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Chapter 152 - Could It Be That Person Again?

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“What did you say!? What exactly happened, hurry up and explain yourself!” Qian Yin demanded as she dragged the kneeling Xu Hai back to his feet.

“Don’t be so agitated, Sister! He’s still injured. Let Twelfth Brother speak slowly,” Qian Yun hurriedly calmed Qian Yin down.

Qian Yin realized that she was acting improperly at hearing this and quickly let go of Twelfth Brother’s clothes.

“Sister Yin, where’s Young Master?” Xu Hai asked, weeping.

“Young Master is in secluded cultivation. What exactly happened, tell us first. Are you intending to kill us from anxiety?” Qian Yin asked anxiously again.

Xu Hai slowly recounted the events that happened on their trip to the nation of Earthdream’s Mo Clan upon learning that Xu Qi wasn’t around.

That day, Xu Zi and the other Constellation Guards quickly departed for Earthdream after Qian Yin gave them the mission to eliminate the Mo Clan.

A few days later, they had secretly arrived at where the Mo Clan was located. They didn’t take action immediately. Xu Zi arranged for their Ninth Brother, Xu Shen to scout out the situation in the Mo Clan first and wait for an opportunity to strike.

Xu Shen found no anomalies in the Mo Clan, and Xu Zi led the Constellation Guards, sneaking into the Mo Clan. However, they were surrounded the moment they entered the clan.

Originally, even if they were surrounded by the Mo Clan, with the Mo Clan’s strength, they wouldn’t be able to fight back against the Constellation Guards. However, over twenty Void realm experts popped out of nowhere within the Mo Clan. Each of their strengths wasn’t inferior to the Constellation Guards, causing them to be dragged into a tough battle.

During their battle, due to the Constellation Guards having the godly weapons Xu Qi bestowed upon them, they weren’t disadvantaged from their inferior numbers. The leader of the guards, Xu Zi, even proved to be a great commander in battle. They managed to kill a few of the opposing Void realm experts and escaped the Mo Clan.

Even so, while Xu Zi and the others ran to the nation of Earthdream’s borders, they were intercepted by another group of people dressed in black. This group of black-clothed men’s strengths were similar in strength to the Void realm cultivators present in the Mo Clan. However, as they fought on, everyone from this group of black-clothed men actually summoned powerful monsters to aid them in battle, causing the Constellation Guards to fall into a disadvantageous situation.

It was only at this moment that the Constellation Guards realized, their opponents were all Void realm Spiritualists! Left without a choice, they could only make a run for it, intending to enter Mirrorlink’s borders first.

Alas, things didn’t went as they expected. When they entered the borders of Mirrorlink, there was actually another group of people lying in ambush. After traversing a long distance while being pursued and being involved in two huge battles, the Constellation Guards were no longer in shape to withstand this new group of people’s ambush. Their Third Brother, Xu Yin, was the fiercest in battle, but was also the one who suffered the heaviest injuries. He was very quickly captured.

Xu Zi had originally escaped with the remaining Constellation Guards, but in the end he returned alone to save their Third Brother. The others were worried about Xu Zi and thus returned as well. When they returned, their Third Brother Xu Yin was already severely tortured. Xu Zi and the other Constellation Guards instantly turned red with anger and charged at them.

However, a short while after their fight broke out, the first two groups of enemies caught up with them. Very soon, a few of the Constellation Guards were heavily injured. In the end, Xu Zi and the rest of the Constellation Guards opened a path with all their might for their Twelfth Brother to escape, allowing him to return to make a report, while the others were all captured.

Although the Twelfth Brother managed to escaped, he suffered heavy injuries, too. After rushing back to the Xu Clan without rest, he collapsed and lost consciousness.

Qian Yin, Qian Yun, and Xu Xiaomei all fell silent on hearing Xu Hai’s statement.

The Constellation Guards going on a mission to Earthdream’s Mo Clan was a secret, yet three waves of men were lying in ambush when they arrived. Could this still be regarded as a secret mission?

Previously, Mo Dingtian led a group of Imperial Void Valley’s disciples here to Xu Clan and were killed off by Xu Qi. Yu Fanzi, who came to reinforce them, was also killed. Logically speaking, there shouldn’t be anyone who knew about the situation at the Xu Clan. Why would there be ambushes lying in wait for the Constellation Guards?

Thinking up to that point, the three women exchanged looks, each of them coming to a conclusion they didn’t dare to believe. That being, a spy was among the Xu Clan! Otherwise, no one would know that the Constellation Guards were heading to the Earthdream’s Mo Clan.

“You rest, Twelfth Brother. Just leave this to us,” Qian Yin said.

“Sister Yin, quickly send people to save Big Brother and the others! Or it’ll be too late!” Xu Hai asked anxiously.

“Don’t be anxious, Xu Hai. Young Master is still in secluded training. He should be coming out any moment now. With him here, just rest assured!” Xu Xiaomei consoled gently.

Xu Hai nodded at her words, but a worried look still showed on his ghostly white face.

Qian Yin and the rest no longer asked Xu Hai anything, letting him rest peacefully. They left the room, headed for the main hall.

After arriving at the main hall, the three women soon broke out in an argument due to differing opinions.

Qian Yin had thought to make a solo trip to Earthdream to scout for information first, but was met with opposition from both Qian Yun and Xu Xiaomei.

On the other hand, Xu Xiaomei’s opinion was to wait for Xu Qi to return first no matter what, before coming to a decision.

As for the straightforward Qian Yun, she wanted Qian Yin and Xu Xiaomei to directly go save the others with her.

In the main hall, the three women were stuck in unrelenting mutual opposition, arguing with each other.

Suddenly, Xu Qi appeared in the main hall and roared out at the three of them, “What are you doing!? What are you arguing about this time!? Haven’t you had enough from last time? If so, get out and quarrel all you want!”

It was as if they heard the voice of their saviors at hearing Xu Qi’s roar. Every one of them flew to his side, surrounding him.

Xu Qi noticed their weird complexions and asked doubtfully, “What happened?”

Qian Yun and Xu Xiaomei, who were the loudest earlier, sent their gazes towards Qian Yin at hearing this.

Qian Yin immediately understood their intents and sighed, saying, “Young Master, Brother Zi and the others have met with trouble.”

Xu Qi was stunned at hearing this and hurriedly asked, “What happened?!”

Then, Qian Yin told Xu Qi about Xu Hai returning with injuries and repeated what he said after he woke up.

Xu Qi didn’t show any abnormal expressions. Instead, he looked at the three of them and asked, “What are your opinions on this?”

“Young Master, I think that there’s a spy in our Xu Clan. They must have informed the Earthdream’s side beforehand. That’s why Brother Zi and the others were ambushed,” Qian Yun quickly answered.

Xu Qi turned his head to Qian Yin’s direction and asked, “Qian Yin, you think so too?”

Qian Yin nodded at Xu Qi’s question.

Xu Qi then shifted his gaze to Xu Xiaomei, and saw that she nodded as well.

Seeing as they were all of the same opinion, Xu Qi sighed and asked, “Where’s Twelfth Brother? Bring me to him.”

The three nodded and led Xu Qi to meet Xu Hai.

After arriving at Xu Hai’s room, Xu Qi silently listened to his account once more.

After which, Xu Qi asked, “Twelfth Brother, answer me truthfully. On your ways to the nation of Earthdream, did you guys encounter any trouble, or any person of note?”

Xu Hai began pondering, recalling what happened on their trip to Earthdream.

“Young Master, after thinking back, the eleven of us didn’t come into contact with anyone on our way to Mo Clan. Nothing special happened, either,” Xu Hai said.

Xu Qi furrowed his brow at hearing this. He thought that this was too strange. Xu Qi didn’t believe that there was a spy within the Xu Clan. He trusted his own men very much.

“Twelfth Brother, did you recognize the people who attacked you?” Xu Qi continued asking.

“Young Master, those Void realm cultivators in Mo Clan were probably from the Imperial Void Valley. Only they are capable of mobilizing that many Void realm cultivators at one go within the nation of Earthdream. As for the two waves of people afterwards, I really have no clue,” Xu Hai said.

“Imperial Void Valley?” Xu Qi muttered. He was doubtful. The second wave of enemies were all Void realm Spiritualists. The Imperial Void Valley shouldn’t have that many of them, but which forces would have such strength?

“Young Master, I suddenly recalled something. I’m not sure whether I should speak about it,” Xu Xiaomei suddenly interjected from the side.

“Hmm? Speak, what’s there to not speak about,” Xu Qi said, looking at Xu Xiaomei.

“Could it be connected to that person who snuck into our Xu Clan with the invisibility art that night?” Xu Xiaomei hypothesized.

Xu Qi nodded slowly. If it wasn’t for Xu Xiaomei bringing this up, he had really forgotten about that person. Using the invisibility art to sneak into Xu Clan at night was probably to check out the situation in Xu Clan.

“Speaking of this, Young Master, I too suddenly remembered something. When we just arrived at Earthdream, Big Brother told us before that he kept feeling as if someone was tailing us, but none of us noticed anyone. Could it be related to that person you spoke of who knew the invisibility art?” Xu Hai suddenly said.

Xu Qi stood up and said, “Among your group, Xu Zi’s strength was the highest. His spiritual sense was the sharpest, too. If he truly felt that someone was tailing you guys on your way there, it could very possibly be someone who knew the invisibility art.”

Qian Yin, Qian Yun, and Xu Xiaomei’s expressions turned ugly at hearing this. If it truly was as their Young Master said, that someone who knew the invisibility art was following the Constellation Guards along the way and found out about their route, it would make sense that they set up an ambush ahead. But why would they block off the Constellation Guards? Could they be helping the Mo Clan?

“It doesn’t seem right. That invisible person didn’t appear while Yu Fanzi was here. They shouldn’t be disciples of the Imperial Void Valley, nor the Mo Clan’s men. So why did they help the Mo Clan to intercept the Constellation Guards? They didn’t know that you guys were the Dragon Clan’s Twelve Constellation Guards, either. Was there a need to send out such forces?” Xu Qi voiced out his doubts.

“Young Master, you were right. The three groups of people who attacked us didn’t seem to know our identities. They were asking who we were, and their target were the godly weapons in our hands!” Xu Hai said.

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