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Chapter 129 - Xu Xiaomei and Ye Guangji

Edited by RED

“What happened to you, Big Brother? You don’t seem happy about us taking human form?” the Giantwood Python asked.

“N-no, absolutely not. I’m a little too happy, in fact. Say, Little Snakey, this Big Brother here can’t call you Little Snakey in the future anymore, and you shouldn’t address me as Big Brother, either. Call me Young Master instead. I’ll give you another name to take on,” Xu Qi said in embarrassment.

“Hmm? Young Master? Alright, then. What name are you going to give me?” the Giantwood Python asked again.

“Are you willing to take on my surname, Xu?” Xu Qi asked.

“Alright, alright, surnamed Xu, it is. Then what about my name?” the Giantwood Python said joyfully.

“Alright, you’ll be called Xu Xiaomei1 then. You will be I, Xu Qi’s younger sister. How about it?” Xu Qi asked, checking.

“Xu Xiaomei? Your younger sister? Sure, then can you promise me something?” the Giantwood Python continued.

Xu Qi nodded.

“Can you not put me back in there again in the future? I have taken human form anyway, it’s not inconvenient to be by your side anymore. Let me be by your side, okay?” the Giantwood Python asked coquettishly.

Her acting like this immediately made Xu Qi felt all soft inside, and he couldn’t help but shiver. He thought inwardly, If I let such a disastrous2 snake spirit stay by my side all the time, I’ll be troubled to no end.

“Alright, we’ll decide again after seeing how you perform. I’ll try not to keep you in there, but you must be obedient. Otherwise, I’ll have to send you back into the cavern,” Xu Qi warned her.

“Yes, Big Brother- no, Young Master. I guarantee that I’ll be obedient,” the snake spirit now named Xu Xiaomei replied. “Oh, right, Young Master, can you summon Uncle Tortoise out, too? Isn’t it great for us to have a meal here together? It had also taken human form, anyway,” Xu Xiaomei continued.

“Hmm? Right. Just look at me; how could I forget about this? Maybe it’s because I just recovered my memories; my brain isn’t functioning very well,” Xu Qi suddenly realized.

Xu Qi quickly stood up and formed seals on his hands. However, he felt something was wrong before he finished his seals. What if Black Tortoise returned to its original form when he summoned it? Wouldn’t it cause the house to collapse? Thinking of this, Xu Qi ran out to the courtyard.

Xu Qi completed the seal in his hand as he came out to the courtyard. He said softly, “Black Tortoise, appear!”

A flash of blue light suddenly shone before Xu Qi. Immediately after, he heard a voice he haven’t heard in a long time saying, “Damn brat, I knew you would summon me after the snakey to be your laborer. You must have met with trouble, eh?”

As the voice trailed off, a middle-aged man dressed in black robes walked out of the blue light. His complexion was in the pink of health, his stature robust.

“Hmm? There’s no fight here?” the middle-aged man asked in surprise, as he looked at the surroundings.

“Uncle Tortoise?” Xu Qi smiled.

“How many times have I said this now, can you not call me Uncle Tortoise? I have a name too, and I’m a divine beast after all. How could you call me that?” the middle-aged man said, annoyed.

Xu Qi immediately confirmed in his heart that this person was indeed the Black Tortoise. However, he wasn’t shocked at seeing him show up in this appearance. An ordinary monster like the Giantwood Python already managed to take human form, not to mention the the divine beast, Black Tortoise, who had lived for uncountable years. It was most likely able to take human form long ago.

“Dear, this person is..?” Lan Shu’er who was preparing dinner noticed the situation in the courtyard and quickly came out to say hello. After the battle at the village entrance, she was not surprised at seeing this middle-aged man coming out of the blue light.

The Black Tortoise immediately turned to look at Lan Shu’er in shock at hearing this unfamiliar woman addressing Xu Qi as “Dear”. After seeing that gentle smile on her face, he couldn’t help but nod and mutter, “Not bad, not bad.”

“Shu’er, this is Tor… Just address him as Uncle is fine,”3 Xu Qi almost called out Uncle Tortoise, but immediately swallowed his words on seeing the Black Tortoise rolling his eyes at him.

“Hello. Uncle,” Lan Shu’er greeted him gently.

Standing behind Lan Shu’er, Lan Xin suddenly stuck out her head and asked, “Daddy, do I call him Grandpa?”

The Black Tortoise was even more shocked when he found out that Xu Qi had a daughter. However, upon seeing Lan Xin’s adorable looks, he revealed a smile that not even Xu Qi had seen before. He clapped his hands toward Lan Xin and said amiably, “Come, let Grandpa carry you.”

Lan Xin walked up from Lan Shu’er’s back at hearing this, opening her arms. The Black Tortoise gently picked her up, and couldn’t help but kiss her cheek at seeing her cuteness.

Lan Shu’er watched them from the side, smiling. She didn’t feel a hint of unfamiliarity toward this man and woman who had suddenly appeared in their house today. She could feel that they had an extraordinary relationship with her husband, and thus accepted them both in her heart.

Xu Qi invited the Black Tortoise into the house with a face full of smiles. Soon, the virtuous Lan Shu’er prepared a table full of dishes and was going to bring Lan Xin outside.

Xu Qi saw through Lan Shu’er’s intention. She was afraid that her presence would bother the other three’s conversation and he quickly said to her, “Shu’er, you don’t have to go outside. You’re no outsider.”

Hearing this, Lan Shu’er sat next to Xu Qi obediently.

Seeing such a virtuous and gentle wife Xu Qi had, the Black Tortoise kept giving Xu Qi a thumbs up stealthily.

The few of them started eating. The Black Tortoise kept carrying Lan Xin, unwilling to let go, making Xu Qi and Lan Shu’er feel helpless.

As they ate, the Black Tortoise suddenly spoke up. “Brat, don’t just care about eating. Since there’re no outsiders here, let’s hear it. What happened to you during these past few years? Not only did you not visit me and Snakey, you even started a family without anyone knowing.”

Xu Qi smiled helplessly, then glanced at Lan Shu’er by his side, who was similarly anticipating his words, and said, “Alright, I’ll start from the last time I saw the both of you three years ago, and everything that happened after I came to this Woodblue Village.”

Hearing this, Lan Shu’er quickly put down her chopsticks, prepared to listen about her husband’s past.

Thus, Xu Qi began talking about all that had happened after he left Rivulet City; about him taking part in the Fengwen Examination in the capital; the battle in the Cai Clan’s courtyard; severing Cai Xiaoxiao’s arm and being betrayed by his Little Sister, Mo Ling, who he had grown up alongside and who stabbed him in the heart; and finally him falling off the cliff and being saved by Lan Shu’er.

The three were all like listening to a storyteller, they all couldn’t help but put down their chopsticks and listen attentively to Xu Qi.

“Alright, I’m done recounting; that’s all,” Xu Qi took a deep breath and finished up.

However, he realized that after he was done speaking, the three of them were still looking at him blankly, especially Lan Shu’er. She actually teared up.

Xu QI hurriedly wiped off her tears and said dearly, “What’s there to cry about? If it wasn’t for me experiencing this, I wouldn’t have gotten to know you. This is fate.”

Hearing this, Lan Shu’er smiled and nodded.

“Yes, what Xu Qi said was right. This is fate. He was destined to experience this, and none of us could have changed it,” the Black Tortoise agreed.

On the other hand, the python-turned-Xu Xiaomei was fuming with rage and said, “That Mo Ling was too outrageous. What a waste for you to treat her so well; she actually tried to kill you for the sake of a sword. Don’t ever let me encounter her, or I’ll devour her alive!”

“Say, Xiaomei, even I am not agitated. What are you being so agitated for? Moreover, you’re now in human form. Please don’t speak of devouring people alive, will you? Mind your image,” Xu Qi told her.

Xu Xiaomei humphed coldly and kept poking at the vegetables in her bowl with her chopsticks, as if the food was Mo Ling.

“Then what are your future plans?” the Black Tortoise asked.

Lan Shu’er’s heart tightened and looked toward Xu Qi when she heard this.

Xu Qi felt the gaze from Lan Shu’er. He turned sideways and told her, “Shu’er, I’m not interested in those matters, and I’m willing to stay in Woodblue Village to continue living as we did for the past three years. What do you say?”

Lan Shu’er looked at Black Tortoise and Xu Xiaomei, then shook her head and said, “Dear, there are many people waiting for you out there. You go ahead with your matters. I’ll stay here in Woodblue Village to wait for your return with Xin’er.”

Xu Qi felt even more unpleasant at hearing this and replied, “We’ll talk about this again later.”

He turned around and looked at the Black Tortoise and continued, “Uncle Tortoise, I’m very interested in the granny in this village. She seemed to be a disciple of Misty Tower, one of the seven top schools. I’m also very curious about her exquisite skills and cultivation as a Healer. She seemed to know a lot of things. Let’s make a trip to her place after eating.”

The Black Tortoise nodded. He basically hadn’t eaten anything during this meal. For a divine beast such as him, whether he eats or not didn’t matter anymore.

“Brat, I forgot to tell you; don’t address me as that in the future. I have a name, too; my name is Ye Guangji. You can call me Uncle Ye,” the Black Tortoise said plainly.

“You’re called Ye Guangji? Uncle Ye? It doesn’t even feel close to calling you Uncle Tortoise. We’ll discuss this matter again,” Xu Qi casually dropped the topic.

Seeing Xu Qi act like this, the Black Tortoise shook his head helplessly.


After dinner, Xu Qi was about to bring the Black Tortoise to the granny’s place. Xu Xiaomei cried about wanting to follow along, but was reciprocated with a stare from Xu Qi. She could only remain obediently in the house and help Lan Shu’er with the cleaning up.

“Uncle Tortoise, do you think I should leave here?” Xu Qi asked as they were travelling.

“It’s up to you. I can tell that that virtuous wife of yours seemed to have seen through your thoughts. Since she told you to, just do as she wishes,” the Black Tortoise said plainly.

Xu Qi nodded at hearing this and no longer spoke. The two continued their journey to the granny’s house.

TL Note:

1: Xu Xiaomei literally means Xu Little Sister

2: Disastrous as in she is too beautiful and would invite trouble around her.

3: The Chinese way of addressing others is “name” - “title”, like Xu Patriarch, Lee Senior. That’s why Tortoise came out of Xu Qi’s mouth before Uncle.

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