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Chapter 13 - Suspect

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“Brother Pingfan, I will certainly do my best to complete the task you entrusted to me,” although Mo Dingtian had many doubts, he kept them to himself.

“Brother Dingtian, I’ll be troubling you then. I have another issue that requires your help. Please don’t tell anyone about my request for you to gather materials. Thank you very much,” Xu Pingfan said cautiously.

Hearing this, Mo Dingtian slightly frowned, “Brother Pingfan, the reason our Mosuo Auction House has prospered in Rivulet City for so many years is that of our reputation. We will certainly do our best to fulfill our client's requests. As for confidentiality, we are aware of what we are expected to do.”

Xu Pingfan could hear the dissatisfied tone in Mo Dingtian’s words. He hurriedly explained, “Brother Dingtian, I am confident in your reputation. I’m only afraid of certain people fishing for information. Please forgive me.”

Mo Dingtian was soothed at Xu Pingfan’s apology in his own accord. He replied, “Brother Pingfan, I will personally send your required materials to your residence three days hence. As for the amount, we will acquire as much as we can.”

“Many thanks,” Xu Pingfan smiled. He knew of Mo Dingtian’s character. The latter had always been extremely thorough when he did his work, and he meant what he said. Naturally, there shouldn’t be any mishaps.

“You’re too polite, Brother Pingfan. There’s one thing I don’t understand about today. Would you care to explain?” Mo Dingtian changed the topic, asking Xu Pingfan.

Xu Pingfan was dazed for a moment. He did not think Mo Dingtian would question him. He then responded, “Brother Dingtian, do ask. If I know something, I’ll answer truthfully.”

Mo Dingtian asked directly, “I saw your Xu Clan’s young master today. He appeared to be a talented boy. But is he really what he’s rumored to be, a mute? Truthfully speaking, I’m not convinced.”

Xu Pingfan originally thought Mo Dingtian wanted to ask about the Spiritualist who interfered in the fight today. The latter asked about Xu Qi, to his surprise. Of course, when it came to matters regarding Xu Qi, Xu Pingfan would never tell the truth. He sighed, “Brother Dingtian, didn’t you know about this? My young master has not been able to speak since birth. While they were still alive, the patriarch and his lady went looking for famous doctors everywhere. However, none of them could cure our young master. They were filled with regret over this, even unto death,” Xu Pingfan started feeling emotional after he said those words, his eyes tearing up.

Mo Dingtian felt disdain in his heart as he watched Xu Pingfan’s display of emotion, From what he has shown today, it’s obvious he has used Xu Qi as a puppet and monopolized Xu Clan’s assets. Hmph, yet, he is now talking about the patriarch and lady, acting sentimental in front of me? Disgusting!

“Brother Pingfan, don’t be sad. The dead are gone. Taking good care of Young Master Xu is what’s important. It’ll be best if a cure to his ailment is found,” although Mo Dingtian felt displeased, he spoke politely.

Xu Pingfan saw through Mo Dingtian’s disdain towards himself. He felt himself losing face, but he remembered in his heart, Now, everyone has determined I am threatening Xu Qi, and have monopolized all that Xu Clan owns. My reputation is ruined. Forget about explaining myself. Even if I did, no one would believe me. For the sake of Young Master, this much is nothing.

Seeing as Xu Pingfan stopped replying, Mo Dingtian understood his questions had overstepped the boundaries. It was, after all, their family matter. Thinking back to the fight today, Mo Dingtian tried shifting the topic to test the waters, “Brother Pingfan, what do you think about the scuffle between Helian and Liang Clans today?”

“The matters between Helian Clan and Liang Clan are not something our measly Xu Clan can interfere with. Naturally, I am not qualified to comment on it. However, the Spiritualist from Liang clan is really strong,” Xu Pingfan gave a vague answer.

As he finished his sentence, he continued without giving Mo Dingtian a chance to reply, “Brother Dingtian, I still have matters to attend to back in Xu Clan. If there’s nothing else, I have to make my leave.”

Sly old fox! Mo Dingtian cursed inwardly.

“Brother Pingfan, I shan’t hold you any longer then. I had originally thought to invite Brother Pingfan to Wan Qing Restaurant for a drink or two. Since you have matters to attend to, please go on ahead. We’ll find another day for drinks. Three days from now, I’ll send you the materials you need,” Mo Dingtian said.

Without any further exchange of words, Xu Pingfan and Mo Dingtian returned to the front hall.

Right now, Xu Qi was enduring torment from the little girl known as Mo Ling in the side hall. Not a real torment, per se, but this was Xu Qi’s first time in contact with someone near his age; her words were childish in his eyes. Also, there was no way he would speak his thoughts. As for the torment he was feeling inside, all he could do was wait for Xu Pingfan to hurry back and get out of here.

“Young Master, we should get going.” When the anticipating Xu Qi saw Xu Pingfan coming into the side hall, it was like he’d seen his savior. He quickly went to Xu Pingfan’s side.

As for Mo Ling, she pouted her lips in dissatisfaction when Xu Qi went off without even a gesture; her angry appearance looked rather cute.

Xu Pingfan looked at the two children, then smiled and said, “Brother Dingtian, I’ll make my move first. Thanks for your help today.”

“All right, Brother Pingfan. Take care,” Mo Dingtian said, without any further words of courtesy.

Xu Qi heard his words and immediately felt relieved. He’d go crazy if he were to stay any longer.

Xu Pingfan held Xu Qi’s hand and walked towards the exit. Just as the latter’s legs passed the gates, he heard a sentence which caused him to lose his balance, almost falling over, “Little brother, this big sister will look for you to play in a few days. Okay?”

Xu Qi’s scalp turned numb when he heard Mo Ling’s words. He pulled on Xu Pingfan’s arm and quickly left without looking back, causing Xu Pingfan to chuckle through the journey home.

As Mo Dingtian watched the two of them leave, the doubt in his heart grew stronger. He kept having a feeling that something was not right with Xu Clan’s young master, but he just couldn’t put a finger on it. Mo Dingtian shook his head, then looked towards his daughter. He patted her head and said, “Ling’er, since you like playing with that little brother, daddy will bring you over to play with him in a couple of days, okay?”

Mo Ling was filled with happiness in her heart when she heard her father’s words, nodding in consent. Little did she know, her father’s goal wasn’t to bring her to play but to have further interactions to thoroughly understand the little boy’s circumstances.

Once they were back in Xu Clan mansion, Xu Qi immediately brought Xu Pingfan to the hidden room. The latter told him everything about commissioning Mo Dingtian to gather the Wood, Fire, Water, and Earth elemental items, as well as Mo Dingtian asking him about Helian and Liang Clans’ issue.

Xu Qi, who had been listening to Xu Pingfan ramble on, had been thinking about Mo Dingtian ever since he returned to the mansion. Perhaps it was due to a difference in identity, whereby an adult was looking at a child; using this identity, he was able to understand something Xu Pingfan wasn’t able to grasp.

“Not only did Mo Dingtian not come forward to put a stop to Helian and Liang Clans’ fight in the auction house, but he also didn’t say his goodbyes when Helian Liang left. So, why would he ask Xu Pingfan about the scuffle between Helian and Liang Clans? He even asked about my inability to speak. That’s strange.” Xu Qi really couldn’t figure it out, but he had already concluded in his mind; the man known as Mo Dingtian was not as simple as he looked.

“Uncle Mang, the matter regarding Xu Clan’s businesses is settled. From now on, pay more attention to the construction in the suburb. Also, deal with the matter of gathering orphans as soon as possible. I’ll be cultivating in seclusion from today on. Don’t worry if you can’t find me,” Xu Qi commanded Xu Pingfan.

Xu Pingfan quickly replied to Xu Qi’s concerns over the construction and orphans, “Rest assured, Young Master. I will get it done as soon as possible. The thing is, Young Master, won’t Mo Dingtian grow suspicious if he can’t see you when he comes to deliver the items since you’re cultivating? I do hope you’ve accounted for that in your mind.”

Xu Qi nodded at Xu Pingfan’s reminder, saying, “Don’t worry, Uncle Mang. I will return before Mo Dingtian comes over.”

“I’ll take my leave then, Young Master,”  Xu Pingfan turned around to leave the secret room as he spoke.

Mo Dingtian, what exactly are you up to? Your identity can’t possibly be only the boss of an auction house. You’re not that simple! Hopefully, you will not find trouble with me when the time comes! Xu Qi thought inwardly. Then he immediately activated the Four Divinities Coffer and disappeared from the hidden room.

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