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Title: A Spiritualist Makes His Move!

Edited by FluffyGoblyn

In Mosuo Auction House, there was only one private cabin – the one Xu Qi and Xu Pingfan were in. Mo Dingtian arranged for them to be taken there since they were auctioning off the Xu Clan’s business rights. 

Just now, Xu Qi heard the commencement of the auction, and his heart grew excited in anticipation. This was the first time he participated in an auction, and he was anticipating the appearance of items he’d need through the auction. As for Xu Pingfan, who was sitting next to him, he was indifferent.

Helian Liang and Liang Renqing were now sitting in the first row of the auction site; naturally, their goal here was to gain the Xu Clan’s businesses. Each of them had their own little schemes, hoping to gain a bigger share of the business.

Since the start of the auction, there weren’t any good items appearing, much to Xu Qi’s dismay. There were only some weapons and pills, which didn’t interest him at all.

“Uncle Mang, when the auction ends, please look for Mo Dingtian. Let him gather some items with Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth elemental properties for me. It’s better if they’re of higher quality; I have a great need for them,” Xu Qi walked to Xu Pingfan and whispered. He didn’t neglect to look around him before he spoke, in fear of people realizing he was capable of speech.

Xu Pingfan couldn’t understand Xu Qi’s intentions when he was asked to gather these things, but he didn’t question and just nodded.

“The following item is the last auction piece today. I believe everyone here has heard about it. That’s right, the Xu Clan’s business operating rights! I trust all of you understand what that signifies. This time, Xu Clan has entrusted us to auction off 20 years of operating rights all in one go. The starting bid is 10 million mid-grade gemstones,” the elder said, slightly smiling at the front row audience, Helian Liang and Liang Renqing.

“Ah, Xu Clan really intends to auction off their businesses; that’s incredible! Those were left behind by their ancestors; how could they do that?”

“What do you know? This is the housekeeper monopolizing Xu Clan’s assets for himself. He’s afraid of confirming these rumors; thus he’s exchanging them for a fortune and fleeing.”

“Only a starting bid of 10 million mid-grade gemstones. How anxious is Xu Pingfan?”

“Xu Pingfan is really scum. I heard the deceased Patriarch Xu even treated him well.”

The auction house burst into discussions immediately, talking about how Xu Pingfan was cheating his master.

As for Xu Pingfan, who was in the private cabin, he was unusually calm. This was because he already expected people to talk bad about him from today on and had mentally prepared himself for Xu Qi’s sake.

Helian Liang and Liang Renqing both frowned at the auctioneer’s words. Auctioning them in one go – this meant that only one of them would claim all of Xu Clan’s business rights. They looked at each other and smiled at the same time, without exchanging words.

Twenty years of operating rights, that was as good as handing over their businesses. Twenty years was more than enough for the operator to convert them into their own family businesses.

“All right, silence. Now, twenty years of Xu Clan’s business operating rights, with a starting bid of 10 million mid-grade gemstones, start bidding, please.” The elder shouted.

“I offer 15 million mid-grade gemstones,” a fatty sitting in the back row yelled, hoping to gain something amidst the confusion.

“I offer 20 million mid-grade gemstones,” another voice followed.

Although both Helian and Liang clan set their sights on Xu Clan’s businesses, there were many hoping to fish in troubled waters1. Though they didn’t have much wealth at their disposal, they still gave it a shot. As for Helian Liang and Liang Renqing, they had yet to call out their bids. Their heads were lowered, deep in thoughts.

The price was quickly raised to 30 million mid-grade gemstones by those sitting in the back, and they had basically stopped bidding.    

“30 million mid-grade gemstones, are there any higher bids? 30 million going once, 30 million going twice, 30 mill…” Before the auctioneer could squeeze out the last words, a voice sounded out gently, interrupting him.

“50 million mid-grade gemstones,” Liang Renqing was the first to offer; he didn’t want to delay any more.

“60 million. Why so impatient, Brother Renqing? This brother, here, doesn’t own much; is it fine to give in to me?” Helian Liang promptly offered a higher bid and said to Liang Renqing.

Liang Renqing couldn’t help but look at Helian Liang in contempt, and said, “70 million!”

Then Helian Liang returned the gaze to Liang Renqing, anger immediately rising in his heart, He doesn’t know what’s good for him! I have obviously set my sights on it, and he’s not giving me any face!

“80 million.”


“90 million.”


In a short amount of time, the two of them had pushed the price to 130 million mid-grade gemstones, filling the attendees with awe. They were the great clans in Rivulet City, after all. That aside, they did not choose to leave after being outbid; they were waiting to watch the show being put up by the two families.

“Brother Renqing, it seems like you want to fight to the bitter end with me this time around. If this goes on any further, we’ll get no benefit from this, and be taken as a joke. How about you step down, and our Helian Clan will compensate your Liang Clan?” Helian Liang was no fool. He did not wish to carry on like this with Liang Renqing, causing damage to both sides. He hoped Liang Renqing would heed his words and take a step back.

However, Liang Renqing turned a deaf ear to everything today; not even the words of Helian Liang could reach him. All he wanted was to obtain the Xu Clan’s business rights.

“150 million mid-grade gemstones!” Liang Renqing shouted. Then, he smiled at Helian Liang, clasping his hands, “Brother Liang, the Xu Clan’s businesses shouldn’t mean much to your great Helian Clan. Why don’t you cede to me this time?”

Helian Liang already started feeling dissatisfied towards Liang Renqing’s several past attempts to contend against him. Hearing Liang Renqing’s request for him to give up caused further agitation. When Helian Liang looked at Liang Renqing, killing intent seeped from his gaze, and his palms gradually flashed green, displaying his intent of striking out once negotiations broke down. 

As for Liang Renqing, he did not respond with words but gave a chilling laugh as he realized the situation.


Upon seeing Liang Renqing’s sneer towards him, Helian Liang couldn’t take it anymore. He stood up, pointed at Liang Renqing, and said, “Liang Renqing, I offered you peace to save you face, yet you dare vie with me?!”

“Oh no, Brother Liang, don’t be so anxious. The auction is based on whoever can bid a higher price. Where have I offended Brother Liang?” Liang Renqing clearly didn’t care about Helian Liang’s outburst as he said this.

One hundred and fifty million mid-grade gemstones, Helian Liang could never imagine the Xu Clan’s business rights could skyrocket to that price. As the patriarch of the biggest clan in Rivulet City and a 5th stage Essence realm Swordsman on top of that, who would dare compete against him when he wanted something? Now, the Liang Clan, who had been on his side all this time, was now unexpectedly vying against him, causing him immense anger.

“Hmph, Brother Renqing. I’ll repeat for the last time. Our Helian Clan must obtain Xu Clan’s businesses. If you tangle with me any longer, don’t blame me for disregarding our past sentiments! I offer 160 million mid-grade gemstones!” Helian Liang glared as he spoke to Liang Renqing. His entire body exuded a mighty presence, threatening to strike Liang Renqing at any moment.

At this moment, Xu Qi and Xu Pingfan, who were still in the private room, smiled at each other and continued to observe the situation.

Everyone present understood Patriarch Helian was now truly angry, causing them to break into a cold sweat on Liang Renqing’s behalf. Although the latter was similarly a patriarch of a great clan in Rivulet City, Helian Liang was a genuine 5th stage Essence realm swordsman, while Liang Renqing was only a 4th stage Essence realm swordsman. Everyone could easily tell their difference in strength, and as they thought the business rights would end up belonging Helian Clan, a faint voice caused everyone present to fossilize.

“I offer 170 million!” The man who called out was none other than Liang Clan’s patriarch, Liang Renqing. As for Helian Liang, his entire body was already enveloped in green aura the moment Liang Renqing called out.

“Hmph, you don’t know what’s good for you! Don’t blame me for being impolite!” Helian Liang struck out towards Liang Renqing as he spoke.

Facing Helian Liang’s imminent attack, Liang Renqing did not show a shred of fear. He similarly emitted a green aura, taking on Helian Liang.

However, Liang Renqing was repelled the moment his palms met with Helian Liang’s, showing the clear difference in strength between the 4th and 5th stage of Essence realm Swordsmen.

Helian Liang charged towards Liang Renqing once again. At the same time, a black silhouette quickly appeared between the two of them, facing Helian Liang’s charge before the crowd had any time to react.

Helian Liang showed no signs of retreat at the appearance of the man and sent forward a palm strike. This time, however, his opponent was not repelled and clashed against him.

“Who is this person!” Sitting in the private room, Xu Qi and Xu Pingfan immediately thought as they witnessed the sudden appearance of the tyrannical black-clothed man.

Back in the auction hall, Helian Liang separated from the black-clothed man. Both looked to be normal on the outside, but Helian Liang was completely shocked in his heart. Earlier, when they exchanged moves, the black-clothed man’s strength was obviously lower than his, yet he was unable to gain any slight advantages. However, he already decided that no matter who his opponent was, he would have to see this until the end, since he’d already made a move on Liang Renqing. Helian Liang flipped his right hand as he thought of this, and a green colored wooden sword, embedded with gemstones, appeared in his hand.

On the other side, the black-clothed man performed similar actions. He flipped his palm, causing a wooden sword to appear in his hand. The only difference was that his wooden sword was black in color, causing others to be unable to identify the type of material used to forge it.

Helian Liang rushed towards the black-clothed man, wielding his wooden sword and roared, “Ten Thousand Miles Slice!”


Seeing Helian Liang use his specialty sword technique, the black-clothed man unhurriedly raised his wooden sword. His mouth seemingly chanted something, then yelled, “Show yourself, Green Lupus!”

Suddenly, a huge body, with the height of two men combined, appeared between the two. Upon closer observation, the crowd couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. What appeared between the two was, in fact, a summoned monster!

“Spiritualist! This person is a Spiritualist!”


Helian Liang’s heart immediately turned cold at the sight of the monster.

TL Note:

1: To fish in troubled waters: to involve oneself in a difficult, confused, or dangerous situation, especially with a view to gaining an advantage.

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