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Chapter 12 - End of Auction

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“This… this man is a Spiritualist!” Xu Qi was instantly surprised as he saw the situation from inside the private room.

“Young Master, this Spiritualist is probably the rumored honored guest of Liang Clan, a Spiritualist at the fourth stage of Essence realm. I didn’t think his strength would be so overbearing. From the looks of it, his summoned monster is probably the Green Lupus exclusive to Fallen Gods Mountain Range! Helian Liang has no chance of victory here,” Xu Pingfan explained at once after noticing Xu Qi’s confused look.

Xu Qi slightly nodded at Xu Pingfan’s explanation; in his heart, he was thinking, A Spiritualist at the fourth stage of Essence realm, huh? Being able to summon monsters is so cool. If only I could summon as well…

At this moment, Helian Liang had already stopped his offense. He knew he hit the dead end today when he saw the black-clothed man summoned his Green Lupus. This black-clothed man should be the honored guest in Liang Clan. I’ve struck against Liang Clan today; it seems like this can no longer end well. I can only let it go for now and reform a plan, thinking up till here, Helian Liang readied himself.

As for the Green Lupus, its appearance was the almost the same as a green colored wolf, only bigger. Its forehead had three eyes, all looking at Helian Liang, causing him to feel flustered.

Helian Liang was indeed the patriarch of his clan. Once he realized that he had no chance of winning, he immediately smiled and clasped his hands towards Liang Renqing, saying shamelessly, “Brother Renqing, I was only testing whether you’ve improved in your cultivation today. I hope that you didn’t take it to heart.”

Although Liang Renqing has all the advantage right now, he didn’t want to have a falling-out with Helian Liang. He reciprocated, saying, “I am, of course, aware of Brother Liang’s concern for me. I will definitely not take this matter today to heart.”

“Haha, that’s great. Xu Clan’s business operating rights will belong to Brother Renqing from now on. I still have matters to attend to at home. I’ll take my leave now.” At this moment, all Helian Liang was thinking of was quickly getting away. Since there was no hope of obtaining Xu Clan’s businesses now, he could only bide his time and plot again.

“Take care, Brother Liang. I shan’t see you off,” Liang Renqing replied.

Helian Liang set off forward towards the black-clothed man. As he passed by the Green Lupus, its aura sent a chill down Helian Liang’s spine.

“You must be the honored guest of Liang Clan. You have an impressive strength, indeed. May I know which school are you from?” Helian Liang asked politely.

The black-clothed man, on the other hand, took a long time before he squeezed out the two words, “Rogue cultivator.”

From his reply, Helian Liang understood this honored guest from Liang Clan did not want to speak with him. He then tactfully walked towards the exit of the auction house, his silhouette gradually disappearing.

“Helian Liang knew he couldn’t win, and he immediately left without wasting any time. He’s quite the person,” Xu Pingfan said to Xu Qi in the private cabin.

As for Xu Qi, all along his eyes were set on the black-clothed man and the Green Lupus, his gaze full of envy, Ah, strength. That really makes one jealous.

Xu Qi heard Xu Pingfan talking to him as he thought, then nodded his head.

Within the Mosuo Auction House, Xu Clan’s 20 years’ worth of business operating rights fell into the hands of Liang Renqing, following the departure of Helian Liang. The elder clasped his hands and said to Liang Renqing, “Patriarch Liang, Xu Clan’s business rights now belong to you. Please follow me to the inner hall to complete the procedures.”

After enjoying the free spectacle, those that knew Liang Renqing from within the remaining crowd tried to ingratiate themselves with Liang Renqing upon seeing the black-clothed Spiritualist, offering their congratulations.

Liang Renqing politely entertained them, his face full of smiles. It was as if nothing had happened just a minute ago.

As for the black-clothed Spiritualist, he un-summoned his Green Lupus upon Helian Liang’s departure. He then proceeded to leave the premises without any communication with Liang Renqing.

“It’s ended, Young Master. It’s your turn to make your appearance now,” Xu Pingfan said.

As usual, Xu Qi did not reply him. He turned and walked towards the door, with Xu Pingfan following behind. Xu Qi knew his signature and prints were needed to complete the transference of rights. After all, he was the true heir to Xu Clan.

Outside the private room, Mo Dingtian was already waiting by the door, greeting, “Young Master Xu, Housekeeper Xu, the auction has concluded. The final transference agreement requires both your signatures.”

“Naturally, Brother Dingtian. Let’s hurry up,” Xu Pingfan replied.

Looking at the 6-year-old Xu Qi, an inexplicable feeling of sympathy rose within Mo Dingtian.

“Father, I want to play with this little brother,” A little girl appeared in front of Mo Dingtian. She was none other than Mo Ling, who had a brief encounter with Xu Qi earlier.

Hearing these words, a row of black lines appeared in Xu Qi’s mind, Damn child, nobody has the time to fool around with you.

Although he thought this way in his heart, Xu Qi still walked to Mo Ling. His heart felt somewhat uncomfortable, but he was still prepared to accompany the little girl. Currently, he was only a 6-year-old child after all.

Meanwhile, the elderly auctioneer and Liang Renqing came into the hall. Seeing Xu Pingfan and Young Master Xu waiting for them, the former immediately handed over the prepared agreement for the two to sign their confirmation. After all, the Xu Clan’s housekeeper was the one in charge on the surface; not a bit of respect was shown to this young master.

After getting the transference agreement, Xu Qi signed and printed upon Xu Pingfan’s guidance. In the eyes of everyone else, the Xu Clan’s young master was nothing more than a puppet.

“Brother Pingfan, here is what you earned from this auction. One hundred and seventy million mid-grade gemstones, with a processing fee of 10 million. Please keep this,” Mo Dingtian handed out a golden card to Xu Pingfan as he spoke.

“Brother Dingtian, I’ve troubled you this time round,” Xu Pingfan said politely and kept the golden card handed to him.

“You’re too polite, Brother Pingfan. You entrusting our Mosuo Auction House to handle the transaction is already a demonstration of your great trust in me. Not to mention, you’ve allowed me to earn a fortune. You don’t have to say anymore,” Mo Dingtian said.

The man who had obtained the Xu Clan’s business rights, Liang Renqing, who was standing to the side, opened his mouth, “Transferring your Xu Clan’s business rights to me is also putting your trust in this man surnamed Liang. Brother Pingfan, just let me know if you are ever met with trouble in Rivulet City. I will do my best to help.”

Xu Pingfan started chuckling, “Brother Renqing, your Liang Clan is thriving. With that Spiritualist from earlier overseeing you, our Xu Clan will be under your care. If we were to visit you, I hope for us to be able to enter your gates.”

“Of course. Just look for me if anything happens to Xu Clan. I have just obtained your Xu Clan’s business rights; we’re naturally family,” As Liang Renqing said this, he couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

“Then we’ll be troubling Brother Renqing in the future,” Xu Pingfan continued pushing for his favor.

At this moment, Mo Dingtian’s daughter, Mo Ling was holding onto Xu Qi’s hands, talking about childish topics. This caused Xu Qi to continuously roll his eyes, but he had to endure. Although he couldn’t speak out, he had to smile occasionally as a form of returning the compliment.

Mo Dingtian watched on as his daughter and Xu Qi were frolicking. His heart was full of regret, If this child were to take over Xu Clan’s businesses, he might be a talent worth grooming.

Seeing as the transference agreement was settled, he bowed towards Mo Dingtian and said, “Brother Dingtian, this surnamed Xu has something to discuss with you. Is there somewhere quiet?”

Hearing these words, Liang Renqing naturally understood these two had further matters to discuss in private, and he’d already gotten what he wanted. He gave a bow, then made his way out of Mosuo Auction House.

Mo Ling heard Xu Pingfan’s words. Knowing the adults had matters to discuss, she cleverly brought Xu Qi to the side hall for snacks.

Seeing this situation, Xu Pingfan couldn’t help but laugh inwardly. Then Mo Dingtian brought him to the hall furthest back.

“Brother Pingfan, please speak directly. We’re brothers. There’s no need to be secretive,” Mo Dingtian immediately asked.

Xu Pingfan slightly laughed at his words and said, “Brother Dingtian, I’m stuck at a bottleneck with my cultivation, and need some external help. I would like to enquire whether there are items with Fire, Wood, Water, and Earth properties in Brother Dingtian’s auction house. Also, could you help me procure some if there are none? I’ll naturally pay a good price for them.”

Upon hearing his words, Mo Dingtian became puzzled in his heart, The Xu Clan’s chief housekeeper is going to have a breakthrough in his cultivation?

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