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Chapter 153 - Mo Dingkong

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“They were after your weapons? How do you know?” Xu Qi asked.

“Young Master, they were demanding we hand over our weapons from the start, and were even trying to snatch our weapons away while we fought,” Xu Hai explained.

“Did you guys reveal your weapons on your way there?” Xu Qi suspected.

Xu Hai lowered his head and said softly, “When there wasn’t any one around while we were travelling, we would take them out to practice.”

Hearing this, Xu Qi came up with an assumption in his mind. After the Constellation Guards left Rivulet City, they encountered the person who knew the invisibility art and were seen with their weapons out. Greedy thoughts sprang up in that person’s mind, and they followed, and would naturally overhear the Constellation Guards’ conversation, learning about their objective. Thus, that person arranged for people to lay in ambush at the Mo Clan and the way back. Their targets were, obviously, the godly weapons in the Constellation Guards’ hands.

However, the only thing Xu Qi couldn’t understand was, with such a lineup, they shouldn’t be from the Imperial Void Valley. Who exactly had such strength?

“Young Master, could it be that person you let go, the one who carried Mo Dingtian’s corpse away, informed the Mo Clan?” Xu Hai hypothesized.

Xu Qi understood Xu Hai was referring to Mo Yan. However, he shook his head and said, “I understand Mo Yan’s character. If I were worried about him reporting back to the Mo Clan, I wouldn’t have let him go. I’m afraid after that day, he never returned to the Mo Clan.”

Xu Qi thought for a moment and asked, “Twelfth Brother, did anyone chase after you while you were escaping?”

“Young Master, I was afraid that there would be further ambushes ahead while I escaped, and thus took a detour before returning to Xu Clan. I didn’t take the route we used previously,” Xu Hai said.

Xu Qi nodded, then turned to the Qian Yin and the girls and said, “It’s useless to make any more assumptions. Since we now know the situation, you three, leave your responsibilities aside for now and come with me to Earthdream as soon as possible.”

Qian Yin and the others nodded at hearing this. Xu Xiaomei was in better shape, since she wasn’t as well-acquainted with the Constellation Guards. Qian Yin and Qian Yun, however, were like siblings to them. They were extremely worried for them.

Xu Qi seemed to have seen through the sisters’ worries and smiled, saying, “If this group of people were truly targeting Xu Zi and the others’ weapons, then they wouldn’t be stupid enough to kill them. They would definitely leave the Constellation Guards alive to interrogate them about the weapons’ origins. Therefore, they are temporarily safe. Don’t be so anxious.”

Qian Yin and Qian Yun nodded, thinking what Xu Qi said was right.

“Twelfth Brother, recuperate in the Xu Clan. Leave the rest to me; I’ll bring them all back,” Xu Qi said, then left Xu Hai’s room with the three women.

After leaving, Xu Qi went to look for Xu Pingfan and simply left a few words. He also told him about bringing the three girls to take care of some matters outside and asked Xu Pingfan to be more careful before entering the Four Divinities Cavern.

Xu Qi went to look for the Black Tortoise and summarized the Constellation Guards’ situation to him.

After hearing the story, Black Tortoise was rather in favor of Xu Qi’s opinion. However, even he was unable to guess who the ones that ambushed the Constellation Guards could be.

“Brat, you can summon me if you’re met with anything you can’t handle. Although I’m poisoned, I should be able to give you a hand,” Black Tortoise said.

Xu Qi only showed a smile, not saying a word.

After finishing their conversation, Xu Qi searched for something in Venerable Ziyan’s ring while still in the cavern. He hoped to find something to counter the invisibility art, but he was left disappointed. Among the items left behind by Venerable Ziyan, there wasn’t anything related to the invisibility art.

Xu Qi left dejected, returning to the Xu Clan. He sent Xu Xiaomei back into the Four Divinities Cavern, as he planned on using the Five Elements Wings with Qian Yin and Qian Yun, rushing to the nation of Earthdream. Although he said that the Constellation Guards’ lives wouldn’t be threatened, he was still very anxious for them.


That night, three silhouettes shot to the skies from the Xu Clan, piercing through the clouds.

The three who possessed Five Elements Wings went past the place where the three battles took place according to Xu Hai, but they didn’t find any traces. After leaving the mountain bordering on Earthdream’s borders, they headed straight towards where the Mo Clan was located, Shen City.

After the three of them arrived at Shen City, they didn’t enter immediately. Instead, they waited until night fell to sneak into the city, coming to the Mo Clan’s vicinity.

Xu Qi summoned Xu Xiaomei out, and after discussing things, decided to infiltrate the Mo Clan to scout for information. Xu Qi, Qian Yin, and Qian Yun possesses the heaven-defying treasure, the Five Elements Wings. As for Xu Xiaomei, he didn’t have to worry about her safety. Thus, he wasn’t afraid of being ambushed.

Soon, four silhouettes fell into the Mo Clan’s courtyard, shuttling back and forth. In the blink of an eye, they found themselves outside a noisy hall.

Upon sensing that the strength of those in the hall weren’t particularly noteworthy, Xu Qi gestured to the others with his hand, and they silently got rid of the two sentries guarding by the door. They hid to the side, eavesdropping on the noise inside.

“Kong’er, Mo Dingtian and his men have yet to return from Rivulet City after so many days, and a group of black-clothed men even attacked our Mo Clan in the night. If it wasn’t for those mysterious people’s help, I’m afraid we would have been in trouble. I guess something happened to Mo Dingtian in Rivulet City. Why don’t you take this opportunity to seize the position of Patriarch?” an aged voice rang out in the house.

As this aged voice faded, several other voices rang out in agreement.

Mysterious people? Kong’er? Xu Qi thought inwardly as he overheard the conversation from outside. Could it be Mo Dingtian’s younger brother Mo Dingkong? It seems like the mysterious people he spoke of are those who ambushed the Constellation Guards.

“Second Elder, Mo Dingtian has already made connections with the Imperial Void Valley. Even if I were to borrow the strength of those mysterious people to help me regain the position of Patriarch, offending the Imperial Void Valley would be disastrous for us. We can’t do this,” a voice said.

Xu Qi was right. In this hall, Mo Dingtian’s younger brother, Mo Dingkong was present. Ever since Mo Dingtian returned to the Mo Clan and obtained the position of Patriarch using the Imperial Void Valley’s strength, Mo Dingkong became abnormally content with his position. He had no choice; the huge figure that was the Imperial Void Valley was a force he couldn’t afford to offend.

Now, his supporters, including the Second Elder and a few others, were all making guesses that Mo Dingtian would never return after such a long time had passed since he left, and a group of black-clothed men attacked the Mo Clan a few days ago. They then encouraged Mo Dingkong to ally themselves with the group of mysterious men from a few days ago to use this opportunity to retake the position of Patriarch.

At this moment, Mo Dingkong no longer had his own definite opinion. He had witnessed that group’s strength for himself that night; it was truly strong. Even if he were to find them, they might not agree to help him.

Just as Mo Dingkong was still thinking things over, the doors to the hall he was in were suddenly pushed open. An unfamiliar young man slowly walked in, looking at them with a smile.

“Who are you!?” an elder with a head full of white haired demanded.

The young man who pushed the doors opened was none other than Xu Qi. He already guessed who was in the room, thus he wasn’t worried of landing himself in trouble and came in, intending to find out who those mysterious people were.

Xu Qi ignored the white-haired elder who just spoke. Instead, his gaze landed on a middle-aged man standing beside the white-haired elder. Upon taking a closer look, that person looked a little similar to Mo Dingtian.

“You’re Mo Dingkong, aren’t you?” Xu Qi asked plainly.

“That’s right. I am Mo Dingkong. Who exactly are you? I don’t recognize you; why did you come to our Mo Clan?” Mo Dingkong asked.

“There are some things that you don’t have to ask. All you need to do is answer my questions,” Xu Qi said plainly.

The white-haired elder next to Mo Dingkong let out a cold humph and quickly made his move against Xu Qi. However, the latter only stood there, unmoving.

Just as this white-haired elder was about to reach Xu Qi’s side, a golden light suddenly flashed. He let out a low grunt and flew backwards, landing on the floor and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Only a fifth stage Spirit Swordsman and you dare speak so arrogantly to our Young Master. Where did you get the gall to!?” a woman’s voice rang out.

Mo Dingkong and the others hurried looked over and saw that a seductive woman wearing a long golden dress had somehow appeared next to Xu Qi, looking at them coldly.

Seeing this, Mo Dingkong said, “I don’t know when or where have I offended you, but you actually hurt our Mo Clan’s man the moment you showed yourself?”

“Mo Dingkong, are you blind? Didn’t you see it was this old man who made the first move?” Xu Qi retorted.

Hearing this, Mo Dingkong was stunned for a moment. However, seeing that powerful, seductive woman by his side, he didn’t dare to act up. He only asked plainly, “Who exactly are you? What did you come to our Mo Clan for?”

“A few days ago, who were those people who helped your Mo Clan ambush those black-clothed men?” Xu Qi asked.

“I don’t know,” Mo Dingkong answered straightforwardly. He remembered what they said before they left. If he were to divulge anything, his entire Mo Clan would be in trouble.

As Mo Dingkong’s voice trailed off, Xu Qi suddenly disappeared from the spot, instantly appearing before the fallen white-haired elder. A longsword had appeared in Xu Qi’s hand out of nowhere as he directly stabbed it into the white-haired elder’s chest.

TL Note:

Mo Clan's Second Elder should be dead before the timeskip. Maybe someone else was promoted to the position of Second Elder. 

Not that it affects the story anyway.

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