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Chapter 138 - Still, After All, For Eternity

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After Xu Qi had seen clearly who the person was, he smiled and said, “Mo Yan, I didn’t think I would meet you today.”

The person who just arrived was none other than Mo Yan, who had served Mo Dingtian for many years. He had been saved by Xu Qi twice in the past, and because of that, even got into an argument with Mo Dingtian when he learned that Mo Dingtian was plotting to harm Xu Qi. Alas, he wasn’t able to change Mo Dingtian’s mind, and no longer interfered in any of Mo Dingtian’s matters, staying in the Mo Clan quietly. Originally, he had no intention of following along with Mo Dingtian in attacking the Xu Clan. However, he noticed that Mo Ling was secretly following behind Mo Dingtian’s group. Worried, he followed along as well. Unexpectedly, he met the “dead” Xu Qi here.

“Brother Yan, why are you here? Retract your sword; you have no business here!” Mo Dingtian ordered when he realized it was Mo Yan who had just shown up. He knew full well that even if Mo Yan held Xu Qi hostage, they wouldn’t be able to leave Rivulet City. The strength Xu Qi had shown here was too much; it wasn’t something their Mo Clan could stand against.

Mo Yan ignored Mo Dingtian, however, and said to Xu Qi, “Young Master Xu, you saved my life before. Although I didn’t involve myself when the Patriarch plotted against you, I didn’t stop him either. I have some responsibilities to take in the wrong-doings as well, but please let the Patriarch and Ling’er go.”

Xu Qi smiled bitterly and replied, “Mo Yan, I know you’re very loyal to Mo Dingtian. I, too, am fond of your character. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have saved you twice before. However, this matter today can’t be settled with just you taking full responsibility. I hope you can understand my position.”

Mo Yan glanced at Mo Ling when he heard what Xu Qi said. He sighed and replied, “Young Master Xu, I heard about your matters from Ling’er. However, there are some things I need to tell you. After that incident, Ling’er changed greatly. She would shut herself in her room all the time, not speaking to anyone. I know she was acting like this because she missed you. Moreover, I heard weeping sounds from her room on numerous occasions, calling your name. Ling’er’s feelings toward you were true. You shouldn’t have severed her arm.”

“Don’t speak anymore, Uncle Yan. I brought this upon myself. I owed him. Between my father and Young Master Xu, I chose my father’s side,” Mo Ling said weakly, her complexion turning paler.

Bitterness was all that Xu Qi felt in his heart at hearing Mo Yan’s speech. No one knew the pain he felt when he severed the arm of Mo Ling, who was by his side for over ten years. No one knew that he thought of countless reasons, telling himself that Mo Ling was innocent. In fact, he didn’t even mind that sword thrust. However, he had to account for Chen Yong’s death, and the guards that died here today! More so, he had to account for Cai Xiaoxiao.

“Mo Yan, let me ask you this. If I hadn’t rushed back to Xu Clan today, would they have let my Xu Clan’s men off on account of our past relations?” Xu Qi said.

Mo Yan was stumped for words. That was right. If Xu Qi hadn’t come back in time today, with Mo Dingtian’s character, he would have killed everyone from the Xu Clan.

While Mo Yan was in staring blankly, the Black Tortoise made his move. His figure disappeared on the spot, turning into a streak of blue light that came in between Xu Qi and Mo Yan, grabbing onto Mo Yan’s sword with his bare hand.

Mo Yan was shocked when he realized this, but he still tried to pull out his sword. However, he discovered that this middle-aged man’s grip on the sword was so tight that he couldn’t budge it an inch.

“Let him go, Uncle. He’s not a bad person. He wouldn’t have harmed me either,” Xu Qi said plainly.

The Black Tortoise glanced at Mo Yan and gave a cold humph. He exerted strength in his fingers and instantly broke Mo Yan’s sword, then stepped behind Xu Qi with his hands behind his back.

Mo Yan stared blankly at his broken sword, a dejected gaze in his eyes. Xu Qi was right; Mo Yan was someone who placed emphasis on sentiments. Xu Qi had saved him twice in the past. No matter what, he wouldn’t hurt Xu Qi. He was only hoping that Xu Qi would let Mo Dingtian and Mo Ling off, but looking at the situation now, it was unlikely.

“Young Master Xu, this one surnamed Mo who is about to meet his end would like to ask you a question. Three years ago, did you survive the fall and hide yourself, then form the mysterious organization, Dragon Clan?” Mo Dingtian finally asked the biggest doubt in his mind. Otherwise, he wouldn’t rest in peace.

“It wasn’t formed by me; I only gave the instructions to someone else long ago,” Xu Qi answered plainly.

“Then where did you go?” Mo Dingtian continued asking.

“A small mountain village. The villagers saved my life, and gave me three years of happiness. If I hadn’t recovered my memories by chance, I’m afraid I would never have returned,” Xu Qi spoke as Lan Shu’er gentle smile flashed in his mind, feeling sweet in his heart.

“Recover your memories? You lost your memories?!” Mo Ling asked anxiously from the side.

Xu Qi nodded and hesitated for a moment before he seemingly came to a decision. He took a step forward to Mo Ling’s side, then slowly brought his mouth to her ear and said softly, “I lost my Little Sister three years ago, but I found a wife that truly treated me well. Thank you for the happiness you gave me with that sword thrust, Little Sister. Did you know? I won’t resent you even if you killed me, but you hurt those who cared for me. I have to give them an explanation. If the next life was real, I hope that you would be my Little Sister again, and I would still be your Little Brother.”

Hearing Xu Qi’s words, Mo Ling was so happy that she weeped. He called her “Little Sister”, and even found a wife who gave him happiness.

Mo Ling brought her lips to Xu Qi’s ear and whispered, “You have to be wary of Lian Tianwei.”

At this moment, Xu Qi extended one of his arms and hugged Mo Ling. A dagger appeared in his other hand and he stabbed it into Mo Ling’s heart.

Mo Ling didn’t feel any pain. She shut her eyes, tears still flowing out, and let Xu Qi hug her just like that. What Xu Qi said moments ago kept reverberating in her mind, “If the next life was real, I hope that you would be my Little Sister again, and I would still be your Little Brother.” In the end, all that was left was darkness before her.

Tears rolled down silently on Xu Qi’s cheeks as he hugged her tightly. He felt that his heart was in pain. It was truly painful.

The Little Sister who said that she was going to marry him when she grew up, who gave in to him all the time ten years ago, became the Little Sister who backstabbed him as an adult. However, her position in his heart remained irreplaceable. If he didn’t kill her, Xu Qi knew that he wouldn’t be able make a move on Mo Dingtian. Moreover, he could tell that Mo Ling was living in agony. Even if he let her go today and killed her father, she would only be in more pain. It would be better to let her die in his arms, as he brought her suffering to an end.

To the side, Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan never realized anything amiss. However, they were astonished when they saw blood flowing down Xu Qi and Mo Ling’s knees. They looked at the two nervously, not knowing whose blood was that.

Xu Qi looked at Mo Ling in his embrace. She had a peaceful expression, tears still visible on the corner of her eyes. His body trembled as he slowly picked her up into his arms.

At this moment, the others saw that a dagger was stabbed in Mo Ling’s chest. Her arm drooped down naturally, obviously dead.

Mo Dingtian looked blankly at Mo Ling in Xu Qi’s arms. The strength drained out of Mo Dingtian as he fell weakly to his knees, Mo Ling’s appearance fixed in his mind. His gaze went blank as he muttered, “Ling’er is dead, Ling’er is dead.”

At this moment, the position of Mo Clan’s Patriarch, or his cultivation level, didn’t matter to Mo Dingtian any more. All he wanted was his daughter to call out “Father” once more. However, memories of him threatening Mo Ling with his life to betray Xu Qi came up in his mind. That pained expression of Mo Ling only brought more agony to him.

Mo Dingtian knew that his daughter was very fond of Xu Qi, and that there was only him in her heart. However, he was obsessed with returning to the Mo Clan and reclaiming his rightful position as Patriarch then, and actually threatened Mo Ling with his life to make a choice. In the end, Mo Ling chose her father’s side out of filial duty.

Perhaps no one knew that Mo Ling had attempted suicide multiple times after Xu Qi fell off the cliff, but was stopped by Mo Dingtian. He told her that if she died, he would follow suit, stopping Mo Ling from attempting suicide anymore.

Today, Xu Qi’s sudden appearance brought Mo Ling a sliver of hope. However, this tiny bit of hope was turned to dust before the numerous corpses on the ground. Mo Dingtian knew very well that all this was because of him. Originally, his daughter could have spent her life with this powerful man who doted on her, yet all this was ruined in his very hands.

Thinking up to now, Mo Dingtian was overwhelmed by anguish. All the energy in him suddenly erupted, and blood flowed out from his seven orifices, collapsing on the ground.

“Patriarch!” Mo Yan cried out in pain and hurriedly brought Mo Dingtian into his arms. Tears covered his face as he watched the blood flow out from Mo Dingtian’s face.

With Mo Ling in his arms, Xu Qi glanced toward Mo Dingtian, who had severed his own meridians and ended his life. He didn’t say a word and walked deeper into the Xu Clan, carrying Mo Ling’s corpse. Before he left, he picked up Mo Ling’s severed arm as well and slowly walked away. The others hurriedly opened up a path for him as they saw him coming their way.

The Black Tortoise came to Xu Xiaomei’s side and exchanged glances, following Xu Qi in.

As for Mo Yan, he picked up Mo Dingtian’s corpse blankly, and turned to leave.

The guards around Xu Pingfan thought to stop Mo Yan when they saw him leaving, but were stopped by Xu Pingfan.

“Let him leave. Young Master doesn’t wish to kill him,” Xu Pingfan said and crouched down, looking at Chen Yong’s blood-covered corpse. He felt a pain in his heart and lightly sighed, then took up Chen Yong’s corpse on his back, slowly walking back to the Xu Clan’s inner halls.

The Twelve Constellation Guards and the remaining Xu Clan guards kneeled down once again, facing the direction Xu Pingfan had headed off to.


After Xu Qi and Xu Pingfan were gone, the first of the Twelve Constellation Guards to arrive turned and said to the others, “Quickly clean up the corpses here. Fifth Brother, quickly return to the capital and tell Sister Yin that Young Master has returned. You can continue staying put in the capital then. We’ll contact you if anything comes up!”

The black-clothed man addressed as “Fifth Brother” slowly removed the black veil on his face and answered, “Yes.”

If anyone of the capital was here, they would immediately recognize this black-clothed man addressed as “Fifth Brother”. He was, of course, the boss of the biggest restaurant in the capital, the Qi Kai Restaurant: Xu Chen.

Xu Chen cupped his fists and bade farewell to the other black-clothed men one by one, then turned into a black blur and left. At this moment, he wished he could arrive at the capital in just the blink of an eye. He knew that Sister Yin, who was still unaware of their Young Master’s return, was there. Who knew what reaction she would have when she learned of Young Master’s return?

The others who remained in the Xu Clan quickly disposed of the corpses. However, the Xu Clan guards who sacrificed their lives today were put aside in a row. They didn’t dare to decide by themselves on what to do with those corpses. They had to seek the opinion of the Young Master or Xu Pingfan before doing anything to them. After all, they died for the sake of the Xu Clan.


After some time, in the inner part of Xu Clan where Xu Qi’s room was, Xu Qi placed Mo Ling’s corpse on his bed. At this moment, her severed arm was reattached by the Black Tortoise. He didn’t want Mo Ling to be without a complete corpse.

Xu Qi sat by the bedside and watched Mo Ling, thinking back about the words Mo Ling said to him when they were young, his eyes full of tears.

“Little Brother, you have to be good, alright? Sister likes you. We’ll be together everyday even when you’re grown up. I’ll be your wife, okay?”

However, fate was unpredictable. There was no way anyone could foretell what would happen next. If one experienced happiness, perhaps it was only a fleeting moment, or a very small part in their lives.

I believe I love you still, after all that had happened, for eternity.

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