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Chapter 117 - Hanging by a Thread

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Xu Qi controlled the Five Elements Wings and flew to the north with Mo Ling, who was still trembling in his arms. However, just as he left the vicinity of the capital, he could feel the energy in him was getting weaker. He could no longer keep up the energy expenditure of using the Five Elements Wings and thus slowly descended.

Xu Qi landed unstably on the ground and put Mo Ling down, then retracted his Five Elements Wings and laid down on the ground. He was truly too exhausted.

On the way, Mo Ling didn’t utter a single sound. From her eyes, Xu Qi knew that she was very shocked at the existence of the Five Elements Wings, but she didn’t ask about them.

Mo Ling slowly walked in front of Xu Qi and took out her handkerchief, wiping off the blood on his face. Then, she extended her hands, enveloped in yellow energy and started healing Xu Qi’s wounds.

Although she knew that her measly strength wasn’t able to have much of an effect at healing him, she carried on anyway.

“Little Sister, run away, hurry. They are definitely chasing us. If you don’t go, I really won’t be able to keep you safe,” Xu Qi said weakly, lying on the ground.

Mo Ling still didn’t make a sound. Instead, she continued manipulating her energy to heal Xu Qi.

He sat up helplessly and said, “With you by my side, I will be distracted and won’t be able to display my full strength. If I’m escaping alone, they won’t be able to catch me. You saw for yourself, too. I have wings to fly away.”

“Your body is very weak now; I’m afraid your energy is all spent. It’s better if you keep quiet,” Mo Ling said plainly.

Xu Qi understood her temperament. Left without a choice, he grabbed her hand to stop her healing, then slowly stood back up.

“Let’s go, quickly,” Xu Qi said feebly.

Mo Ling came in front of Xu Qi and squatted down, saying, “Come on up, I’ll carry you.”

Hearing this, Xu Qi blanked out for a moment. He shook his head helplessly and piggybacked on her.

Then, Mo Ling used her movement technique and sped forward. With her cultivation at only the fourth stage of Qi realm, and with Xu Qi on her back, her speed was very slow.

“Little Sister, why didn’t you ask me about having a pair of wings?” Xu Qi asked.

“You have too many secrets. Even if I ask, you wouldn’t tell me. I might as well not,” Mo Ling said evenly.

Xu Qi raised his head and looked at Mo Ling. Right now, beads of sweat had formed on her forehead.

“Let me down. It’s better if you go. None of us will escape if we continue this way. I can sense Lian Qijin approaching us,” Xu Qi said.

Hearing this, Mo Ling ignored Xu Qi’s suggestion and continued forward.

“Ten years ago, I remained in your Mo Clan after being injured. These ten years were the happiest days of my life,” Xu Qi said.

Mo Ling stopped in place and turned her head sideways, wanting to say something.

However, a loud roar suddenly rang, “You can’t escape!” A figure emitting red light flashed in front of them.

“Let me down, Little Sister,” Xu Qi said calmly.

Mo Ling slowly placed Xu Qi down at his request. Xu Qi smiled slightly at her, then looked at the person and said, “Lian Qijin, as the Second Uncle of the ruler of Mirrorlink, you’re actually helping him colluding with the cultivation schools from other nations to harm citizens from our own Mirrorlink. Do you know shame?”

The man who caught up to them was none other than Lian Qijin. Upon hearing Xu Qi’s words, his face turned ugly and said, “The Sire has his own helplessness and plans. As his Second Uncle, I can only support him. You, on the other hand, Xu Qi, from your performance today, you really shocked me. You are fully qualified to join our ranks, and your future will be limitless. Why did you have to choose this path?”

“I’m sorry, I already said it before. I don’t have the potential to act as a dog. What’s more, I can’t stand a sinister ruler such as Lian Chengwei!” Xu Qi roared.

“Fine, fine. Since you don’t know what’s good for you, then don’t blame me!” Lian Qijin said angrily.

Then, he turned into a red blur and charged toward Xu Qi. The latter, however, only smiled and stood in place.

Just as Lian Qijin’s silhouette was about to reach Xu Qi, a cold glint suddenly flashed and a white silhouette appeared before Xu Qi, blocking Lian Qijin’s attack.

“Who is it?!” Lian Qijin immediately yelled as he retreated at sensing the danger.

As the white silhouette became clear to the sight, it was revealed to be a white-clothed lady.

Xu Qi recognized the white-clothed lady standing before him. He smiled and said, “You’re still being disobedient.”

Hearing this, the white-clothed lady replied plainly, “There are more chasing behind. Go, quickly. Otherwise, no one can escape.”

Xu Qi smiled and sent a look at Mo Ling, then the two moved aside.

The person who just arrived was none other than the mischievous and somewhat disobedient Qian Yun. Xu Qi had asked her to return to Rivulet City, but for some reason she had appeared here.

As for Xu Qi leaving her alone and retreating, it wasn’t that he was scared for his life, but that with his current strength, he was unable to provide any help to her. If he were to remain there stubbornly, he would only place her in a disadvantage. What’s more, he had given her a pair of Five Elements Wings. Thus, he didn’t have to worry about her safety.

Lian Qijin wanted to give chase to the escaping Xu Qi, but that white-clothed lady stood before him, blocking his path.

“You injured him?” Qian Yun asked expressionlessly.

“Who exactly are you; why are you helping him?” Lian Qijin asked doubtfully. He was feeling astonished inwardly. The white-clothed lady standing before him looked very young, yet her cultivation was on par with his.

“I’m asking you, was it you who injured him!?” Qian Yun roared. When she saw Xu Qi’s bloodied figure, the rage in her had already boiled up. Now, all she wanted to know who hurt her Young Master.

“It wasn’t me. It was those from the seven top schools,” Lian Qijin answered. However, even he didn’t know why he would actually answer her question.

“Then why are you blocking his way?!” Qian Yun continued asking, but her expression turned slightly better.

“I remember now, you’re the person who shredded Bu Wangli of the Undying School to pieces!” Lian Qijin suddenly remembered about the news of Bu Wangli being killed. The perpetrator was a white-clothed lady.

“It was I who killed him, so what about it?” Qian Yun said plainly.

Hearing this, a grave expression showed on Lian Qijin’s face. He knew very well that with his own strength, he couldn’t win against Bu Wangli, especially when the man had a powerful familiar. However, from what he heard, this white-clothed girl before him even finished off that monster, along with Bu Wangli!

“Leave. Don’t chase him anymore. Otherwise, I won’t hold back!” Qian Yun said. Right now, she only wanted to clear the debts with the seven top schools, and not waste her time with this geezer.

“I’m sorry, Miss. I’m under orders to pursue him. I can’t defy them!” Lian Qijin took the initiative and attacked Qian Yun after speaking. Although he knew he wasn’t a match for her, he wished to delay her for as long as possible, allowing for the other pursuers to get to Xu Qi.

Qian Yun gave a cold humph and the daggers in her hands flashed a cold glint as she tangled in battle with Lian Qijin.

As the two fought, several people from the capital caught up to Lian Qijin one after another. The first to show up was Yi Mie of the Shadow Wind Sect. A look of confusion flashed in his eyes when he saw Lian Qijin fighting with a powerful white-clothed lady, but he instantly disappeared, running in the direction Xu Qi had escaped to.

Next were the other elite disciples from the seven top schools. Like Yi Mie, they were slightly bewildered at the sight of Lian Qijin battling the white-clothed lady. However, none of them stayed, everyone continued their chase.

At this moment, Xu Qi and Mo Ling were scaling a hill. Xu Qi was the one who suggested it. The reason why was that he wished to recover his energy for a bit, and when they caught up, he would activate his Five Elements Wings to escape. That way, their pursuers would be delayed on the mountain, unable to give chase to them.

“Little Sister, let’s take a short break. I want to recover my energy,” Xu Qi said weakly. His condition right now was terrible; multiple wounds on his body, and he was even hit with two palm-strikes from that Imperial Void Valley cultivator. He really couldn’t take much more of this.

Mo Ling nodded and helped Xu Qi sit down.

Just as Xu Qi sat down in meditation stance, several figures appeared in his surroundings.

“Xu Qi, let’s see where you run off to now!” Yu Jizi’s voice suddenly called out.

Xu Qi opened his eyes and looked at the people surrounding him. All of them were the elite disciples from the seven top schools, only Yi Mie of Shadow Wind Sect was missing among them.

“Little Sister, go ahead and wait for me. I’ll come right behind you,” Xu Qi said to Mo Ling.

Hearing this, Mo Ling hesitated for a while, before slowly walking up the mountain. As she walked, she kept turning back to look at Xu Qi.

As for these elite disciples, they didn’t seem to have the slightest intention of stopping Mo Ling; their targets were Xu Qi. In their eyes, Mo Ling was a weak girl who didn’t count for anything.

“Xu Qi, you too know that you won’t be able to get away. It’s better if you hand over the keys and the sword treasure, or you’ll rather wish you were dead later on,” Yu Jizi said calmly.

Xu Qi smiled slightly. With a flip of his palm, the bronze sword and the two tiny wooden sword, which were both half of the key to the Saint realm expert’s burial ground, appeared in his hands.

Seeing this, a gaze filled with greed appeared in Yu Jizi’s eyes.

“The things are here. Come and get them if you can,” Xu Qi smiled.

Yu Jizi took a few steps forward, then suddenly stopped and looked at Xu Qi cautiously. He said to the others around him, “Everyone, this guy is full of tricks. We’ll go together and get the keys and sword first before deciding the next steps.”

The others looked at each other, without saying a word. At this moment, Shadow Wind Sect’s Yi Mie appeared among them. He looked at Xu Qi and slowly walked behind Yu Jizi and the Virtuous Clan’s Cai Daotu.

Yu Jizi glanced at Yi Mie, then said to Xu Qi, “Xu Qi, now that we from the seven top schools are here, you can’t escape even if you have wings. Hurry up and throw the keys and sword over.”

Xu Qi looked at the newly arrived Yi Mie, then smiled and said, “Never forget your roots, no matter the situation!”

Just as they were feeling puzzled over what Xu Qi just said, Yi Mie suddenly struck out at Yu Jizi and Cai Daotu in front of him.

Two black daggers instantly stabbed into their necks. Yi Mie smiled coldly, then pulled out his blades.

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