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Chapter 14 - Rainbow Core

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Rays of green light flashed in the Four Divinities Cavern, and its afterimage gradually dimmed. A small silhouette appeared in its place. At this moment, Xu Qi was wielding the bronze sword he used previously, with his forehead full of sweat and his breath short.

“This can’t do. The first technique feels more familiar now, but there’s not a single bit of progress with the others,” Xu Qi was dissatisfied with his training today.

Xu Qi sat down cross-legged, slowly stabilizing his quick breathing. He calmed himself down, then started cultivating Void Dao. For the past few days, he felt the qi within his body was getting out of control, like something inside of him was going to burst out from within. Unbeknownst to him, the three hundred years’ worth of cultivation, granted to him by the three Green Mystique Fruits, could possibly rob him of his life at any moment. If Xu Qi were a normal human who hadn’t eaten the Celestial Core Pill, his body would have already exploded.

In ancient times, consuming a Green Mystique Fruit would increase 100 years of cultivation. However, 100 years’ worth of cultivation during the ancient times could never be compared to 100 years’ worth of cultivation in the current day and age! After all, cultivators from ancient times, like Venerable Ziyan, were all treading the path of immortality.

Right now, the energy contained within the three Green Mystique Fruits Xu Qi consumed was fully activated. If it weren't for the strong medicinal effects from the Celestial Core Pill protecting his heart, Xu Qi would have disappeared from this world for good.

Xu Qi used his spiritual sense to check on the large mass of energy within himself. It would cause great pain to Xu Qi every time it collided with itself. “Damn, what is causing so much pain?!” Xu Qi cursed as he endured the pain.

Once again, Xu Qi calmed himself down. He used the cultivation method of Void Dao to guide the large mass of energy into proper circulation. After a few cycles of circulation, the pain significantly reduced. However, Xu Qi still had no idea on how he should deal with the mass of energy.

Just as Xu Qi was still troubling over this, the mass of energy completed nine cycles of circulation. During the tenth cycle, the mass of energy went out of control when it approached Xu Qi’s heart. All the energy directly rushed towards the cardiac atrium through his meridians. Xu Qi was greatly shocked, but he had no control over it. 

When the mass of energy poured into the atrium, Xu Qi felt his life might be forfeit right there; he could vividly sense the power of the energy in him. He muttered, “I’m done for. Whatever, I have no cares in this world.” He then fully opened his atrium and guided all the energy in.

Xu Qi felt his heart expanding as the energy entered his atrium. He looked down at his chest. To his surprise, there was a lump protruding out. His ribs in that area caused further pain for Xu Qi; he began to sweat furiously. Feeling despair, Xu Qi shut his eyes, waiting for his end.

Just as Xu Qi lost all hope, a rainbow energy appeared in his atrium. The energy enveloped the mass of destructive energy, forming a rainbow sphere. Then it slowly shrank. The pain immediately disappeared, and the lump in Xu Qi’s chest also shrank in size. In the end, it returned to normal.

Xu Qi quickly operated his cultivation method and sent his spiritual sense to his cardiac atrium. He found the area around his atrium had already become a rainbow sphere of energy. It seemed to be nourishing his atrium, making Xu Qi feel very comfortable. As time passed, the rainbow sphere gradually shrank, till it eventually disappeared.

During the process of the rainbow sphere disappearing, some changes occurred to Xu Qi’s heart; now, the originally blood-red heart’s appearance had changed to one enveloped by a layer of materialized rainbow energy through the sphere’s nourishment.

Xu Qi was extremely shocked by the changes which occurred to his heart. He thought, What’s this… that rainbow energy… could it be because of the Celestial Core Pill?

Xu Qi remembered the Celestial Core Pills. The memory of Venerable Ziyan telling him to consume the pill was still fresh in his mind. After all, the pills were concocted by Goddess Nuwa, herself; they were incomparable to any other pills or elixirs you could find anywhere else. The only issue was, Xu Qi didn’t know about the effects it could bring about in him. Originally, Venerable Ziyan told him the Celestial Core Pill’s effects would gradually activate as he rose in his cultivation. However, the accident caused by the large mass of overbearing energy, which should have killed him given his weak cultivation, activated the medicinal effects of the Celestial Core Pill in advance by a stroke of luck!

If Venerable Ziyan were to hear the tales of everything that had happened to Xu Qi, he would have sighed at this child’s incredible luck. In the history of cultivation, no one had ever tried eating three Green Mystique Fruits in one go and even dared to guide all the generated energy towards their heart; that was purely an act of suicide! No matter the strength of the person, doing so would only cause the person to die due to their body exploding.

Back when Xu Qi ingested the Celestial Core Pill, he hadn’t activated the medical efficacy of the pill. All it did was to rebuild his meridians; his cultivation wasn’t strong enough. However, he had forcefully gained cultivation equivalent to 300 years of the ancient era by consuming three Green Mystique Fruits.

Now, he guided this overbearing mass of energy to his heart, where the Celestial Core Pill lay dormant, using the cultivation method from Void Dao, circulating through his body for nine cycles. The collision between the two forces was supposedly like water meeting fire. However, Xu Qi did not put up the least bit of resistance when the mass of energy invaded; he used his cultivation method to guide it in instead. This act of suicide was, in fact, the reason Xu Qi lived; he had let the 300 years of cultivation gently activate the Celestial Core Pill in advance!

The layer of rainbow energy wrapping around Xu Qi’s heart was, in fact, the embryonic form of the legendary Rainbow Core! Though, the ignorant Xu Qi had no idea to any of this.

“Ah, so comfortable. It seems like there are changes in my body as well. Let’s test it.” Feeling the changes in himself, Xu Qi stood up and stretched, then started operating the Void Dao cultivation method.

To his surprise, Xu Qi instantly broke through the barrier of the first stage of this cultivation method the moment he started circulating his cultivation. Once he realized the situation, he immediately went with the momentum and started practicing the second stage of the cultivation method. What was even more surprising was, just as he started practicing the second stage, he directly advanced to the second stage’s barrier! 

“Oh my god. What is happening?!” Xu Qi was pleasantly surprised, but he wanted to see if there would be further breakthroughs. Thus, he started practicing the third stage of his cultivation method.

Alas, when he started practicing the third stage, he broke through the barrier of the second stage. However, once he advanced into the third stage, Xu Qi felt the abundance of energy was longer there; his body returned to normal. Then, he tried operating the third stage’s cultivation method a few times, but there were no signs of improvement at all, causing some slight disappointment.

Xu Qi suffered torment from the large mass of energy from the Green Mystique Fruits and had successfully advanced into the 3rd stage of Void Dao through the momentum. Right now, his clothes had been soaked completely with his sweat, and his hair was a mess. However, all that could be seen on his face was nothing but excitement. Not a single care was given regarding his dirty look.

Suddenly, Xu Qi thought of something. He put out his right hand excitedly and operated his cultivation. Blue light was emitted from his right palm! “My god! Spirit realm!”

Xu Qi was shocked by his own projection of blue light. He had previously heard from Xu Pingfan that if the energy emitted by someone is blue in color, it meant the person’s cultivation was at Spirit realm. He unexpectedly breezed through the Qi realm and into the Spirit realm in one go! That was too easy! He just had to suffer some torment, and he reaped such huge benefits!

Gugu… The excited Xu Qi suddenly heard some noise coming from his stomach. He looked down and saw his filthy appearance and gave a wry smile. Next, he made his way to the exit of the Four Divinities plaza, quickly disappearing.

Now, the complacent Xu Qi thought his road of cultivation would be a walk in the park by virtue of the assortment of treasures left behind by Venerable Ziyan. Unbeknownst to him, he would not have the least bit of improvement in his cultivation for a long time after advancing into Spirit realm!

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