech. Could it really be as she said, that someone surnamed Xu was the one behind the Cai Clan’s murder? Could there really be such a coincidence? Moreover, even after wracking his brains, Xu Qi still had no answer to why the Cai Clan would be targeted. He knew how Cai Wubo handled matters. The man would never offend such a powerful figure. What was going on?

All the doubts in Xu Qi’s mind were giving him a headache. There was just too many troubles recently. It seemed as if everything was coming right at him. The capital seemed peaceful on the outside, but dangers lurked everywhere.

Of the four great clans in the capital, only the Qin Clan remains after the destruction of the Cai Clan. Wait a minute, the Qin Clan!

“Xiaomei, you return first. I’m going somewhere else,” Xu Qi said, and flew off to the distance.

Xu Xiaomei sighed as she watched his figure disappearing before her sights, muttering, “I wonder when Young Master will get some peace?”

Xu Qi suddenly remembered the Qin Clan Qin Fengshu belonged to. Perhaps Patriarch Qin knew something?


After a short while, Xu Qi arrived at the Qin Clan’s entrance… and discovered that the gates were wide open. He creased his brow at seeing this, before opening his eyes wide. Xu Qi cursed inwardly and flew directly into the Qin Clan.

Xu Qi’s complexion paled after landing in the Qin Clan’s courtyard. The situation in the Qin Clan was a copy of the Cai Clan from earlier. It had turned into a tragic scene, with the Qin Clan’s men lying on the ground everywhere.

Xu Qi hurriedly went towards the Qin Clan’s main hall, and came to the courtyard outside of it. He didn’t see any bloodbath around here, or even any signs of a battle. The door to the main hall was shut tight.

Seeing this strange situation, Xu Qi pushed the door open cautiously. He was hoping for a favorable situation inside, but it didn’t go as he wished. Xu Qi couldn’t help but sigh. The Qin Clan’s Patriarch, Qin Mu, was sitting peacefully on the host’s seat, his gaze calm, his complexion white. However, there was no signs of life on him. He had been dead for an unknown amount of time.

Xu Qi slowly walked towards Qin Mu, and suddenly, he felt alarmed in his heart. Xu Qi stopped in place and said, “Don’t hide in a corner; come out!”

However, no one responded after some time. Xu Qi knit his brow even tighter. He had obviously felt a pair of eyes looking at him; he couldn’t be wrong.

Xu Qi continued approaching Qin Mu’s corpse, seeing as no one appeared. Just as he was about to reach the body, the wall behind Qin Mu suddenly opened, revealing a hidden door. A figure staggered out from it, collapsing on the floor.

“Qin Fengshu! Fengshu, is that you?!” Xu Qi asked in shock, looking at the fallen figure.

The figure slowly raised his head. He saw Xu Qi and called out, “Brother Qi,” and lost consciousness.

This time, Xu Qi saw clearly; the man who came out of the hidden door was Qin Mu’s son, Qin Fengshu! He hurriedly took Qin Fengshu in his arms, leaving the Qin Clan!

The Cai Clan was wiped out without leaving anyone alive, and the Qin Clan had met with similar misfortune. However, the Qin Clan’s Young Master, Qin Fengshu seemed to have been spared from the crisis. With a survivor remaining, many doubts could be cleared up with his account. Qin Fengshu had to be saved, no matter what! As Xu Qi carried Qin Fengshu away, he kept thinking things through as he headed to the institution.


When Xu Qi returned, the Luo Xiang House’s men, led by Wen Xiang, were already back there, while Xu Chen and the rest of the Constellation Guards were handling matters on the Cai Clan’s side. They were filled with questions in their minds as they saw Xu Qi carrying a young man back into the institution with a grave expression.

Wen Xiang sent a gaze to the man standing next to her, who then stepped forward and took Qin Fengshu from Xu Qi.

“Find a quiet room and let him recuperate. There shouldn’t be any injuries on him,” Xu Qi instructed. On their way back, Xu Qi had checked on Qin Fengshu’s condition. He was only in a weak condition, without any notable injuries.

“Qi’er, this is..?” Wen Xiang asked in puzzlement.

“Aunt, his name is Qin Fengshu, the Young Master of one of the four great clans in the capital, the Qin Clan. However, from today on, there will no longer be four great clans to speak of. Ai,” Xu Qi explained, sighing at the end of his reply.

Wen Xiang was a clever woman. She immediately thought of something and asked, “Could it be..? Don’t tell me, the Qin Clan, too?”

“That’s right. Earlier, I suddenly thought of the Qin Clan, whose relations with the Cai Clan were pretty good. I had thought to ask Patriarch Qin about some matters, but who would’ve thought that the Qin Clan were massacred as well. Though, Fengshu was hiding in their secret room and wasn’t discovered. He was fortunately spared from the disaster. Perhaps we’ll know what happened after he wakes up,” Xu Qi said.

Wen Xiang nodded, no longer saying a word.

“Aunt, I don’t know why, but I kept feeling uneasy these couple of days. It feels as if something huge is about to happen,” Xu Qi confessed.

Wen Xiang revealed a smile on her face and said, “Qi’er, there’s been too many troubles recently. It couldn’t be helped that you would feel mentally exhausted. Get a good rest, and don’t think too much about it. Remember, you have us by your side to share your troubles. Don’t take on everything by yourself.”

“Hmm, I understand, Aunt. I’ll go take a look at Xiaoxiao. Please inform me immediately when Fengshu wakes up. Also, I’ll have to trouble the brothers from the Luo Xiang House a little more. Get them to stay on guard; it has not been very peaceful recently,” Xu Qi said, and headed towards Cai Xiaoxiao’s room.

Xu Qi arrived outside Cai Xiaoxiao’s room, and was about to knock on the door when he heard the giggles of two women, seemingly very happy. Xu Qi smiled bitterly, feeling depressed. He didn’t know whether he should tell Cai Xiaoxiao the news about her family.

While Xu Qi was hesitating, Qian Yin’s voice rang out in the room, asking “Is that you, Young Master?” Xu Qi rubbed his face in an attempt to relax and get himself together before entering the room.

“I overheard your giggles outside. You seemed very happy and I didn’t wish to interrupt you. I wonder what were you talking about? Could it be that you were both discussing on picking an auspicious date to marry me together?” Xu Qi teased deliberately, looking at Qian Yin and Cai Xiaoxiao. They were sitting on the bed.

Qian Yin had been by Xu Qi’s side for years. The moment she saw him entering the room, she guessed that something bad must have happened in the Cai Clan and glanced intently at Cai Xiaoxiao.

Cai Xiaoxiao was focused on Xu Qi, and didn’t notice anything wrong on Qian Yin’s part. She blushed a little at Xu Qi’s teasing and said, “Don’t speak nonsense, Brother Qi. Sister Yin was only telling me about the interesting happenings when you were young.”

“Oh, is that so? This cheeky girl only knows to spin lies, tarnishing this Young Master’s glorious image. Watch how I’ll punish her later. Xiaoxiao, I wish to discuss something with you,” Xu Qi said, suddenly changing the subject.

“Just speak anything that’s on your mind, Brother Qi. Xiaoxiao will obey regardless,” Cai Xiaoxiao said, looking at Xu Qi lovingly.

“Young Master, Xiaoxiao, you carry on. I’ll go take a walk outside,” Qian Yin said tactfully and left the room.

At this moment, Xu Qi was struggling inwardly. Before he entered the room, he decided to withhold the news of the Cai Clan’s demise from Cai Xiaoxiao and bring her away from the capital. He wanted to look for an opportunity in the future to tell her about this matter. However, he felt his resolution wavering at the sight of Cai Xiaoxiao’s loving eyes. He didn’t know what he should do.

Cai Xiaoxiao noticed the complicated expression on Xu Qi’s face and called out in puzzlement, “Brother Qi? Brother Qi?”

“Oh, Xiaoxiao, I went to your place earlier and met with your father. I talked to him about our marriage, and I suggested bringing you away from the capital for some time. He agreed to it. Please don’t blame Brother Qi for deciding on your behalf,” Xu Qi said with a smile, but he was praying in his heart. Patriarch Cai, this is for the sake of Xiaoxiao. Please don’t blame me.

Cai Xiaoxiao flushed red and muttered, “I will obey Brother Qi unconditionally, as long as Brother Qi doesn’t ignore Xiaoxiao. I know Brother Qi dotes on me; I couldn’t be any happier. Why would I blame Brother Qi?”

Xu Qi let out a breath in relief and walked up to the bedside, carrying Cai Xiaoxiao in his arms.

Thinking back on Cai Xiaoxiao losing an arm for him three years ago, and her recent humiliation stemming from her visiting Xu Qi, just as he managed to bring her back up on her feet, the Cai Clan was massacred. Why does such a good girl have to suffer so? Gods, couldn’t you treat this pitiful girl nicely?

“But, Brother Qi, Xiaoxiao wants to return home to pack some things and say her goodbyes to father before heading to Rivulet City with Brother Qi. Is that alright?” Cai Xiaoxiao said softly as she laid in Xu Qi’s arms.

“No need for that. We have everything you need in Rivulet City. Your father gave his word, too; he said that you don’t have to bid farewell to him. You can directly return to Rivulet City with me,” Xu Qi hurriedly said.

However, Cai Xiaoxiao began struggling in Xu Qi’s arms. She looked at Xu Qi and said, “Brother Qi, father allowing me to go back with you was his good intentions. But Xiaoxiao understands father’s temperament. He has never let me go on long distance trips since I was young. I know he dotes on me and couldn’t bear to part with me. He definitely couldn’t bear to part with me on this trip to Rivulet City, either. How could I leave without seeing him once more? Father will feel hurt.”

“Listen to me, Xiaoxiao. Your father really doesn’t need you to bid farewell. We’ll leave after this. Be good, okay?” Xu Qi coaxed. He was feeling a little loss for what for do, seeing as Cai Xiaoxiao was being so unrelenting.

Cai Xiaoxiao noticed Xu Qi was acting flustered. Her gaze toward Xu Qi changed, and soon tears were welling up in her eyes.

“What happened, Xiaoxiao? It’s not that Brother Qi doesn’t want to allow you to return home, but… but…” Xu Qi was at a loss for words.

“Brother Qi, tell me the truth. Are you hiding something from me?” Cai Xiaoxiao asked, the building tears in her eyes rolling down her cheeks.

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