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Chapter 154 - Middle-aged Woman

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Mo Dingkong watched as the Second Elder died abruptly to this young man before him, a look of fear was showing in his eyes as he thought, This youngster is truly ruthless, killing without any hesitation. Where did he come from?

As for the others around Mo Dingkong, they were nervously looking at Xu Qi and Xu Xiaomei, each of them making their own guesses on who their Mo Clan had offended.

Xu Qi looked at the dead white-haired elder, then raised his head and said, “Just try me, Mo Dingkong. How many are there in your Mo Clan for me to kill?”

Mo Dingkong didn’t respond to Xu Qi. He lowered his head, a red-colored gemstone appearing in his hand. This was given to him by one of the mysterious men, who told him to shatter this gemstone with energy if they were to come into trouble. They would come help him then.

Xu Xiaomei noticed his actions, as she had been keeping a close eye on him. She quickly struck out at Mo Dingkong, sending him flying with a palm-strike, smashing him into the wall, and then to the ground.

As Mo Dingkong fell, the eye-catching red gemstone fell from his hand.

Xu Qi looked at Mo Dingkong on the ground and walked up to him, smiling. He picked up the red gemstone, inspected the energy flowing in it, and said, “You actually dared to try inform them, Mo Dingkong. You’re being too dishonest!”

“Who exactly are you!? My Mo Clan has never offended an expert such as you!” Mo Dingkong said, pressing on his chest, still lying on the ground.

“There’s no harm in telling you. I am the leader of the group of black-clothed men who attacked your Mo Clan. So do you think you offended me? I’d advise you to explain honestly who those that helped your Mo Clan are. I don’t have much patience!” Xu Qi said expressionlessly.

Mo Dingkong was stunned on the spot at hearing that, looking at Xu Qi. He didn’t expect this young man was actually the black-clothed men’s leader.

Even so, Xu Qi’s ruthless methods were on full display. The life-saving gemstone was in his hands, too. Mo Dingkong sighed and said, “Truth be told, I don’t know the identities of those mysterious people, either. A few days ago, they descended from the skies, appearing in our Mo Clan and saying that someone was coming to attack us, and they were here to help us.”

“Oh? Didn’t you ask them about their identities?” Xu Qi asked.

“I did, but they never said a word about it, especially their leader, a woman. She killed our strongest instantly in just a single move. There was no way I would dare to inquire further. Though, I didn’t think there would really be a group of black-clothed men appearing in our Mo Clan the next day. They fought the group of black-clothed men, who proceeded to kill a few of them and escaped. They then gave chase,” Mo Dingkong said.

“Did they return after leaving?” Xu Qi asked.

“They did, but only one of them came back. They gave me that signalling gemstone and left. They also instructed me to never speak about what happened that night, or they would have us disappear from Earthdream,” Mo Dingkong continued.

Hearing this, Xu Qi confirmed that the group who ambushed the Constellation Guards weren’t from the Imperial Void Valley. It seems like they truly belonged to another faction.

Xu Qi turned to look at Mo Dingkong and smiled, saying, “Mo Dingkong, I have two pieces of news for you. A piece of good news, and a piece of bad news. Which one would you like to hear?”

Mo Dingkong was left speechless. He truly had no idea what this young man before him had in mind.

Xu Qi looked at Mo Dingkong, who didn’t dare utter a word, and smiled, saying, “Forget it. Look at you; why don’t I tell you the good news first? That is, your older brother, who is also your current Patriarch, Mo Dingtian, is already dead. You can rightfully take the position of Patriarch now.”

Mo Dingkong was stunned at this news. He actually felt pleasantly surprised inwardly, asking Xu Qi in disbelief, “Really, he’s dead?”

“Yes, he has indeed died, but the bad news I was going to tell you is, your Mo Clan is about to be gone, too,” Xu Qi said plainly.

Mo Dingkong’s joyful expression instantly stiffened. Naturally he understood what Xu Qi meant by saying their Mo Clan was about to be gone.

At this moment, Mo Dingkong saw two women wielding daggers in their hands at the doors, walking in. One of them wore purple, the other white. The daggers in their hands were dripping blood.

These two women were, of course, Qian Yin and Qian Yun. They were instructed to massacre everyone else in the Mo Clan before Xu Qi entered the hall. They were already furious because of the Constellation Guards being ambushed, and after receiving Xu Qi’s orders, they went on to kill those from Mo Clan without any mercy. The two completed their mission in a flash, as the Mo Clan’s men were only ordinary in strength.

“Young Master, the Mo Clan is cleaned up. Other than those in this room, everyone else is dead. From today onwards, there will no longer be a Mo Clan in Earthdream!” Qian Yin reported from Xu Qi’s side.

Although Qian Yin’s voice wasn’t loud, Mo Dingkong heard every bit of it. He stared with wide eyes, pointing his trembling finger at Xu Qi and asked, “Who exactly are you!? Why did you do this to our Mo Clan!?”

Xu Qi smiled at seeing the look on Mo Dingkong and answered, “Rivulet City’s Xu Clan!”

Then, Xu Qi pierced his longsword through Mo Dingkong. At the same time, Qian Yin and Qian Yun made their moves against the remaining Mo Clan men, who were scared witless. In the blink of an eye, every one of them were dead.

Xu Qi pulled out his longsword from Mo Dingkong’s body and no longer paid any attention to him. With the red gemstone in his hand, he looked at the three women and asked, smiling, “Do you dare to go wild with this Young Master, luring those people here?”

The three women nodded without any hesitation. Qian Yun’s face even revealed a look of anticipation.

After a short while, a resplendent red light shone in the peaceful skies above the Mo Clan, without any signs of fading even after some time had passed.


At this moment, cursing sounds echoed inside a mountain cave located not far away from Shen City, where the Mo Clan was located.

Five half-naked men were tied to each side of the stone walls in the cave, their bodies covered in wounds and blood. A red, mysterious seal was shining on their bodies. Two men stood in front of the ten tied to the walls, torturing them as they kept asking questions. However, none of them made a sound from the pain of the torture.

A short distance away, a decent-looking middle-aged woman dressed in green robes was gracefully playing with a longsword in her hands with a smile. She seemed to not hear the endless shrieks by her side. Weapons of all kinds were under her feet.

At this moment, a black-clothed man suddenly ran in from the cave entrance. He came up to this middle-aged woman and reported respectfully, “Master, the emergency signal appeared in the skies above Shen City.”

That green-robed woman made a soft “Oh,” sound at the man’s report and slowly turned to face him, saying plainly, “Relax. It was probably from that Shen City’s Mo Clan. Get Fang Hai to bring a few men over to take a look. There are probably more prey for us.”

The black-clothed man answered “Yes!” respectfully, and left.

The middle-aged woman looked at the ten men tied to the two sides of walls and smiled coldly, then slowly walked toward the nearest tied-up man with her longsword in hand.

She came up to the two torturers, who respectfully greeted “Master!” at seeing her.

She waved her hand at them, and they tactfully backed off with their heads lowered, not daring to look at her.

The middle-aged woman looked at the man with his head lowered, covered in blood before her. She raised her longsword, placing her sword tip at the man’s chin and slowly raised his chin up.

His head slowly raised along with the longsword at his chin. His face was filled with blood, and blood was still flowing out from the corner of his mouth.

“Tsk tsk, why are you doing this to yourself? Just be good and speak up. There’s no point in letting yourself suffer this way,” the middle-aged woman said plainly.

Hearing this, that man spat a mouthful of saliva at her, but she easily avoided it.

The middle-aged woman didn’t get angry for being spat at. Instead, she slowly slid the sword tip down to that man’s body. As the sword tip lowered, a long cut was left on his chest, blood flowing out. However, this man never uttered a sound.

The sword tip stopped at where the man’s heart was located. The middle-aged woman said, “What if, I used your own sword to pierce into your heart? I wonder if you will feel pain?”

“Bitch, just bring it if you can. This Master here will be your granny’s pet if I were to make a sound!” the man cursed out.

“Don’t tell me such nonsense! Speak, quickly! Where did you get these godly weapons from!? I’ll start killing you people if you don’t speak up!” the middle-aged woman threatened as her expression suddenly darkened. She was obviously angered by his cursing.

“Fine, I can tell you, but you must let my brothers go. I would never speak even if I were to die otherwise!” this man said.

“Brother Zi! What are you thinking of doing!?” another man in a similar situation as this man suddenly shouted.

“Shut it!” the middle-aged woman said as she glanced at the person who interrupted from afar. After which, that person was shown a round of “tender care”.

The middle-aged woman approached the tied-up man close to her and took out a handkerchief, slowly wiping off the blood on his face. Her expression turned calm and said softly, “Speak sooner, and you won’t find yourself in such a situation. I see that your strengths aren’t bad, either. Why don’t you stay here and follow me instead?”

As she wiped away the blood on this person’s face, an appearance that Xu Qi would recognize in a glance was revealed. This man was none other than the leader of the Twelve Constellation Guards, Xu Zi.

As for the other nine who were being tortured in the cave, they were naturally the remaining Constellation Guards who were captured alongside him.

While this middle-aged woman was interrogating Xu Zi, over twenty silhouettes flew out of this cave into the night sky. Their destination: Shen City’s Mo Clan.

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