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Chapter 151 - The Constellation Guards In Trouble

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That night, Xu Zi and the other Constellation Guards quietly left the Xu Clan, headed for the nation of Earthdream to execute the mission Xu Qi gave them, to get rid of the Mo Clan.

Qian Yin and the Chief Housekeeper, Xu Pingfan began discussing the rebuilding of the villa, while Qian Yun and Xiaomei took charge of the Xu Clan, guarding against any accidents.

Xu Xiaomei was especially vigilant after she had discovered someone who knew the invisibility art sneaking around not long ago.

On the other hand, the true leader of the Xu Clan, Xu Qi, didn’t seem to be very affected by Mo Ling’s death. He quietly left the Xu Clan and made a trip to Luan’s cave, but he didn’t find any trace of Luan. However, when he arrived at the cave, he discovered that the pile of sealed objects was emitting a red light. There were many talisman characters he didn’t recognize in the red light, revolving around.

Xu Qi really couldn’t perceive what was happening with that mysterious pile of junk. Since Luan’s trace couldn’t be found, he left disappointed.


After returning to the Xu Clan, Xu Qi immediately dived into the Four Divinities Cavern to concentrate on cultivating himself, to advance his stagnated cultivation.

In the Four Divinities Cavern, the Black Tortoise’s body was still emitting blue light, resisting the poison affecting him. Xu Qi sat a short distance away, holding the Dao Induced Flame book he had obtained from the Undying School’s Second Elder.

Dao Induced Flame, a sword-wielding art. Draws out the true fire in one’s body, turning it into a flying sword to strike at your enemy at great speed, causing elemental fire damage to them. Also causes continuous burning damage. The harshest condition in mastering would be the cultivator has to possess a flame in them.

This art allows one to strike at their opponent from afar, and it only needs the user to draw out the true fire with their sword, without having to lose your sword in hand. This art would reap great effects when using it to sneak attack and to strike your opponent from a distance away.

Xu Qi possessed the All-Tempering Flame, and as such, the harshest condition was already fulfilled. Furthermore, he knew very well that among the techniques he’d learned, there was none that he could use to attack from afar. This was why he chose to practice the Dao Induced Flame first, to eliminate his weakness.

This time, Xu Qi chose a stainless steel sword to use, and not the Rainlord. On the few occasions he used it in the past, he felt that it wasn’t easy to control it as he wished. Thus, he decided to give up on using the Rainlord as his weapon of choice.

Soon, Xu Qi began practicing the Dao Induced Flame. However, just drawing out the true fire in him and materializing it into the shape of a flying sword stumped him.

He would swing the steel sword in his hand and draw out the All-Tempering Flame, but he could never materialize it into a flying sword, failing continuously.

“Brat, I’m suspecting why that geezer Ziyan would leave his legacy to you. Even I could see through that trick from over here, and yet you are still messing around over there. You’re really stupid,” Black Tortoise’s voice suddenly rang out.

Hearing this, Xu Qi quickly turned to look at him and smiled, “I just haven’t practiced much. I was rusty.”

“What rusty? You’re obviously dumb. You’re trying to materialize the flame in you, isn’t that right?” Black Tortoise asked.

“Ah, yes. You could even tell that? But it seems to be a little difficult,” Xu Qi said.

“You’re only trying to control the flames. It’d be a wonder if you could materialize it. Is the sword in your hand an accessory? Obviously you have to use your sword as the medium to control your flames, and not your body. Do you understand?” Black Tortoise quipped.

Xu Qi felt that what the Black Tortoise said made a lot of sense, and rather puzzled, asked, “Uncle, you don’t even know the technique I’m practicing, but why do you seem to know all about it?”

“Brat, your path ahead is still a long one. What you’re practicing isn’t a technique, either. It should be called an Art. A technique is only making use of your body to perform some actions. When you’re manipulating the external energies and your internal energy, those are called Arts,” Black Tortoise explained.

Hearing this, Xu Qi nodded, definitely not understanding everything. He thought back to the techniques he had learned, which were mostly related to talisman seals, and asked, “Uncle, then those skills which I learned that are related to talisman seals, what are they called?”

“The skills left behind by Venerable Ziyan you’re practicing are neither techniques, nor arts, but a unique concept, known as Dao Methods,” Black Tortoise said.

“Dao Methods? What does that mean?” Xu Qi continued asking, as he felt that this was an interesting topic.

“The Dao Methods draw out a person’s Qi, turning them into talismans, or incantations, to exorcise evil, or to traverse heaven and earth. All these are inseparable from the Dao. The Method is what follows,” Black Tortoise explained.

The Black Tortoise thought for a moment and continued, “The Dao is but nature. Everything, tangible or intangible, are like so. The sun and moon aren’t lit up by man, yet they illuminate. The stars weren’t arranged, yet they orbit by themselves. The animals weren’t created, yet born by themselves. No one fanned the wind, yet it moves. No one disrupted the water, yet it flows. No one planted the flora, yet it grows. No one breathes intentionally, yet breathes automatically. No one beats their heart intentionally, yet it beats automatically. There are countless examples of such.”

“Uncle, this… This is tough to comprehend. Could you speak in simpler terms?” Xu Qi asked, confused. He didn’t understand a single word the Black Tortoise said.

“You’re really stupid, brat. I’ll just tell you the most basic. Dao is separated by the Innate and Acquired. You only have to be yourself, and that is a Dao. These arts you possess can be known as Dao Methods. Do you understand if I say it this way?” Black Tortoise asked.

“I seem to understand a little, but, what has this got to do with my cultivation?” Xu Qi asked.

“Get lost. What I just said was all a waste of my breath. Go practice your Dao. You only need to learn how to make use of the Dao that is yourself, and your potential would be limitless,” Black Tortoise said and slowly shut his eyes, no longer wishing to bother with Xu Qi.

Xu Qi didn’t dare to ask anymore, either. He’ll leave any questions regarding the Dao for the future. It was more important for him to master the Dao Induced Flame first.

With the steel sword in hand, Xu Qi slowly closed his eyes. This time, he didn’t try to simply summon the All-Tempering Flame. Instead, he tried to use the sword as the medium to draw out the flames. He gradually felt that his sword was melding into one with his body, and tried to bring out the All-Tempering Flame.

Finally, the All-Tempering Flame burned inside the steel sword in his hand, enveloped in rainbow energy, yet not a flicker of flame burned on his body.

Xu Qi opened his eyes and was pleasantly surprised. He even felt a little complacent in his heart. The flames on his sword quickly disappeared.

Seeing this, Xu Qi learned that one truly couldn’t relax in the slightest while cultivating. He took a deep breath and began using his sword to draw out the All-Tempering Flame once more.

This time, he successfully summoned the All-Tempering Flame on the sword with ease. He began to manipulate his sword, forming the shape of the flames.

After countless tries, Xu Qi mastered the trick to drawing out his rainbow energy and flames with his sword as the medium. It was unlike his past attempts to blindly draw out energy from his body, which merely resulted in his rainbow energy enveloping his body. Now, there was not a hint of rainbow energy on his body. Only the steel sword in his hand was enveloped in rainbow energy, with the All-Tempering Flame burning inside.

Xu Qi tried his utmost to suppress the joy in his heart and sent his spiritual sense into the steel sword. With it as the base, he manipulated the All-Tempering Flame, shaping it into a longsword.

The All-Tempering Flame enveloping the steel sword slowly transformed into a flaming sword which looked exactly the same as the steel sword in Xu Qi’s hand.

Then, Xu Qi controlled the flaming sword with his spiritual sense as he aimed it at the opposite stone wall.

Under Xu Qi’s manipulation, the flaming sword shot toward the stone wall and turned into a ball of flame, stuck onto the wall as it continued burning.

Seeing this, Xu Qi quickly retracted the All-Tempering Flame, feeling secretly delightly in his heart. If he managed to land a hit on an enemy with this, with the All-Tempering Flame’s strength, his enemy would definitely be in trouble.

Following which, Xu Qi practiced the Dao Induced Flame several times more, and all his attempts were successful, getting more proficient with it. However, he was rapidly running out of energy and sat on the floor in meditation. He began circulating his cultivation art to recover himself.

The Black Tortoise slowly opened his eyes and looked at Xu Qi again, muttering, “This damned brat, his comprehension skills are truly not bad.” He closed his eyes again after finishing his sentence.

After mastering the Dao Induced Flame, Xu Qi continued with practicing what he had learned before: The Guard Break Talisman, Cursed Wraith Talisman, and the Everchanging Swordplay. After which, he silently left the Four Divinities Cavern without disturbing the Black Tortoise.


Xu Qi exited the cavern and returned to the Xu Clan. He didn’t see Xu Pingfan and Qian Yin around. Later, Qian Yun told him that the two of them had gone out of the city to where the villa was, taking care of the matter of reconstruction.

When Xu Qi saw Xu Xiaomei, she was sitting in the rear courtyard, depressed.

“What happened, Xiaomei? You seem unhappy?” Xu Qi walked over to her side and sat down, asking with a smile.

Xu Xiaomei only shook her head at Xu Qi’s question. She didn’t say a word, her brow furrowed.

Xu Qi knew that there was something bothering Xu Xiaomei at the sight of her. He asked, “Xiaomei, what exactly happened? Can you tell me about it?”

“Young Master, I don’t know what happened recently, but I kept thinking about the Fallen Gods Mountain Range. It’s distracting me,” Xu Xiaomei said.

“Oh, that’s all? I thought something happened to you. You’re probably feeling homesick,” Xu Qi chuckled.

“Homesick? But I don’t have a home there. I was only a weak little Giantwood Python back then, and could only roam around the outskirts of the Fallen Gods Mountain Range. I even had to be on guard all the time, afraid of being captured. There was no home to speak of,” Xu Xiaomei said blankly.

“Oh, Xiaomei, when I’m done with my matters, I’ll bring you to the Fallen Gods Mountain Range. Truthfully speaking, I really wanted to go there to take a look,” Xu Qi smiled.

This caught Xu Xiaomei’s attention. She asked happily, “Really? Young Master, you’re going to bring me back to the Fallen Gods Mountain Range?”

Xu Qi smiled and nodded. He hesitated for a moment and continued, “Xiaomei, you’re no longer a Giantwood Python now. I would like to discuss something with you. I’ll let you decide for yourself.”

“What is it?” Xu Xiaomei asked, confused.

“Xiaomei, I wish to return you your freedom,” Xu Qi said plainly.

“Return my freedom? What do you mean?” Xu Xiaomei asked.

“I meant taking out the summoning talisman out from your body. You won’t be my familiar in the future, and I’m no longer your master,” Xu Qi explained.

Xu Xiaomei was stunned at hearing this and started crying.

Xu Qi was at a loss for what to do at seeing her tear up. He hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong, Xiaomei?”

“Wuwu, Young Master is abandoning me,” Xu Xiaomei cried, choking on her words.

“Abandoning you? No, I only meant to return your freedom, and treat you as my real sister,” Xu Qi hurriedly said.

“You’re abandoning me, you’re abandoning me,” Xu Xiaomei continued crying.

Xu Qi shook his head helplessly and said, “Fine, if you’re willing to follow me just like this, that’s what we’ll do. If you decide otherwise in the future, I’ll remove the summoning talisman in you, okay?”

Xu Xiaomei kept crying and said, “No, I want to be your familiar my whole life. I don’t want to be your sister.”

“Alright, alright, stop crying. We’ll do as you say,” Xu Qi said helplessly.

Xu Xiaomei only stopped crying then, and smiled at Xu Qi, leaving him speechless.


Xu Qi wandered around the Xu Clan for a while before returning to the Four Divinities Cavern, continuing his cultivation.

Xu Qi sat in meditation and operated the Void Dao cultivation art, circulating it inside his body. After an unknown amount of time, there was an abundance of energy in him, and signs of it going rampant were showing up.

Xu Qi knew that he was about to break through to the sixth stage of Spirit realm after he sensed the changes inside him. He continued accumulating the energy, intending to successfully break through in a single try.

His advance this time felt incredibly slow, compared to his previous advancements when he relied on external supplements like the Celestial Core Pill and the Green Mystique Fruits.


As he cultivated peacefully in the cavern the next few days, something huge happened in the Xu Clan outside.

On the eighth night of Xu Qi’s secluded cultivation, the Twelfth Brother of the Twelve Constellation Guards, Xu Hai, returned to Xu Clan covered in blood. He only managed to squeeze out a sentence when he saw Qian Yun and Xu Xiaomei before he fainted.

“We were ambushed.”

Qian Yun and Xu Xiaomei were greatly astonished and hurriedly helped him to a room to heal him, but Xu Hai’s body was extremely weak. He didn’t recover his consciousness even after a few days. Qian Yin rushed back to the Xu Clan and was extremely anxious when she learned about this matter.

Luckily, Xu Xiaomei was aware that Xu Qi must be cultivating in the Four Divinities Cavern. However, without his summons, she couldn’t enter the cavern and could only hope that he would return soon.


On the fifteenth day, the Twelfth Brother Xu Hai finally woke up after being in a coma for seven days. However, he only cried non-stop after waking up, not saying a word.

Qian Yin urged him softly, “Twelfth Brother! If you don’t explain the situation, then get the hell out of Xu Clan! Are you trying to kill us from anxiety? Where’s Brother Zi and the others!? What exactly happened to you guys?”

The weeping Xu Hai seemed to have snapped back to himself at Qian Yin’s words and slowly got off the bed, kneeling on the floor with a plop and said, “Sister Yin, I’m ashamed to face you. Big Brother and the others were all captured while trying to save me!”

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