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Chapter 136 - The Twelve Constellation Guards

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Mo Ling’s body instantly froze. This voice was too familiar to her. At her side, Mo Dingtian’s complexion paled. He, who was usually composed, was suddenly at a loss for what to do when he heard this voice.

As the furious roar trailed off, a figure descended from the sky, landing directly behind Xu Pingfan.

Xu Pingfan froze up the moment he heard this voice. He didn’t dare to turn back to take a look, afraid that he was dreaming.

As for this voice’s owner, it was none other than Xu Qi, who had activated his Five Elements Wings and rushed back from Woodblue Village. He didn’t think that he would witness the Xu Clan under attack the moment he arrived.

“You’ve suffered, Uncle Mang,” Xu Qi said, extending his hand and patted on Xu Pingfan’s shoulder.

Xu Pingfan slowly turned around. He saw his Young Master, who had disappeared and worried him for three whole years. He was so agitated that no word could come out of his mouth as tears kept flowing out of his eyes.

“Young… Master… It really is Young Master!” Chen Yong cried out agitatedly in Xu Pingfan’s embrace, his blood spitting out of his mouth.

Xu Qi’s expression turned grave at seeing Chen Yong’s appearance. He quickly manipulated his energy to heal Chen Yong’s injuries, but was rejected by Chen Yong, shaking his head.

“Young Master, I, Chen Yong didn’t let Xu Clan down. I am already contented at seeing Young Master before I die. These axes are still here. I had promised you before, that the axes accompanies me, through life and death… Young Master…” Chen Yong said as his body began trembling, the blood flowing from his mouth turning dark red.

“Who did this! Who exactly was it! Show yourself!” Xu Qi quickly stood up and roared out at the group of people behind him when he heard what Chen Yong said and saw his appearance. He was instantly dumbfounded when he saw the familiar father-daughter duo standing there.

“Who are you!? How dare you speak so arrogantly here!” one of the first stage Void Swordsman standing behind Yu Tuzi who had come as reinforcements asked arrogantly.

However, just as the words left his mouth, he felt two blurs flashed past him. His neck and chest felt cold and he fell backward, his eyes widened in disbelief.

Yu Tuzi and the others hurriedly turned around to check, but only saw two black shadows flash away. The man behind them was pierced by a sword in his chest, and his neck was sliced open. He collapsed to the ground, dead.

Seeing this, Yu Tuzi and the others’ faces paled. Other than Yu Tuzi, the remaining two men’s hands were trembling.

The two shadows that suddenly appeared to kill dashed toward Xu Qi. Before their figures stopped to stabilize themselves, two plops were heard. Upon taking a closer look, the two black-clothed men were half-kneeling on the ground directly in front of Xu Qi. The stones under their them were shattered by the two’s knee caps.

The black-clothed man who arrived first was stupefied when he saw Xu Qi appearing. When he realized the other two black-clothed men were kneeling before Xu Qi, he hurriedly collected himself and rushed over, similarly half-kneeling before Xu Qi. The three of them didn’t utter a single word, just kneeling there.

Xu Qi didn’t pay any attention to them. He looked at Chen Yong and felt that he had indeed no way of saving him. Then, he suddenly thought of someone and formed a rainbow seal in his hand. A streak of blue light shone before him, and the Black Tortoise’s well-built figure slowly walked out from it.

Just as Black Tortoise wanted to speak up, he noticed Xu Qi’s expression was off.

“Uncle, please help me take a look at this Brother, see if he can be saved,” Xu Qi asked seriously.

Hearing this, the Black Tortoise shifted his gaze to Chen Yong and quickly squatted down. Blue light shone on his body and he injected his energy into Chen Yong. After feeling out the condition in Chen Yong’s body, the Black Tortoise sighed lightly and stood back up, shaking his head at Xu Qi, saying, “There were numerous sword wounds on his body, and his organs were heavily damaged. Under these circumstances, I can’t help either.”

“Even the Revitalizing Jet can’t save him?” Xu Qi asked.

The Black Tortoise shook his head again and said, “With his body’s condition, he couldn’t withstand the stimulation from the Revitalizing Jet. If I used it on him, he would immediately die from it. If that granny was here, perhaps he could still be saved. But from the looks of it, there’s no time left.”

Xu Qi slowly clenched his fists at hearing this, his facial muscles slowly stiffened and asked plainly, “Uncle Mang, who did this?”

“The Mo Clan’s father and daughter duo,” Xu Pingfan quickly answered.

Xu Qi roared out to the skies. His voice was like the thunder, resounding in the skies above the Xu Clan, seemingly venting the bitterness in his heart.

A short distance away, Mo Dingtian had turned nervous. By his side, Mo Ling had lost all composure from before, her whole body trembling as she watched Xu Qi.

After yelling, Xu Qi slowly shifted his gaze to the three black-clothed men kneeling on the ground and asked plainly, “Where are the others? Where are they?! Why aren’t they here yet!? Why did you arrive so late!? Why!?”

The three of them all lowered their head in guilt.

At this moment, nine similarly dressed black-clothed men appeared one after the other on the surrounding roofs of Xu Clan. They were puzzled when they saw their three comrades kneeling on the ground, but once they took a closer look at who they were kneeling to, they quickly came down and followed in the three black-clothed men’s steps, kneeling on the ground in a straight, horizontal line.

Xu Qi looked at these twelve black-clothed men and asked furiously, “Which one of you can tell me; why did you only arrive now when the villa is so near! Why?!”

The group of black-clothed men who just arrived imposingly didn’t dare to raise their heads at hearing this, as if they were a group of children who had done wrong.

“Don’t blame them, Young Master. The villa ceased to exist after you went missing three years ago. They probably rushed over here from the various nations; it’s been hard for them,” Xu Pingfan said softly behind Xu Qi.

The rage in Xu Qi subsided considerably at hearing this. He raised his head and looked at the Imperial Void Valley’s disciples, who were looking in his direction with alarmed gazes, and ordered coldly, “Get up, all of you. Other than Mo Dingtian and his daughter, kill everyone else! Leave no one alive!”

“Yes, Young Master!” the twelve black-clothed men kneeling on the ground responded simultaneously at hearing this. All of them stood up and turned toward the Imperial Void Valley’s group. The murderous qi emitted from these twelve made Mo Dingtian’s group felt a chill to their body.

“Just a moment! I heard them addressing you as Young Master? Could you be Xu Qi?!” Yu Tuzi suddenly asked.

“Just ask Mo Dingtian and you’ll know,” Xu Qi replied plainly.

Yu Tuzi hurriedly turned toward Mo Dingtian. Just the look on Mo Dingtian’s face had already given him the answer he seeked. He turned back around and looked at those twelve black-clothed men and asked again, “Then who are you?!”

The black-clothed man first to arrive at Xu Clan took off his veil lightly and stepped forward, declaring coldly, “The Twelve Constellation Guards!”

Hearing this, Yu Tuzi stared wide-eyed and his body started trembling. He stuttered, “Dragon Clan’s Twelve-twelve Constellation Guards?!”

Following which, the black-clothed man gestured with his hand and the other eleven instantly vanished on the spot, all rushing toward the Imperial Void Valley’s group. Among them, three black-clothed men rushed at Yu Tuzi and the other two Void realm cultivators.

Each of the black-clothed men’s techniques were skillful and their strengths superb. Each of their attacks were aiming for their opponents’ vitals, cutting the Imperial Void Valley’s disciples down like vegetables. It was as if they were venting their frustrations on them.

Why were they frustrated? Because their Young Master was angry at this group of people. That was why they were angered as well.

Yu Tuzi and the other two whose strength were the strongest among their group had no time to look out for their fellow disciples at all. The three black-clothed men who were constantly attacking them were not weaker than them in the least, and they knew how to connect their attacks one after the other, making Yu Tuzi’s group break out in cold sweat.

“Do you need me to get involved?” the Black Tortoise asked, standing next to Xu Qi.

Xu Qi shook his head and quickly formed a rainbow seal in his hand. A streak of golden light flashed before him, and a charming woman in a long dress appeared before them.

“Young Master, why did you only summon me now? I’m bor…” the newly summoned Xu Xiaomei was about to complain, but immediately swallowed her words when she saw Xu Qi’s ugly expression.

Xu Qi raised his hand and pointed at Yu Tuzi’s side and said coldly, “Over there, the three dressed in black are our own men. Kill the others. Fast.”

Xu Xiaomei glanced at the couple of people covered in blood behind Xu Qi, then scanned the surroundings and immediately understood why her young master was acting like this, erasing her smile on her face.

Immediately after, Xu Xiaomei’s figure turned into a streak of golden light and shot toward Yu Tuzi’s group.

Xu Xiaomei’s voice arrived before her figure, yelling, “Young Master’s men, go aside!” The three black-clothed men seemed to have sensed the golden light approaching them and simultaneously retreated, leaving Yu Tuzi’s group alone.

Just as Yu Tuzi’s group was thinking of taking a breather when they saw their assailants backing off, a charming woman in a golden long dress took their place and appeared before them.

Yu Tuzi couldn’t help but swallow his saliva when he saw this enchanting woman in front of him. Beautiful; she’s too beautiful!

On the other hand, Xu Xiaomei didn’t care about them and sent out three golden palms at them.

Alarmed, Yu Tuzi and the others hurriedly formed energy barriers to defend. However, the golden palms instantly shattered their energy barriers and slammed into their chests, sending all three of them flying.

As for the three black-clothed men who backed away, when they saw the enchanting woman in golden dress casually send Yu Tuzi’s group flying away, their eyes opened so wide that their eyeballs almost popped out.

“Alright, I’ll leave the killing to you. This Miss here doesn’t want to dirty her hands,” Xu Xiaomei said and returned to Xu Qi’s side, standing quietly next to him.

Hearing this, the three black-clothed men was stunned for a moment and quickly reacted, heading toward Yu Tuzi and the others.

While Xu Xiaomei was dealing with Yu Tuzi’s group, the other Imperial Void Valley disciples were all killed by the larger group of black-clothed men. They speedily returned to Xu Qi’s side and knelt down again, not saying a word.

Mo Dingtian’s mind was like the waves in a storm as he watched all this unfold.

He had never expected that the twelve black-clothed men who appeared before him today would actually turn out to be the Twelve Constellation Guards of the mysterious organization that rose to prominence over the past few years, the Dragon Clan! From the looks of it, they were all Xu Qi’s men. Thinking back, the Dragon Clan appeared soon after Xu Qi fell off the cliff. Could it be that Xu Qi survived from that fall and secretly started this mysterious organization?

Xu Qi glanced at Yu Tuzi’s side. They were heavily injured from Xu Xiaomei’s casual palm-strike and had yet to get back up when the three black-clothed men attacked them once more. In the end, they were easily overpowered and their throats were slit, resulting in their deaths.

Xu Qi turned his head and looked to Mo Dingtian’s direction and said coldly, “Mo Dingtian, I should settle our debts next!”

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