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Chapter 150 - Mo Ling Dead

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“You three, what are you doing?” Xu Qi was stupefied at seeing the situation in the room, and could only ask blankly.

Qian Yin, Qian Yun, and Xu Xiaomei panicked at the sight of Xu Qi. They hurriedly pulled out their daggers and lowered their heads, standing aside.

Xu Qi looked blankly at Mo Ling on the bed and slowly walked to the bedside.

At this moment, the rainbow energy enveloping Mo Ling’s body was gone. There were three bloody holes in her chest, blood flowing out of the wounds.

Mo Ling’s complexion was ghostly white, without any trace of pink in her. Tears fell uncontrollably from Xu Qi’s eyes as he watched all this, feeling as if his heart was bleeding.

At this moment, Xu Qi recognized the person before him as the Little Sister who cared for him tremendously for ten years, and not the Mo Ling who stabbed him in the heart on the mountain outside the Capital City.

Xu Qi frantically mustered the energy in him and injected them into Mo Ling’s body. However, he could feel that there was no longer any signs of life in her, yet he insisted on injecting his energy into her body.

To his side, the three “murderers”, Qian Yin, Qian Yun, and Xu Xiaomei, were watching Xu Qi in pain, but none of them dared to step forward to console him.

Previously, the three’s relationship were like water and fire. Why would they get together to kill Mo Ling when Xu Qi came back from the cavern?

The truth was, after Qian Yin knew that Mo Ling was still alive and was in Xu Qi’s room from their conversation in the hidden room, she felt very restless inside. To her, Mo Ling wasn’t worthy of her Young Master doing anything more for her. She even felt that Mo Ling should just die immediately.

However, Qian Yin knew that with Xu Qi’s character, he would never harm Mo Ling. Thus, she thought to personally eliminate the source of future troubles that was Mo Ling, bringing an end to Xu Qi’s thoughts. Even if Xu Qi were to blame her afterwards, she wouldn’t mind.

Alas, Qian Yin hesitated when she came to the doors to Xu Qi’s room. Fear caught up with her. She, who had never shown mercy to her enemies, was now afraid to enter the room. At this moment, Qian Yun and Xu Xiaomei came to Xu Qi’s room, bickering, looking to have Xu Qi sort it out.

Qian Yin hesitated for a moment when she saw them, then told them what Xu Qi had just told her about Mo Ling. Qian Yun immediately agreed with her sister’s thoughts, and taunted Xu Xiaomei, asking if she dared to do something for the sake of their Young Master. In the end, Qian Yun successfully baited Xu Xiaomei into their camp, and the three entered Xu Qi’s room apprehensively.

After entering the room, Qian Yin and Qian Yun brought out their daggers. Seeing as Xu Xiaomei didn’t have a weapon, Qian Yin even offered her one. The three of them discussed and came to an agreement that they would stab Mo Ling at the same time, killing her. Right when the three were done discussing and stabbed down after much difficulty, Xu Qi coincidentally pushed the doors open.

None of them dared to speak a word when they saw the scary look on Xu Qi. Xu Xiaomei even sneakily returned the dagger she used to Qian Yin.

Xu Qi just sat by the bedside, as he kept injecting rainbow energy into Mo Ling, who was already dead. His tears never stopped falling, as he kept wishing for Mo Ling to open her eyes and talk to him.

The impatient Qian Yun finally broke the silence and called out, “Young Master.”

“Get out, all of you!” Xu Qi immediately roared furiously at hearing Qian Yun’s voice.

Qian Yin, Qian Yun, and Xu Xiaomei all shivered uncontrollably at Xu Qi’s roar. They were scared by Xu Qi’s words. Even so, they quickly left the room with light steps and slowly shut the doors, standing outside, not willing to leave.

“What should we do? Young Master is really angry this time. It’s all because of your stupid idea. I’ll see what you’ll do if Young Master ignores us,” Xu Xiaomei pouted.

Hearing this, Qian Yun retorted, “We agreed we’re in this together on this before doing it. If Young Master were to punish us, all of us will get punished together. Killing Mo Ling to end any thoughts on her isn’t anything bad, anyway. It’s better than letting her live and continuing to harm Young Master. We’re only doing this for his own good. I don’t believe Young Master will kill us three for Mo Ling.”

“But he was so scary when he scolded us,” Qian Yin said, worried.

“Enough. Don’t regret anything since we already did it. We’ll wait here for him. We’ll see what he’ll do to us!” Qian Yun said.

Xu Xiaomei was feeling apprehensive, too, but when she remembered that Mo Ling had stabbed Xu Qi, she felt like she had avenged Xu Qi, slowly gaining confidence.

Just like that, the three women stood outside, no further words were exchanged. They would look at the door from time to time.

After some time, the door to Xu Qi’s room slowly opened. Qian Yin, Qian Yun, and Xu Xiaomei quickly turned and looked toward the door.

Xu Qi walked out blankly, carrying the bloody Mo Ling in his arms. He ignored the three women and flew out of the Xu Clan.

The three of them exchanged glances and quickly followed him, worried that Xu Qi would do something to harm himself.

As they followed, they watched Xu Qi land in the rear courtyard of the Mosuo Auction House, and carry Mo Ling to the room she used to live in.

“Why did Young Master come here?” Qian Yun asked in puzzlement, standing atop the roof.

“What is this place?” Xu Xiaomei, who had no idea, asked.

“This used to be Mo Ling’s house, and was where Young Master and Mo Ling lived together for ten years,” Qian Yun explained.

“Should we go in there to take a look? It’ll be bad if Young Master ends his life for Mo Ling,” Qian Yin suggested, worried about him.

“Young Master wouldn’t do that. If nothing else, he has to think of Lan Shu’er and his daughter. He wouldn’t die so easily,” Xu Xiaomei said.

“What did you say?! Who is Lan Shu’er?! H-hi-his daughter?! What is going on?” Qian Yun cried out in surprise after hearing what Xu Xiaomei just said.

Qian Yin sighed and said, “Sister, this was a long story. In any case, Young Master got married, and even has a daughter now. I’ll slowly explain the rest to you when we get back.”

Qian Yun nodded blankly, her thoughts in a whirl.

While they were worried for Xu Qi, the doors opened and Xu Qi slowly walked out.

However, Mo Ling was no longer in his arms.

Xu Qi slowly walked to the courtyard and looked at this mansion. He slowly raised his hand as a golden ball of flame suddenly burned in his hand.

He muttered something inaudibly, then manipulated the golden flames in his hand. He instantly ignited the whole house and watched from the side as the house burned down in a magnificent flame.

The three women on the roof quickly came down, landing behind Xu Qi and accompanied him quietly.

Just like that, the house burned while the four of them stood in its courtyard.

When the whole house was burned down to ashes, Xu Qi waved his hand. The golden flames returned to his hand and gradually disappeared.

“Come on, let’s go home,” Xu Qi said, and flew off without looking back.

The three women nodded blankly and quickly followed.

After they returned to Xu Clan, Xu Qi went straight to the main hall. The three women kept following behind him nervously. They didn’t dare to look at him even when he sat down in the hall.

“Are the three of you not fighting anymore?” Xu Qi raised his head and asked.

They hurriedly shook their heads.

“Good. I’ll be cultivating in seclusion in the following days. Xiaomei and Qian Yun will be in charge of the matters in Xu Clan. If there’s anything you can’t come to a decision on, discuss it among yourselves. Qian Yin, you go find Uncle Mang and discuss about the rebuilding of the villa. Try to have it reconstructed as soon as possible,” Xu Qi instructed them plainly.

Qian Yin, Qian Yun, and Xu Xiaomei hurriedly nodded, still not daring to speak a word.

“Also, Qian Yin, arrange for the Constellation Guards to make a trip to the Mo Clan in Earthdream. There is no longer a need for them to be around. Be clean about it, and make the trip a quick one. Don’t get involved in any matters on the way there,” Xu Qi continued.

Qian Yin nodded continuously at hearing this.

“Alright, disperse. Go do whatever you’re supposed to. I’ll be going into secluded cultivating in just a while. I’ll come out once a day. Let me know if there’s anything important,” Xu Qi said plainly, the three women unable to guess what he was thinking.

In the end, Qian Yun couldn’t contain herself. She, who was always brave, asked timidly, “Young Master, do you not blame us?”

Xu Qi smiled sadly and said, “She’s already dead. What use is there to blame you? You’re my closest ones, after all, and I know that you did it for my own good.”

A sense of relief washed over them when they saw Xu Qi showing a smile. However, the attentive Qian Yin felt that her Young Master’s smile was a little forced. He was obviously putting on an act for them.

“Alright, disperse. Let me have some time to myself,” Xu Qi said, ordering them to leave.

Qian Yun and Xu Xiaomei left at his order, while Qian Yin remained standing on the spot.

“Why? Is there something else?” Xu Qi asked plainly.

Qian Yin slowly walked to Xu Qi and asked gently, “Young Master, did what we do hurt you? I feel so terrible seeing you like this. I’m regretting this so much.”

“Oh, Qian Yin, it’s fine. I have to thank you three for making a choice on my behalf. I’ve thought it through. Even if I let her live on, with her temperament, I’m afraid she would have lived in agony. Letting her die in her sleep like this might not be a bad choice,” Xu Qi said plainly.

However, tears immediately flowed from his eyes. Xu Qi continued putting on a smile and said, “But, Qian Yin, my heart really hurts. That was the Little Sister who was by my side for ten years. She really doted on me in the past.”

Qian Yin extended her trembling hand to wipe the tears off Xu Qi’s face at seeing this. She understood that her Young Master was no different from an ordinary human. He too would feel sad and cry for those he cared about.

This emotional pair in the main hall didn’t notice that at this moment, the Chief Housekeeper of the Xu Clan, Xu Pingfan, was standing at the doors, watching them. In the end, he let out a sigh and left quietly.

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