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Chapter 131 - Two Sides to a School

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“Outer Misty Tower? What do you mean by that, granny?” Xu Qi asked, confused.

The granny smiled and said, “The Misty Tower is split into the Inner and Outer School. The Outer Misty Tower’s disciples consists of mixed professions, while all the Inner Misty Tower’s disciples only train in one profession, which is the Healer,” the granny explained.

“The disciples of Inner Misty Tower are all trained as Healers? Then granny is someone from the Inner Misty Tower?” Xu Qi asked.

“You can say so. I left the Misty Tower not long after I was accepted into the Inner School and came to this Woodblue Village, staying until now,” the granny replied, a trace of bitterness flashing in her eyes.

Xu Qi noticed the detail and asked gently, “Granny, is it convenient for you to speak about why you left the Misty Tower? And what exactly is your name?”

“What’s there to be inconvenient about; it’s already been so many years. I left the Inner Misty Tower because I fell in love with an Outer Misty Tower disciple, and our relationship was met with the Inner Misty Tower’s Elders’ opposition. In the end, both of us eloped on an impulse and came to the nation of Woodsprout, living the lives of commoners in the mountains. I gave birth to a daughter after that. When she was three, the First Elder suddenly appeared before us, ordering me to return. However, I stubbornly refused and a fight broke out subsequently,” the granny said.

Speaking up till here, the granny sighed again and continued, “There was no way the both of us could beat the First Elder. We were soon injured and made a run for it. However, during our escape, my daughter went missing. In a moment of desperation, my husband turned back to look for her. He never returned. And I, who was heartbroken, didn’t have the will to live any longer. However, the Second Elder got here in time and stopped me. While I was still in Misty Tower, the Second Elder doted on me very much. Not only did she save me, she even taught me some advanced techniques that weren’t allowed to be taught to outsiders and let me go. After that, I returned to my home, but found out that it was burned to the ground. I tried looking for my husband and daughter, but didn’t find either of them. As I searched for them, I came to this Woodblue Village and have stayed here since, and it’s already been thirty years.”

“And the Pulse Reversal you used to heal me earlier was among the advanced techniques you were taught, huh?” Xu Qi asked.

The granny nodded slightly and said, “The Pulse Reversal wasn’t the most advanced technique. The true supreme technique was the one I used on you five times in succession when you were brought back to Woodblue Village. It was called the Seven Stars Summoning. As long as the person is still alive, there is a chance of saving them. Of course, that will depend on the user’s mastery of the Seven Stars Summoning, and the injured person’s cultivation level.”

“You used the Seven Stars Summoning on me five times in succession?” Xu Qi asked, puzzled.

“Right. I didn’t expect to have to use the Seven Stars Summoning five times to save you. Originally, I had advanced into the second stage of the Seven Stars Summoning, and would normally require using the technique twice at the most to successfully save someone at the Void realm or below. However, for some unknown reason, I had to use it five times to save you. Even now, I am still confused as to what was that about,” the granny said.

“Granny, I thank you once again for saving my life. I didn’t even know such a thing had happened,” Xu Qi told her sincerely.

“Forget it, it’s over. Let me ask you something, and you have to tell me the truth. Do you have a feud with the seven top schools?” the granny continued.

“How should I say this, granny, I guess, yes? Why?” Xu Qi asked.

“Then for the sake of Shu’er, I tell you about some matters. Among the seven top schools, it’s not only the Misty Tower that is separated into Inner and Outer School. The other six schools are divided as such, too. Their true strength isn’t something you can see from the surface,” the granny revealed.

“Ah? All seven top schools are separated into Outer and Inner schools?” Xu Qi cried out in shock.

“Hmm. Not only that, for each of the Inner Schools, the professions they are trained in are all singular. It’s not as varied as you may have seen. Similar to what I told you about all the Inner Misty Tower disciples being trained as Healers, the Imperial Void Valley inner disciples are all Swordsmen, the Undying School’s inner disciples are all Spiritualists, the Shadow Wind Sect’s inner disciples are all Nightlords, the Virtuous Clan’s inner disciples are all Rangers, and the Monarchy Pavilion’s inner disciples are all trained in a rare profession that isn’t included in the five main professions,” the granny said deliberately.

Hearing this, Xu Qi revealed a grave expression. There was even such a secret of the seven top schools! However, after thinking it through, the granny seemed to have left one of the top schools out. As such, Xu Qi asked, “Granny, what about the House of Soaring Moon? What profession are their inner disciples trained in?”

“I don’t know,” the granny said firmly. “However, after I was accepted into the Inner Misty Tower, the Second Elder had once told me to never offend members of the House of Soaring Moon when I’m outside. Their strength is unimaginable. Though, I had unintentionally overheard the First Elder’s conversation. It seemed like the House of Soaring Moon were practicing some sort of art. As for its concrete details, I really have no idea,” the granny continued.

“Art? The House of Soaring Moon is actually so mysterious?” Xu Qi asked in shock.

“Speaking of mysterious, the House of Soaring Moon wasn’t the most mysterious. Instead, it was the Shadow Wind Sect. Have you ever seen a Nightlord who could turn invisible?” the granny said.

“An invisible Nightlord?! Granny, you must be kidding me!” Xu Qi exclaimed.

“Do you think that I’m joking around? The Shadow Wind Sect has two techniques that are the most prominent. One of them is well known in the outside world, the self-sacrificing body explosion technique that ignores one’s defense. The other is the invisible technique that is only known to a few people, enabling one to kill without a trace,” the granny said plainly.

Cold sweat poured out of Xu Qi’s forehead on hearing this. He had personally experienced the Shadow Wind Sect’s Disintegration technique thirteen years ago. If it wasn’t for the Black Tortoise, he would have died long ago. Now that he had learned the Shadow Wind Sect’s disciples could even turn invisible, it would not be unthinkable if, combined with their mysterious movement techniques, they sneaked up on and ambushed him.

“You don’t have to be so afraid. The Shadow Wind Sect having such a technique isn’t unbeatable. They wouldn’t dare turn invisible to sneak up on the Virtuous Clan’s Rangers or the Undying School’s Spiritualists. The Shadow Wind Sect’s disciples would have to take a detour if they encountered them,” the granny chuckled.

Hearing this, Xu Qi was even more confused and asked, “Why is that so?”

“That’s because the advanced Rangers of the Virtuous Clan have a unique skill, known as the Sky Eye. It is able to perceive any invisible object, and increases the Ranger’s shooting range. As for the Undying School, their Heavens Surveillance Incantation can see through Invisibility. Thus, the Shadow Wind Sect’s Invisibility is useless against them,” the granny continued.

“I have gotten a general understanding of what you said. Isn’t it just that they know of some tricks? It’s no big deal,” the Black Tortoise suddenly interjected from the side.

Xu Qi was confused at the Black Tortoise’s words and looked toward him.

The Black Tortoise noticed Xu Qi’s gaze and smiled, saying, “The truth is, the Invisibility, Pulse Reversal, or what-not that were just mentioned shouldn’t be regarded as techniques anymore. They should be categorized as Arts. And from what you both talked about, the seven top schools should have unique arts that counteract one another. Otherwise, the state of affairs wouldn’t be like it is now.”

Hearing this, the granny and Xu Qi nodded in agreement.

“Brat, there must be something among the things Ziyan geezer left for you that can neutralize those arts. I saw him use them before in the past. Don’t tell me that you haven’t seen them,” the Black Tortoise said.

“Ah? Is that so? I really haven’t noticed,” Xu Qi replied, blanking out for a moment.

“You don’t have to care about how powerful the seven top schools are. If they were to come to us for trouble, we’ll just beat them up. Those puny arts are incomparable to the things that geezer Ziyan left for you. They are but child’s play,” the Black Tortoise continued.

Xu Qi felt that he truly didn’t take a good look at the books left behind by Venerable Ziyan. Even the Void Dao cultivation art he practiced was neglected for so many years. It seemed like he had to put in much more effort from now on.

As the conversation went on, the granny kept staring at the Black Tortoise. From what he just said, it seemed like he didn’t give a hoot about the seven top schools. What kind of origin did he have?

“Granny, thank you for telling me all this today. Lan Jiu has learned much,” Xu Qi thanked the granny.

“You don’t have to thank me. Even if I don’t tell you now, you will learn about this in the future. Hmm? Why are you still calling yourself Lan Jiu? Aren’t you called Xu Qi?” the granny asked.

Xu Qi smiled and said, “In this Woodblue Village, I will always be that Lan Jiu from before. Granny, I’ll take my leave first. Oh, right, granny, you still haven’t told me; what exactly is your name?”

“My name is Di Luoyu,” the granny said plainly.

“Di Luoyu? It sounds pretty nice,” Xu Qi mumbled.

At this moment, the Black Tortoise had already stood up. It seems like he no longer had an interest in staying here any longer.

Xu Qi stood up as well and said to the granny respectfully, “Granny, I’ll be leaving for now.”

“Lan Jiu, if you were to go out, could you do me a favor?” the granny hesitated for a while and asked.

“Just instruct me on whatever, granny. Don’t speak about favors or what-not,” Xu Qi smiled.

“Can you help me search for my long-lost daughter? Her name is Li Qing, her childhood nickname was Qiaoqiao. If she’s still alive, she should be thirty years old now,” the granny said.

“Sure, granny. I will remember this. Though, granny, can I ask you one more thing? If your daughter is only thirty, then exactly how old are you?” Xu Qi asked.

“My age? I think I’m exactly fifty this year,” the granny answered.

“Only fifty years old? Then why would you look so old? Logically speaking, you’re someone with a high cultivation level. How could you be..?” Xu Qi asked doubtfully.

However, the granny no longer spoke. She stood up and slowly went to her bed, lying down. Her meaning was very obvious; she didn’t want to answer this question, and was also telling Xu Qi that he should leave now.

Xu Qi was stunned for a moment, then sighed lightly before walking out of the house with the Black Tortoise. Before they left, Xu Qi didn’t forget to gently close the doors.

In the room, the granny’s face was filled with tears. At this moment, her cloudy eyes actually cleared up, turning into a pair of spirited eyes.

The Black Tortoise and Xu Qi slowly walked back to their house.

“Damn Brat, don’t you think your last sentence made you sound like an idiot?” the Black Tortoise said.

“Hmm? What did I do, Uncle Tortoise? Wasn’t all I did was to ask about the granny’s age? She seemed a little angry about it, but why are you scolding me, too?” Xu Qi asked, feeling wronged.

“Idiot, that granny isn’t a granny at all. She must have used some secret art to conceal her true appearance!” the Black Tortoise continued to reprimand him.

Xu Qi was stumped on hearing this. He only thought about the granny and her daughter’s age, but neglected to consider that she would conceal her true appearance after coming to Woodblue Village.

“Brat, I’m afraid this woman still has some important matters that she didn’t talk about. Her identity is definitely not as simple as an ordinary disciple of Misty Tower. Otherwise, if we trace back her age, she was only a youngster back then; there’s no way she would get to know so much.”

“You’re right, Uncle Tortoise. Why didn’t I think of that? You’re still the smarter one,” Xu Qi came to a sudden realization.

“It’s not that I’m smart, but you’re too dumb! I see that your brain has gone rusty over these three years!” the Black Tortoise said.

Xu Qi was rendered speechless at the Black Tortoise’s words. He lost his memories for three years, but it wasn’t like he didn’t use his brain at all. How could it get rusty? Though, he was still contemplating the granny’s identity inwardly.


On the road south of Mirrorlink’s Rivulet City, a large group of people were slowly walking towards the city. The man walking at the front suddenly stopped in place and looked at Rivulet City in the distance, mumbling, “Rivulet City, I, Mo Dingtian, have returned!”

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