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Chapter 137 - Payback!

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Mo Dingtian was unexpectedly calm at hearing what Xu Qi said, and silently waited for him to continue. There was no way he could make an escape, anyway. Not to mention the charming woman who sent the Imperial Void Valley’s three experts flying, even any one of the Twelve Constellation Guards would shut him and Mo Ling down.

“Stand up and move aside,” Xu Qi said to the twelve black-clothed men.

They quickly stood up at Xu Qi’s command and stood behind him, watching the surroundings vigilantly.

Xu Qi shifted his gaze onto Mo Ling. A feeling of sympathy rose up in his heart as he saw her leg was covered in blood.

Suddenly, Mo Ling asked with her trembling voice, “Little Brother, have you been well these past years?”

“Miss Mo, that Little Brother was personally killed by you three years ago. I hope you will never use that term again,” Xu Qi said plainly.

Mo Ling staggered at hearing Xu Qi’s words, almost falling down. Xu Qi addressing her as “Miss Mo” and Little Brother being killed by her caused Mo Ling indescribable pain in her heart, but everything was already too late for amends.

“Since it’s come to this, Young Master Xu, this one surnamed Mo doesn’t wish to speak much. I was the one who forced that matter onto Ling’er that time. Today, attacking your Xu Clan was also planned by me. None of that was Ling’er’s fault. Not only that, she tried stopping me on numerous occasions, asking me not to kill your Xu Clan’s men. I plead for Young Master Xu to let her go on account of our past relations,” Mo Dingtian said.

“What a great none of her fault! Who was the one who stabbed my heart?! And who was the one that inflicted those wounds on Chen Yong?! Relations, you say? If it wasn’t for me coincidentally returning to Rivulet City today, I’m afraid my entire Xu Clan would be killed by you! Would you speak of past relations then?! Keep your hypocrisy to yourself, Mo Dingtian. I, Xu Qi am no longer the same person I was three years ago!” Xu Qi lost his composure and yelled out.

“Fine, then, Young Master Xu, how do you plan on dealing with us?” Mo Dingtian said calmly. He knew whatever he said would be useless at seeing Xu Qi acting as such.

“Mo Dingtian, you got Miss Mo to kill me was just to obtain the sword I used?” Xu Qi asked. Up until now, he didn’t wish to believe that was the reason Mo Ling backstabbed him, He even hoped that Mo Ling had some unspeakable reasons.

“That’s right. I had to use unusual treasures to make a connection with the Imperial Void Valley, and get them to help me. The sword you had was obviously the best choice,” Mo Dingtian answered.

“The best choice? Couldn’t you get Miss Mo to ask for it from me? Three years ago, if she would have just asked for it from me, I would gladly have gifted it to her without hesitation. Why did she have to kill me?” Xu Qi asked, confused.

“Hmph. Xu Qi, do you take me as a child? There’s no way you would gift a godly weapon like that to Ling’er even if she asked for me. It’s meaningless of you to make such sarcastic remarks,” Mo Dingtian said in disdain. He was of the opinion that Xu Qi was only giving face to himself.

“Godly weapon?! I’ll tell you the truth, Mo Dingtian. That sword was but the most ordinary weapon in my possession! I only used it because it was easy to wield. I have heaps of better weapons lying around! If she would only ask it from me then, not to mention one of them, I would have presented tens or even hundreds of them!” Xu Qi roared.

“Oh, really? I don’t believe it. It would be great luck to obtain even one such godly weapon. Where would you find a second one, not to mention even more of those,” Mo Dingtian sneered coldly.

Hearing this, Xu Qi flipped his palm and a mountain of weapons instantly appeared before him. Those were all ancient weapons Xu Qi looted from the Four Divinities Cavern from before.

“Take a good look, Mo Dingtian, the godly weapons you spoke of! Are these enough? Tell me, are these enough!?” Xu Qi shouted, staring at Mo Dingtian.

Xu Qi’s sudden display of his arsenal of weapons crushed the last line of reason in Mo Dingtian’s heart. He kept mumbling, “Impossible; this is impossible. Those can’t possibly be godly weapons. They can’t be all godly weapons.”

“Look closely, Mo Dingtian!” Xu Qi said as he grabbed one of the nearby black-clothed men’s weapon and casually picked up a random weapon on the ground, clashing them against each other.

In the end, the longsword which belonged to the black-clothed man was easily cleaved into two by the weapon Xu Qi picked up from the ground.

Seeing this, the black-clothed man behind Xu Qi was stupefied and felt an ache in his heart. Who exactly did his weapon offend? It was taken away and used in an experiment by his Young Master just like that. What was he going to use in the future? He thought to himself, I have to get Young Master to compensate me with a better weapon.

Xu Qi seemed to have seen through the pain this black-clothed man was feeling and handed the ancient longsword to him, saying, “Take this”. The black-clothed man hurried received it and caressed the sword his Young Master gave him, smiling like a fool. The remaining eleven black-clothed men even sent him gazes of envy. A few of them swallowed their saliva at the sight of the sword in their brother’s hand. If it wasn’t for Young Master’s presence, someone would definitely snatch it away.

On the other hand, Mo Dingtian and Mo Ling’s complexion ashened at Xu Qi’s performance. Not a hint of pink could be seen.

Xu Qi waved his hand, and the weapons on the ground vanished. The eleven black-clothed men who were still hoping for their Young Master to bestow them a godly weapon instantly felt dejected.

“Mo Dingtian, the reason I’m letting you know of this now is that I wish to tell you, I took you and Miss Mo as precious friends three years ago. I would have done anything for Miss Mo. As long as she asked, I would have satisfied her wants and needs. However, you took the wrong path and your heart went astray. You actually tried to kill me for the sake of a sword. Though, I have to thank you, for letting me find the most precious one in my life!” Xu Qi smiled.

“Haha, thank you for letting me know these things, Young Master Xu. You achieved your goal; I’m regretting it, very much so. Just tell me how you’re going to deal with me. I’m already in your hands, and there are so many experts around you. I can’t escape even if I wanted to,” Mo Dingtian said with a hollow smile, looking somewhat abnormal.

“I would like to ask you, Miss Mo, how would you like for me to deal with you and your father?” Xu Qi turned to Mo Ling and asked.

“Lil… Young Master Xu, it’s an undeniable fact that I harmed you in the past. You can do as you wish to me, but please let my father go, will you? I’m begging you,” Mo Ling pleaded, choking on her words. Earlier, she almost addressed Xu Qi as Little Brother.

The rage in Xu Qi subsided a little when he heard Mo Ling’s words, and actually considered whether to let them go.

However, right at this moment, Xu Pingfan’s voice rang out from behind, “Young Master, Chen Yong is at his limit.”

Xu Qi hurriedly turned around. Chen Yong was twitching all over, looking at Xu Qi, seemingly wanting to say something. However, blood bubbled in his mouth, and not a single word was said until the end. Soon, Chen Yong’s eyes slowly shut themselves and his head drooped, looking very peaceful, as if in sleep.

“Chen Yong!” Xu Pingfan cried out as he watched Chen Yong breath his last, tears flowing down Xu Pingfan’s cheeks.

“Men of Xu Clan! Send Brother Yong on his way!” Xu Qi shouted as he half kneeled on the ground, watching the blood covered Chen Yong, who was no longer breathing, feeling pain in his heart.

“Rest in peace, Brother Yong!” the twelve black-clothed men and the remaining Xu Clan guards cried out, every one of them kneeling.

The Black Tortoise didn’t do anything, only lightly sighing. As for Xu Xiaomei, she followed along when she saw Xu Qi kneeling, although she didn’t really understand what was happening.

As Xu Qi looked at Chen Yong, memories of their first encounter flashed in his mind. Although he didn’t witness Chen Yong’s actions today, he knew that Chen Yong gave it his all today when he saw the pained expressions on Xu Pingfan and the Xu Clan guards’ faces. He will always remember what Chen Yong said to him: “Young Master, I, Chen Yong, didn’t let the Xu Clan down.”

After a while, Xu Qi calmed his feelings and took a deep breath. He turned around and slowly walked toward Mo Dingtian.

Seeing as Xu Qi was approaching Mo Dingtian, Mo Ling dragged her injured leg and limped over, stopping in front of her father, shielding him behind her.

“Move aside, Ling’er. This is a matter between me and Xu Qi; it’s none of your business,” Mo Diantian said.

However, Mo Ling turned a deaf ear to her father’s words, watching silently as Xu Qi approached them.

She closely observed this Little Brother who she haven’t seen for three years, yet frequently appeared in her dreams. Now, although he was dressed commonly, there was a huge difference in the air he exuded. Upon thinking about it, it was that the childish air around him was no longer there. What replaced it was the charm of a mature man.

Xu Qi soon came directly in front of her and said plainly, “Miss Mo, do you think I wouldn’t make a move if you stand between your father and I?”

“Young Master Xu, I’m only begging you to let my father go. He was caught in a moment of folly by the allure of the position as Patriarch and did such things, but no matter what, please let him go. I was the one who backstabbed you. Let me take all the responsibility,” Mo Ling begged.

Xu Qi didn’t respond to her words. Chen Yong’s death didn’t allow him to make any concessions to Mo Ling. With a flip of his palm, the Rainlord appeared in his hand and he drew it out speedily, slashing down on Mo Ling.

Mo Ling only felt a cold glint of light flashing before her eyes and she quickly looked at her left shoulder. She realized that blood was gushing out from her left arm, and it fell onto the ground.

“Ling’er!” Mo Dingtian cried out in astonishment and hurriedly emitted energy to stop the blood flow.

“Miss Mo, I believe you understand the significance of this slash!” Xu Qi said plainly, but his hand was trembling. After all, Mo Ling accompanied him by his side for ten years, and was once the person most precious and trusted to him. Even now, her position in his heart couldn’t be erased just like that.

Cold sweat broke out on her forehead after her arm was severed. However, she didn’t make a single sound. She slowly extended her remaining arm and removed the white veil covering her face.

Mo Ling’s complexion was ghostly white, her lips still trembling. She said to Xu Qi, “I understand that I owe Cai Xiaoxiao this. Next, I’ll payback all that I owe you.”

Xu Qi couldn’t help but steal a glance at Mo Ling. When he saw the look on her face, his hand trembled even more violently.

Mo Dingtian quickly stopped the bleeding on Mo Ling’s arm and stood in front of her, saying, “Young Master Xu, I forced Ling’er to do all those things. You know she likes you. Now that she lost an arm, let her go, will you? Let me, her father take responsibility for everything. Even the matter of her backstabbing you was forced by me!”

Xu Qi looked at Mo Dingtian. At this moment, the feeling Mo Dingtian gave Xu Qi wasn’t that of the Mo Clan’s Patriarch, but more like a father. However, if he knew that it would come to this, why did he do such a thing from the start? Mo Dingtian owed Xu Qi too much. Xu Qi truly couldn’t find a reason to let Mo Dingtian live on.

Suddenly, the Black Tortoise and Xu Xiaomei cried out from a distance, “Be careful!”

Before Xu Qi could react to it, a sword was held at his throat. The one holding the sword was a man in white.

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