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Chapter 130 - Xu Clan in Trouble

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While Xu Qi lost his memories and was living blissfully in the Woodblue Village with Lan Shu’er for three years, huge changes occured to the world outside.

The mysterious organization, Dragon Clan, which had surfaced three years ago was quickly developing into a force comparable to top existences such as the seven top schools. Their momentum seemingly unstoppable.

On a mountain summit to the north of Mirrorlink’s capital, two woman stood there. One of them was dressed in white, the other in purple. Both of them had their appearances concealed. Their long hair and clothing swayed with the wind as it blew. At this moment, they resembled fairies who had descended to the mortal world.

Upon taking a closer look at this mountain, it was the one where Xu Qi was injured and fell off the cliff. These two women were, of course, the twin sisters Qian Yin and Qian Yun. Right now, they had another mysterious identity tied to them, but the number of people who knew about it were extremely few.

The two of them would visit this place many times  a year, and every visit they made they were hoping to come across their Young Master. Alas, they returned in disappointment every time.

This time, the two of them came to where their Young Master disappeared at the same time.

“Elder Sister, it’s been three years, and yet there isn’t any news of Young Master. What should we do?” Qian Yun asked.

Qian Yin sighed at her sister’s words and replied, “Sister, we’ll just continue investigating if there’s no news of him. What does three years count for? Even if it’s thirty years, we’ll wait for him to reappear. I will always remember what Young Master told me: as long as I haven’t seen his corpse, never believe that something has happened to him!”

Qian Yun gave a cold humph at hearing the word “corpse” and said, “Sister, it’s been confirmed. The sword Young Master always used appeared within the Imperial Void Valley. Also, you had me investigate Mo Dingtian and his daughter Mo Ling over these years. They are now residing in the nation of Earthdream’s Mo Clan. Mo Dingtian reclaimed the position as the Clan Patriarch by borrowing the Imperial Void Valley’s powers. It seems like Young Master meeting with trouble was truly connected to them!”

“I already knew of this, but even if it truly was Mo Ling who hurt Young Master, we’ll have to wait until he returns and let him find her personally. You know of Young Master’s temper. If we take action against Mo Dingtian and Mo Ling on our own and Young Master returns, he’ll be uncomfortable in his heart,” Qian Yin said plainly.

“Then what if Young Master never returns?” Qian Yun asked softly, but immediately regretted her words upon saying them.

“Then we’ll have the entire Mo Clan and Imperial Void Valley wiped away!” Qian Yin said, each word deliberate.

Hearing this, Qian Yun felt even more unpleasant inside. She suddenly thought of something and said to Qian Yin, “Sister, Mo Dingtian is about to take action against Rivulet City, the Xu Clan. Should we interfere?”

“Get Brother Zi and the others to go there. Have them try to not show themselves if possible. We’ll observe what Mo Dingtian intends to do with the Xu Clan. If they mean to destroy the Xu Clan, then we’ll have him stay there,” Qian Yin replied.

“Send Brother Zi’s entire team over?” Qian Yun asked, checking.

“Hmm. All of them. The forces Mo Dingtian and Imperial Void Valley sent out weren’t that strong, but just to be sure, have them all go over. The Xu Clan is Young Master’s home, after all. We can’t allow anyone to destroy it!” Qian Yin answered, her tone turning more grave.

“Say, Sister, would Young Master suddenly descend from the skies and appear in the Xu Clan?” Qian Yun chuckled.

“If he really descends from the sky, appearing in the Xu Clan, I will immediately rush over to meet him, no matter where I am!” Qian Yin said, and turned to leave.

The younger sister, Qian Yun, stood there for a little longer. She muttered a few sentences before leaving.


In Rivulet City, Xu Clan, several people stood around their Chief Housekeeper, Xu Pingfan. If Xu Qi were here, he would definitely recognize them. They were none other than the Xu Clan guardsmen who guarded the villa before. Their leader was still the tanned and well-built Chen Yong.

Three years ago, the Godsward Villa in the suburbs was burned down to ashes in a huge fire. Chen Yong then brought the guards and returned to the Xu Clan, staying by Xu Pingfan’s side peacefully.

At this moment, Xu Pingfan’s moustache and head of black hair had already turned white. Chen Yong looked on painfully at the Chief Housekeeper who had doted on him as if Chen Yong was his own child. He knew that Xu Pingfan had always worried about someone, and that person had disappeared for three years, without any news about him.

Over these three years, Xu Pingfan hardly showed himself. The citizens of Rivulet City had never seen him once, as if he had vanished into thin air. Xu Pingfan had devoted himself to cultivating and was now a Swordsman at the sixth stage of the Spirit realm.

“Uncle Xu, there was news that Mo Dingtian is coming to Rivulet City with Imperial Void Valley’s men. I’m afraid they are going to bring harm to our Xu Clan. What should we do?” Chen Yong hesitated for half a day before he finally asked.

After years of interaction, Xu Pingfan had Chen Yong address him as “Uncle Xu” ever since Chen Yong returned from the villa. Their relationship had become even closer.

“I already knew about it. I don’t have any good solution to this,” Xu Pingfan said plainly.

“Did those people out there say that they’re coming back to help us?” Chen Yong continued asking.

“Oh, Chen Yong, they have their own matters to take care of. They can’t possibly return for such trivial matters. It’s fine if we just handle it ourselves,” Xu Pingfan said.

“Uncle Xu, Mo Dingtian has come prepared this time. I’m afraid…” Chen Yong said, worried.

“What are you afraid of? So should we abandon the Xu Clan because we’re afraid and escape on our own? Young Master entrusted me to take care of the Xu Clan. I can’t just abandon it. Otherwise, I would be letting Young Master down,” Xu Pingfan said, slightly agitated.

“But Young Master has gone missing for so long. Maybe…?” Chen Yong said carefully.

Pa! Xu Pingfan slammed his palm onto the table at hearing this. He stood up enraged and said, looking at Chen Yong, “Chen Yong! Is this something you should say!? Young Master is definitely fine! He must be bogged down by some matters; he will surely return in time to come. If I ever hear you speak of such words, you can get the hell out of Xu Clan immediately!”

Chen Yong hurriedly knelt on the ground at hearing this. His expression turned ugly and apologized, “I’m sorry, Uncle Xu. I shouldn’t have said such things about the Young Master. I won’t ever do it again. I’ll obey you and do whatever you tell me to, even if you tell me to forfeit my life.”

Xu Pingfan glanced at the kneeling Chen Yong and sighed, then said slowly, “Get up, Chen Yong. I know that you’re only worried about me and not a coward. But words like those, speak no more of them.”

Hearing this, Chen Yong stood up with his head lowered. He no longer said a word, feeling regret in his heart. He regretted saying such words and hurting Xu Pingfan.

Xu Pingfan slowly walked to the hall entrance. He looked at the distant sky and muttered to himself, “It’s been three years, Brother Dingtian. Are you really going to take action against our Xu Clan?”


At this moment, the Xu Clan’s Young Master, Xu Qi, who many were worried about, was sitting in the granny’s house alongside the Black Tortoise. Ever since the two came to her house, they just sat there, not uttering a single word. The three of them were only exchanging glances here and there, the situation extremely strange.

“Say, granny, if you don’t speak any time soon, I’m going to die of suppression. What exactly are you playing at?” Xu Qi was the first to break the silence.

“And I thought you could continue keeping to yourself, not saying a word. Who is he? Why haven’t I seen him before?” the granny looked at the Black Tortoise and asked. She tried to sense this stranger’s cultivation earlier, but she couldn’t feel a hint of fluctuation in his aura, and this stranger was only looking at her with a smile, causing her to feel a little uncertain.

“He? He’s an Uncle of mine. He rushed here after finding out that I was here,” Xu Qi said.

“Rushed over here? Where from? You only recovered your memories today; how is it possible for him to get here so quickly?” the granny questioned, creasing her brow.

Hearing this, Xu Qi was immediately stumped for words.

At this moment, the silent Black Tortoise smiled and said, “I’m his familiar; that’s why I appeared on a whim.”

The granny immediately opened her slightly cloudy eyes wide and looked at Xu Qi, seemingly waiting for him to give her a final answer.

Xu Qi didn’t think the Black Tortoise would be so straightforward. He returned the gaze of the granny and shook his head helplessly, saying, “Granny, what he said was true. He is indeed my familiar. That woman in golden dress, is also my familiar.”

After getting Xu Qi’s confirmation, the granny’s calm heart suddenly sped up. It was too astonishing; a monster was actually capable of taking human form. When Xu Qi first summoned that enchanting woman, she thought that Xu Qi must have used some technique on her, sealing her somewhere. She didn’t expect her to truly be his familiar.

In her whole life, she had never heard of a monster that could turn into a human, not to mention seeing one. Now that there was one sitting right in front of her, and she even met with another previously; how could she not be blown away?

“You don’t have to feel so shocked, granny, there are some things that I can’t really explain to you. I can only tell you given Uncle’s age, it wouldn’t be too much to say that even your ancestors would have to address him as ancestor,” Xu Qi chuckled.

Hearing this, the granny shifted her gaze to the Black Tortoise, thinking, So this is an old freak that has lived for uncountable years. No wonder it’s able to take human form.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense. I am a unique existence within this plane. It’s not as exaggerated as Xu Qi said,” the Black Tortoise said, rolling his eyes at Xu Qi and smiling at the granny.

“Why do I not feel any aura from you when I tried to sense your cultivation earlier?” the granny continued questioning.

“That’s because my cultivation method differs from you humans. There’s not a shred of your humans’ cultivation in me. That was why you couldn’t sense anything,” the Black Tortoise told her plainly.

“Then what is your cultivation level at?” the granny asked.

“I’m not too sure myself either. My strength has yet to recover to its peak. I guess slightly above yours?” the Black Tortoise said humbly.

The granny no longer planned to ask anything about the Black Tortoise on hearing this. She turned to Xu Qi and asked, “Since you have two familiars that are so powerful, how were you so seriously injured three years ago?”

“That was because I was in a deep slumber then, and could not be summoned by him. As for that snakey, her strength wasn’t at this level at the time,” the Black Tortoise answered in Xu Qi’s stead.

Xu Qi nodded at the Black Tortoise’s words.

“Fine. Then what exactly did you wish to find out from me by coming here? Just ask directly; I will answer you. However, I will say this in advance: I don’t wish to see you letting Shu’er down. She’s a great girl,” the granny said, looking at Xu Qi.

“Please rest assured, granny. Shu’er and our daughter are my precious ones. I would never abandon them no matter what, nor allow anyone to hurt them,” Xu Qi said seriously.

The granny was immediately relieved at hearing his words and nodded.

“Granny, earlier I heard Lian Qijin said that you are someone from the Misty Tower. I have encountered my fair share of Misty Tower’s disciples previously as well, but none of them used techniques like yours. Why is that so? Also, what is your name?” Xu Qi asked, puzzled.

Hearing this, the granny sighed. A hint of bitterness flashed across her eyes and she said slowly, “I was indeed a disciple of Misty Tower many years ago. And those so-called disciples of Misty Tower you have seen before aren’t considered true disciples of Misty Tower, but the disciples of the Outer Misty Tower.”

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